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  1. Stuart McCall - also born in England but played for Scotland
  2. This. The comments from Rangers fans on Instagram when the club announced the signing was embarrassing with every second person spouting pish like 'announce Kent' and 'that's not how you spell Kent'. Really hope Greg does well for us.
  3. That tweet from their official page is fucking laughable and the most pathetic thing I've read in a while 🤣
  4. Didn't know that alll 4 Hazard brothers are footballers..best footballing family since the McGinns imho.
  5. Go on the Dutch, always good to see the English sent packing.
  6. You trying to compare an old firm game with today?
  7. Killie had something to play for, we never. A bit of perspective needed. We've had a good run the past few games playing probably our best football and also today has probably told us what we already know that a few of these players are not up to task so will need replaced.
  8. Kyrgios smashes raquet, chucks chair on to court, swears and forfeits match after storming off. You need characters like that in the sport I suppose..
  9. This performance has been outstanding so far. Just need that second goal!
  10. With Wes in goal they would be stupid not to deploy a long range shooting tactic. Could cause us problems. Apart from that no worries at all and we should quite easily pick up 3 points.
  11. He's been fantastic the past few games.
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