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  1. The team was set up to suit Morelos. He is no link man, He wants to score every game and plays that way accordngly. Nothng wrong with that being our main striker. When he plays, he is the man. The team is now set up to suit Defoe, which is bringing more players into play and more scoring opportunities for others. Defoe is a more intelligent player and a team player and his finshing is more clinical. Davis is now on song along with Kamara has improved the midfield and a lot more fluency in our play. We didn't have that with all our draws. Too much was put on Morelos shoulders, but he did want it that way. It's who he is. They are very different players.
  2. Just an absolute cunt so it is, when we win when Mo isn't playing. Surely the oppo must have been shite? We'll be holding a vigil when he leaves in the summer. Like it or not, the future is Gerrard. His way. End of.
  3. Defensive record is pretty sound, but all those missed opportunities!
  4. Blue Avenger


    Davis and Defoe definitely has a good ring to it. They are Gerrard's men, so have to trust his judgement.
  5. Utter tosh, but don't let the facts stand in the way of a good narrative. My dug could rag doll an entire defence with the shit that plays up here. Morelos has proven repeatedly he can play with no one. We are now playing to Defoe strengths, just like he did with Morelos as we should and we are getting rewards. Must fucking kill you when we win without Morelos. Defoe is an intelligent player and a team one at that. Morelos doesn't want to be here, so I don't know wtf you will do when he's off, but heh keep bummng him up and blaming every other cunt for a player who doesn't want to be here. Makes a lot of sense.
  6. My mate Andy is doing well. Good of you to ask. I feel your pain.
  7. All pretty pointless argung over a fucking player who doesn't even want to be here. He is NOT our future. Matters not one fuck which of them we are better with.. It can't be proven. We only know we didn't win the title with him. Argue for the next ten fucking years and it will make no difference. He is toast. He is providing the funding for our future. Time for some to get fucking over it and start thinkng club first.
  8. Nope. We simply weren't good enough. How many draws playing against dross? And that was with Morelos. We were as one dimensional as the results show. The oppo simply closed him down by fair or fould means. Not hard not to win when you are a one player team. Defensively we have the second best record in the league. No matter how many you score, it's the missed opportunities that rue the day. We are playing better because it is a different system. Results over the season don't lie. You cannot conrinue doing the same thing and expect a different result. He done well, but doesn't want be here, so he is not the future, so time to move on. The club are important not him. We need titles, not an enigma.
  9. Morelos is NOT the future. He wants away and we NEED to sell for our future. Club first! Sure he likes us, but he doesn't want to be here. He is no Ranger. He has not taken the club to heart. Can't blame hm for his ambition. Some need to grasp the reality. He ant going to be here come summer.
  10. Blue Avenger


    I did say he would do it for us. An intelligent player with ability and loads of experience.
  11. If anyone thinks that Morelos is here next season they are delusional. You think King is going to dig deep and fund what is needed himself ffs. More chance of the pope leading an orange walk. We are still trading at a significant loss. Time to get the Mo spec's aff and back to reality. This is ALL about the Rangers and not Morelos. We tried, we failed for very obvious reasons.
  12. The difference is that we NEED to sell him to mount a challenge. There is fuck all left to play for. Outwith the scum, we will be coasting.
  13. It's all dead simple. We needs significant funds to make a challenge. Mo is the means. We all know he wants to be off and why the fuck would you go into a new season and an important one at that to prevent ten with such a player? Look back at all those draws, waiting for that ONE man to bury the winner and it didn't happen and there is no way it's happenning next season either, as the scum will be all out to get to that ten and we cannot take them and other by sticking to the same. Win wn all round.
  14. Meaningless in the bigger scheme of things. Too many draws. An over dependance on one player has cost us. Not Mo's fault, but al the oppo have to do is shut him down as they do. Important games have not been won, even against dross and you don't win titles with a one man team. The difference in our play is night and day without him. Defoe is a far cleverer player and plays for the team and deadly one on one. Mo is not.
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