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  1. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    I actually had a look at the Taylormade putters. Everybody seems to be using them when watch the pros too. Im a traditional auld fucker though, take a lot to change me ??
  2. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Ordered this mate. Use the older original for years now just upgrading. £60 off price too. Down from £170 to £110.
  3. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Just ordered a new putter. Well same putter, newer model. Putting is my biggest strength so just updating the wee beauty ?
  4. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    Like gorams?
  5. Wallace out for Saturday

    3-5-2 for me Cardoso Alves Wilson Tav Rossiter Jack Candieas Dorrans Morelos Herrera
  6. Pedro was in hospital yesterday

    So much for patient confidentiality
  7. The Boxing News Thread

    That's why boxing is a joke
  8. The Boxing News Thread

    A draw is a joke
  9. The Boxing News Thread

    Fucking bullshit
  10. The Boxing News Thread

    GGG wins unanimous
  11. The Boxing News Thread

    GGG wins unless ko now
  12. The Boxing News Thread

    I'd say if goes 12 rounds ggg wins
  13. The Boxing News Thread

    They are both great fighters
  14. The Boxing News Thread

    I'd have it now at 5-3 ggg
  15. The Boxing News Thread