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  1. From where I was sitting it looked like it read: "Shaft me again Dave, Harder this time. Season Ticket renewals are coming"
  2. Bullshite
  3. The earliest Pedro can be judged is Christmas time. Let him have a transfer window and an opportunity to develop his own squad. He is making the best of a pish situation right now. Tactically he was wrong today but will learn from it, but you can't fault the personnel on him.
  4. I think I'd go for: Wes Hodson Hill Wilson Wallace (if fit) Tav Toral Hyndman Windass Dodoo Miller
  5. How can we improve on today then; Personnel? Tactics? Both more than likely. Anyone know if Hill, Wallace, Forrester could be fit to play? After today Pedro can have no issues with making big changes to the team. What is clear is Halliday and Waghorn to mention a couple can't start.
  6. You're
  7. I hope real fuck them. Cant stand Barcelona, shower of cunts.
  8. From the squad I hope that we let the following go: Back to clubs: Hyndman and Toral, think Toral may be worth keeping if could be arranged. Get Rid: Hill, Kiernan, Halliday, Waghorn, Holt, Senderos, Hodson, Kranjcar and MOH Give a pre season to see if they fit: Windass, Crooks, Garner, Forrester, Rossiter Keep: Wes, Alnwick (assume he is ok), Wilson, Tav, Wallace, Miller, McKay and Dodoo
  9. I think during the summer we need to bring in quality and lots of it, but it needs to be players with fight, dig and a steely personality not this poofy ball playing pish. Fully expect Pedro to use his contacts to bring in 2/3 quality loan players too from the likes of Man Utd and Hull City due to his friendship with their gaffers as well. We need at least 6-8 new players and some current ones to up their game.
  10. I hope Pedro has the balls to make changes for next week and many of them. Alnwick Hodson Hill Wilson Wallace Tav Toral Forrester McKay Windass Miller
  11. Guys like MOH and Forrester must be fucking rotten in training if they can't get near the team.
  12. And people laughed at broadfoot being linked with us. Id love Kirk playing just now. At least he had some heart.
  13. I'd like to see the new keeper get some game time to see what he is like.
  14. One of 13 on show so far
  15. No doubt we have missed Hill n Wallace but our team have been so embarrassing and lacking any sort of fight that it worries me hugely for next season. No midfielder up for a battle. You could argue we need an entire new team.