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  1. Blue Avenger

    Feel Good Factor

    This is no false dawn. This is the real deal. We now have seriously good quality. A spine of steel, playing well and will get better, led by the best manager up here by a country mile. Gerrard is a born leader and it well rubs off on the team. We have no fear! FFS, we even have Halliday stepping up and I have no fear of that either and hope the lad does himself proud. Can't feel any better that.
  2. Blue Avenger

    Make no mistake

    For once I'm genuinely lost for words for scum fc, but I will give them this...
  3. Blue Avenger


    Sounds like Windass. A bit like King actually, when the mist and the fog clear, you start to see the light. I thought he done well when he got thrown in at the deep end at left back. I actually wanted him in, after watching the rest of the imposters making a rip roaring cunt of things. Wasn't brilliant, but showed the character and done a job. Thought he done well at the weekend. He lacks that wee bit of dig for me in what I like of a player but Gerrard can inspire him to it. Also his confidence. He needs a bit more self belief and more direction. Again, something he will get from Gerrard. I have no qualms in him starting any game when the regular is out for whatever reason. He is now surrounded with much better quality and gets good instruction from dug out. IMO he deserves a crack at it as he can make for a good utility player and we do need them. It will be up to him to prove the doubters wrong. It's not going to be easy for him, but it's a good opportunity for him to shine and show he is developing into something better.
  4. Blue Avenger


    FFS, that's harsh even by my standards and yes I'm getting drunk on the FGF. It's been a long time coming. Sure, he's never going to be a world beater, but he may just turn out to be that stalwart utility player who can step up when needed. He just needs to do the simple things consistently well. He's got a good attitude and desperate to play for us. That's not the panacea of course, but it's a good start. Like other players, Gerrard may just be the man to improve him. I feel he lacks a bit of self belief and direction and Gerrard is just the remedy for that.
  5. Blue Avenger


    I may get pelters, but fuck it. I thought he done well also and if he is improving under Gerrard, then why not? Was never a fan and he may have not been too shining bright in the past, but he had much better attitude than many of the chancers he had in front of him. If Gerrard has faith in him, then let the guy have a go ffs. It's down to him thereafter. I'd like him to come good. There is stuff in there and he won't get a better mentor than Gerrard, so go for it boy!
  6. Blue Avenger

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    FFS, I must have been tempting fate, as someone has just posted the now weekly Morelos appreciation thread. On the plus side, we won't be seeing anymore of them fucking pass me the sick bag Windass appreciation threads. I love this place.
  7. Blue Avenger


    He 's just unlucky every fucking game then. He scores one today. It didn't matter he and others missed good chances, but on another day, those missed chances could equal defeat. We could have should have had five today, even with ten men. He has improved under Gerrard, as I said we would when the maestro arrived, despite all the naysayers, but the now converted now singing to my Stevie G tune. Is Morelos the ideal lone striker? He clearly isn't . One cannot fault his work rate thus far, but it's converting chances that will win us titles. He simply lacks the composure and doesn't have that poachers instinct of a McCoist, in spending too much time and energy chasing lost causes. Let's hope he learns that even a little thought is worth ten times more than bursting your erse. Top strikers know by second nature when and where to be to burst the net, without bursting their erse. Once we get by Maribor, we sign Lafferty and the final part of the jigsaw is complete. We then have options and then watch this team go. We aint seen nothing yet!
  8. Blue Avenger

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    Fucking big time. Same snowflake pish with Morelos. Would give you the fucking boke.
  9. Blue Avenger

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    Fucking big time. Same snowflake pish with Morelos. Would give you the fucking boke.
  10. Blue Avenger

    MOTM today Connor Goldson

  11. Blue Avenger

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    We are 2-0 up and cruising. What bit don't you get? Now shit stirrer, STFU and try and enjoy the game or go back to the forum you're more appreciated in.
  12. Blue Avenger

    *** Offical Rangers V St Mirren Match thread ***

    Pish case if I'm honest, if the ref allows us eleven men on the park for the full 90.
  13. Blue Avenger

    Boycotting House of Fraser

    Go tell it to the conglomerates who exploit child labour and little short of slavery where you no doubt buy your weekly shop from. Take your pick. Now unless you're boycotting them, away and bile yer heed, hypocrite.
  14. Blue Avenger

    Boycotting House of Fraser

    He is one sleazy looking bastard. How does anyone get so fucking obese on benefits? Does he have another source of income?
  15. Blue Avenger

    Boycotting House of Fraser

    Know any that's not? It's called business. The weak and the vulnerable get chewed up and spat out. Ask Dave King! Now it's only part of the econmics in how the whole planet works. Niavity and gnorance is not an excuse. Now explain why anyone would boycott? A thread fit for taigs and the left.