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  1. Long term yes. Sometimes you need to be drastic. This can’t continue against the club so a stand has to be taken.
  2. Those would be the that would make the most impact mate. I know it’s radical but these cunts are corrupt to the core. Can you imagine the coverage and impact a national final would get with no away fans from one team.
  3. I can assure you that clubs depend on the 3 firm games and it’s jackpot of you get the 4th one.
  4. Yes by budgeting very tightly. Why do you think St Johnstone are offering 3 stands. They need and want the money. Give them fuck all.
  5. As stated it’ll hurt every club and show the SFA that we are serious that it cannot continue. The other clubs need us more than we need them.
  6. It would. All clubs rely on the large away suppprt. Go on the attack.
  7. There is a high level of double standards against our club. Halliday gets a ban for a gesture in the middle of the part that “Could have incited a riot” against Falkirk. Griffiths ties a scarf to our goalpost, wipes his nose on corner flag- banter. Morelos banned for gesture at Motherwell, no action taken against brown or lennon. Investigation against Tom boyd still ongoing I assume? Even now, Christie dealt with within days, We get cited 19 days after the game and hours before our next game- premeditated to disrupt. The club should refuse all away tickets until trusted fairly and on a level playing field.
  8. Wednesday 22nd Jan Ibrox Stadium 7:45pm Back to league duty. 3 points are a must, Mcgregor Patterson Goldson Katic Barisic Jack Davis Kamara Aribo Defoe Kent 3-0 Rangers Defoe, Kent x 2
  9. I would support the Board going to the SFA and saying until this agenda against our club stops we refuse all away tickets at all grounds. Stop the witch hunt dead.
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