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  1. Whatever the outcome let's not forget our players utterly shat the bed again this season and hopefully the majority of them will be out of the door over the summer. Absolute losers who may well get a pass from this epidemic.
  2. Who would pay good money for a serial loser?
  3. It would be a nice gesture from the players if they put their hands in their pockets. It's them after all, who has short changed the fans this season...again.
  4. Don't miss it at all. Especially dont miss the utter shite we have been playing this year either.
  5. Was thinking about buying this myself. Loved the 2016 Doom. Have a watched a few videos on youtube, looks a bit too colourful for a Doom game if that makes sense..
  6. Heard from a guy in work they are in deep shit financially so not surprised to see this. Tbh I'm still a bit sore from them absolutly pumping us on the park this season. Embarrassing.
  7. Nae Jungle Jims at Ibrox. They'll be nae Jungle Jims at Ibrox.
  8. Yes but the use of emergency services will be nowhere near what it would be if the games were on.
  9. Surely no chance of the game on Sunday going ahead now.
  10. Get well soon Mikel. Your goal at East End Park lives long in the memory. What a player.
  11. It's a pity as Davis showed how class he can be last year. Unfortunately it does seem like the years are taking their toll now. Needs replaced.
  12. Morelos is fucking shite. Seriously, what has happened to him?
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