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  1. Haven't they always?
  2. The fucker couldnay strike a match.
  3. Is he even a shareholder?
  4. You ain't the Chairman and not even one word from him. Talk about trying to defend the indefensible ffs!
  5. It's all Mohammad Ashley's fault!
  6. You obviously have a serious problem with the trith and facts and as for scum, stop trying to be prick and switching the use of it to taigs, as anyone who disrespects the dead are scum in my book, far less cunts who treat you with utter contempt in their perpetual lying. The man is a convicted crim and business pariah end of, but you keep rimming, I'm sure you enjoy.
  7. It is not out of context and whether he has the right intentions for us or not matters not. His actions speak volumes and he remains an odious character whether he is Chairman of Rangers or not and there is no compartmentalising it.
  8. So what and fuck all to do with point scoring. King is what he is. An on the record bang to rights lying, cheating, disrespectful rat and you think his non attendance should not be mentioned. He should be fucking hunted for that one act alone and if he put in 50 mil tomorow, he would still be a rat. He wouldn't be near my table, but each to their own. No sweep, sweeping here.
  9. IF he has applied.
  10. Are you serious? They were true Rangers men, with families who loved them and they did not come home that fateful evening. King is our Chairman and if he does nothing else for us, he could have at least respected the memory of dearly departed loved ones. Not even a fucking a knowledgement or apology. The man is a class A self serving cunt. Scum who does not deserve the fan base that this great institution have and if you think that is low, your sense of morality and decency is worse than this convicted criminal who disrespected those honourable brethren who never made it home and for whom their loved ones were never to see again. Think again.
  11. Even more so with C1872. Good reason to complain to the Regulator.
  12. Just a pity you couldn't warn off king. Now too late.
  13. A CIC's goals may not be, but the problems as always is individuals looking to cream a buck. I could make a fortune from it, but there would be fuck all left at the end of it!
  14. Well, fucking surprise, surprise! They obviously had permission from the club before the submission. It's just the pull of that old blue pound again. Some just can't fucking resist it and the gullible just can't help giving them it..
  15. There's more strokes getting pulled than an Oxford/Cambidge boat race. Every last fucking one of them couldn't fucking spell honesty, transparency or integrity. The lure of the blue pound is just too much for some. Easy money, easy life.