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  1. Windass

    Many thanks. First time ive laughed all day haha.
  2. Referee today

    Ref was absolutely shocking but he did not lose us this match. Windass playing pass back with the motherwell keeper did more damage than the ref.
  3. New Manager... Who?

    I'm not even thinking about Savco. But are you honestly saying any half decent manager would not have us second in the pish league and beating teams like Motherwell in semi finals?
  4. New Manager... Who?

    Or Windass having guilt edged chances but seemingly has a square foot meaning he can only shoot in a straight line towards the goalkeeper and not either side of him. In saying that Pedro picks him consistently.
  5. New Manager... Who?

    McLeish in now until end of season then take it from there.
  6. Someone please justify his position

    Even if he obviously is one.
  7. Someone please justify his position

    Speechless tbh.
  8. Someone please justify his position

    My suggestion is bring in McLeish for the remainder of the season. Pedro should be sacked this evening. We are only prolonging the inevitable by not doing what other clubs have done and it only hurts the most important thing the club.
  9. While you are here Dave

    For me when I sit back and take stock this is the most alarming thing. I'm honestly at the stage where not only am I used to this I also am starting to not care.
  10. Someone please justify his position

    I've been consistent on this for a long time. He should have went after Luxembourg and we will win nothing under this imposter. Really don't know what it's going to take for some fans to wake up.
  11. Someone please justify his position

    So what do you suggest.
  12. Scumdee hibs

    A nothing irrelevant wee club that exist only to suck liewells greasey sack. Hopefully will be gone soon or confined to junior fitbaw where they can get humped from tayport.
  13. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    Specially after an humiliating defeat.
  14. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    Your attempt to defend "broony" and "lenny"s pal is admirable but to attempt to do it at the expense of Rangers greatest ever Ger is sadly misplaced. Grieg will always be held in the highest esteem by all connected with Rangers Football Club. Mcashaloist to me is just a guy who bled the club and cozies up to tarriers.
  15. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    Greig won 2 SC's and 2LC's and got to the QF of the EC beating Juventus and also became the first side to win away in Euro competition at the home of PSV. He was a poor manager by Rangers standards but nowhere near the shipwreck that was McCoist who with a decent squad got hoofed from Europe twice to pub sides and lost to Falkirk in the LC. Never mind the shite that was to follow afterwards.