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  1. No doubt some fanny will put this on social media
  2. Just watched the Buffs booking again, only he could get booked for saying -no foul - fuckin disgraceful decision by yet another shit referee
  3. No got a great player in the team that's why we can't break ordinary defences down
  4. He should take Michael Beale as an example to treat these cheating b******s and call it as you see it
  5. be worth every fuckin penny - pay the fine my fuckin self
  6. fuckin spot on they're screaming blue murder about Sky tv for fuck all, our manager and club are sitting taking every bit of shit thrown at us without saying a fuckin word
  7. well he should fuckin speak out about it then - even tonight said it wasn't a hand ball at first goal
  8. your right Rangers were pish and yes cheated yet again - Dicker booked then goes down looking for a penalty, no second booking, Buff gets a slight tug goes down looking for a penalty - booked, Burke shoves Kent in the back when through on goal -nothing given, Buff has a slight push on their player free kick and goal disallowed - then their first goal - fuck sake - cheating bastards
  9. First time I've heard this - unbelievable
  10. Take it he won't be Scottish then 🤭
  11. Finally some one at Rangers speaking out and standing up for the club - good on you Michael Beale
  12. Wouldn't have even answered that erse mate
  13. Guy next to me said we'll get fuck all from Madden, I said lets be honest, no matter who the ref is we get fuck all
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