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  1. Fuck me, this would be horrific for the game at all levels.
  2. According to the SLO to get more folk into the louden
  3. What’s this about the tims getting additional tickets?
  4. Mcgregor Tav Goldson Helander Barisic Jack Kamara Aribo Stewart Morelos Kent 4-0 Rangers, these games you need to score goals and add to the GD.
  5. Fitting on Friday night with Ping. I’ve been toying with the idea of taking the 3 wood out and going to two strong hybrids. After seeing the numbers on trackman I went for it. Spin away down in the 2000s, impact position very consistent and in general just felt great. Went for Ping G410- 17 degree, at impact striking 13.8 degrees. 19 degree turned down a degree to 20, at impact striking 17.6. Fitted with Tensei CK PRO Blue 80 Stiff Shafts and fitted with CP2 wrap grips.
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