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  1. CL final always seems to be a let down. Teams are too scared to get beaten.
  2. it doesn't matter what ebb we were at. simple fact is he scored vital goals againt us and scored in CL. big games and ones that get you noticed. Getting sent off in big games and scoring goals against Hamilton not so much. This will obviously impact his transfer value. I'm not arguing who is the better player but simply that we won't get near what Dembele went for.
  3. he also managed to score a shitload against us and in the champions League, win a few trophies. Morelos has done none of this. I get he's a good player but in all honesty he's nowhere near Dembele's level and the transfer fee when he goes will reflect this.
  4. Hope Cross does MVG but you're spot on. Atmosphere has been flat tonight, a bit like the darts. hopefully it picks up for the final.
  5. Tried to be interested and watched 15 mins and gave up. Both teams would get football stopped. Standard up here really is getting worse no matter what the media try and portray.
  6. i know mate. 😂
  7. bam74


    should be one of the first out the door. a winger who can't beat a man or cross a ball consistently. fed up hearing about his work rate. that should be a given playing for Rangers.
  8. he got an assist today and goal of the season 😂
  9. Wasn't great today but has been one of our best players this season and he did get an assist today. Everything was sideways today but it's hard to pass the ball forward when there is fuck all movement ahead of you. I'm just surprised noone has started a Kamara thread yet.
  10. bam74


    He is shite. I have never understood the praise he got here at times. I can't remember him ever having a good game for us. Sooner he fucks off the better.
  11. I give a flying fuck. performances like today have happened far too often this season to be a coincidence. Fringe players were given a chance to go out and prove they are worthy of being here and they didn't turn up again. And all the posts about it not meaning anything is a load of shite. We slagged the Tims last week for that excuse. Today was the reality of our season, our squad doesn't have the depth of quality to compete.
  12. Ironically Man City are probably the only team that would give Barca a game of it yet they couldn't beat a poor Tottenham team.
  13. He's unreal, at one point tonight he had 5 players on him and I was raging that he didn't skin them all. And that free kick was perfection. Best I've ever seen.
  14. Both English teams have been torn a new one in the semis so far. Premiership the greatest league my arse.
  15. Might as well give Barca the trophy now.
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