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  1. Agreed. He’s worth a look at at least in training.
  2. He’s an absolute baller
  3. Halliday is playing the “Its my baw rule” today
  4. Halliday timing of a jump is horrific. He’s out his depth.
  5. I was going to just suggest the same. I’d imagine that a left back will be our priority.
  6. Even if they go through, it’s still a negative. Extra time that isn’t needed before European game, more pressure on Lennon and the players.
  7. The flood gates have opened. Their admission of liability should see sanctions brought too.
  8. Wes Polster Edmundson Helander Barisic Docherty Kamara King Stewart Defoe Barker
  9. Really decent player and will bring a level of professionalism and experience to the dressing room that can only help raise standards.
  10. It should be a priority area but will depend on Barisic and how much you can get for him. In Scotland you could get away with Flanagan or Halliday in most games but we do need better. Left back and Kent and we are on the right track.
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