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  1. No doubt he will return fit, healthy and on form. It always happens when players leave us.
  2. If you PM the poster Dan Deacon mate. Dan runs corporate hospitality packages across Europe for a variety of events and experiences. Now would be a good time to contact him as he was back home running a corporate day at Heriot Watt Uni just yesterday.
  3. Cunt couldn't lace gorams boots
  4. Listened to him on talk sport n thought he spoke really well 👏👏👏
  5. He made a cunt of that
  6. The wonderful world of being a low handicapper mate
  7. Hope it is true and Barry is coming in. He will have my 100% support. Hope he goes on to prove a lot of people wrong.
  8. Like waghorn but for the right price there are better players out there.
  9. Again I never said it was his highlight. I'm pointing out two facts: 1) winning a league cup in England isn't fuck all, it's a major achievement especially with a Birmingham. 2) in some managerial careers a cup win is their highlight, like a harry redknapp winning an fa cup with Portsmouth
  10. I never said different did I. I was pointing out that a major cup win isn't fuck all and in some managerial careers is often the one off highlight.
  11. Well it's hardly fuck all is it??
  12. Na, just won a league cup with a pretty average Birmingham side
  13. Gary Glitter on the line up too??
  14. Little to nothing to back it up. 😂 Ive offered plenty it's just you have a different view and opinion. I fully believe Ferguson would be a success in the position. Pedro wants a local assistant, a person by his side who knows the club and football in this country (uk), understands the values of the club, will carry respect with players and club officials. He ticks those boxes no matter your opinions. He is the best and most decorated home grown talent we have had in past 20 years. The experience he has in the club and football both domestically and internationally is something we should tap into. He has played under advocatt, smith, Mcleish, souness etc, so must have learnt a lot from these managers and their backroom teams too. But na he is a wee trouble making, good for nothing Ned.
  15. My opinion stands, the only real choice for me. Couldnt care about a journalists views are, it's poor to only consider the negatives in a person to rule people out. The guy could prove to a credit for us but people aren't willing to give him the chance. Yet no doubt these people will be first to chant his names when times are good.