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  1. Pressley has one of these voices as soon as you hear it you just want to punch him in the throat. Absolute loon ball if he thinks Craig Gordon is a better goalie than The Goalie.
  2. Downloaded that Metro Exodus through PS Now, the loading times are utter chronic. Deleted. Given up on PS Now as well, played everything I wanted to during lockdown and there's just not enough quality on there to keep it. The Last Of Us stream on it looks like a PS2 game, diabolical.
  3. He has signed some utter dross and still can't work out how to beat teams like Hearts, Killie and Aberdeen. It's not the best, let's be honest here.
  4. Change the title. Got needlessly excited there that he was coming in to show Gerrard how it's done.
  5. Genuinely bemused at Neilson going back there unless he knows something we don't..Hearts will stay in the league and Dundee Utd won't be getting promoted?
  6. That is exceptional. Over to you Gerrard and the players, go and deliver what our fans deserve.
  7. That one is rank..prefer this version of fake tops
  8. Last of Us Part 2 play through now going up on youtube via RadBrad if anybody wants to check it out... https://youtu.be/810fupKfabE
  9. First time playing through DOOM Eternal again since the last update. Liking the 'empowered demon' addition, nice touch.
  10. Morelos back training today.
  11. Hopefully just getting their fitness up to move them all on.
  12. Absolutely, and it's domestically we need success in right now. Anything on the European stage is a bonus.
  13. If we can't find a replacement for Morelos who can score the same or more goals in the league then we have serious problems.
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