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  1. Blue Avenger


    Sort of alright, nice guy, but not the type we need to take us where we want to be and again same applies to many in this squad. We have improved, but not enough to take us to the next level. Serious quality needed
  2. Blue Avenger


    We have been so starved of quality for so long, many have taken to worshipping mediocrity.
  3. Blue Avenger


    Big time and not big enough to wear the jersey. However, he's not alone in that.
  4. Blue Avenger

    Squad rotation

    Time he rotated some of the shite straight out the fucking door.
  5. Blue Avenger

    SG straight up the tunnel?

    Probably bealing the usual suspects that let him down yet again. No sympathy for him now tbh, as he keeps picking them in spite of how fucking rank they are week in week out. Down to him. End of.
  6. Blue Avenger


    Tav just wasn't so good mate. Job is too big for him and he just doesn't have what we need. The ability aint their. However, you are correct on Coulibally. Utter shite and spineless. Gerrard needs to get fucking real on this piece of dross. Let us down week in week in week out. Start with this waster against the scum, I wont be hanging around to witness defeat. He is seriously boiling my piss, as is Gerrard in picking him every week.
  7. Blue Avenger

    Step Away From The Keyboard...

    Advanced warning. Some other bastard has hijacked my account. It's not me ranting.
  8. Blue Avenger

    Scum haven't taken tickets for the 29th (Rumour)

    Let us be clear. No matter how much Liewell likes the money from these games, their scum fans simply want us dead. Never to set their eyes on us ever again. Now why the fuck should some be saying, oh but we need the atmosphere with them? Are we lesser mortals? Have we all suddenly become true Christians and just turn the other cheek? In return, I want those cunts dead, never to be seen again and give not one fuck if I never saw an old firm game again, along with their scum fans for all the right reasons. I do not need their scummy paedophile infested club nor their scummy fans to enhance my life, which some need to get one.
  9. Blue Avenger


    He is utter pish.
  10. Bringing in 3/4 players of the desired and much needed quality will have a positive effect on the more average, as the whole dynamic of the game changes, as the game will become more fluent with less stray passes, better positioning, better through balls etc. I expect quite a few of the current squad to be still here and win that title with them.
  11. Blue Avenger

    Anyone not quite seeing it with barasic

    Gie the guy a break ffs. He's just back. The stuffs in there and a few more games to get up to speed and we can judge then.
  12. Blue Avenger

    I Told You So

    What do you expect? Miracles? A rookie manager. Just in the door. A new squad. Second highest budget and second in the league, plus still in Europe. Take it you will still be telling us how he is the wrong man when he takes that title, aye?!
  13. Blue Avenger

    Loan players need to go

    We did alright under Souness did we not? However, we did have more money than the rest to bring in quality, which tells it's own story. Gerrard does have the attributes of Souness, but not the money. McCoist was never a manager. Pal's act all through his reign..
  14. Blue Avenger

    Loan players need to go

    I'll pay their bus fares back doon sooth.
  15. Blue Avenger

    Andy Halliday

    From here on in he should never be behind Flanagan, Worral, Coulibally, or Ejaria and for that matter, neither should McCrorie.