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  1. bam74

    Ryan Kent

    hardly a claim to fame in this team. he flatters to deceive and is vastly overrated. Has fancy feet but zero end product.
  2. We then need to get a couple of front men who don't play with their back to the goals and actually make a forward run for this defence splitting midfielder.
  3. aye, we know. Why go trawling through their forums to get upset though ?
  4. A "winger" who can't beat a man or cross a ball.
  5. I would start Lafferty or Defoe. Morelos has been off the boil last couple of games and needs a rest, however if we get through sheep game then we really need him on his game if we want to beat the Tims
  6. Early days but he has had a great start. Looks very composed and plays with his head up. Also like that he always passes in front of a player so they don't need to check back. Hopefully Jack and Arfield learn from him.
  7. Our crossing has been dreadful all season. Under no pressure and it hits the first man or drifts aimlessly to the back post. Even our goal today came from a Candeias cross hitting the first man and rebounding to him.
  8. bam74


    This. Sat and watched Hibs change their shape and start to grow into the match and only reacted when they scored. He's got to shoulder some of the blame.
  9. 1 game unlucky, 2 games really unlucky, 3 games admit we just aren't good enough.
  10. McLean has been shite tonight but he's not the reason we've fucked this.
  11. So frustrating. We have got into so many good positions out wide but our crossing is abysmal.
  12. This all stems from those bastards getting let off with their behaviour at Hampden in the cup final. Think they can get away with murder. They need to get hammered this time
  13. Never a penalty in a million years. VAR is ruining football
  14. I don't think this is a question anymore, he's gone in the summer I'm afraid. £10 million plus hopefully. He is a fucking enigma. One game he looks worth 20 yet you watch him on Wednesday against Dundee you wouldn't pay 5. And he still hasn't scored against the Tims
  15. I honestly don't think we will change our defense away at Aberdeen in the cup. It will be a tried and trusted back 4 on Sunday. Either Halliday or Barisic at LB (Halliday for me).
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