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  1. MikeyM

    Jon Flanagan

    I couldn’t care less what fans of other clubs think. I am however completely underwhelmed by this signing (if and when he signs). Underwhelmed at being linked with the likes of Jones for that matter too.
  2. MikeyM

    MOH and Alves wanted

    Great news.
  3. Absolutely sailing this. Second goal was superb. Let’s go for 6 or 7. They are there for the taking.
  4. MikeyM


    Folk have gave Tav a hard time for a while but I think he is a really good player. He is a real asset in that team.
  5. MikeyM

    Junkies vs Rangers

    Brilliant result. Starting to find a bit of dig against teams now. The disappointment in Crocker and Walker’s voices make it even better. Yaaaas
  6. MikeyM

    Next Manager Poll

    Announce Luis Enrique ?
  7. MikeyM

    Jorg Albertz

    Another player from abroad who ‘got’ what our great club was about. What a player.
  8. MikeyM

    Butcher's Son.

    Dreadful news. Thoughts with the family.
  9. Buzzing for the season to start now after an encouraging last few games. A nice early goal and then right good pumping of Motherwell to set us up nicely going into the Hibs game. A goal or two for Herrera and Morelos to get them up and running would be helpful too.
  10. MikeyM

    ***Rumours thread***

    I doubt Naismith will be back. There will be big sounds in the MSM about him coming back and as soon as another less than half decent offer comes in terms of wages, even from a shitey mediocre team, he will go there.
  11. EVERY. SINGLE. PLAYER. Can get tae fuck at the end of the season. Whether or not the tactics were wrong from the off, no effort from any of them. Their heads went down. A few of them know their days are numbered. Good riddance.
  12. Absolutely embarrassed by Dundee. They had the bit between their teeth from the first whistle. We have no fight and a bunch of amateurs at best. The sad thing is whatever interim manager/coach/head of football/under 20's coach/miracle worker comes in won't change a thing because of the players we have. We will just have to bundle through to thd end of the season unfortunately.
  13. Absolutely mate. That's what I was meaning.
  14. Happy with that team to be fair. Frank McParland must be scouting this forum and listening to the troops in here. Not to be cynical but I worry the obligatory 60 minute sub will be Halliday for Hyndman... you know because of Bournemouth an that.
  15. Absolutely no doubt these three will start. As Warburton says... it's not about blaming one player... well there's at least three to blame. If they start, he surely must lose the last wee bit of respect the handful of fans who still back him, will have for him.