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  1. If it means the filth not being handed a title* they never won I would forgo European football next season. Only speaking for myself of course.
  2. Can't for the life of me understand why this taig troll hasn't been banned yet.
  3. Ditto. No point in carrying on when one club holds such sway over the rest. Game would be up for me. And I'd make my feelings and reasons known to the club. As well as urging them to demand inclusion of the war titles. Which we actually won.
  4. For the life of me I can't see any other decision other than scrapping it and starting afresh. If they handed the filth a "title" they haven't actually won then it follows they MUST relegate Hearts. This drivel about proclaiming the filth champions but not relegating Hearts is utterly nonsensical. And I am no lover of Hearts but that would be outrageous. And it carries on down the league's. They can't promote scumdee and Inverness but say to Dundee (or whoever is third I don't pay much attention to the lower league's) the two clubs above you benefit but you get fuck all. And do we relegate bottom of the second into the equivalent of junior football thereby probably condemning that club for eternity even though theoretically they may have escaped that fate? Be under no illusions,if our bheast controlled governing body do not void the season it will be to benefit one club and one club only. And our club (and I suspect Hearts) must fight it tooth and nail. It should also be impressed on our club that if they insist on handing the filth a "title" they have not actually won then it should be with the provision that ALL our war titles are immediately entered into the record books and accepted as legitimate title wins. We did after all WIN them. Let's see what the bheasts would say then. And don't give me that tiresome "it's not the Rangers way" utter shite. These fuckers must be confronted head on applying the same twisted rules they do. However,and trying to return to reality,the only obvious and FAIR outcome during this terrible time is to announce this entire season voided and wiped and we start again from fresh when the world returns to normal. Btw did anyone hear Spew Heevins the other night begging for the SC to be completed so the filth can be the first club to win four consecutive SC's? We have to realise what we are up against in this cess pit and fight back in the same manner.
  5. Why exactly do you join Rangers forums? You are the poorest excuse of a Rangers fan I've ever encountered. Are you seriously saying,after everything that was done to OUR club (if it really is yer club) that we should not take pleasure in the very thing happening to them that they wished for us? FFS they hated us so much they even admitted they'd rather see their own clubs go bust than see us survive. Well maybe they are about to get their wish, unfortunately for them though we are very much alive. This was the heading for the latest sevco "blog" I had the misfortune to notice. SEVCO IS THE SICK MAN OF SCOTTISH FOOTBALL. THEY ARE IN LETHAL TROUBLE IF THIS CRISIS GOES ON AND ON. You are aren't you..you are seriously suggesting we should feel sorrow and sympathy for these fuckers. Go join a sevco forum FFS because you have lost the plot here entirely. And for the record and at risk of repeating myself I want ALL those clubs to die,and if they survive to suffer hardship. Demotion. Ground loss. Newco route. Anything that causes them pain. The more the better.
  6. I don't think it is that logical tbh. I struggle to see where gloating over people at one football club losing their jobs is logical. Give it a fucking rest. Few if any here give a flying toss if another top flight club goes bust here and folk lose jobs. And I also include several lower League clubs in that. In the same way none of the few hundred fans who "support" these tin pot clubs gave a fuck about folk employed by our club. If you are so worried about them I suggest you go join any one of the innumerable forums they have,all of whom will have a dedicated (and probably biggest ) thread about "sevco" where I'm sure you'll find them utterly in bits and worried sick about employees of Rangers Football Club. You are becoming an utter predictable bore.
  7. Cry me a fucking river. I'm in tears of grief here. Well actually no. I'm not. People acted like cunts eight years ago? If we were in this same position now these cunts would be revelling in it. Not interested in yer Dude of Nazareth turn the other cheek and forgive ones enemies pish. They wanted my club dead and gone. They still do. To the point of pretending that it is. They did not then and do not now give one fuck about anyone employed by my club,nor the charities who benefit from it. Only thing weird is your continual hand wringing. It's not noble. It's utterly pathetic. Dear Aberdeen. Die. Soon.
  8. Anyway,let's get this thread back on track. Fingers crossed Aberdeen go tits up and everyone from ball boys to tea lady's,burger tossers to cleaners,players kit men and all and sundry,need to seek employment elsewhere...and the few thousand pitiful supporters start following Buckie Thistle or fuck off entirely. It will be glorious.
  9. To be perfectly honest I don't give a flying fuck if people employed at other Scottish clubs, particularly top flight clubs,lose their jobs. Much in the same way that fans of those clubs,who actively wanted my club expunged entirely,were giving a fuck about the many folk employed by my club in 2012. If Aberdeen,a tin pot club,or a Kilmarnock,or any of the others go tits up and people lose jobs not a fuck shall I give. Indeed I'll take pleasure from it,it shall fill my inner feeling with a warm sense of satisfaction.
  10. I was under the impression he did take a pay cut along with most of the others? Still doesn't change the fact he's a rat bastard.
  11. Some of the hand wringing comments on this thread are hilarious. Personally I couldn't give a fuck if everyone and anyone associated with Hearts (who died in 1905 anyway so not like it's never happened before) lost their jobs. Fuck them. Would like nothing better than to see them fold and the rat bastard Naismith flung on the scrapheap. Pretty much same goes for every other club in this rancid shithole. My local club Stirling Albion are struggling badly,and after attending a match there as a guest in the "home" stand when we had the misfortune to play in that tin pot little ground and hearing 90 minutes of "sevco" and McCoist being an orange bastard hopefully they go under soon as possible. In short,I wouldn't give a flying fuck for any club in Scotland,from ball boy to chairman,and certainly not any supporter,the vast majority of whom all took great delight in what happened to us. Die. The sooner the better.
  12. Frustrating to fuck because both Hagi and Kamberi should have started imo
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