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  1. Morelos tweets about Besiktas

    Not in Stevie's plans. Not good enough. Frees up a wage for his own man.
  2. A tougher Approach from Douglas Park

    It's ALL Dave King and at last I'm liking it.
  3. I truly hope Dave King fucks every cunt in his wake, apart from us of course. Sick to fuck with this taig infested shitehole. From those pish stained beggar inbred bastards at the scumdome to the spineless rabid bastards in authority. Dave King is wholly responsible for what I see as a revolution about to take hold. I like the noises he is now making andI think I know where he is heading and it's all good. We get in some decent signings under Gerrard, we are taking this title. I have cause to be very optimistic. Those scummy bastards are bricking it as they know we are coming for real this time. Haven't felt this good since Souness and 9iar. Dave King is many things, but I'm with him on this one. Hope to fuck I'm right or I'm fucking toast again!
  4. Whilst I appreciate the sentiment, I am fully behind Mr King(Dave to me). There will be no rocking the boat.The Stevie G project is his and I back it all the way. Fuck TOP (which he has well covered) and every other fucking authority out there, who make it their life's work to fuck us over. Time Dave fucked a few in return and with my blessing and he is at last off to a good start.
  5. Most of the names already mentioned. More of the well balanced thoughtful types. The unhinged lunatic types like myself and eejay, sorry eejay, just wouldn't do. Board members would be getting slashed. D'Art would be the popular choiceI would say. Don't know whether his brief encounter with 1872 has scarred him for life and puts him off, but a very worthy candidate. Great if it could happen.
  6. Beggars Allocation Cut

    They can take their taig fest to fuck elsewhere and go fucking die!
  7. Beggars Allocation Cut

    In the long term we will see, as in when we are shredding those scummy bastards regularly and we can let more in just to humiliate the cunts more, but in the meantime, this was the right decision at the right time. Starting to show the haters across the land and particularly those scummy bastards that we mean business. They know we are coming after them and this time for real. King wanting that taig bastard at the SFA investigated was priceless. I think he might even be starting to enjoy himself, because for the last three years, he's been a miserable looking bastard. I think he stopped sleep walking when he got rid of that waster Murray and brought in Gerrard. Definitely a better feel to us. Leading from the front and much to look forward to.
  8. Beggars Allocation Cut

    I'm on a roll with Dave King at the minute. Don't temp fate! Two great decisions in Gerrard and now this. Heading for 50k ST''s. Targeting some serious players, but whether we secure them we shall see, but I'm hopeful. Just lookng at a different type of player and a different way of playing is fucking exciting me. Can't wait for the new season as real rivalry is now back. I no longer give a fuck that King is stringing along TOP, because quite fucking frankly I'm fed up to fuck with authorities fucking us over and those scummy bastards in the east end ripping the piss. If Dave can bring in money I'm behind him. Actually him bringing in Gerrard done it for me. It gave me hope, whereas before I had little if any at all. He's not off the hook. Just a stay of execution if we don't win this league at the first time of asking under Gerrard. No pressure, but we can do this.
  9. Beggars Allocation Cut

    Fucking yesssssssss. All day long! A well done to Dave King and the board on this one. Now just get those new signings rolling in.
  10. Darfur

    His dentist father ffs?! They cunts are fucking loaded, so how come a fucking refugee?! Economc migrant in disguise. What church is he attending? "So sir, how come you are asylum seeking and wanting to settle in Glasgow?" " I'm a Rangers supporter". "Oh really sir. Very good reason. Approved" as the taig migration officer signs off the document, splitting his sides. That'll fuckin teach them. "Now here's how you claim all your benefits. Let us know if you need any help and if you need any priority housing, we'll set you up with the GHA, with their migrants first policy and fuck the locals. Wee chance of a job as well. Now you enjoy your stay and if you want all your extended family members to join you, just let us know and we'll give you every assistance". At this point the taig migration officer is on the floor having fits at his good fortune in fucking us over, much to the bemusement of the migrant who's had so much fucking luck, he's thinking fuck Islam, I'm joining the church and milk these bastards for all they've got. So in two years he moves on to become a GHA tenant in Lambhill, plus a fucking job of them! GHA certainly change lives as they have consigned a generation of locals seeking housing to live with parents in overcrowded conditions and consigned others to living on the street. Cunts have been on the wait list for ten fucking years without a sniff, and this guy gets a job as well in two! The system certainly works for you if you're an economic migrant. This guy has now got to believe in Jesus and every day is xmas. With his new found wages, he'll be able to fund the building of two palaces back in his shitehole and open a chain of dentists. Some cunts havin a giraffe. Is this a taig stitch up?! NB: For some reason I'm just not getting the picture of this son of a dentist, being destitute goat herding on the high plains ravaged by drought and famine and a battalion of Muslim extremists on his tail! Then again, I may be totally wrong, but it wouldn't be like me. I can but only imagine what the blonde bint in the caption is thinking as she stands with gawking facial expression jelly fucking legged looking at this guy! Is it how big, or what?!
  11. Wallace And Miller's Suspensions.

