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  1. We had the better brother n let him go for fuck all
  2. Aye you look at the others outside of us and the taigs, they have dipped into paying better wages and always seem to struggle for it, Motherwell, Dundee, Hearts etc
  3. It has been for a long time
  4. Aye my uncles a season ticket holder and said he would love it to happen but already was saying he can't see it happening due to wages.
  5. My uncle was saying last night night that the chat on Kilmarnock is that is Jig gets the job he wants to try to get Forrester to go back along with Kiernan and Halliday. Can see wages being a big issue. Prob just a pipe dream.
  6. They will be loving Petrov doing his UEFA licence in Northern Ireland clobber 😂😂
  7. I'd let her shite on my chest
  8. Big mans fucking wrecking the dressing room right now then outside for anyone that wants a scrap.
  9. Ha they are all ganging up on the big black boy. Racist arabs.
  10. Hope templeton rips them apart
  11. I fucking hate Man Utd
  12. I'd sell for £1m plus
  13. Cunt, was going to suggest Nile Ranger...............Not anymore
  14. There was a whole team of them at ibrox in the last old firm game who were so far out their depth they drowned.
  15. What putter you got cushy? Is it up next?