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  1. Teams can beat us simply by parking the bus. It's a fucking joke.
  2. Did they not give us a reduced allocation today? If so surely we must do the same?
  3. How's it work with ticketing I presume we will be giving them a reduced allocation?
  4. The league has gone. Dropping ridiculous points to St Johnstone at home and that defeat to Kilmarnock has killed any challenge we may have had. Last night was last chance imo. Cup or nothing.
  5. Game being shown at ten past ten. https://www.rangersnews.uk/news/Rangers-kilmarnock-scottish-cup-replay-will-be-shown-on-tv-tonight/
  6. Can't really disagree with the Birmingham support tbh. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/laughable-birmingham-city-fans-react-15850801
  7. Superb. https://mobile.twitter.com/ALKASSIntlCup/status/1096464761116602370?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet
  8. This journalist wouldn't last five minutes up here. https://mobile.twitter.com/davidjaca/status/1096165357595869184
  9. Nottingham Forest should 'tell Rangers where to go' if they do try to sign Joe Worrall: Reds legend 'fed up with the club selling our best players' If Rangers do try to buy defender Joe Worrall in the summer, Nottingham Forest “should tell them where to go”. The centre-back is on a season-long loan with the Scottish club and has been speaking about his future, saying: “If they want to buy me for £30m in the summer, fantastic! If not, I’ll be happy to go back to Forest.”But European Cup winner Kenny Burns says the Reds should not even contemplate letting Worrall leave the City Ground.“I’m fed up with the club selling our best players,” Burns said. “We’ve done it too often in the past, with the likes of Jamaal Lascelles, Karl Darlow, Michael Dawson, Britt Assombalonga. “We’ve sold plenty of our best players in the past, I’d like to see us keep Worrall.“I’ve said all along, Joe Worrall is a future Nottingham Forest captain.“If Rangers do want to buy him in the summer, I’d be telling them where to go. I’d have him back at the club in a heartbeat.”Worrall has made 22 appearances for Steven Gerrard’s side so far this season, including featuring in the Europa League and against old foes celtic.And Burns believes the experience will have done him good, preparing him for the challenge of trying to fight for his place back at Forest. “He’ll have learnt a lot being on loan at Rangers, but I’d like to see him back and playing for Forest next season,” said the ex-defender.“I think he’ll be able to learn a lot from Michael Dawson, with all the experience he has got.“Rangers are a big club. The standard of football isn’t the best in Scotland, but it is still a big club and Worrall will be better for the experience. He’ll be playing alongside good players, and against good players whenever Rangers face celtic. He’ll know how much those games mean to people up there.“Playing a bit of European football will have helped him too.“Hopefully he will come back to Forest a better player.” https://www.nottinghampost.com/sport/football/football-news/nottingham-forest-should-tell-Rangers-2531591
  10. I can't hate Aberdeen. They are literally to irrelevant to hate. A nothing club clinging onto a few cups won in the 80's by an ex Ranger. They are not and never will be seen as rivals. I had a peek at their forum once out of curiosity and the thread about us the largest thread on the site predictably. They live eat sleep and breathe us,in some ways more than seperate entity FC. Quite sad really.
  11. I live in Stirling and was given a complimentary ticket for the match there the day we lost one nil. In the Albion stand. Absolute scum support spent the whole match screaming sectarian abuse at McCoist and sevcoing. Some were going apoplectic because the Albion programme listed our history. And of course remember that ridiculous banner at our 140 year celebration when we had the misfortune to be playing them. A nothing club that could do with being dissolved and a support if you can call a couple of hundred a support to match.
  12. Glen's tweet about our glorious history seems to have got the filth into a right lather judging by the replies, worth signing the lad for that alone 😂
  13. When will we learn. We shouldn't be helping fuck all in this country. Including Cowden "you are not the same Rangers Whyte defending arsehole Findlay" beath who attempted to blame us for the game being called off at that joke ground first time around. Sometimes I despair at my club.
  14. Six points behind. Anyone thinking st Johnstone will take points off the filth at the Stad de Gadd are deluded. And I have no prob with Jones doing his job. I have a prob with his over the top celebration. If he loves Kilmarnock and that tosspot support with a joke pitch he should stay there. Bitter? Better fucking believe it with anyone who sucks up to those fuckers.
  15. Agree to differ. His goal effectively handed them number eight. Yes I get all that professionalism blah blah but running to Steve Clark and all that fist pumping pish...get that to fuck. And ironic thing is he'll be a bit part player for us at best.
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