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  1. Best midfield player in Scotland can't get into the Scotland team because he's Irish 😉
  2. With these recent performances like having a new player
  3. STV news - police injured in the West Stand, no mention that the incident happened amongst the Feyenoord fans - fuckin despicable
  4. Son just said the same thing, doubt it, I think the club offered to do this hoping they would get a lighter punishment, don't thing they can back track unless of coarse Young Boys might say they've not got a problem giving Rangers tickets - can always hope
  5. some arseholes on twitter saying atmosphere was crap 😠
  6. Fuck sake I thought the uefa mob were called FLARE and not FARE and tonight was a tribute to them from the Poles
  7. Katic taking on 7 off them - a bit one sided
  8. For everything he's seen and done in his football career his reaction tonight at full time was fuckin brilliant
  9. Anyone got footage of Gerrard jumping on the players - fuckin class
  10. you calling me a prick 😂😂 tell the weans it'll be fine if you shut tae fuck up
  11. For fuck sake does it matter it's happening now and innocent supporters are getting caught up in it because of arseholes who won't learn
  12. Aye and the ones singing the songs aren't helping
  13. Step out of line once - you at the piss take
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