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  1. Would be delighted to give Dundee couple of loan players, Hardie etc to boost their squad and keep Utd down again.
  2. Just arrived in Turkey. This news makes me very happy!! Get it up you ya manky Dundee cunts!!!
  3. Give him a chance to show what he can do. Welcome to the greatest club in the world, prove you’re worth it.
  4. My partner and I had second best scratch score today at Lanark and a nice wee £30 voucher each. Not too bad a day apart from the pissing rain.
  5. Army cup at Lanark tomorrow, looking forward to it. My partner is a Scottish internationalist so he better fucking carry me all day.
  6. We have far worse players than Ryan Jack. He will be valuable squad player going forward.
  7. I’d say the odds on him staying are going are 50/50
  8. Aye she’s a bit of stuff. Bet she’s getting ploughed off the players.
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