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  1. As Rowan would say,this poll is a cunning plan to weed out the tarriers hiding among our midst...
  2. Obviously the dementia was kicking in earlier than first thought. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/billy-mcneill-big-decisions-always-go-against-celtic-1-474397
  3. Hopefully once we cuff the tarriers at Ibrox Gerrard instructs every player to go and celebrate in their wee corner. A precedent has been set.
  4. He was a gibbering idiot. https://www.scotsman.com/sport/football/billy-mcneill-big-decisions-always-go-against-celtic-1-474397
  5. Boo.. was enjoying that. Fair brightened up a dull Saturday morning.
  6. It's not his team though. I presume he supports the celtic McNeil played for. They died some time ago. Team playing today are Pacific Shelf/HMS 402/Seperate Entity FC.
  7. Ahh dunno. I find obsessed tarrier mutants quite entertaining tbh. Deep down they know they are an underclass both socially and in a sporting and moral sense. And boy does it manifest itself big time. Like this mutant here.
  8. Because he's an obsessed filthy child abusing apologist with a chasm of an inferiority complex?
  9. And not only will you STILL be Scotland's second most successful club but you'll still be responsible for the biggest sporting scandal in world football history.
  10. Point scoring? Refusing to applaud a man who was complicit in covering up the abuse of children is not point scoring. It's showing the correct level of contempt for such an individual. Just out of curiosity did seperate entity FC hold a minutes applause for Sandy Jardine? A man who had no such stain on his character.
  11. Even in a youth cup final we can't escape this fucking tarrier love in.
  12. "Your secrets safe with me" and it sure was safe. Knew how to keep a secret did Billy.
  13. "it was an open secret". Count me out of the McNeil love in the man was as culpable as Stein and the others. Add to that his demented claims about a conspiracy against seperate entity FC. The mhedia is going to be vomit inducing for the foreseeable future.
  14. Teams can beat us simply by parking the bus. It's a fucking joke.
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