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  1. It is indeed. My link went down though,where are you watching Fylde Ladies v Huddersfield Town Ladies mate?
  2. Same team and formation will emerge for the second half,same shite will result,he'll make a nothing sub at the 75/80 min mark,and we trudge to a narrow win or a draw. Or worse. I have backed Gerrard but i am starting to think he is seriously out his depth,as well as stubborn. Lennon saw it was not working earlier today and changed it. He also has went two up top and reaped the rewards. It's just the same old same old with Gerrard.
  3. Actually wouldn't surprise me if we win this comfortably along with most of our other matches now that the league is done and the pressure off. And who knows we might even be refd to the same standards as every other club now.
  4. Hartson the Sontaran is actually worse than Mutton. And that takes some amount of doing. I can't think of any of our former players now "pundits" who are anything like Mutton or Field Major Styre.
  5. If Goldson had a leg amputated he'd still be first choice centre back.
  6. I'll need to find out if my local can get the brand of real ale you are drinking. It seems to be quality fecking kit.
  7. The difference watching Aberdeen playing the filth compared to playing us is actually quite staggering. For a start the ground looks half empty,zero atmosphere from the home crowd,compared to against us when it's poisonous,and they are screaming at every challenge. It would be laughable if it wasn't so fucking tragic tbh. Although the sheep are by no means the only club guilty of it.
  8. The sheep will be battered and roll over to have their tummy tickled by the filth. But even hypothetically if they by a miracle get anything we are not capable of winning this league. I actually thought it was over after Hearts when we lost the advantage of the game in hand. The filth smelt blood and have simply blown everyone away since then. Which will continue.
  9. Our own manager won't call out referees. He was asked in his press conference about the handball,Morelos goal,and he said it would be clutching at straws. Somehow i cant quite see Lennon or McInnes going down that route. If the laws are applied the first goal is ruled out,Morelos goal stands and Dicker is sent off. But this is clutching at straws.
  10. I don't think sacking him tonight is a sensible decision but it should certainly be a topic. The league is done,we lost the cup final,and his record against shite like Kilmarnock and Aberdeen is ridiculous. Of course sacking him should be a topic. And if we end the season trophyless, as I suspect we will,again,after the backing he's had absolutely it should be a topic.
  11. If we were fucking shite teams like this aside the referee would be an irrelevance.
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