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  1. Said on other threads he'll be future Croatian captain
  2. Wee pricks giving him pelters all day Alfredo gives some back when he scores - booked - Broadfoot runs right passed the linesman to celebrate with fans when they score - fuck all happens
  3. Fuck sake do you walk about your work smiling all day
  4. Spot on said Tav was the biggest miss today - can't believe the shit he gets
  5. Fuck sake do you walk about your work smiling all day
  6. Been saying for weeks pity Steve Davis wasn't up to speed earlier because he's been running the show and players round about him playing a lot better including Jack, today proofed this Jack was back to his old self - apart from the goal
  7. Just in and watched it again, Flanagan laughing like fuck in broons face after he fuckin melted him 😂
  8. Fuck knows how he wasn't in the running for Player Of The Year
  9. Lord Lockin


    Been running the show for weeks now and players round about him have upped their game as well because of his displays
  10. Just been reading the strip can be worn, within the rules, says the rumour was started by someone who didn't read the rule properly 🤔
  11. Davis will be running the show next season as he's been doing in the last five games
  12. Aye especially when it's my birthday on that day and I'm a fuckin year older 😔
  13. Be Gerrards best signing
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