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  1. Naw. We need to call out the club for not calling it out. Enough is enough. Maybe then we might just get some action, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
  2. He is a bit of football commentating royalty. Well done the club in getting him on board for this. Likewise for our three pundits. Could listen to Neil McCann all day long.
  3. Alfie must have the roller coaster going on in his head. All the transfer speculation, a new baby, living in this shitehole and getting treated like shit by all comers. The one thing that will take his mind off the negative are goals. He loves bagging goals. The more he gets the more he revels in his play and fuck all the shite
  4. A good day at the office all round. New lads look good. Alfie throws the cat among the pigeons with two goals. A good dilemma to have. The player movement going forward is a joy. We are slicker than last season. Players looking more at ease with themselves. Pass marks for everyone. Just add a few more goals to our efforts, we send a message and put the scum under pressure.
  5. Cant really complain as we're playing some pretty slick stuff. Appear more positive and confident in our game. Unlucky with our shooting with Alnwyck playing a blinder. Alfie's movement good and unlucky not to score. Lastly, thank fuck for Neil McCann. The only pundit that actually knows wtf he's talking about. Good to see a smile on his face being back home,
  6. No surprises there. All cunts to a man.
  7. Quite simply a fucking horrendous decision by this board. Sadly, it won't be the last.
  8. The thread is good for keeping the fans informed in keeping the issues front and centre. However, nothing changes unless the board takes action on a problem that the haters no longer even try to hide. The weakness is in our board and unless the fanbase challenge them on the matter, then nothing changes! Be as well howling at the fucking moon.
  9. He dragged him and threw him round. It looked horrendous on the rerun on Sportscene. It was assault and could have ended in a serious head injury. If the other way round, there would have been a serious player rammy and our guy off. We're too soft and not a word about it and the oppo know it.
  10. In these BLM times, particularly with that cunt Robertson's most recent hate speech on the fans, it should be much more easy. However we do know the cunt only plays to the gallery to score points to try and be relevant. He gives not one fuck about racism and is all about feathering his own nest. Utter wankstain of a man.
  11. Maybe the board could grow a spine and take action as they should. It's their job. This is a concerted campaign of our haters that has gone on long enough. The board are a shower of spineless cunts and to see the back of them can't come quick enough.
  12. Oh well, nothing new here. This is what happens when you have a board who take it up the arse. Our board allow the media to set the narrative, because they are cowards. They're quick enough to attack our own fans, or when they get it personal, but when it comes to the media and officialdom shafting us, it's MIA time. This persecution of Alfie has gone on long enough. In any other world there would be payback for this, but he wears the blue jersey, so that's ok. Simply criminal on what's going on here and tbh the wee man would be better off out of it, as this board wont be doing fuck all in his defence. This backwater doesn't deserve him. Cunts the lot of them.
  13. The sheep were there for a serious hiding, but we just didn't follow through again. Weak mentality in my book. Needs sorted.
  14. Pretty decent first half. Impressive, great movement. Second half, dug shite We really need to be killing off teams like this or it will cost us. As for the sheep. Scum!
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