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  1. If I'm being honest that Frimpong matched up to him pace wise early doors and I think this put him off a bit.
  2. Players need to use the hurt from yesterday to kick on now. That will be a huge learning curve for a lot of them but at least they know we are a better team than them. Lots of football still to be played this season. Positive loyal.
  3. I also think Barisic should be the penalty taker. Or Ryan Jack. Those two seem to have the best technique when striking the ball. It will be interesting to see who will now take the next penalty. Will Tav take the responsibility back?
  4. The guy never even played all the time at Hibs. Tells you the standard he is. Daft signing and waste of a wage.
  5. Still an amazing player but just could get the ball in the net today. He's in a far better place mentally this season so I'm hoping he'll take this on the chin and keep getting better and better.
  6. celtic are really poor they cant handle our pressure. We'll get the goals.
  7. Not worried about Flannigan in defence. Will miss Bornas crossing into the box though..
  8. Thank fuck, a full house at Ibrox for the deciding game..come on!!
  9. One things for sure. Aberdeen will not roll over like they did against them. Utterly pathetic team.
  10. Was a big fan of the Friday the 13th films back in the day. For anyone not seen the first one, his maw did it. Spoiler alert.
  11. Classy from Goldson at the back there.
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