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  1. Regardless of disappointment not winning,that was a breathtaking match. The way we came back after being 3-0 down was brilliant,but yet again the defence was abysmal.
  2. Into these horrid BASTARDS. Battle cry. I reckon 2-1 win for us.
  3. What a fucking team effort by Livi,not blessed with talent,but they hou ded those cunts in both legs. Hats off to them,they deserve a premiership place. New 2nd team? ?
  4. Will 'Willo the wisp' play or is he suspended?
  5. Ironic. Wee rat naismith goal virtually puts us into Europe,unless junkies beat us by 6 clear goals.
  6. Hopkins Livi manager got a bit of Rangers in him. Played for our B team.
  7. Highlight of the season seeing those BASTARDS lose 4-0 to hertz,Lafferty winding the up.
  8. I'm thinking a draw should be enough. Don't forget we have better goal difference than sheep and hivs,providing of course Hertz draw or win v hivs tonight. Can't also see sheep beating taigs either.
  9. Livi are a good team,reckon they will do Partick or Ross if they get in final.
  10. Great Livi fans chant. 'Runaway runaway Dundee Utd runaway' ????
  11. Strategically placed union jack by the hearts fans, right on the side of the taigs. Nice touch. ?
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