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  1. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    Need to get some shut eye. Take care mate and get to your fucking bed.
  2. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    I fucking read that. WTF's going on? Japanese fucking uniforms. I'm out!
  3. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    Just you fuckin behave.
  4. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

  5. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    I feel your pain. May God be with you.
  6. Survey about Reduced Allocation for the taigs.

  7. Board Out

    Bit rich from the biggest revisionist on here. Now your carer captain beaky awaits you. Peace be with you.
  8. Board Out

    I'll treat that with the contempt it deserves. Are you a jesuit? Now you and the posse of hissing sids really need to get out more.
  9. At the end of the day getting in the right manager is a fucking hard call for any club. Some work out some don't. Even some of the best of them don't work out. The problem is only magnified when your back is against the wall. Money isn't always the answer but it does give you options and a fighting chance. TBH, I haven't a fucking clue who would be a good fit for us, but without some decent investment, I think the best of them would fail in trying to overhaul the scum. We did have a very slim chance of taking them this season, but it iwas a one off opportunity that presented itself and we lost, but I can't put the blame on Murty, as where we now are was a long time in the making. With the way things are off and on the park, unless we get a change in our financial circumstances, I can't see us getting the opportunity again for quite a few years, so it's now down to the board to reverse that and secure the investment needed to make a realistic challenge.
  10. Board Out

    I'll take that as compliment. Cheers!
  11. Board Out

    The BBC are now a credible broadcaster.
  12. Board Out

    Oh dear, looks like someone forgot their meds today. So here we are, up to our necks in debt, hocked assets, our Chairman a known liar and corporate felon, up for 11 mill, a squad full of loan players and dead wood and sit with not a pot to piss in. We kb a bid for 8 mil no less. Must have missed we are going through a purple patch Thank fuck I see a different shrink!
  13. Board Out

    You are seriously unhinged. I feel your pain. Assalamu Alaikom.
  14. Board Out

    Only one party can verify the authenticity, is the supposed buying club. Strange as to why that on this occasion there is nothing! But, but it's true I tell yeh. Show us the deeds ffs!
  15. Board Out

    So he's worth 10 mil and the board knocked back 8 mil and then took out a wonga type loan a few days later? We have have the BBC, previously outed as liars, we all hate them, but on this transfer saga, suddenly we believe them?! Nothing more than click bate. Then we have "King said". The best yet, so all of a sudden it's the first time this lying bastard speaks the truth? So what we have is sources of two known liars with no evidence. Not one shred of evidence originating from the buying club. How difficult is it to get the source club to confirm or deny? Not very! Just another ruse in a long line of ruses from our glib and shameless liar, fresh back from trying to lie from an appeal court judge. Some do have serious issues with their sense of smell, far less their judgement.
  16. Murty should be let go now.

    You've just unwittingly gave the board an out for next season. Bump Murty, put Jimmy Nic in charge and we'll lap it up.
  17. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    It's an even worse day when fuckwits actually believe this board is the best we can do.
  18. The lemmon brought up a squad from the championship and sit 3rd. He also has a chest full of winners medals as a player and a manager. He's won more title medals than Brenda. The lemmon is the man with the track record and a proven winner. Why would we be considering a taig who's won fuck all and little in the way of a managerial record when there is a better man?
  19. How Much More Of The Underwhelming Dave Can We Take?

    Did you torch the John Ogilvie?
  20. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    He was NEVER going to be a success. In fact under this board, no manager could be a success, unless you see being second as success. His appointment was never about failure or success, but to get this board out of a hole after their failure in landing McInnes or anyone else for that matter. As for taigery, look no further than Stevie bhoy Clarke whom many are fawning over. Lastly, when did youths at our club become such an mportance? When we're skint?! Your post reeks of hypocrisy.
  21. Stevie Clarke

    He'd bring Laffery!
  22. Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    TBH, he is frustrated as the rest of us, but he does have a point. The scum laid waste to our our very slim chance of glory, followed by defeat to a provncial club on the ascendancy and we go into meltdown. We suddenly realise Murty isn't the man and we're not as good as we thought we were. Yes, the challenge is over, but there remains much at stake to ensure second or third, or we don't see Europe, taking it as a given, we aint winnng any cup. There are seven games to go and it's being rather disengenuous to Murty in all this rag dolling of him and speculating as to his replacement. He didn't appoint himself and everyone new his limitations and what he has delivered under very difficult circumstances is limited success. We could have simply plumetted down the league after Pedro and we haven't and that bit ot of limited success is down to Murty. He needs our support to the very end of this campaign. He is committed, but he can only give what he's got and we all knew it would be limited. We are the worst at facing reality and don't do learning very well. The reality is we are skint and we are attracting no decent manager or quality of player to this club to take a title, whilst this board are in power. Where we are is three years in the making, as predicted by some. Murty and the players may share some of the blame in the manner of some defeats, but we are deluded if we expected anything other. Where we are is a direct consequence of this board, not Murty. What we are off the park is reflected on it. There is no stability and we are enshrined in incompetence and mismanagement of resources to put it mildly. We are polluted with loan players and dead wood, led by a greenhorn. Then there is debt and corporate malfeasance. Loans, lies and lack of transparency. Duplicity and deception. Demonisation without reply. Just where do people expect us to be?! Patience is wearing thin, but the anger is misplaced, as the real issue rests not with this manager and until heads are taken out of the sand, nothing changes and will remain rinse and repeat and fans drift away for the lack of success and our sickness becomes terminal.
  23. How Much More Of The Underwhelming Dave Can We Take?

    Let's just sweep sweep the accounts under the carpet along with the funding gap, the Close loan and the COS ruling. At this point, football is the least we should be worrying about.
  24. How Much More Of The Underwhelming Dave Can We Take?

    I seriously want two of what you're on!
  25. Withholding ST Money

    The COS ruling puts us in the category of a club in crises because of our association with King and as we know the Close loan reflects that the board are strapped for cash and King can no longer fund any gaps, maintaining he's skint, which he needs to continue as his position if he wishes to secure leave to appeal to the Supreme Court, not that he's got a cat in hells chance of securing such leave. In the meantime, money gets burned. Wages and suppliers to pay. ST money not yet rolling in and we are left in limbo as to King's intentions. The one thing a board must do in any crisis situatuation is keep stakeholders informed to maintain confidence in the continuity of the business, that bills will be paid and it will be business as usual or otherwise, but here we are, defeaned by the silence in response to that one key event in the COS ruling that could have a devastating effect on our business. The silence is as unprofessional as it is totally irresponsible. Apart from a few deluded fans, pretending this will all go away, there is not one on this planet that would have any trust or confidence in us as a business. A further erosion of an already toxic brand. This silence is a deep concern to me, as in my experience it reflects the behaviour of those going to the wall, or indeed, a very positive announcement to be made as in a takeover. You can then speculate on which it will be in our case, so let's hope it's the latter. All of this was avoidable, but when you have charlatans at the helm, you takes your chances and pray to the almighty. Our future is in their hands, but as the clock ticks for the COS ruling, it won't be too long before we know our fate. I find the tenure of this board nothing less than toxic. They are a poisonous crew, shrouded in incompetence and skullduggery of Shakespearian proportions, that should never have been allowed anywhere near us, but for the paid hands and errand boys. We as a fan base should be showing far more cocern in what is going on and what is not being said. I just fear there is bad news coming soon.