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  1. On a separate not that touch early in the first half by Aribo which sent himself on a run down the right hand side was unreal. Can't quite remember what minute it was..
  2. One of my best mates got married at the Rudding Park Hotel mate, cracking day it was.
  3. Happy with the 3 points but yet again we seem to be found wanting while trying to kill games off. Plus side was the new boy at the back looked solid enough and that filthy cunt Considine got his marching orders.
  4. Love the fact Hagi has the balls to take a dig from outside the box
  5. Team should be out soon? Very interested to see if Morelos gets the nod.
  6. I say McGregor purely because of our collapse after Christmas. He was the only one for me who came out with pass marks...even if he did nothing special.
  7. I'm putting it down to the fact he's utterly pished before the game and unable to type anything else?
  8. Up to Decemeber I would say Jack was good value for it givin he was doing the unthinkable and actually scoring from long distances but he totally fell away like most of the team so yeah, probably would of gave it to McGregor.
  9. Hoping for a win and a stable internet connection the day. 3-0 Rangers.
  10. Thank fuck we don't have to deal with Michael Stewart and Chris Sutton on BT this season.
  11. That one on one miss at Septic Park.. jeezo.
  12. Aye it definitely looks like the end of the road now after that statement from Budge. Must say I'm a tad disappointed that we will never find out the truth behind the blatant cheating that has gone on to pretty much suit one club. As others have said all we can do now is go and win things on the park.
  13. Statement from Budge - By now, most of you will know that the SFA Arbitration Panel has found against us in our “unfair prejudice” challenge, following the relegation of Hearts, Partick Thistle and Stranraer, as a consequence of the early termination of Season 2019/20. For those of us involved throughout this process, sadly once again, we cannot say we are totally surprised at the outcome, despite firmly believing in the power of the arguments and evidence we put forward. I want to take this opportunity to thank our legal team, who despite the result, were quite simply first-class. They acknowledged from the outset that this would be an uphill battle, but nonetheless it was a battle we felt we had to fight. We could not simply sit back and accept the unfairness that was being meted out to us. What has been allowed to happen in Scottish football, where fellow member clubs and our governing bodies have stood back and allowed totally disproportionate financial damage to be imposed on 3 of its members, can only be described as shameful… as indeed, should the SPFL’s recent self-congratulatory statement. For too long, Chairmen and Owners have stood on the sidelines bemoaning the decision-making processes, the perceived lack of leadership, the lack of commercialism; the general shortcomings, as they see it, of Scottish football. However, if they really want things to change, it will take more than words. They will have to stand-up and be counted. We tried to do just that. Unfortunately, the very fact that we tried and lost, will cause many others to be even more wary. I can hear them now... “You can’t fight the rules; you can’t fight the establishment; we must support the centre.” Sadly, I see little cause for optimism that things will improve any time soon in Scottish football. I hope I am wrong. My rant is over for now. While frustrated, disappointed and angry with much that has gone on over the last 4 months, we must now move forward. We will suffer serious financial losses as a consequence of losing this particular battle but we will survive and we will come through this stronger than ever. We have suffered a series of blows over recent months, but our spirit has never been stronger. We will continue to run our Club with honesty, transparency and integrity. These are the values we have always adhered to and we will continue to keep them front and centre of everything we do. We will also lead with strong financial management and importantly, with confidence. We look forward, once again, to celebrating a successful year, culminating in winning the Championship and getting back to where we belong. Robbie has done it before and with your support, we can make this a year to remember for the right reasons as well as the wrong. I make these statements, confident in the support I know we will have from our incredible fans and sponsors. The messages of support that I, personally, have received throughout this enormously difficult period have been absolutely amazing. Let me say “thank you” to each and every one of you. I am sorry we did not win this battle but as we all know, it is winning the war that counts.
  14. So from what I gather Partick and Hearts issued the joint statement saying how disappointed they both are, Partick have also released a statement saying that they are now just focusing on next season but Hearts are yet to say what their next step is. I would assume they'll want to take this further with Anderson and whoever else funding it?
  15. Aye that's a fair point mate, fuck it I'm all out of positivity now 😂
  16. Suppose if we are trying to look at the positives then it's a plus we won't have to go back to Tynecastle in the league this season..
  17. Yep, that sentence has stayed with me as well. It all sounds like utter shite now.
  18. Doncaster utterly delighted with this..what a smug prick. Pissed off we'll probably never know what really happened with that Dundee vote now.
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