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  1. Lord Lockin


    I got a fuckin walking stick and a pair of slippers
  2. Lord Lockin


    fuckin take it off him then, give him yours
  3. Lord Lockin


    Got MyGers welcome package this morning - by fuck I'm glad I joined now
  4. Lord Lockin


    Aye a scam that's cost me and my family £180 for fuck all so far
  5. Lord Lockin


    you lost weight then
  6. Do you honestly believe that - you'll be telling us next they consulted supporters about MyGers - what the fucks going on through there
  7. Don't think for a minute the fans are behind this shambles called MyGers - this is Bisgroves baby too
  8. Lord Lockin


    no just the ones without a season ticket getting fleeced, it's every fucker
  9. Aye I was going to chuck it this season because of this graceful behaviour of the club but was talked out of it by my son who I go to the games with - but I'm with you could be last season especially if when things get back to normal and I see the usual suspects at away games
  10. to old and no good enough
  11. because they try and look after their support
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