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  1. Without the taig church, there is no nonce fc! That brother Walfrid cunt has a lot to answer for. One dreads to think what went on over a century ago. Doling out charity to their own has always come at a cost, as history shows us.
  2. Their PM was on the box stating exactly that. Now please stop derailng the thread ffs.
  3. Stop defending a justice system that is corrupt from top to bottom. Fucking Hamsa, the LA, the COPFS, plod, all quick off their mark to try and jail us and make us the bad guys. A ring for fifty years and yet ALL the perp's have not been brought to justice, including the old Directors in their cover up and the unholy edifiace that facilitated the crimes remains open for business and set the narrative. Beggars belief. End of.
  4. Time the COPFS and plod were independently investigated to uncover exactly what they do know and what they have buried.
  5. Their PM is a liar then? SNPira voting rabids. Fucking crucifixed up and rattling them beads. One Swallow does not a summer make. They've raped us enough. Just like the plastics, get them back to the shiteholes from where the came.
  6. Exactly. Poles are taigs and not to be trusted. There church comes first and are as bad if not worse than our plastics. Fuck them all.
  7. Just how far do the tentacles of the ring at nonce fc stretch? ID signed by a senior figure at the club! Reported in 2015 and still no arrest! The perp remains at large, but has the cunt who signed the ID been dragged in yet? I've said before, what is already in the public domain is bad enough, but only the tip of the iceberg. Is the net closing with a full scale plod investigation underway? At the pace of the arrests, I seriously doubt it. It looks to be reactive as opposed to proactive, with no special task force set up as there should be. No one is, nor wants be joining up all the dots. I say they don't need to try, as they already know and all the names buried. That's seven now that we know of. Just what will it take for a full blown investigation? The reluctance of the COPFS and plod to do a proper job stinks to high heaven. Cover up at work imo, as the tentacles of nonce fc reveal their influence over the justice system. If this was any other entity, the dawn raids would have started long ago. Dark forces at work to keep all this stage managed and under control. There should have been an outcry at Holyrood, but we witness only silence. Nonce fc continue business as usual. Not a blemish they take, as they try to distance themselves from any wrong doing. This is institutional child abuse on a grand scale, mirroring the behaviour of their taig church. It is simple. The foorballing authorities should have already suspended all nonce fc officials holding posts at the sfa, to ensure impartiality, just for starters. The evidence thus far is overwhelming for sporting sanctions to be imposed, but the infuence is such that the governing body is both complicit and corrupt, rendering it impotent. As for the justice system. A shameful contradiction in terms, that the public deserve much better. A reflection of the banana republic that this backwater has become that it is clear only civil disorder will reverse. Neither the government nor the justice system give one fuck about the victims, that is clear, as the unholy ediface that is nonce fc are given license to do wtf they want. Suffer the little children.
  8. You are the one makng that arguement and trying to twist it to fuck to use on fellow bears. They are a sporting entity guilty of serious crimes who should receive many sanctions, including those sporting by the governing body. It's not about getting even, that's your twisted fantasy to take down fellow bears and all about a level playing feild, right and wrong and if that puts them out of the game, then so be it as they fully deserve it. Nonce fc are trying very hard to usurp the justice system and the valid claims of the victims. Them trying to cover up crimes the least of it. Justice has to be seen to be done. Matters not if it's nonce fc or whomevver. If you think otherwise, you are a total fraud.
  9. Yes, but the bigger question is why? I firmly believe that those cunts were also peado's, as for me there is no other reason as to why a board of any company would allow a convicted paedo back in, far less in a business that is responsible for kids.
  10. The Polish PM stated recently, without the church, there is no Poland. Tells you everything. Throw in the Rumanians and those from every other taig shitehole whose rabids have came here to rape us, it will be a significant number.
  11. Fuck all to do with winnng a sporting contest and all to do with a level playing field both within sport and in society at at large, both of which are in short supply between nonce fc and SNPira. Of course everyone wants justice for the victims and the families. It just so happens that nonce fc are the glaring guilty party and the ones controlling the narrative within the game and no doubt ably aided and abetted by those out with, to protect the name of their unholy ediface and in doing so subverting justice in this and God knows what else. Do I wish them dead? That would be a big fat yes from me and I do not give one fuck by whose hand they die and for what, if it is by ours, all the better. They and their fucking kind are a cancer in our society as we know to our peril. Yes I hope the victims get their justice, but I want the book thrown at them as a sporting entity guilty of heinous crimes. Anyone who thinks outherwise is no fan of this club, nor sport in general when a sporting entity can walk away from crimes committed without sporting sanction, as that is the only thing that can hurt them in reality and the only thing that would give the victims every satisfaction in seeing that both the individuals AND the organisation responsible pay for their crimes. A level playing field is where it is at and nonce fc are playing both the victims and the sport itself for fools, because they are allowed to. This was systematic and systemic child abuse facilitated by board members, and perp'd by individuals of a sporting organisation. Jail time, compensation and sporting sanctions are all that needs done for justice to be seen to be done.
  12. Well being a taig and gay is a pretty potent cocktail in the taig church as history tells us and of which he was also a very active member. The cunt was always fighting a cause for them. We're talking high risk p.o.i. here! He was also quite an acclaimed QC, so one can but only imagime the strokes he put paedo pete wise to.
  13. Just remembered that Rangers hating bastard lawyer of theirs Paul McBriide, who croaked was gay. Now what did that fucker take to the grave.
  14. There would be no impartial inquiry in this shithole. They would need to be imported from down south and including any cunt with a taig name objected to.
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