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  1. I emailed them and they emailed back within the hour. Problem with Apple pay. They resent the code and it’s working. Superb.
  2. I ordered that too. Great wee deal. The download link in my email isn’t working and am unable to add to Now TV. Can guarantee CDKeys won’t respond until after the game.
  3. Get him so far to fuck away from the first team. Absolutely shite.
  4. How do we not show up like this every week. They are shite and there for the taking. We need to start taking more of these chances.
  5. Totally dominant and was thinking we would put 4 or 5 past them today after that early goal, dissapointed we didn’t but at the end of the day who gives a fuck. Three points is all that matters.
  6. Passing is cow dung but this mob are there for the taking. We need to get our act together!
  7. Exactly. I think even earlier. Give Middleton more time and Lafferty on too. Substitution decisions played a big part in dropping points tonight.
  8. Really hope they are released in the next fortnight. Not holding my breath though. Wee man is desperate for a top for our holiday. Would love to get him it rather than buying a Spanish top for him whilst we are away.
  9. The most unenjoyable second half of football in a very long time, but what a feeling at the final whistle.
  10. Fuckin yaaaaaasaaaas. Get it up them and everbody else
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