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  1. McGregor in an attacking position and Forest would be the only 2 I would consider.
  2. Yeah I could see him going back on loan. He's a unit but just lacks that bit of quality on the ball.
  3. I did wonder what Gerrard was saying to him when he was shaking all their hands going off the pitch at full time. Didnae realise how small Sviatchenko was although tbf he was their best defender...in a defence that leaked 7 goals over the two legs 😎
  4. That was glorious. Take that you dirty smelly tramps. Ajer you look like a fuckin alien.
  5. Charlton fans thinking they would beat us fuckin hell what a bunch of deluded cunts 🤣
  6. Murray on later the night against Gasquet. Brilliant to see him make a return to singles action so soon. Very interesting to see how he plays with the metal hip..
  7. Gerrard knew what he was doing with this lineup. Great goal there.
  8. All the best son. Now go set this league a light and score a few against Hibeernian on Sunday.
  9. Would you not then try your best in training to get games instead of just holding your hands up saying 'I'm not the best trainer'. Meant to be a professional ffs 🤣
  10. Embarrassing jumping on the disabled section roof..throw the book at the fucking idiots.
  11. You would think so mate. Really disappointing from him so far.
  12. Seems crazy that we are talking about getting rid of the Croatian international team left back who should be more than capable of performing in Scotland. However, here we are and he needs to improve a lot if he wants to keep his Rangers career going. Some players just can't handle it.
  13. It's ok. We don't have windass to come on and gift two goals away.
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