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  1. Millers Agent

    His cover is now well and truly blown after that rant. He's talking through his agent and still challenging the manager. Kenny, Kenny get to fuck...
  2. Millers Agent

    Well he's now dug a big fucking hole for himself. So it's cheerio and GTF.
  3. Millers Agent

    Hate backstabbing bastards like him. He's shown himself to what he always has been. A coward!
  4. Millers Agent

    Absolute shite.
  5. Ashley

    ?? No, just an observation and they do so, just because they can. Not that he would, because there is a business case to make money from us and it equals knocking the scum of their perch. Wouldn't take too much for a billionaire.
  6. Ashley

    You might just be on to something there.
  7. Ashley

    Billionaires don't get stress, they just get even!
  8. Millers Agent

    Manager in mole leaks shocker! Firstly, Miller has been shite. Secondly, it's none of your business. Lastly, the mole started it, not the fucking messenger! Miller is a dead man walking all of his own making.
  9. Ashley

    Ashley is a billionaire outwith his business interests. As for what's the point? It is because he can. Maybe he likes playing football Chairman. As for us, we only need to knock the scum of their perch and we have access to funds that would turn us a profit. How much would it take to do it, 30 mil? However, I doubt he would be anywhere near us, so we can look forward to being stuck with Sir Minty.
  10. Butcher's Son.

    Absolutely horrid news. So sad. RIP Christopher.
  11. Pena

    If he's half as good as he is mean looking, he'll fucking do wonders. Haven't had his type for a long time and if he continues to improve, we're on a winner.
  12. McInnes- is it now or never?

  13. Tavernier.

    He is supposed to be a defender and as a defender he is poor. Those saying Candias covers for him is as weak as it gets and says everything I want a defender who can defend and the best one in Scotland at that, not makeshift. Solid against the scum my erse. His weaknesses are obvious for all to see and as I say, do it against the scum, then we can start with the OTT adulation, but FFS, to have some saying at this juncture he's brilliant, among the elite, are on fucking drugs.
  14. McInnes- is it now or never?

  15. McInnes- is it now or never?

    The business model for gyms is based upon capturing the market for those who are obese and/or have poor self image, anorexics etc and those females in particular looking to tone up, move on, escaping boring, dead end relationships, so let's sell the gullibles the dream. Quite successfully if the truth be told and they do benefit some of the poor unfortunates. They also provide a paid service to the NHS for those with clinically diagnosed conditions. In fact most of those mentioned, just not clinically diagnosed, yet! If you didn't suffer from an OCD beforehand, you certainly will afterwards as recent surveys have shown. Rule of thumb is, eat healthy and get regular exercise, keeping a well balanced lifestyle. Much better to do this for improving self confidence and self image than using a prop, as props do have a habit of breaking, or breaking you. Now getting back to McKinnish, he certainly does need help in the obese stakes. Gym isn't working, nor is he living a healthy lifestyle, so the first weakness in his character. Last, but his biggest problem, hanging around with taigs, which of course could explain the obesity, as they always were a bad influence and sheep worrying is also a criminal offence. So, if looking for a new manager, don't do one that is obese, does gyms, worries sheep or influenced by taigs, as clinically, he's well fucked and not the winnng formulae.