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  1. Fucking big time. Whitney doesn't posses the guile of that fucking lying snake. Hopefully Whitney bears a grudge and the repercussions put both trough guzzlers out of business. From some of the erse lickers in here you'd think the the mershmellows were some king of fucking royalty, not! Just another sparking example of backstabbing trough guzzlers relieving the gullible of their blue pound.
  2. Is there enough oxygen on Pluto for 22 to be living there?
  3. I don't follow the logic?
  4. We will NEVER win the title whilst the career criminal is at the helm, so let's hope to fuck he does one very soon!
  5. Yes and many have watched the way he has carried himself and hostility comes from him being a total fucking snake. He couldn't spell "straight". Give me an obnoxious honest to goodness, up front straight talking bastard any day of the week and at least you know what you are dealing with, not some double talking smarmy fucker, who twists and lies as second nature.
  6. FFS, I thought somebody had taken him out.
  7. Good news. Coaching capacity defo and impact sub maybe. His days as automatic start are over, unless of course we aint planning on replacing the current alternative so called strikers.
  8. The inequity boils my piss. Exactly, if "fenian bastard" it's sectarian and top story on every mhedia outlet. Fucking hate this backwater.
  9. There could be if we didn't have the current crop potless lying bastards, living off our fucking money. So what's the the long term solution? Keeping these potless cunts at the top table?
  10. Fucking brilliant. Spot on. I'm getting he's not a fan of king and co with the 50 mil quip. A true legend..
  11. Trying to pretend they have big time ambitions , without divulging they have fuck all money to do it with. A wee sweetener to wet the appetite in trying to sell the fantasy that we will be back in the big time. It's all an illusion, if some haven't worked that out yet.
  12. That is because they are working to a different agenda to the fan base. We are looking to challenge for the title. They are clearly not, as neither can they afford it, whether it be for a DoF, a top manager or decent players, nor can they admit to it. We are talking cheap and not so cheerful here. It maybe more than the also rans, but it will not be closing any gap on the scum.
  13. In your dreams. Word has it Whitney is the front runner, due to his football academy experience and he's doing it for free. Well, not on the books in any case.
  14. You have a point, but I doubt we can afford a manager with a track record that in different circumstances would befitting the job. If we were going to go with an unknown quantity, I would have preferred it to be one of our own eg McCann. In saying all that, no matter the stature of manager we bring in, if there is only enough funding to bring in more donkeys, it makes little difference as neither type will succeed. As for the title next season, absolutely no fucking chance, unless this board free up some serious money and that just isn't going to happen. In fact financially we could me far much worse off with these court actions pending, so I dread to think as to how much we will be getting.
  15. TBH, if he only gets a budget to bring in more donkeys, then we won't be able to judge him against the scum as that would be pointless, so it's about judging him against the lesser teams as that is the level we are at and will be for the foreseeable future.
  16. Yeah, that's it. Not that he's a convicted career criminal, a lying bastard who broke promises. Provided no investment, Spends a fortune in court and the next one could put us out of business and generally treats idiots like you with utter contempt.
  17. Bingo! And what's more, these penniless also rans are looking to turn a serious buck for the privilage! We are again being raped, but most cannot see it, or for that matter, don't actually give a fuck anymore.
  18. FFS, I've been called many things, but never a Journalist. I may write much pish, but no.
  19. Well at least we've srtaed a new fad. Givng lucrative contracts to donkeys wearing blue jerseys. They'd do much better on carrots.
  20. In your dreams. King's only motivation is for King and no cunt else and it matters not who gets fucked over in the process. You obviously don't do the lessons of the past, nor the current with mr mendacious at the helm in continuing his behaviour of corporate malfeasance. We are again in court as a consequence of his actions, one which at least one could see us going to the wall. We continue to be a year on year loss maker, so coupled with the litigation, there is absolutely fuck all that is stable about our business and as a going concern we are currently unsustainable.
  21. There will be no investor whilst the convicted criminal is at the helm, who is only again subject to two court actions, one of which most certainly could have dire consequences for us, in being put out of business. The business is again under threat by the law due to our irresponsible actions, so what credible investor would even think of putting money in ffs? We just can't help ourselves!.
  22. I just had to get it in. I'm thinking about sending an email to king saying that the fans think it is a great idea, in sending out all the right messages and would fully support such a move. Do you think king would suss it, or is he that thick, it being just the excuse he needs to make it happen? I'm sure Whitney is well up for it after losing out on the SLO slot. Well king through his QC, did cite the fans in court on the breach of contract action, saying we the fans weren't happy about the SD deal, the one that we are not supposed to know about, or did he conveiently forget about the banning order and just stupidly dug himself another hole?! A legend in his own mind, in being just not too shining bright and it's no wonder SARS fucked him.
  23. Doesn't Whitney have experience in this role? I'm sure he's the Director of some football academy? I'd back him.
  24. FFS, I'll say!
  25. How the fuck has he rid us of Ashley. You do realise SD have a court action against us for breach contract that a high court judge has allowed to preceed. If we lose and in all probability we will on looking at the application proceedings, we could be facing admin2 if the damages are of a magnitude that we cannot afford and at the minute, we are still in the red. Mr mendacious may have just handed mash the keys by his irresponsible and incompetent actions.