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  1. But yet the corporate slobs will be offered a seat, players can bring there second cousin on their dugs side all whilst 700 fans who have been to each game watch in the pub. Fucking sort it out rangers.
  2. 100% spot on 👍
  3. You should only be able to sign up at start of season. Also you can't blame club for lettingnieople sign up later as sells tickets but they need to communicate better with fans.
  4. Stop smoking crack with BABN
  5. Ccs loyal- Yass fuck the pope
  6. Take the money and have a sell on clause as well as first option to buy back. Even negotiate a clause for first option if going on loan.
  7. Embarrassing that a guy in Hyndman who can here in December and has played less than 10 games is being touted for a player of the year award. The boy is a great players but shows how poor we are.
  8. Ccs loyal, fuck the haters
  9. No doubt he will return fit, healthy and on form. It always happens when players leave us.
  10. If you PM the poster Dan Deacon mate. Dan runs corporate hospitality packages across Europe for a variety of events and experiences. Now would be a good time to contact him as he was back home running a corporate day at Heriot Watt Uni just yesterday.
  11. Cunt couldn't lace gorams boots
  12. Listened to him on talk sport n thought he spoke really well 👏👏👏
  13. He made a cunt of that
  14. The wonderful world of being a low handicapper mate
  15. Hope it is true and Barry is coming in. He will have my 100% support. Hope he goes on to prove a lot of people wrong.