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  1. Always make a cunt of it before an old firm. It’s the Rangers way.
  2. An arsenal team that pundits were bigging up for today, so yes a marker.
  3. Arsenal’s set up looks like it’s going to give the Liverpool fullbacks so much space.
  4. Denial is a tough thing to deal with. Good luck.
  5. You kid yourself on they don’t drive a one way agenda. I’ll be realistic.
  6. It is poor but it is also obvious why they have done so.
  7. There are positives and negatives to that. Yes they generate an atmosphere but having read the UEFA stuff, they are monitoring heavily so the club have to act. You can be assured that next weekend the old firm game will be monitored like hell too.
  8. So we keep on signing, get fined or stadium closed or kicked out the tournament which impacts on income and available revenue as well as longer term attracting players? Not to mention if the SFA start to try and follow suit and start placing sanctions. But as long as the party atmosphere keeps on going we have nothing to worry about.
  9. Agreed but would you be happy with stadium closures or worse? Something has to give.
  10. Agreed, most fans like them because they start the atmosphere. It is obvious why the club have gone to them first though.
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