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  1. I hope what Pedro did is true, and hope that it was well received as the RO suggests. This is the one thing that is stopping us competing with celtic in anyway. Several games this season we have seen a lack of fight, or a nervousness, an attitude from the players that, something is going to go wrong and I don't want to be responsible for it. Take partick in the cup game, no Rangers team should ever sit back at 1 nil up and hope they ride it out, and the whole time Pedro was screaming for the players to press high and get in their face.if Pedro solves this issue you immediately get improved performances and are in a position to turn draws into wins and and losses into draws..which is what good teams do. I could not believe it when dorrans took of the armband. If I led out Rangers as captain, I would not remove that armband unless the gaffer told me to, why would you voluntary do that? It is mental and why is the manager defending Morelos if the British players haven't bonded with him they can at least respect we would be sitting about 9th without his goals and performances. Why is it the foreign players seem to have more passion than like of dorrans, tav, Wallace etc? They fight and try every game. If Pedro sorts this and the players see how serious and passionate he is, it can only be a good thing if they work harder for each other.
  2. Think when it comes down to it, this game is all about basics, and doing the basics perfectly. We know that their strenghts are in going forward, we have to defend as a team. Be difficult to break down and frustrate them. And be clinical in going forward, and get forward in numbers. i think he should stick with the same line up against partick, with maybe the exception of hill for bates, but at this stage i think the young lad deserves a crack in this game. We need as few complications as possible and to focus on a professional performance. Pedro should look at the tape from last year, we started so well and put them on the back foot straight away, get in their face, let them have the ball in their own half. Bodies behind the ball and then hunt in packs as soon as they cross the half way line, win it and break. got the butterflies in the stomach already hope we do well, but it will be very fine margins i reckon.
  3. i really like the idea of Neil McCann, but dont think it would happen, Ferguson i can understand, but part of me does not see that ending well.
  4. Fod Hodgson Bates Hill Wallace WIlson Holt Hyndman MoH Miller Mckay Controversial slightly, i would keep in Foddy, he is doing well dont upset that. Tav has been shite and imo should be fighting to get in the team, bates cos why not give him a punt and see how he gets on. Dont we want to create a pathway to the first team for the youngsters? I would put Wilson in DM, a total gamble but it is my honest and unqualified opinion that he could do well in this position, he is defensively not the best. BUT i think he has an excellent range of passing and happy on the ball. defensively he will be ok with tackling and positioning i reckon, with hill at the back keeping him right. i would encourage holt to get forward and run with the ball, and to get into the box, and hyndman to be playmaker. I would also have wingers swap regularly. MoH to get to the byeline and cross and mckay to do what he wants and to be direct and run with the ball as and when he can.
  5. None of this is an overreaction, the reason that we are the worlds most decorated football club, is because we have never accepted defeats....and way more importantly performances like that. we will not win every game, BUT we expect to and if we dont win, serious questions are asked. that is what has driven out past teams to success over and over again. So far this season I have said twice to mates etc "that is the worst rangers performance i have seen in my 27 years of being a supporter" one was in the 5-1 defeat, the other at Tynecastle in November and last night. 3 of the worst PERFORMANCES I have seen have come in one season. When we lose I can get over it if its one of these games where you dont have the luck, the opposition get lucky or whichever (even still questions are asked). But not a single player in blue last night looked like they wanted to win that game. I have supported MW from the get go, and will continue to until he is no longer our manger. But right now he deserves (and the players) to know how fucking shite they have been over and over again! MW changed nothing last night, he did nothing to impact that game. they didny know what they were doing, the worst of it was hearts didn't play fantastically, that is one of their best results, but I bet you its not one of their best performances, they deserved the win but they did noting world class they simply wanted it more than us! ! as someone else said, we had no fight, nobody wanted to win that game there was no motivation there was no aggression, once the 2nd went in they accepted defeat. This is not an "overreaction" this is a reaction to the SINGLE WORST RANGERS PERFORMANCE, I have ever seen.
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