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  1. Oh well, king back to doing what king does best. Causing division with another bad case of foot in mouth. I read it as praise for Whitney and SOS and they and their apologists are clearly taking it as that. They are the real supporters of king!
  2. 2.5 mil for a not so talented shitebag who couldn't get round a kert horse? Pass me the crack pipe ffs.
  3. Turned down an improved offer indeed. LBH, he's a shitebag and a spine is something he will never grow and hopefully I will never have to be disappointed by this over rated tosser ever again. What is the price of a shitebag these days? Be lucky to get a mil for him, so cheerio and gtf.
  4. Word is we are seriously interested in a young priest at St Peter's Seminary who is a great talent at right back for the Archdiocese.
  5. Well is it Ashley or King shares?! Haven't a clue tbh, if indeed any are being sold. I was thinking how the fuck does king get out of this one? Just don't see him having the cash for this, skint or not if the worst happened and many wanted to sell, far less him ponying up over a million just for a meaningless prospectus. It just isn't his style. It's like the bluffer's bluff getting called. He has also stated on many occasions that many small shareholders is best for the club. Cover for I aint for buying anymore fuckng shares. Back against the wall time. Where does he go? Uncle Mike, I've got a deal for you? Absolutely nothing would surprise me.
  6. Funny you should mention it. You do know Ashley is now underwriting it for him? I can live with that.
  7. I'd even forgotten about Whitney with all the good news these days, then this! Must say though, he's been pretty much sidelined and I can't believe he's just been cast aside, but I doubt anyone will be wanting him with us now Ashley friendly so to speak. His business ventures will take a severe doing with this latest. Once a useful pawn to some, now collateral damage?
  8. Actually, I forgot about that, but fuck it, if uncle Mike is looking to give us cash, I'm fucking grabbing it as clearly the boycotters now are. He and King have done a u turn and I am pretty pleased about that. I am also pleased about the signings thus far. I think we are at last looking forward and instilling some business sense into matters. It is abvious King/T3B would struggle financially in closing ground on the scum and if we can lever Ashley into parting with cash so much the better and who knows where it will lead us. It's all positive thus far and I'm sick to fuck with trailing those bastards in the east. Well there is now less need of hope and more of expectation from what has gone on this close season, so it's for the expectations are realised. The reality will still be a rocky road next season as all these new signings bed in, but at least we now have more of a solid foundation to build from, so a bit of patience needed. The scum won't be standing still either, but I at least know we now have a fighting chance. I doubt we will ever get the transpency that we are after, but if the board can stay away from intrigue and double dealing, putting good business sense before personal agendas and start defending the club and the support, coupled with serious improvement on the park, I can live with that.
  9. Fuck that. Too much. The cunt's over rated.
  10. Interseting we run with SD, but they are the largest retailer here and we make money AND there is more to it than we know, that we will benefit from, because it's too big a turnaround for both parties for it not to be.
  11. ? I do hope you are putting that in the right context, as in I'm long past caring who we get money from to stop the scum!
  12. 10 iar looms on the horizon for the scum. I'm long past caring. Just don't bring us any more fucking court cases. Fuck me, with these pair of shysters, read business acumen?! If both their conniving brains can be be used in the positive, kept on track and bring us the result, I'm for it. They both do nothing for nowt, but in their common quest for moneymaking I can seriously see us benefitting big time. King wouldn't be doing it nothing nor Ashley, but you can see what's in it for both. Ashley has cash that we/king needs and we have quite a cheap option platform for Ashley, relative to his English interests. Interesting times to see how this new love in develops.
