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  1. It's no surprise the filth are still top by virtue of the sheep's capitulation. They have surprisingly picked up since that match. We will see a much different sheep outfit when we visit that silage pit.
  2. Why must Tavernier take every fucking dead ball.
  3. Ojo has looked better since the game opened up to be fair.
  4. It's because we had seen this script before so many times recently.
  5. Why are so many of our ex players rat bastards? Unlike Savco ex players? Goldson btw needs dropped for Katic or Edmondson.
  6. BBC radio Scotland "pundits" are almost in fucking tears. Delicious.
  7. Three observations. Ojo is a waste of a shirt. Our final ball is shite. I don't like the way this game is going it's a script I've ...fuck great goal Helander!
  8. A number of levels meaning Annan and Brechin.
  9. I'll refrain from using the laughing face thingy but it's extremely difficult I admit.
  10. What did we win last season again? He's a serial loser who needs dropped. And not just for a few games. We can go all the way back to the SC final when he cost us the game. Sorry but he's simply not good enough and nowhere near being a Rangers captain.
  11. Don't see anything funny about it tbh. The guy is rank and shouldn't even be playing for Rangers never mind being captain. If Gerrard is unable to see this then we have a serious problem.
  12. Said it last week. The blind spot Gerrard has with this dumpling could cost him his job.
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