    Shameful my erse. Too many for too long ripping the hole out of this club. Just because Murty was a spineless wank, it does not automatically equate to him being in the wrong, particularly when no cunt actually knows the real story. We got humped. Wf did you actually rxpect with the alentless and spineless bunch we have? Get this baggage and many more to fuck out of this club.
  12. Wallace And Miller's Suspensions.

    These two are an irrelevance. The outcome will be confidential as it should be and no more washing dirty linen in public. Let the board do their job. Getting these two off the wage bill and hopefully along with MOH is a big positive in moving forward. No time for sentiment for where we are destined and no time for wasting time on baggage, because that is what all three are, along many more who hopefully depart the scene sooner than later.
  13. Wallace And Miller's Suspensions.

    Nowt new on that score. Hopefully MOH can join him at hivs and they can bum each other all the way to the daily rabid.
  14. Wallace And Miller's Suspensions.

    I would be surprised if he does. Playing wise they are done. Personal wise, they are damaged goods and Miller's contract is up. A matter for Robertson. SG is here to concentrate on getting a winnng team on the park, not to waste time baggage handling.
  15. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    He is all that, but you still can't discipline or sack him for attending a scum game. You could sack him for leaking team info info to other teams of course if we had the evidence. Do we and if we do, why is he still here?
  16. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

  17. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Being fucked off with or without an agreed settlement are two entirely different things, so which is it?
  18. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    You're using the words punish him, but punish him for what? He would need to be told as to why and it certainly couldn't be for watching a scum game, so what would it be for? Taking into account whatever is dreamt up, it would need to be equitable with any other player in similar circunstance to him, or again, it's back to constructive dismissal and racial discrimination, seeing as to who and what he is.
  19. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    We'd be up for constructive dismissal, far less racial discrimination, seeing the taigs already have a ruling in the favour for such discriminatory conduct against their ilk in their religious, political and cultural origins being one. They managed to create a holy trinity of their own that is untouchable. The fucking media would absolutely shred us.
  20. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    You seriously want Gerrard to discipline MOH for attending a scum final? You do understand that the club would be taken to the cleaners? Yes he deserves the chop, but it cannot be done for his taigness or scum affiliations, but it can only be for his dismall footballing performances and a package would need to be involved owing to his contract, unless you can come up with some legitimate reason for dismissal.
  21. MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Actually he may feel he is doing no wrong. Much like say a St Mirren player who is a massive Rangers fan going to watch us in a final. I wouldn't have a problem with that. Why would anyone? MOH's problem is he has done nothing for us and his attitude stinks. He has proven with others he isn't such a shit player, but he just doesn't do it for us. Is the taig in him too much that it prevents him, but whatever, he is stealing a wage. I don't want him anywhere near us any longer. His association with us damages us. No rotting in the reserves, just grudgingly negotiate a deal to get him to fuck ASAP.
  22. You'd think Glasgow was a one club city

    Probably Palestinian flags. Just another they've hijacked to suit and further their cause. The problem is, this shite influences and gives the less informed the wrong impression of what Scotland is. We moan a lot about it and give it large about the Union and anti Indy, but there is no recognisable response to any of the taig movements on the ground. I have never seen one Union Jack visibly displayed from a window or a large flagpole in the garden around Glasgow, but I've seen plenty tricolours and and saltires. Then all the Yes Indy marches. 40k plus at the last one. Previously there was the Indy bridge pish. Where is all our response to this in favour of our cause? None! Not a fucking one. This shite is catching and it will rub of on the less discerning to the point that it tips the scales in their favour. We remain a passive bunch by comparison and appear to only act when it's too late. The silent majority remain silent and soon we will will not be the majority and I know at the last Scottish election SNPira lost their overall majority, but I put that down to the protest vote against the incumbents, which is far from being unusual. Whilst on the park we will put those bastards to the sword, in the political arena, we are sleep walking our way to outright defeat.
  23. Cummings

    Good to see the Mo could be on his way. A few quid in the hip for us and we're laughing.