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  1. Between the howling gale, a plastic pitch and a team of ten changes thrown together, a bit harsh to write anyone off. Pretty much everyone looked a bit uncomfortable and wooden from the off. Aribo, Jones and Defoe looked the best of them imo and a three goal win a decent result in the circumstances, but is was a hard watch. I think on a grass pitch and less of a gale, it would have been a different game, with more fluency and more goals. Thought it was still a good experiment though.
  2. In the eyes of fans, there are some who will never be able to do anything right and there are others who can do no wrong. Then there are some who are simply just good.
  3. Surely it's no different for those home grown fans in England and many of whom have moved country. In one way they have been lucky to have been endowed with so much money, but not the fans fault. We are quite unique because of the religion and not that I have any issue with that at all, but of course some do. Whilst it makes no difference as to the club you choose to support, the commercialisation of the game up here is poor. The plastic pitches a disgrace. The nepotism, the corruption and bigotry against us a crime. Those who run the game up here, just simply incompetent. Personally, too fucking right I want my team playing in the Champions league every other week. with the chance of winning it and why not? We are a club of that magnitute, if not for the incompetents within our game. We do however get on with it no matter. At the other end of the scale, wether you support Brechin or you local junior team, I doubt they are any less passionate. We can only make the best of the circumstances we fing ourselves in, good or bad.
  4. The game has moved on and Scotland was left behind. Not that many from Manchester compared to those from everywhere else and quite a few in Scotland. United have grown both a national and international fan base over the years, particularly through the succes in the Ferguson era. City not so much, whose glory is relatively recent. No doubt if they keep it up they will continue to grow Can't see why they can't feel as strongly. They may actually see things more objectively.
  5. Eh?! You're at it! Broadfoot is fucking kert horse by comparison. Tav isn't showing nowhere enough for me just now, but he has the ability as I've said. He's never going to kill cunts, but as I have said previously he can glyde past players with ease. He has also got great shooting boots but don't see that much just now. Broadfoot has none of what he has got. He didn't start last season well either but he came onto a great game later in the season. You've just got to kidding?
  6. Well he actually is one of the poores full backs compared to those of yesteryear, but is currently one of the better full backs in this shitehole. As I said going back to Shearer and Caldow all the way up Numan and Gary Stevens. In my world simply no comparison. We all know standards have dropped drastically. He has it in him, but not shining thus far. It was all about pivotal and I don't see him as that. As I said I see Alfie as pivotal and McGregor. Of course he plays his part in success, but not pivotal. Tav is obviously above criticism. Such is life on a football forum.
  7. Where you the school grass aye? Nowt to do with trolling. My personal opinion, just as yours is different. Now try and get over yourself. Must feel great to be a clype. Top man!
  8. Have no interest in last season. We didn't take the title when we could have. We lost. This season, a new proposition. Reputations mean nothing. The here and now is where it's at, so to date Tav has dipped. He can rise again. That's for him to do. No need for the personal abuse btw.
  9. Emm, Alfie IS now a much better player. You obviously choose to ignore my many posts praising him last season. Try the season before Gerrard came. As for Tav, I ask better than who in our team? He's got Polster as back up and the three on the other side to compare, all of whom deemed not enough by most of the posts in here on the other thread. So what is/who is the comparison in him being a better all round footballer than? Alfie? Forget it! Aribo? No chance. Davis, Arfield, Defoe? Don't think so. Pretty mental indeed. Almost as mental as pivotal. Such is life on a football football. How dare one have a different opinion.
  10. So my comparison with our great defenders down through the years is wrong then?
  11. Emm, no one said he he wasn't good enough, but pivotal? No success without him?! Pivotal would be McGregor or Alfie for obvious reasons, but Tav? I love this place !
  12. For sure I do, but I'm certainly not alone. Not by a long shot. Better one challenged the points with a counter argument. For my case, let's start with the trully great full backs. Shearer, Caldow.........all the way up to when we were bumped 7 years ago. A few trully great captains among them also. Think I'll rest my case.
  13. I suppose it was too good to last not having the weekly fawn over Tav thread.
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