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  1. Passing is cow dung but this mob are there for the taking. We need to get our act together!
  2. MikeyM

    Windass Meets Si Ferry

    Just listened to this... his arrogance is an absolute brass neck. He couldn't believe the bid that we accepted for him... delusions of grandeur!
  3. Exactly. I think even earlier. Give Middleton more time and Lafferty on too. Substitution decisions played a big part in dropping points tonight.
  4. MikeyM

    Rangers TV after 12pm

    You’d be as well subscribing for the month mate at that price. That’s what I do and currently watching the game after just finishing work. At least if you subscribe, you’ll get the game and the rest of the content (which is first class) for the month.
  5. Really hope they are released in the next fortnight. Not holding my breath though. Wee man is desperate for a top for our holiday. Would love to get him it rather than buying a Spanish top for him whilst we are away.
  6. The most unenjoyable second half of football in a very long time, but what a feeling at the final whistle.
  7. Fuckin yaaaaaasaaaas. Get it up them and everbody else
  8. Biggest game in years and gets sent off for that shite. Fuckin idiot.
  9. MikeyM


    I’ve been critical of Ejaria at times but fair fucks to the boy, credit where it’s due. He played well tonight.
  10. Very good win against a solid team who are playing well. Our momentum will turn into a juggernaut and we should start smashing teams once our squad is settled... and yes I am starting to get carried away. Kilmarnock or not. We put this Russian mob out over the next fortnight it’s game on.
  11. If it does come to that, I can’t see him going anywhere... except Anfield. I’m sure he will want to stay with us until he feels he has built a legacy.
  12. MikeyM

    *** Official NK Maribor vs Rangers Match Thread***

    Maribor = Wee guys Shagger= Shagger
  13. MikeyM

    Ashley gone?

    Fingers crossed. No more seeing 2015 Puma kits still on the shelves with a ‘SALE - £45’ tag attached.
  14. MikeyM

    Let’s Go

    Wins against teams like that will build great momentum which we can take into the domestic league. We can continue by hammering St Mirren at the weekend and sending a message. Stevie G is bringing the feelgood factor back. Long may it continue.