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  1. I don't know about that, but he does deserve credit. Impossible for him to continue under the circumstances with this virus and him living in RSA. Tell you what, with the financial consequences of this virus, his investment is under threat and it's value in ROI greatly diminished. Likewise with Park and the others. Football like other industries go through precarious times, with no end in sight of this virus.
  2. Fat chance. His business like many others hitting the skids, so I doubt he will be throwing any of his cash which is little more than a hobby to him. Car business is fucked, with millions of pounds worth of stock not moving.
  3. I seriously doubt there will be European football next season, far less domestic. Too big a risk to allow mass travel and mass gatherings of people and the fact there will be no vaccine available until December at best, so all just academic. The risk of a second wave from an unknown virus is too great. It just won't happen. The CMO already planting the seed about isolation until December. League avoided and we all go again whenever a new season gets the go ahead, if there are enough teams left to even make up a Scottish league at that point. Let's hope I'm wrong.
  4. The club need to be getting in ST money even with no guarantee of a date to start the new season. The scum sit with a 60 mile wage bill, so they ain't out of the woods either. Don't know how the sales would fare, but I would imagine they would still be significant and would keep us liquid until normality returns and hopefully the new investment resurrected and we'd be fine. I can see players being asked to take a tempirary wage drop to reduce the burden. Outwith, I can see quite a few going to the wall.
  5. Even Barca and Madrid announced they are tightening their belts, so I don't see much movement or high prices being paid with all the uncertainty and no guarantee football will even start in August.
  6. No need, when I live in the head of bumbling fools rent free to do it. Life can be such a burden for some. There's a deadly virus going around if you haven't noticed, so I think being bothered about such trivia and meaningless speculation like Tav "possibly" leaving, not such a priority, so you fill your boots like another club we know.
  7. The way things are going there will be no next season either. Putin putting Russia on lockdown until December and they ARE prepared, expecting cases to peak in around two months. There are still many countries in Eurooe lag behind us in virus terms and we have yet to peak. So, I doubt there will be any footy this year and no 2020/2021 season. In light of this, every league not completed their season and should be voided, if UEFA ever get off the pot and the scum can go suck their local Jesuit. Seriously hard times ahead for everyone.
  8. The cunts are shameless and don't have a conscience. Their denial in child rape says it all.
  9. I now doubt we'll see competitive football again this year. I suspect many clubs will go to the wall. As from today, life as we know it, far less football, changes forever. Many will lose loved ones. The scum and their claims are now as meaningless as they are repugnant. Fuck them.
  10. Allegedly of course. Rumours abound about his child perversions. He'll be looking in on this thread, so come home Phil, there's a police cell awaiting your presence!
  11. VicTIM card rolled out yet again. I find the article truly pathetic. Taig being taig. A post on his Facebbok. Not that it is even his. More made up shite to end someone's career before it's even started and desperate attempt yet again to damage our brand, far less putting someone's personal safety at risk as some loon ball takes matters into their own hands. The so called journo McGovern doing his pay master's bidding to mutual satisfaction such is the hatred. One has to wonder at the mind set of these cunts. Malcontent from cradle to grave because they can never be us. They never cease to amaze to the levels they will stoop. I do hope the club actually realise just what we are dealing with here. Time we fought fire with fire and we don't even need to make up shite. As a corporate entity it also amazes that we allow this shite to go unpunished. Hopefully our new regime will bring an end to the dignified silence. As for that piece of excrement McGovern, time his career was brought to an end and has to look over his shoulder.
  12. Everyone will be aware of the current Coronavirus crisis that is affecting communities throughout Scotland, the UK, and the majority of the developed world. Events have started to really gather pace over the past few days but we still face many uncertainties. We are continuing to monitor events and assess any impact on our planned activities, as well as the effect on our members, particularly those most vulnerable in our communities. It is very difficult to try and predict how things will develop over the coming days, weeks and months. With regards to our parades and events, we are watching how things are developing and will take appropriate actions. The health and wellbeing of everyone in society will be our main priority and this will influence the decisions we make throughout this difficult period. Like many others, we are watching the news continuously and taking note of the advice from the health and scientific communities and that from both the UK and Scottish Governments. We can expect a difficult period ahead. Our faith and Orange culture is something that should guide us at this time. In particular, we need to look after each other and offer any help and support that we can to anyone who may need it in the community. There may be elderly neighbours who decide to isolate themselves and we should ask if there is anything we can do to help them, such as shopping or running an errand. There may be others who suffer financial distress due to the impact of the virus and we should look to see if we can support them if we can. And of course, we need to keep everyone in our thoughts and prayers, people of all communities right throughout the world. We should also do what we can to delay the spread of the Coronavirus and I would point you to the advice from the Scottish Government which can be found here – https://www.gov.scot/coronavirus-covid-19/ Finally, please do everything you can to stay safe, help others, but stay healthy.
  13. No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and money. Matthew 6:24
  14. The first thing he needs to do, is put a hit on Ashley.
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