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  1. I'll have a wee look. To be honest far too much choice out there.
  2. Imagine the meltdown if Rangers raised this agenda and asked for titles to be recognised.
  3. Love the look of these bats. I have played with Mizuno irons since I was 20 and they are amazing to hit. These wee beauties have caught my eye.
  4. I've never really though about it, its every club at a 7 iron isn't it? Maybe give them a bash.
  5. Quite like the kittocks. I remember there is a hole that swings right to left from an elevated tee and I hit a drive 380 odd yards because the ground was solid, it just kept running. Was walking about like the man after it............................................Still only made par, ha.
  6. That is decent, play that steady and make a few putts and you will be hard to beat. I am currently sitting looking at new irons.
  7. I think its a must tonight. It could be critically acclaimed comedy gold
  8. Hope they get pumped tonight too. That would be a nice Wednesday.
  9. 6pm tonight, feet up, beer in hand, phone in on ready to pish myself into the bargain!!!!!
  10. Fairly steady though mate 👍
  11. Right you, less of your cheek
  12. How many under par?
  13. So you out hitting balls every day this week then?
  14. Well said Frank ya cunt