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  1. I read on as this was still Stevie speaking and I was going "yas! yas! go on Stevie!" in my head haha.
  2. Is this the game we've been searching for a slot for?
  3. Was worth it for how much it bammed up the fhilth.
  4. Great to see 👏 Fitting support for the most successful club in football.
  5. Spot on, thanks - I'd skimmed over the smaller text in my email.
  6. I'm misreading that as the date that season ticket holders can buy their seats - although when I log in the only tickets available to me are Vs Stranraer.
  7. Any idea when public sale will be? I'll be buying my seat but hoping to bring others along.
  8. Top work, needed that laugh 🤣
  9. Defiance means fuck all in the face of fact.
  10. Assegai

    Kris Boyd

    Thanks. I've come to detest the BBC in all its forms and don't use it at all.
  11. Assegai

    Kris Boyd

    And after his stint as Dundee manager they had him back on a few times, didn't they. I call that dropped.
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