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  1. I hope Pedro has the balls to make changes for next week and many of them. Alnwick Hodson Hill Wilson Wallace Tav Toral Forrester McKay Windass Miller
  2. Guys like MOH and Forrester must be fucking rotten in training if they can't get near the team.
  3. And people laughed at broadfoot being linked with us. Id love Kirk playing just now. At least he had some heart.
  4. I'd like to see the new keeper get some game time to see what he is like.
  5. One of 13 on show so far
  6. No doubt we have missed Hill n Wallace but our team have been so embarrassing and lacking any sort of fight that it worries me hugely for next season. No midfielder up for a battle. You could argue we need an entire new team.
  7. Game over
  8. If we are going to get beat them go out fucking fighting. So far it's been an embarrassment
  9. We have a team of poofs, shitebags and imposters
  10. I'd get hodson on for garner or waggy n push tav up Take Halliday off n get Toral on. Were never finishing with 11 players.
  11. 1-0 at ht would be a great result the way this is going
  12. Beerman is getting rip apart Hyndman is scared Halliday is shite and the front 3 are getting nothing
  13. Not a single player has turned up All fucking shitebags
  14. We have been a fucking embarrassment
  15. If that's not a photo shot then get him to fuck
  16. Think Toral will be a miss
  17. Waghorn to score 👍
  18. Since when?
  19. On route. Stay safe everyone n fuck the pope and his followers.
  20. 19/5 ya fuckers
  21. Not bad, would think for a scramble though it would be slightly short. Only ever won 1 Texas scramble n we had to birdie 16 out of 18 holes to do it 😂😂😂
  22. If you're being that critical the first chance he should have scored 100%. The second was a great save, waghorn did everything right and was unlucky.
  23. That's the wonder of opinions. We all have them but don't need to agree with others.
  24. Not at all, many strikers out there who have had good careers by being the link man. They maybe don't score as many but their contribution to the team is vital. A tim I work with actually commented during the week that he felt waghorn was our best player at parkhead in 1-1 game and that celtics defence were struggling to cope with his strength, direct runs with the ball and willingness to track back.
  25. Not worked up just making my points. Its why we come to a forum.