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  1. Not the best performance, but we're gonna have that some times. As long as we get the job done I don't care.
  2. Massive game, Tonight is going to be a hard, but i'm exited. A few away goals would be huge for us.
  3. Give the lad a chance, Until he has some games for Rangers i'll be optimistic about this one. He needs to stay fit, thats the main issue he has had recently, I feel this will be the last midfielder that we bring in. And it gives us some incredible depth. Think back to 3 seasons ago. Barton, Kranjcar, Holt, Crookes, Rossitier. Compared to Arfield, Jack, Aribo, King , Kamara, Davies. There is no contest.... Steven Gerrard has done some incredible business at Rangers. I trust him with his judgment. I feel he's earned that trust. King alone won't win us the title obviously. But it's hell of a backup to have.. #MidWalesLoyal
  4. Solid result that. The red card did help. However bar the short spell Hibs had after the goal we completey dominated. I don't want to sound overdramatic but we are gonna win the league. Betfred cup. Scottish cup. Europa League. FA Cup. Caramel cup and Euro 2020 🇬🇧🇬🇧 #MidWalesLoyal
  5. Come on Rangers, Into this mob. Fucking hate Hibs, always makes me laugh that their biggest season in recent memory was finishing second in the Scottish Championship. Genuinely thought they were a big club for 'competing' with us or that title. Love the team selection, Glad Flanno is Left back and not Barisic All together now the cry was no surrender #MidWalesLoyal
  6. Thanks Mate, I appriciate that! Probably wont be up until October next as I'm starting a new job. But I'm aiming to go up as much as i can this season, i have a feeling it could be magical!
  7. The Taigs have had 2 good wins, however we have had the harder start. I hope we Smash Hibs, 4-0 or more. Send out a message of intent. If we beat Killie and Hibs. Two teams who can cause trouble to anyone, then it will give our lads a good boost of confidence. Can see a few changes mind, Defoe may start, Barasic instead of Flan, Foderingham will play as I think McGregor is still suspended, And Maybe Helendar might come off the bench if we are cursing it. Either-way mind, I'll take any type of win. We need to win every game until the old firm, and then hammer them! No Surrender to the mini feinians. #MidWalesLoyal
  8. I've been a complete tool. It's the away kit not the third kit 😅
  9. I've been a complete tool. It's the away kit. Not the third kit 😅
  10. Will do mate. Thank you !
  11. Would be really strange if it was a fake one. I got it from Gersstoreonline. I'll give them an email. But I just find it bizzare
  12. Anyone else recived the 3rd kit yet ? I got mine today from Gersstoreonline. I love it. But I'm struggling to understand why the badge isn't stiched in like the home shirt. The front sponsor is literally fabric in the shirt too. Like apart of the shirt it's self and not printed on. Whereas the back sponsor is printed on. Just seems a bit strange really. What do you all think? Are you happy with the printing? Watp
  13. I've never lived in Scotland. I'm from mid Wales, during my youth I always was hounded by Welsh nationalists in this area and I hated it. I've never connected with the celtic Welsh identity. And always seen my self as British rather than Welsh. I have Welsh parents. English born. Scottish and Northern Irish family . Because there isn't really any local clubs in my area. I didn't really support a team for the early years of my life. I'd go to watch Aston Villa with my grandad. But that was it really. When I saw Rangers play for the first time in like 2007-2008. I fell Iove with the culture of the club. Whilst most of my friends supported top 6 EPL teams. I'd actually found a club that spoke to my identity, A club that I loved and wanted to be apart of no matter what And ever since then I've been Rangers through and through There is nothing I love more than Rangers FC. I travel up from Wales whenever I can. And Ill ways stick with this club. Through the 3rd div. Through annything. Rangers means my identity. Rangers is who I am. And I'm so thankful for the Rangers support for accepting me into the club with open arms. Whilst I wasn't born into a Rangers family. I've felt like I was chosen to support this great club. Without Rangers life would be horrible.
  14. Better second half performance, Just with the players could show that level of urgency and fight from the off. Tav to blame for the second goal however he was key in the play to score our goal and creating some good plays for us that we should have finished off. Kent & Haliday should be given the same treatment as Morelos. As much as we all hate Lego Muncher we have to keep our heads in these games. Suspensions are going to make it hard for us in our next few games. However we have shown that we CAN go toe to toe with the taigs. It's making sure we have the right mentality that's key.
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