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  1. A very apt description of our team. Let's hope they're not in the holiday mood!
  2. Well doesn't one think that having a convicted criminal as Chairman just does that all on it's. We lose any moral high ground on that alone, far less the number of fucking court actions that we have become accustomed too. then there's all that defending of our honour that king does, not!
  3. Where did I say Brown's wasn'a red card? You making shite up again to suit your agenda?
  4. Well, they did. At least broon has a dig in him, unlike the current crop of spineless kings men robbing a wage. In his image indeed You been eating shite for breakfast again?! Sorry, I forgot, only victim mentality works for you.
  5. There is always a chance of winnng, but at this point in time, highly improbable.
  6. Sorry, but little chance of taking anything, unless PC has something we haven't seen yet.
  7. Dignified silence? We own it, we thrive on it and now we are the victims. We do a lot of shouting amongst ourselves of course, but that's the extent of it. Even our board can't be ersed.
  8. Yes exactly. Don't be turning us into them.
  9. King, mini and Whitney.
  10. TBH, I agree it isn't but the timing of the tie is exceptional. As for burn out, you need set alight first and this shower haven't struck a match yet. The sooner most are gone the better.
  11. I do, but the panel will make continue to to make decisions that are inconsistent. That's just the way of it. We know what they are like, so unless we do something about it and we won't, little point in is stating the obvious. You argue that the tims used the Halliday premise and I say why not? I would expect us to do same in defence of our player. Would there be such a fuss if Brown's next game was not against us? Fucking too right there wouldn't, so not only do we engage in hypocrisy, we also endorse Brown as the man and sad to say, against this current squad he is and that is not scum fc's problem, it's well and truly ours!
  12. The decision not to send Haliday off was disgraceful. If nothing else, we need consistency, otherwise it's just hypocrisy and victimhood. I don't really give a fuck if Brown is ever sent off or not, as we are not about them. Brown is their business, unless you want to validate him, making him the man. We have than enough troubles to seek within our own house, far less moaning about the SFA, who we know what they are, but have no control over. Better we indeed manage better what we do have control of and that's ourselves, but hell will freeze over first before that ever happens.
  13. Yes, but who's feeding him? He is only turning a buck like the rest of the trough guzzlers that we very happily accept.
  14. LBH, at that point most should be on notice as they are just not good enough, but the timing of the tie makes it so that they will already know, or know that they are being lied to if being told to play for a spot next season. This lot couldn't step up to the first rung on a ladder far less a Euro tie and fear we will be humiliated. Not even money for new players can save us due to the timing. For me this tie is nothing more than an unecessay disruption to any rebuilding plans we have for next season. By the end of June most should have been hunted and on 1st July, new faces appearing, but we have this fake Euro dream fixture to fullfil and I doubt it will end well.