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  1. Emm, NO! The taigs are the ones doing the batting. Our board have a duty to protect the name of the club. The fans have their opinion on wtf is going on. We are all aware of the sensitivities and I don't get your bringing up chanting. Suss to say the least. Now fucking behave yourself.
  2. They try to cover up their cover up and then allege we covered up to deflect from their covered up cover up. My head's fucking bursting and needs covered up!
  3. Naw! Time for our board to call out the SFA and Plod to do their fucking job and prosecute nonce fc to the full. ALL of the evidence is there in the public domain. A ring, convicted child rapists, 14 perp names by the victims, a cover up and more no doubt of those in high places. Rings and child rape now acceptable in SNPira Scotland to suit a narrative. Lest we forget!
  4. Mate tbh, I think he does have a point after seeing some of our own attacking the club on something we are clearly innocent of. These hating bastards have cited fan quotes against us previously and will do again. It shouldn't be like this, but such is mind set and tenacity of our haters, you can't do enough to protect the name of the club and it plays out no matter how much you do, we still get shredded. It seriously boils my piss.
  5. I fucking hope so. I wish to fuck we got on the front foot in dealing with these bastards, instead of the constant rear guard actions when the damage has been done.
  6. For sure, but such is the narrative, we could be curing cancer and giving sight to the blnd and we would still be portrayed the devil incarnate. We must be labelled and potrayed to do no right, such is the mindset of the taig as they crave to be what they never can be. Us! As for the cunt who penned the article, I'd gladly skin the cunt alive. These are evil depraved people.
  7. Have to disagree mate. We have nothing to hide of that I am most confident, but any full on inquiry, the media would immediately focus on us such is the narrative and twist and play on every word inferring guilt just like they have done with this article, when in reality innocent and then playing out in parallel just how well nonce fc handled things and are Scotland's leading club in safeguarding. I could write the fucking script. I say the authorities do their fucking job and have every nonce fc child rapist brought to book. There are 14 names held by the victims solicitors and every last one along with nonce fc punished to the full, including footballing sanctions. The evidence is all there, but not one willing to do their job. I would say an inquiry into all clubs is exactly what the haters want to deflect from their own, to let even more time pass in the hope that others fall foul, leaving the football authorities powrless to do anything.
  8. To conclude, I just fucking hate taigs. The evidence shows they are tarred with the paedophile brush both within and outwith football. Such is the mentality, now everyone must be tarred with the same, particularly us whom they hate the most. They will contrive every which way they can to bring us down. It makes them feel better. Brush off the guilt and spread the label, contiminating every cunt in the process. They are a cancer of society who badly need resected.
  9. There are obviously some serious serial haters within the beeb being allowed to peddle their agenda. This will be eminating from beeb Scotland and the narrative set by it's very own nonce at the the top.. Similar in nature to the leaks eminating from the HMRC taigs 2012 style and also a protected species as an institution. Matters not the truth, the tactic is to get the shit it out there first to damage the brand and any retraction later rendered worthless. Will be interesting to see the Club's posture on this.
  10. I’ve spent the last 3 fucking hours hanging around Glasgow airport waiting for relatives on a delayed overseas flight. I saw some guy with a Rangers crest holding a sign up for Luis Garcia, so I got chatting to him. He is a Bear and has been ferrying the arriving players all day. Picked up the Hammer earlier. Anyway I got to shake the hand of Garcia when he arrived. Quite a wee fucker. Had to break his leg as he left.
  11. He can play anywhere, but yes a squad player, tbh he wouldn't be any worse than the world's most overated right back on his current form.
  12. Aye, much like Saint James!
  13. As I said before, he always had the ability, now he's showing the character. Great performance from him yesterday.Free kick was top drawer and could go on to be one of our greats.
  14. That'll be from the Tav fan club who fear their golden boy might lose his place to him and deservedly so on this season's performances.
  15. Yes, but it will be down to who wants it more and the gaffers tactics. There is absolutely no reason why we can't win this.
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