  13. The thing is, Ashley could also ask as to how much he has been shafted. What matters is the seven year stranglehold has gone. That was the one big thing that we all knew about. It's gone and I'm happy at that. So we now have a one year deal and even if king doesn't make a penny (but I'm sure we will), it's maybe just the trade off needed. If king saying this is good for us, then I'm with it, simply because the seven year millstone is gone and we at long fucking last can start seeing some blue jerseys about the place. It's like we don't exist when you're out and about and it's fucking hoops all over the place. I also think it's wise for King not to release any of the financials on it, as it's the club's business and no one elses. WTF would we want all and sundry to know our business? I'm with King on this one and I know it's ironic coming from me, but as I've said, there has been been trade offs as deal making goes and I have absolutely no doubt that there is benefit to King/Club in this and a long game being played, that we will hear about at some point in the future to our mutual benefit. These two blaggards could be quite a potent force together. Maybe they've just realised it!
  14. I always new that king was a shifty bastard, but to stoop that low. Even I didn't think he would be capable of that. Boycott starts now!
  15. Ashley doesn't do xmas. The deal is peanuts to him and as I've said, there is a longer game being played here. It takes two to negotiate a deal and there are compromises on both sides. However, it will be to our benefit. Watch this space.
  16. I hope your not giving reason for me shred king again?! I think it is in the positive. Money is their God. We only need to knock the scum off their perch and we're in. Neither are daft by a long shot. I think there is more than a retail deal on both their minds!
  17. Much truth there. Also, equally important is the king ashley relationship. They both share one thing in common. An obsession with making money. I think there is a long game being played here and the plan already hatched between them. King has the ambition, Ashley has the cash in spades, put them together, you have a seriously powerful force and one that would put the fear right up that other lot and that challenge coming sooner than later. King is no mug and Ashley has what he needs. Hopefully all differences have indeed been put to the one side and we can seriously take off and return to our former glory.
  18. And at fucking long last, we will now see blue jerseys around Glasgow.
  19. As I already stated yesterday on the Mark Allen thread. Positive and specifically mentioned good news coming from retail. Let us not forget, it takes two make a deal. Ashley could have went through with the court action and easily won as @Reformation Bearvery eloquently laid it out. This is two mutual benefit and let's not kid ourselves they are both just different sides of the same coin and both very much into turning a buck. This doesn't make king any less a liar with his broken promises. You see if Ashley said no, then where would we be? I also expect there is more to come from this new relationship that will be of great advantage to us. It's simple, King has got the ambition, but not the money to take us to the next level and make a serious challenge and return us to former glories, Ashley has and knowing the MO of both, king at last can use his unique skill set in maximising the relationship with Ashley to mutual advantage. These two are characters and I feel part two of this plot has already been hatched and it will be good for us. Watch this space.
  20. At long last! I also think there is more to come from all this in a postive manner. Dare I say it, I think King and Ashley have also hatched a bigger plan to mutual advantage. This is a start of more to unfold. LBH both are just different sides of the same coin and both are very much into turning a buck. If the hatchet has been well and truly buried, I can see this working to our great advantage. Watch this space.
  21. Not at all. Read my post yesterday on the Mark Allan thread. Very positive and I did specifically mention possible good news on the retail deal, so there.
  22. This tie will be politicised to fuck, with us cast as the villains of the piece. I believe the ties will be reversed which only makes sense I suppose. However, I do not agree if the scum don't take up their allocation, as that in itself casts us as the villains. Sure there's a chasm in quality, but they didn't do so well in Gibraltar. We give those cunts the fear, so make sure we do.
  23. I'm both shocked and seriously pleased. If we were going to have a DOF, he is a great choice. Now, some cunt isn't telling us about money. Are we looking at a pleasent surprise here, because I know we're hoping to offload 14, which I think we will strugglle with, but looking to bring in 11 and thus far a decent bit of quality who won't be cheap. We now have a DOF who will also require support staff, so there is obviously money coming from somewhere.. Retail deal and or what? I've had a good feeling about the signings thus far and more to come, so a good day all round.
  24. Does that equate to, if we had won the league last season, we would all have bought jerseys, even although the boycott is still on?
  25. Absolute load of shite!