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  1. Judas

    Nothing unedited about it. I forced myself to read that statement again he and that other rat Whittaker read out and it was even worse than I remembered. Littered with "Sevco" and "new club",it was like something you get from clueless rabid tarries. Other players left without feeling the need to read out prepared statements full of shite to attempt to justify their actions,only those two felt that need. The fact we gave the rat a platform and looked after him when injured made it worse. He can fuck right off. As someone else said I hope he never crosses the threshold of our stadium again. Hopefully he goes back to Norwich and ends up at Doncaster or better still,injured.
  2. Judas

    Never went today took the wife and kids out for the day but did have it on in the car. The Biased Broadcasting Corporation were talking about the rat bastard and they couldn't understand why fans had a go at him for putting his family and career first. Completely ignoring the fact that it has fuck all to do with that (Lafferty gets nowhere near the same stick but they didn't mention that) and everything to do with that horrendous press conference when the rat bastard told a baying mhedia and Rangers fans who were distraught that our club was dead. Which as has subsequently been shown it wasn't.
  3. 49 years

    Rangers won ten trophies during the 80's and a few good European results. This is far worse than the 80's.
  4. Kris Boyd getting ripped into King

    Absolutely 100% spot on from Boyd.
  5. This board are Kelly&whites of the scum era

    King is a criminal a liar and an oily snake who I detest and have detested ever since he begged creditors to reject Greens CVA. However we can't compare him to a group of people who covered up an active peadophile ring and indeed went on to re employ the apparent ring leader. Although I do agree we need a Fergus McCann type involvement now.
  6. Still No Statement??

    Can you imagine the reaction if all this had happened under the "spivs"?
  7. The game at the weekend

    In other words we are now a St Johnstone or a Hivs. All about scraping a European spot where we can get fucked out in the first or second round against the runners up from Narnia. What a fucking joke this once great club has become.
  8. The game at the weekend

    Honestly don't give a fuck and probably won't even bother going. Couldn't care less where we finish. I have other stuff I can be doing for the next few weeks than watching this bunch of coward imposters and joke of a "manager".
  9. tactics for next scum game

    Sad to say but I actually don't fucking care. Morelos will be up top and miss his customary sitter against them,Lego eater will Ponce around owning the pitch and celebrating again and it'll end up another three or four job. And it's frightening when I stand back and analyse my thoughts and realise I genuinely don't fucking care.
  10. Goalkeeper.

    One of the reasons being Savco know we are shite,know we bottle it at the mere sight of a Savco jersey and love lording it over us. In a bizarre way they up their game when playing us when it should be the reverse happening.
  11. A Decade without the Scottish Cup

    I watched that match in a big celtic pub in Bannockburn. Me and one other guy I think we're the only two gers in the pub. One of the best nights I ever had watching the Rangers. I remember the other guy and myself going absolutely fucking mental when Ally stuck it away just before half time after McCall fucked that prick Boyd up in the air and played him in. Would bring a tear to a glass eye now thinking how far we have fallen. And wondering if we'll ever get there again.
  12. A Decade without the Scottish Cup

    Between the mid 30's and mid 60's Savco won something like three trophies. One of the reasons we were so far in front. In saying that our record of being the most successful club in Scotland (apologies but I don't go in for this most successful in the world stuff)will very shortly be under serious threat. Regardless of others attempts to kill our club they failed which has been well proven. However they achieved the next best thing. With a great deal of help from the imposters and in fighting between the fans at our club since that dark day six odd years ago. Our club has been reduced to total mediocrity. Even so called small clubs produce great performances and results now and again (look at Murderwell Saturday) whereas we crash every big game we play. And with a charlatan like King in charge who simply hasn't the finances or indeed apparently the wherewithal to attract finance into the club I see much the same in the years ahead. What makes this even harder to take is this Savco side are not a Martin O'Neil Savco who reached UEFA finals. As has been shown in Europe time and time again they are rank fucking rotten. I certainly can't stomach watching mediocre pish like "broony" waltzing around the pitch against us like he's Ronaldo anymore. In short I'm just about at the end until dramatic changes take place. There is a limit to how many times you can be kicked in the stomach. And we've had it continually for six years. Even in previous bad spells (early 80's example) it was never like this. We could still on occasion match Savco and win games or even a trophy. And the players pish though some of them were still showed desire and passion in the famous jersey. As a support we are sleepwalking through this. Either that or we've been battered into meek submission.
  13. King

    He almost did kill our club when he begged our creditors to reject Greens CVA. That could easily have killed our club. And which is why from that day onwards I have never been a member of the King fan club. He put our club at risk of its very existence to get what he wanted. And now that he has what he wants our club will be on a eternal downward spiral. The Leeds Utd of Scotland.
  14. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    I can accept getting beat by fuck I've had plenty practice the last few years. What I can't accept is this. We are giving those tarrier bastards the freedom of Hampden and once again allowing that prick Brown to Ponce about doing pretty much anything he wants. Everytime a player in a blue jersey gets the ball hes instantly closed down. Everytime a tarrier gets the ball you could circumnavigate the Ark Royal around him he has so much space. Even if playing a better side you can accept losing if your team are flying into tackles closing down in their faces etc. Once again though this bunch of bottle merchant shitebags have went on that pitch expecting to lose. An utter disgrace to the Rangers jersey. Murty should resign immediately after the game and tbh I don't give a shit who replaced them. The season is done. The day I start worrying about Rangers FC finishing second third or fourth is the day I give up on football. Right now I don't give a fuck where that bunch of bottling cowards finish. Well done for letting Savco lord it over us again.
  15. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Exactly. We are giving them the freedom of Hampden while they close us down all over the pitch. And Murty stands watching the same shite we are. He's a clueless prick and should never have been in this position.