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  1. Has to be Smith.
  2. Wrong country. Wrong board!
  3. And mer pish and repeat!
  4. Fucking Crashcar! I said it before and say it again, he is DONE. Yet there were many even calling for a team to be built around him. Some of whom now calling him shite!
  5. This thread is the reason why we never move forward and the board laugh their cocks off! Stuck in a time warp of mediocrity, whilst the taigs get the cream and the board get off the hook.
  6. You are having a giraffe? This manager and the two previous are nowhere near the quality of Brenda. He is no top manager, but he is fucking miles agead of anyone in this backwater. You do understand that the scum won the treble at a canter without losing a game? You do understand that whilst the scum were preparing to qualify for the CL group stages, we were preparing to finish second in a backwater league with pretty much a brand new team? They again pocket 26mil as they qualify without spending a penny. We are nowhere near pushing them. The level of investment needed to do that is on another level, as is a manager needed. We are playing at being second best with second rate managers and second rate players, albeit a step up from last year, we are nowhere near them and second rate we will remain until there are changes in the board room. Just that miracles don't happen.
  7. Can't do Moyes, but I'm with you, but we just can't fucking afford them, or want to. Plus we would need to give them a chance with a bigger budget. Yes your right, we don't have the ambition and being second appears to be where we are at. We can't get another board so WTF is the answer?
  8. Second or last makes no difference. There is no honour in either. The arguement deflects to second, when the demand should be first and no less, but the king rimmers won't have it. Unless there is change, 10 iar is given for the scum and the rimmers will still be making excuses. We simply cannot afford a manager anywhere near Brenda's calibre and that's a damming indictment in itself, far less the. chasm in squad investment.
  9. Irrespective of what he and every other manager alludes to, surely you did not expect to take the title this season or any other until we had the prerequsite level of investment to do so and bring in a manager of at least Brenda's calibre, no matter the cunt he is? The scum won the treble at a canter. Not one game lost. They have just secured another 26 mil without spending a penny. The gap is widening not closing. Nothing changes until we adequately invest and bring in a top manager. That old record is stuck on repeat. When will we realise it's worn out and we are Rangers in name only with this board?
  10. Me tay! The cunt remark says more about you than a taig.
  11. It was too late when this board took over. If you can't inject the level of investment needed to match the scum, then there is no point. Being second is being a loser and that is where we remain with this board. We are actually arguing about being second. Accept it, or just keep howling at the moon.
  12. We made sure of that!
  13. Name them.
  14. Without a budget to match, no one, as they would all be failures. We are dragging serious baggage both on and off the park. Our board are impotent in many aspects, but we did put them there after chasing off everyone else. Until we have a board with the financial might, acumen and aspiration to match the scum, we remain also rans and we shouldn't be expecting any more in that scenario, as we have no God given right to be winning anything. You put in the biggest investment you have the biggest chance of achieving your objectives. We remain to playing at it and the board know that and they don't expect much more. Second is where it's at for them and the level of investment reflects that. We on the other hand fail to see that as we argue over making second place ffs. They must love us, that we are not demanding first now. The scum are planning to make it to the CL group stages every season, whilst we plan to do second. That equals a chasm between us that only serious investment can bridge. At this moment in time 10iar is a given for them, unless there is a major change in investment and acumen by our board. There are some on our board who would qualify for PIP quicker than they would for dole money. We are simply not at the races and it's not down down to successive managers, as bad as they are/were. Smell the coffee.
  15. Fucking bang on with that. Match Brenda and with cash to spend, otherwise forget it!
  16. You obviously don't mind the scum doing 10 iar and with those aspirations, probably 20. How much sand are you actually buried in?
  17. Now where the fuck is that sand.
  18. And king might fly! The scum are the benchmark. Fail to match them in investment and quality, including a top manager, then do not expect to take a title until we do so. Dead simples, or just waste your time moon howling at disappointment.
  19. If only it was about a better choice. Not that they listen to anyone other than themselves. What you want to do, have a ballot for a new manager? None of this is about a manager and all about investment and until we match the scum, they have 10iar in the bag no matter who the fuck we have as a manager, but I've only been saying it for the last 3 years. The board must be laughing their cocks off as we are distracted about the Herts and hivs of this world and be happy to come second, because the scum is where it's really at, but oh no, not one in here will admit to it nor challenge the board on it. The have only just gone and tucked another 26 mil away without spending a fucking penny. Is there something you and many others are failing to recognise? Now, do you believe in miracles? Keep moon howling, because there is nothing else.
  20. Big picture. They are the very same who will chose the next manager, so what changes? Nothing!
  21. Maybe you should be talking to Brenda then! Or maybe Jose, Pep. Do you live in the Sahara? Or maybe Pluto?
  22. You actually manage to talk more shite than me. Congratulations.
  23. He stays until king says otherwise and that won't be anytime soon, so everyone just keep howling at the moon and expecting a new manager to sort it. Some sadly don't learn the lessons of the past.
  24. We are out of the title race until we match the scum in spending and quality. Until then, keep moon howling, as our problems run far deeper than any manager.
  25. Mer shite spoken on this thread than one of my old King threads and that takes some doing! We have been and have taken shite for five years and more now both on and off the park. WTF has made today so special? 3 managers in that period, 4 if you count the rubber duck. The stadium is a shambles, shrouded in plastic. Ref's and the SFA taking the piss without challenge. We are Rangers in name only and if anyone thinks otherwise you are painfully deluded and terrified to face reality. The moon howlers will continue to howl and the board will continue to chuckle, because they know that we will do fuck all about it. What we going to do? Remove them? Pedro will go when the board decide and not a minute before. Thereafter to be replaced with another second rater and buy more time and repeat. Anyone for more moon howling? Clear sky tonight.