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  1. Well played sir 👏👏👏👏
  2. Can he play winger?
  3. Realistically on current pre season form, it would be a good season to finish second, win a cup or if not take out the manky rhats to stop another treble. Additionally, I would say we have to win at least 1 old firm derby.
  4. Not at club level no, but at international level he has been outstanding. He will do a good job for Hearts. I would have taken him over Waghorn all day long.
  5. Id guess Holt will be going too
  6. Aye, some upturn in form. He looks like a man possessed today.
  7. McIroy just ripping a 3 wood over 400 yards
  8. I use bet 365
  9. I reckon lafferty will be a great signing for hearts. No doubt score against us.
  10. Hope their team get leathered as well
  11. Get that sent to UEFA
  12. Wes Cardoso Alves Wilson Tav Pena Jack Dorrans Wallace Miller Herrera
  13. No bad for a miss hit too!!
  14. We playing them twice??
  15. It's an infringement of kit Gaz