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  1. Quite a speech and spot on! Pretty much what should have been a full frontal from our board.
  2. Isn't Greg a real tough guy type? He shouldn't have intervened directly, but called a steward and been professional abiut it as an employee of the club Oh but I forget, he's a tough guy. A grass that sits down for a piss.
  3. We will need a new board. Are you prepared to oust them? Thought not.
  4. Pish. And I won't have anything said against Mr King either!
  5. 5-0 We will murder that shower.
  6. They have been that quiet, you'd think we didn't have one!
  7. Sad but true. I'm not a lover of this board as you will know, but under the financial constraints that we live under, I think we have brought in decent signings. They've have a baptism of fire and in one way I'm glad they experienced it early on. They now know what they are up against in this backwater and I think they are of the quality to step up and get smarter. The Pedro appointment just has to work and we better all hope it does, because our only response to the cheating and the hatred, is to turn it around on the park, otherwise we need a new board with the necessary funds to mount a challenge. Are the fans prepared to call for change to our board? I think not, which I actually think is hypocritical, because as you say, no manager will will be a success without the necessary funds to topple the scum. In saying all that, I still have belief in Pedro and I think he can pull it off. I may be wrong, but for all our sakes, let's hope not.
  8. Come on ffs. Even Dave has his uses. Wide as the fucking Clyde and I demand value for money from him!
  9. Footnote: I just remembered who his advisors are. Murray and co! However, King is a wide boy, so you'd think he would be a good advisor for Pedro to negotiate his way around this backwater, amongst all the skullduggery and hatred and pull a few master strokes and beat these hating cunts at their own game.
  10. Personally, I think he is shell shocked. I thought I had seen everything, until last Saturday. I fucking bet Pedro's asking himself WTF!! Who needs the grief?! I'll guarantee he has never came across anyone in his footballing career, anyone that is so dishonourable and and utter cunt as the lemmon. So he will learn from it. The best baptism into football life in Scotland yet. I remember the injustice meted out to Souness and our club whilst he was here. We were singled out for the treatment then, but ffs, it's gone way past that. You really couldn't make the shite up that goes on in this backwater. Outsiders must think we are all from outer space and in theory, it's only about a game of football. Aye, if only! I am a cynical bastard by nature, but these days I have absolutely no faith in anything that is national or local government, plod, the judiciary and all that is footballng authorities. The fucking whole country is a trainwreck, run by taigs for taigs and corrupt to it's core. The only way I know how to take it back, is a war with these cunts, because any other way will take far too long and with no guarantee of winning, such is their grip on power across the land. I want Pedro to turn this around. We shall not be sullied nor defeated by those scum bastards and in spite of all the forces acting against us, we will be victorious, but Pedro more than ever, needs our support to do it.
  11. It's dead simples. We don't want different treatment, nor better treatment. We simply want equality. A level.playing field. Consistency. Whether it be from football officialdom, plod, the courts, or from whomever. It is clearly obvious that all to do with Rangers a different standard is being applied. Whether it be to our managers, players or fans, we for reasons of bigotry and hatred are being singled out for different treatment. Judged by a different standard for reasons of prejudice and punished accordingly. I dont have the answers to it, but one thing we should not do, is accept this prejudice in silence.
  12. And the ref's will allow it, then send off ours.
  13. Likewise. I wouldn't even fear the spoon burners if it was a return at their midden this weekend. LBC, we were fucking cheated by an utter cunt of a referee. We had more than enough chances to bury them. Sure the result was a setback, but only a minor one. They will not fuck us a again, well, unless the ref starts again unjustly sending off our players. I have no worries about this team.
  14. Surely to fuck anyone who was serious wouldn't post that online? There is many a dafty put there, but this, naw. I still think it was two dafties at the wind up and it has backfired.
  15. "complaints have been received..." Yes, from every dirty lowlife malcontent scum bastard living in this backwater. Also misleading as the death threats weren't actually made to him directly. However, daft cunts putting the conversation on social mhedia. Sounds like a total wind up that has back fired. The wee pikey ginger cunt will probably croak as a stroke victim, hopefully sometime soon as the fat bastard's weight soars and the BP rockets during a game. Rancid bheggar cunt that he is.