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  1. Goss

    You could say the same for every player on the park. Not up to standard, but no point. The league is over. There will be no winning the cup. The manager and the players are what they are. You want change, change the board. Until that happens, nothing changes, no matter how often we berate players or managers.
  2. Board Out

    Murty or no Murty and he aint the man, if anyone believes that this squad can win any title with another manager, they are deluded and there won't be any cup winning with them either. Overall we have better players, but they remain not good enough in abilty and mentality. If you cannot win your home games, you are winning the centre of a doughnut. Some decent lads in the squad, but not good enough and just part of the problem. This squad needs rebuilt from the keeper out. The accounts and recent court events have shown we are skint. There will be no big named managers nor players of the ability to win a title. Three years of this shite should tell you that, but ffs don't have the ostriches take their heads out of the sand only to be blinded by what is blindingly obvious. This board have have their shot at the title and have failed. They may have even tried their best, but with their limited wealth and acumen, they have collectively failed. Managers and players share the blame, but the responsibility for delivering success lies squarely on the shoulders of this board. End of.
  3. Clarke v Murty

    Em, the lemmon's record is better. To fourth place in bringing the spoonburners up from the championship on pennies. If we are tallking manager and doing taig' why would we settle for the third best piece of scum in the land?!
  4. Too many handwringers

    For sure the manager and the players share the blame for what went on today and too many other days, but sadly, the main the main reason for our failure is this board. The responsibility for delivering success to this club, lies squarely on their shoulders, no matter how many managers or players we go through. We have Murty and the quality of player we have in NOT being able to challenge simply because we neither have the wealth or acumen to do so. Look at recent boardroom events, we are skint. Whilst players in general are overall better than before, they and the manager remain simply not of the desired quality to win a title and so it will remain as long as this board remain. The buck stops with them, end of. There will be no change in our fortunes until this board are changed. There is no defence of them and our continuing appeasement of them is only prolonging the agony, so nothing will change, inluding the moaning at players and managers. So keep burying the head in the sand and be happy whinging at the wrong people!
  5. Murty times up mate

    As I said in the match thread, we can lay blame at the manager and the players all we like, but they are what they are and that is many limited and some with potential. Neither this squad or the manager are taking us to any titles or the cup. Not much point in slating players or the manager any further. The season is over. It's as futile as it is pointless. Our future success rests outwith their hands. The responsibility for delivering success lies squarely on the shoulders of the board. They may have done their best with their own limited wealth and acumen, but they cannot and will not take us to titles. They have collectively failed. It will matter not who the next manager is until the prerequiste funding is available to both bring in a proven winnng manager of substance and players with the ability and winning mentality to take a title. We are currently way off that. We need to rebuild from the keeper out. Some decent guys in there, but they are all part of the problem. Very few are of the calibre needed. To get the consistency and overhaul the scum we need a step change in the quality of the squad and manager. Otherwise be prepared for more of the same for a long time to come.
  6. **Official Rangers v Killie Match Thread**

    Just back from fucking Siberia, with that performance adding to the wind chill factor. It was as an inept performance as I've seen. No point in singlng anyone out, it just wasn't there. Whilst I think these players are better overall than we had, they are what they are and they are not taking us to any titles or the cup. Today convinced me, that Murty is not the man, along with many of those players. To get where we want to be, we need to start building again, from the keeper out. Some are decent guys, but they are just part of the problem. We need a serious step change in personnel to mount any sort of a challenge. We need players of better ability and a winning mentality, that is just not there with this squad. We can blame the manager and players all we like and they do shoulder some of the blame, but the responsibility of not being able to mount a serious challenge, lies squarely with the board. They have failed us. They may have done the best they could under their own personal circumstances and limited wealth and acumen, but they are simply not the men to take us forward. There can be no more excuses made for them. It lies squarely on their shoulders to deliver titles, no matter how many managers or players we go through. The buck stops with them. Unless we can secure significant and I mean significant investment by this summer, or a more capable board in both wealth and acumen, be prepared for more of the same for a very long time to come. Is our West Ham moment now on the horizon?!
  7. Josh Windass - SPFL Player of the Month

    We all know he's got weaknesses, but getting recognition might just give him a bit more confidence he badly needs, that and some good coaching. He's never going to kill cunts, but with his lightening pace and yes he does have goal scoring ability, but our coaching staff have got to give him more to his armoury and build him up. He has also got to take the risk in doing it. Receive the ball, demand the ball, having ALREADY looked around as to what's on and make the right decision. If it's take the player on, do it with conviction, if it's laying off a pass, don't dwell on it, just do it. All fucking learning and it takes time when it's not second nature. He could become a great, but we have got to coach him and he's got to want it and take the risk at getting better and it's win win all round.
  8. Morelos

    That was a legitimate error.
  9. Morelos

    FFS, think the Morelos thread is getting as colourful as the Windass ones. At the end of the day we did miss an opportunity for a variety of reasons, but as they say, we win as a team and we lose as a team. I personally think we have improved and have better players, but the one thing the scum always seem to carry is luck and that is along with their indemic cheating that I remember back in the day. They are bad losers and victims extrordinaire, but the bastards will fight to the end by whatever means. I know it's easy to blame specific players in defeat, as you do in the disappointment, but at the end of the day we put it behnd us and move on and hope the players and the manager learn from it. Neither Morelos or Windass are bad cunts and they try in the only way they know how. Donning the blue jersey carries a mighty responsibility and can weigh heavily, particularly on the younger guys, so the nerves come into it, nobody wants to make mistake and many try too hard to get that victory goal and it can all fall to pieces, right in front of 50,000 fans baying for blood. Still early days actually for all our newer and older players to blend, but they will get there. Both Windass and Morelos have indeed got something. In Windass's case, I don't think he knows what he's got and has to take more risks and believe in himself more. For Morelos I think a tough and persistent emotional character who tries too hard, so his composure ends up going to fuck. He looks thoroughly demoralised when he misses. Looks like they need more experience and build up more belief in themselves. We just need to get that scum monkey off our back. Stand taller and the chests out and no holding us back. We go into the Kilmarnock game and we could get beat and players will get slaughtered. It's difficult to remember in defeat that we are not all that, yet, but It will come, and in the meantime, those poor bastards that have to don that famous blue jersey have got to step up every time they cross that white line. It's not easy. Both of these lads should get much better, in spite of the shite I might spout, So, it's onwards to victory!
  10. Barry Ferguson - Brenda got lucky.

    FFS that's a paragraph longer than one of my usual posts. WTF is the point he trying to make? Brenda got lucky and those who want rid of Murty, don't know what they are talking about. Sorted.
  11. Josh Windass - SPFL Player of the Month

    But a well done to the lad. Now for POTY Nothing better than a Windass thread to wet the appetite.
  12. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    Not my style. .
  13. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    Can you cunt to ten?
  14. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    This fuckers a live one. As for those pic's. Can someone get them blanked?. Would give you the fucking boke looking at those pish stained , murdering republican scum bastards. At least McGuinness won't have to worry about indy. He's deed! As for their SNPira kissing cousins, they should be hanged by the neck until dead as being enemies of the state for the crimes committed against the people of Scotland.
  15. DJ called up to the Welsh national team

    Great news and congratulations to the lad.