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  1. Dave McPherson - and I've seen Davie Robertson mentioned, he was my favourite Ranger when I was a boy, no chance he was underrated here.
  2. Hope he recovers swiftly. A good Ranger.
  3. This is hands down the best solution.
  4. Good statement, I'd read it again.
  5. Agree. I’ve never hated a Rangers manager before he was appointed, I don’t know how I’d cope.
  6. McInnes? Even I can’t work out if I’m joking or not.
  7. I was quite young and that campaign was formative for me as a Bear in so many ways. I'll hate Marseille until the day I die, cheats.
  8. I think he's a great guy. I met him outside the Hilton in Glasgow around 2013 and expressed my gratitude to him as a Rangers supporter for how he'd stuck by the club at that time - the absolute riot of a bird he was with made a snide comment because I was a little bit starstruck and minced my words and he ripped right into her.
  9. Loved that goal 💕 that goal and Gary McSwegan's 💙
  10. No danger will the most predictable result in world football throw up a surprise.
  11. I live a three and a half hour drive away and right now I cannot be fucked with it. Regardless of the result this will never be a “good day out at Ibrox”.
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