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  1. Fucking hell, game 1 n you want them laying on the hospitality n alcohol already!!!
  2. Norwich don't hold all the cards, they can dictate the price but cannot force a player to put pen to paper. Dorrans or any player for that matter can just refuse to talk to any other club even if a fee is agreed.
  3. It's needing backed up with a few law suits for printing lies as well. Show them we mean war.
  4. This post would give you a sore head
  5. The orange isn't orange enough
  6. I understand that all championship clubs can piss on us for transfers n wages etc. If a player chooses to sit tight they can do nothing. Im not saying Dorrans will do that, I'm generalising about footballers and they have that power. Dorrans might just choose to force the club, he may do a Scott Allan but ultimately it's his choice not his clubs.
  7. It's not that romantic a notion. Player power rules football now and clubs know it, Clubs don't want unsettled players as they cost the wage and are disruptive. Seen it a few times when I was involved with football, clubs are happy to get shot rather than the ongoing impact internally. Also meant to be that Dorrans wants to play for us and his wife wants to come home. If it's the wife running the show then Norwich dont really have much hope of punting him elsewhere.
  8. You are spot on. The only thing in our favour would be Dorrans to actually say rangers or I'll sit tight. That forces the clubs hand.
  9. At 3 million there a better players out there
  10. Hullo Hullo We Are The Billy Boys.......
  11. How many did Dorrans get?
  12. 🖕
  13. Does anyone know the line up?
  14. Jamie Walker playing as A Trialist
  15. Cunt better no be injured