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  1. I tend not to reply much to these kind of threads for the simple reason that anyone who thinks Savco will be held accountable for anything regarding this are deluding themselves. It will barely even be reported on.
  2. Bristoe1872

    Alan Stubbs new St. Mirren manager

    Obviously Liewell considered him the best man for the job.
  3. Bristoe1872

    Dave king statement

    On the radio Jacobite Twitter feed. An SPFl spokesman.
  4. Bristoe1872

    Russell Martin

    Is a cock and a pretty shite footballer.
  5. Bristoe1872

    Dave king statement

    Just heard the SPFl have said there is no conflict of interest and there will be no investigation. Over to you Mr King.
  6. Bristoe1872

    Dave king statement

    Haha read Gollums tweet on this and it's absolutely chock a block with foaming at the mouth tarriers going apeshit. Critised King plenty on here but in this instance I say well played Dave. Superb. Keep burning those bridges.
  7. Bristoe1872

    Another Article From Rangers Hater Waddell.

    I cringe at most things you post to be fair.
  8. Bristoe1872

    Neale Cooper

    Sad news indeed. RIP Neale.
  9. Bristoe1872

    Neale Cooper

    Scored against Aberdeen in I think his first game for us. Also won a League Cup with Rangers although strangely I noticed that honour is missing from his Wikipedia page. Almost as if it's been removed.
  10. You sir are a fucking walloper.
  11. Bristoe1872

    Another Article From Rangers Hater Waddell.

    In other words "How dare you not continue to meekly take it up the arse without complaint. You build bridges we shaft you all the more". His comments regarding Skirtel and Hivs just show him for what he is. Yet another raging bitter hater refusing to believe Rangers FC may be on the way back. That was not part of the script at all.
  12. Bristoe1872

    Collymore the pisshead on the attack

    With clowns like the woman beater i'd normally say ignore, but in this instance imo this latest diatribe is a step way to far and is probably libellous. I feel the club in this case should take action against this violent and deranged individual.
  13. Spot on. They have rabid cunts like Sutton Hartson and Boyd who defend that sordid club to the hilt and are never slow to attack us. We have apologist's like this waste of space who never defends us and acts all pally with taig mates.
  14. Infuriates me when he sits on Radio Jacobite allowing Savco mutants to spout pish or Spew "you are right Hugh" Heevins calling Savco Scotland's most successful club,which he has done several times. I have no doubt he loves the club but he's about as useful as an inflatable dart board the fat prick.