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  1. Blue Avenger

    Gerrard to meet (involve) Walter

    Stevie G does know how to do big picture. He does show maturity beyond his years. However, it appears some of us don't and are not with the programme. The Stevie G reeks professionalism and I suspect our best signing since Souness. Those useless cunts GM, MW, PC shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath.
  2. Blue Avenger

    Of all the signings !

    We get you're not with the programme and if you think Gerrard cannot attract a better standard of player that the previous imbeciles of managers we had, you better go back to watching net ball and be at peace. We got pensioners in Alves and Barton, both flops. Gerrard gets "young" with a better pedigree that our entire squad. Aye, Stevie will need to pull out all the stops to get a better player than Tav and Alves and of course all those other diamonds in our squad!
  3. Blue Avenger

    Gerrard 8

    The machine that is the Stevie G can wear any fucking number he wants. It only gets us revenue after all, ffs.
  4. Blue Avenger

    Of all the signings !

    Wid we, aye?! Utter pish.
  5. Blue Avenger

    Of all the signings !

    Good summary and I'm very optimistic. These are decent early signings and there's away to go before the window closes. If we can offload a few of the higher earners and the dross, I can see more and better to come. I also like the way we have went about our business. No fuss and they are in. Between the signings thus far and the other business deals, it's a massive improvement in how we do things all round. All down to Mr King, MA and the Stevie G machine! No complaints here and excited about next season.
  6. Blue Avenger

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    Must buy the mrs a few fur coats. Butchering the animals to do with me of course. Better still, an assassin to take out broon. I didn't do it.
  7. Blue Avenger

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    Oh well, at least the Stevie G haters have shown their true colours. Funnily enough, many of the same crew who suck up Gazza. An isolated incident. His partner still with him and forgives him. Which does not equal that anyone should condone the behaviour We also have a right back who mutilates dugs. The hypocrisy is palpable. On the plus side, it'cheerio to the Tav! .
  8. Blue Avenger

    Welcome to Rangers Jon Flanagan

    One will trust the judgement of Mr Gerrard and my unfettered support for Mr King in backing him. The new signings are shaping up well. Fuck what the media say. Fuck what the snowflakes think. We do what is right for us. No prisoners.
  9. Blue Avenger

    Rangers are behind the 3 Lions

    As a national team, I fucking hate England and the fucking hoo ha that surrounds them. I hate the taig infested Scottish team even fucking more.
  10. Blue Avenger

    Gerrard keeping Wallace

    Think it's all double bluff. Telling every cunt what the want to hear and thinking the opposite. Doesn't want them downing tools any more than they have been.
  11. Blue Avenger

    Boss says we weren't fit enough last season

    There needs to be a mass clear out, but the personal contracts of many make that impossible.
  12. Blue Avenger

    Welcome Goldson

    THIS is what we've been waiting for. Fuck Goldson. He's benched. She on the the other hand is a must starter every week. Absolute fucking quality. FFS!
  13. Blue Avenger

    Gerrard keeping Wallace

    I've just been reliably informed that Gerrard had mistaken Wallace for being William and not Lee. He has now been told to find another club.