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  1. Albertz fucking terrorised them. I loved it.
  2. How can this be enforced though?
  3. Was about to start a thread asking what was happening with the Smartcards as I was beginning to worry haha
  4. No guard of honour for a football club who claim honours won while the rest of the free world was fighting fascism. No guard of honour for fans who openly support the murder of civilians in the name of a forgotten conflict. No guard of honour for an institution who won't admit that it enabled and then covered up systematic child abuse.
  5. Hibs didn't give us a guard of honour, the precedent is behind us. These cunts failed to kill us and they're the least deserving of any praise or honour in all of football. Fascist, child molesting, terrorist filth.
  6. Lassies deserve a break on this topic as these products get taxed when they probably shouldn't. Anything that makes the Club look good is fine by me.
  7. I went with my Dad and partner. I was disappointed with the turnout, I was expecting much more. The weather obviously didn’t help - however I don’t care about supporter group politics and I’m glad that I made my point to the scum at the BBC.
  8. Up and just finished breakfast. Fuck the BBC.
  9. I love in North Yorkshire and I’m driving up for. Agree it’s very important.
  10. Into these absolute fucking losers tomorrow.
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