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  1. Had the measure of us easily but they are a decent team, nothing more.
  2. bam74


    Needs to stick to soccer. Not his fault though. Looks like one of the many signings that cost Mark Allen his job.
  3. Hope so. Could say the same for most of the bench and reserve squad though. They all get better the less they play.
  4. He's chucked it. Tonight just shows that all the £20 million pish is a pipedream.
  5. He's been shite for the majority of the season.
  6. Some finish and that's the difference , they get one chance and it's a goal. Morelos should've buried that chance earlier and it was game on.
  7. Much better but Morelos needs to score that. Don't get easier chances than that at this level.
  8. Tough one but has to be Kamara just because he's on a yellow.
  9. Need to switch it asap. This shite hasn't worked for the last few weeks and it's not going to work tonight. Kamberi and Hagi for Morelos and Kamara might at least give us a chance.
  10. Aye, they are a top team but they are playing with their slippers on so far and we can't lay a glove on them. Been another piss poor first half from us.
  11. Don't worry mate. I'll be clapping on 8 minutes tomorrow.
  12. If you don't laugh you would cry. Beaten off relegation fodder, Hearts twice and now Hamilton, and we are clapping . Cannae wait till the next home game. Maybe get a wee Mexican wave going.
  13. If that's the case it looks like we will be playing 5 a sides on Wednesday night.
  14. That referee performance and the standard of football served up tonight is why the majority of people outwith Scotland rip the pish out our league.
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