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  1. Don't know so much about sleeping and yes our club are weak as piss in these matters. Yes we know how treacherous these child rapists can be, but your ordinary supporter should never have to think about shit like this, hence we are always on the back foot. Cheating on the field of play is one thing, it's there for everyone to see and form opinions, but those obsessive scum bastards come at us every which way they can, for everything they can. We are dealing with some seriously fucking sick psychopathic bastards. A fucking bullet would be too good for them. If it's not FARE is some other taig org or bigoted cunts trying to fuck us over, including the taig chucrch, politicos and and footballing authorities. It will take some time and thinking through to come up with a winning strategy to silence these cunts, IF the club has the will, but in the meantime we can but only do our talking on the park and take that title. That's their biggest sickener and from there, we go on the front foot with increasing kudos and influence. At the minute we're just treated as noisy contemptible also rans. Easy for everyone to label us and fob us off. On the other hand, remonstrate as champions, then one is treated more seriously and get that strategy into play and destroy those malcontent bastards.
  2. Those malcontent bastards seriously need taken down. These cunts are fronted by the most bigoted sectarian, terrorist loving bastards on the planet, yet the authorities back them. I truly despair at the cunts running our game. Again it is for us to overcome the bias and and the bigotry to get a result and none of it is about football. Welcome to the banana republic of Scotland.
  3. The club should be on this to get that org banned, but they won't. God knows, there's enough evidence out there to do it.
  4. Between the incompetence the bias and the narrative, it's never going to happen. That shouldn't stop us complaining, but we are piss poor in that. I see our only chance in facilitating change from a position of strength in being champions, which I still expect at the end of this season, when hopefully we also do not forget the treatment we've had and up the anti with officialdom to make that change possible.
  5. Was after the game mate. We WILL be heard once we are champions, and soon!
  6. Can see us shredding the cunts. All about how we respond to being cheated. Angry but smart with it.
  7. Well Stevie did very publicly denounce the competency of the match officials and even if we did make it formal, the SFA would just dig in and fob us of, albeit we should still do it.
  8. The scum's forte is cheating. Ours is moaning. Can't let a day to by without it.
  9. The less I say about those hoopy scum, paedophile, malcontent, black neck, pish stained, inbred, one eyebrowed, devil worshipping, bead rattling bastards the better.
  10. Great news. All quality despite their age and add value. They may not be on mega money, but they won't be cheap either. Throw in Gerrard's new deal and no doubt his staff. We're skint right?
  11. Tav lovers are a bit like SNPira voters, doesn't matter about the performance, but all about the principle and faith in their leader. He can do no wrong. He cannot be criticised. He is God. Part of the holy trinity made up of him, Goldson and Helander. Ah but stats they will cry, in a vain attempt to justify their position, In spite of what you see in front of your eyes, in him being mostly dug shite from the start of the season, there is simply no reasoning with flawed logic and when the Dude backs him, you know we're fucked. For what and where we need to be, he aint it. He is not alone. Inevitably he goes. He's done his bit. Thanks and cheerio. Nice guy, but there can be no sentiment, when you have aspirations of being winners.
  12. Fact is we are not, no matter the reasons. We could have, should have taken that title last season, but for some horrendous inconsistency in dropping point to utter dross. We know the landscape and the narrative and it's up to us to overcome it, irrespective of officialdom, otherwise we win nothing. There are several improvements to be made to that team that is obvious to see. We do have a soft centre and of we don't address it, beating the scum will become a rarity.
  13. Utter pish. Like it's going to turn the weak willed into warriors? Telling us what we want to hear. Couldn't intimidate a mouse. An imposter.
  14. We lack options up front. Defoe is less physical, but more composed than Alfie. Apart from that I see little difference. We lack a midfield general. We have better options in CD, but don't use them. Bit of a conundrum.
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