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  1. Gaffer sharing it with all the coaching staff, class act!!
  2. If we ain't winning after 15 minutes I'm blaming that guy Ross Wilson for not doing his job properly.
  3. Alfredo should of been on from the start. This is absolutly ridiculous. Regards Brian.
  4. It's no laughing matter sonny Jim. Davis should be captain.
  5. Did Grezzie Gredza not start his playing career at right back? Has to be worth a shot.
  6. Absolutely, Gerrard needs to send that message out, he has to be ruthless with the whole squad not just a few of them.
  7. Was mince tonight. Has his moments overall. Needs to be far more consistent if he wants to stay in that team.
  8. It's been such a poor start to the season for him. So disappointing.
  9. How the funk did we no get a penalty there. Ridiculous decision.
  10. Sportscene the morra for professional accurate analysis by Mikey Stewart.
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