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  1. Four pictures of Alfredo and Stevie. For me it means one of two things - I loved working with this guy or I love working with this guy. Hope it’s the latter.
  2. I'd keep him, although playing in a different position currently he reminds of a young Craig Moore in terms of confidence - and look where Craig ended up πŸ’™
  3. There isn't a single media source in Scotland I would listen to or pay attention to.
  4. Better images of the second and third tops. I'd love it if they were real.
  5. I'll renew regardless because to be honest my season ticket is (to me) about much more than buying a product and expecting it to be served to me, it's about funding and supporting Rangers, one of the pillars of my life and something that's deeply important to me. I expect most of us are the same.
  6. No he likes the word "proper". Love him though.
  7. The scope of how they've infected the country is remarkable.
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