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  1. Embarrassing that this celtic team may lift 9 trophies on the bounce. Shows how shite scottish football actually is.
  2. Great goal by soapy. Bring him home.
  3. Seriously? We really need to stop these silly rumours. I'll give the guy his due..his power is frightening but we need to be looking at better quality than that ffs 🤣
  4. I can see us getting him for another season loan tbh. He is loving his football up here and confident Gerrard can keep him with us.
  5. siamthedanger


    Thought he put a good shift in today, certainly improving as the games go on.
  6. He was class tonight. Moved the ball quickly and effectively. Was my motm.
  7. Hope he gets well soon. Such a horrible thing to happen to a really nice guy.
  8. Surely McLeish will be sacked after this. Should never have got the job in the first place as he has done nothing of note in years. A typically shite decision by the shite SFA.
  9. Would of thought our club captain might have made an apperance for this presser nah?
  10. Unfortunately I just associate Tav with that meak shitebag attitude that needs to be driven away from Ibrox for us to start winning things. Yeah he has good stats but good stats don't win you cups. Stunned Gerrard hasn't removed the captaincy from him. So yes get him sold asap.
  11. Absolutely OP. This was not on Gerrard. He can't control the players on the pitch, they should of had it won in the first half but never managed it. This is a work in progress and we need to show a bit of patience. It will come but just needs more time.
  12. He'll be fine in a few days. Optimistic loyal.
  13. Anybody know of any decent bars in Manchester to watch this as down there for work?
  14. Don't really see any effect on this season unfortunately. John Barnes could come in and win the league with them. We are just to inconsistent to really challenge. Next season who knows..
  15. Since Jelavic. The guy was sheer class and better all round but really looking forward to seeing Morelos grow into being a player just as good or better than him and hopefully does it at Rangers. Be hard to keep hold of him though.
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