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  1. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I thought they had 200 million in the bank??
  2. Clyde Superscoreboard

    Gordon Duncan i think mate. Supposed to be a murderwell fan but comes across as if he has wet dreams about Saint Brenda and Savco. Whenever a tarrier called in with the new club drivel i noticed he sighed and said pish like i'll be getting tweets now complaining. Well Gordon its quite simple. Whenever they spout the pish say you are wrong i checked the spfl and uefa websites. Instead they are allowed to spout the lies unchallenged. DJ just sighs and of course says fuck all. Best thing to do with this tarrier love in is give it a wide berth. Once we beat Savco or win a major trophy again i may tune in for comedy value.
  3. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    If we put any kind of pressure on Savco I think you'll see Saint Brenda starting to crack big style. He's had an easy time of it up here with the tarrier media hanging on his every word like he's just made a blind man see or cured cancer.
  4. Is Arsene Wenger insane?

    If Darth Vador married Arsene Wenger he'd be Arsene Vador. Old ones are the best.
  5. Mental Referee

    Worse than the incident with Gaza.
  6. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They use this poor kid like a modern day Elephant Man social services should be getting involved in this.
  7. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Repair bill for the piggery. I was there Clint Hill game and was shocked at state of the cowp. Looking up at the roof all i saw was rust and whole place just seemed run down. Think i read someone on here saying it was built cheap with a short shelf life from what i saw that is spot on.
  8. Delusional sheep

    Must have been on that Skull Splitter beer i used to drink in Inverness when i stayed up that way. Barcelona ffs. Psychotic.
  9. Clyde Superscoreboard

    I used to enjoy this way back in the day but stopped listening to it shortly after our troubles due to the obsessed and unchallenged tripe about our club. Gave it another go recently but quit again because of the amount of Savconians talking about us and "Rangers died" and "new club" drivel that again went completely unchallanged even when the likes of that useless bastard Derek Johnstone was on it. I was actually on the point of calling it one night asking that tarrier who hosts it to log onto the SPFL website and tell me the founding date of Rangers football club,actually had phone in hand. Thought this was ridiculous hung it up and just stopped listening to it again. No self respecting Ger should listen to this shite even the so called Rangers men on it i.e Johnstone Rae and Dalzeil seem hand picked to sit and say fuck all when tarriers call in spouting pish. Give it a wide berth.
  10. Rangers Scotsman Forums

    Every online forum,comment section or FB football page Rangers related story are infested with rabid bheasts. It is remarkable,all the more so when you consider the time period this has gone on (over five years) and also the fact they claim we don't exist. I used to enjoy reading football forums and such like Rangers related but don't even bother now. And i admire those fellow Gers who try under impossible conditions to hold an online conversation with fellow Rangers fans about our club. Heaven knows what fans of clubs outwith this wee backwater make of it when they happen to read a story regarding Rangers. As many no doubt will for example when the story perhaps pertains to one of their clubs players. If there's a story in the Kandahar local times about Rangers printed in Dari you can 100% guaranteed it will be completely infested with Savco "fans". As i say quite remarkable.
  11. Alfredo Morelos

    Strange how he's the top scorer in the division yet gets ""has to do more" comments from the mhedia here while the world sensation at the knewcamp currently being whored around by his club like a scud mag at the school gym is thrust into the mega millions bracket. Weird wee country.
  12. Scummy Evening Times

    Not just Evening Times. Scottish Sun have been printing negative stories about our club for months now and were the main platform for that nutjob who made that fiction "movie", even printing the old death threats card even though he provided absolutely nothing to back the claims up and police scotland knew nothing about it. It gets boring repeating it but when your club accepts all this does nothing and challenges nothing i am afraid this is what you get. They know nothing will be done by our bridge builders so can print with impunity. Which is what they do.
  13. We don't need convinced. We all know this. Add to that UEFA ASA ECA LNS and everyone else who matters..ffs even my wee red book says it. Point is you will note neither of the two gutter rags running with this tripe state btw it is actually incorrect. It's the same club. Preferring to give the impression it's correct. And seeing as this is what the daily jacobite states on it's so called Rangers page one has to wonder why not. "Rangers play in the Scottish Premiership. The club has claimed a host of trophies, including a world record 54 league titles and appeared in four European finals, winning the Cup Winners' Cup in 1972." Imo it's an attack on our club and our club brand. Yet we laugh about it.
  14. It's for this reason that i'm not one of these folk who can just laugh or shrug this kind of thing off. Once again our club is being basically derided and the fact it is being shown in another member clubs stadium should not be ignored. How long will our club sit idly by while this sort of nonsense keeps happening? ASA complaints (and appeals) adverts in newspapers,meetings sought with SFA officials,slanderous (imo) and possibly damaging to the club "movies",where exactly will this end? Does anyone genuinely believe our continued silence on this never ending attack does any good? Can you imagine if this was reversed? I have never in over 40 years watching football ever came across anything like this. I just don't think (and i'll take the flak from those a bit more light hearted who can shrug and laugh it off) that remaining stoomph help matters. The fact it is that club in particular with it's truly sordid history makes it a hundred times worse.
  15. Welcome to Rangers...

    And a large Roman like mosaic of King William outside our main entrance.