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  1. Bristoe1872


    Did he also do the commentary for the Savco match? Saw the racists goal for Savco on news last night and sounded like MacLean was about to have a coronary. Compared to the under enthusiastic commentary for our goals where it was clear he was inwardly gutted. This rancid wee shithole is chocked full of Savco sympathisers wherever you look.
  2. Bristoe1872

    When timothy says to you that we are a new club

    I don't need anything the Savco vermin do to tell me what I already know. It's not our fault the thick brain dead neanderthals know nothing about insolvency law or the insolvency act. Or indeed the power of administrators who have FULL power to sell ALL or ANY part of a business. I used to ask the troglodytes to please tell me the date of dissolution as for example in the case of Third Lanark or the original Airdrieonians who were both wound up and dissolved. (Which is something again the thick idiotic savcoers can't grasp,a company is liquidated a club is dissolved). I used to ask them why the official websites of the SPFl SFA ECA ASA UEFA and even my wee red book together with two high court law lords and even lesser websites such as transfer . Com and Wiki all categorically state Rangers are the same club. I used to ask the nappy invaders why in their opinion are all of the above lying and lying openly. I used to ask the altar boys why they don't lodge a complaint with company house because by openly declaring itself to be the same club Rangers FC are breaking every rule in the business book by misleading shareholders and the wider public and company house would hammer them for it as well as having the SPFl and SFA arses for propagating the lie. After all they lodged a complaint twice with the ASA. Petitioned UEFA. Paid for an advert in a foreign tabloid albeit in the wrong lingo. Surely a simple email to company house should not be to difficult. In short the thich Mick Savco fuckheads know full well we are the same club which explains the euphoria when they beat us. They also dread the day we finally do win another major trophy or a league title because they know that they can scream Sevco until the cows come home but everyone and his her dug who actually matters will acknowledge its title number 55. Sometimes I genuinely feel sorry for them. They pollute ever Rangers story thread tweet or FB post with the same shite everyday desperately trying to convince themselves and anyone else who will listen that black is white. They are beyond parody. The most seriously fucked up portion of our society.
  3. Bristoe1872

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Can't think why but this tweet from UEFA appears to have got the Savco hordes in a lather. https://mobile.twitter.com/EuropaLeague/status/1035233097699217409
  4. Bristoe1872

    Club 1872 Statement

    I think we can dispense with the services of Sherlock and Hercule on this one.
  5. Bristoe1872

    You simply can support Rangers.

    Mocking a cherished tradition that was started to help the dependents of miners lost in a pit disaster. Aye nae bother I'll vote for this scum.
  6. Bristoe1872

    You simply can support Rangers.

    Disagree entirely. Cannot see how anyone can be a Rangers supporter while at the same time being a separatist SNP "butchers apron" hating anti British/English/Unionist pile of republican silage. They detest us and all we stand for and you as you sit among us must feel the same. It's like being a Unionist Savco fan sitting among a steaming pile of IRA glorifying anti British pigs vomit. Doesn't compute from where I'm standing.
  7. Bristoe1872

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Beat me to it. Watched some of it on SkorLive and this Suduva are absolutely honking. Unfortunately Savco will steamroller this lot at the chamber of secrets.
  8. Bristoe1872

    Welcome to Rangers Kyle Lafferty

    Just saw a video of him doing "the robot" after scoring for us id forgot about that😂
  9. Bristoe1872

    Welcome to Rangers Kyle Lafferty

    I've consistently held the opinion that the only players I would never welcome back are those two REAL rats Naesmith and Whittaker. That horrendous press conference will never be forgotten. Some taig presenter read it out in full when there was talk of Naesmith coming back and it was even worse than I remembered. I don't have a prob with guys like Lafferty coming back. Don't see to many complaints about shagger who has been an absolute rock and is turning into the most astute signing made this far by Gerrard. Welcome home Kyle. Now do the business on the pitch.
  10. Bristoe1872

    Objects Thrown On Pitch At McGregor.

    If it was duct tape 99% it was a Savco fan. The Brendanbau is held together with the stuff from pictures ive seen.
  11. Bristoe1872

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    The same 25 mill Tierney who was brushed aside on Saturday by a guy who the previous week was plying his trade with Cambridge.
  12. Bristoe1872

    F$$k your coefficient

    Scottish football has no intention of burying any hatchets. The only thing they wanted buried,and still want buried,is Rangers Football Club. This will become even more apparent as we grow stronger and the beloved Saint Brenda and Savco implode. Unlike the other riff Raff who boasted they could survive and prosper without us we really can prosper without burying any hatchets. Bridge building days should he well and truly over from a Rangers perspective we have tried that particular avenue even to the extent six years ago of issuing an apology. Let that sink in. WE apologised for being shafted by a charlatan then kicked and robbed almost into the grave by everyone and their dug. Sorry but again I'm not interested in hatchet burying and I don't give a flying fuck for anything or anyone in Scottish fitbaw other than The Rangers Football Club.
  13. Bristoe1872

    F$$k your coefficient

    I know from a sensible head perspective it makes no sense whatsoever but to be frank I wish every Scottish club other than the famous nothing but misfortune in Europe and pray they are pumped out at the earliest opportunity. They all without exception attempted to kill my club and told us everything would be Eutopia without us therefore fuck the co efficient and fuck every other club in the SPFl. Yes it makes it harder for us in the long term but I can live with that. Hoping Hivs are royally shafted and Savco pumped out the play offs. Am I allowed to repeat fuck the co efficient?
  14. Bristoe1872


    I don't know what to make of this guy. He looks at times like a football pitch is the last place he should be. But then I remember Bo Anderson looked liked a plumber outside the box but boy could he finish in the box.