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  1. Douglas Park

    We will soon see won’t we. I know what I’ve been told. Time will tell.
  2. Douglas Park

    Maybe it’s Park calling the shots on new manager? Everyone is putting king to it because of link with Liverpool and Gerrard.
  3. Douglas Park

    Well it was from a very trustworthy source and said it’s in the pipeline. Dont know much about Parks son but it might bring a fresh outlook to the club and potential avenues of investment etc.
  4. Douglas Park

    Heard tonight from a source close to the club two things: 1) Douglas Park is taking over the ownership and running of the club. King may not be around for much longer. 2) When asked about who the new manager is to be the response was that the club know and it’s an appointment that nobody would see coming. Makes me think Gerrard is the one coming in. Not going to start saying who it came from as not worth the hassle at my end, but it’s someone I know, trust and who is well connected with the club.
  5. Foderingham

    Aye he is. He just doesn’t know it yet.
  6. Allan McGregor

    Pretty sure he will be taking a wage cut to come back
  7. Players out

    Think it’s pretty clear guys like Hardie and Thompson aren’t going to feature so they should move on too. Likely get nothing but the wages helps towards newer recruits.
  8. Rangersmedia Golf Society

  9. Steven Gerrard

    This guy
  10. Steven Gerrard

    Not really. In most people eyes we willl be seen as a great project, huge club, opportunity to develop something and the major carrot being if you do a good job you’ll be held in high acclaim. Yes it’s a gamble but there are positives attached to taking the risk.
  11. Steven Gerrard

    I wouldn’t be surprised though if Klopp is guiding him and telling him to go out and gain experience at a higher level. It would be more of a risk to go from under 18s to first team and right now we probably are seen as a stepping stone.
  12. Steven Gerrard

    I’d hope it would be in his contract tbh mate
  13. Steven Gerrard

    For Gerrard it’s a no brainier. Chance to cut his teeth in management, if it works he is a hero if it doesn’t he will say it’s a learning curve and knows he can go back to Liverpool. For is it’s all gamble. Who will he bring with him? Carragher could probably get a game if he done pre season 😂😂😂
  14. Steven Gerrard

    The only benefit I can see in this is gerrards name and contacts in terms of attracting players. The rest is a huge gamble.
  15. Foderingham

    Best for all parties. Wish him well for the future.