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  1. Walter behind the scenes?

    We'd have no cunt left and you do forget, this board have no money for quality. Also Walter did have his favourites and no matter how shite they were, they never lost their place. Walter couldn't survive in what and where we are as a club these days.
  2. maybe not the most popular of opinions however.

    Another season of this, it won't take 5 years!
  3. maybe not the most popular of opinions however.

    We can't afford a low calibre one, ala McInnes, far less Mark Hughes.
  4. maybe not the most popular of opinions however.

    What have the support done for the board to think otherwise? Buy ST's in record numbers?!
  5. This Forum Right Now

    Have missed something? Have the board left the building? We've been accepting shite for the last 3 seasons.
  6. The irony is, this board cannot and will not secure one that is any better and in the little hope that they just might, he will not produce any better results, because this board cannot afford to bring in the needed quality. Results are everything such is the business and no matter the manager we bring in, the status quo will temain and we will accept it, such is who we are. Know of any manager of any stature that we can afford? Know of any manager of any stature who will have to work on shoe string with the rxpectation of overtaking the scum? Know of anyone who will have a DoF deciding on players, far less being able to afford one? Know of quality players we can afford? A commanding quality keeper? Left or right back who can defend? An imposing stalwart central defender with a bit of pace and good in the air? A midfield general? A striker who can consistly score goals. 20-30 a season? If you do please let our DoF know. The key to our success, will be the removal of this board, end of.
  7. This Forum Right Now

    The fact is, there is no answer with this board in power. Different manager and same old, same old.
  8. *Official Rangers v St Johnstone Match Thread*

    What credible manager would you like to see in that we can afford, or is there no such animal? I believe there isn't.
  9. Let’s End The Uncertainty

    Absolutely not a fucking chance. We simply have no money and what decent manager would come with a DoF picking the players to come in? None. I ask again. Do ypu know of any worthy candidates out there that we could afford and take this poisoned chalice, because I don't.
  10. Murty and these December games

    I will be totally unsurprised if we turn out next week and batter the cunts, because that's what we are. Mediocre, bereft of quality and inconsistent, but can over perform on occasion. Just like everyone else in this league outwith the scum. Many just fail to recognise it and get too upset when we get pumped. There is no point in hoping we get better overall, because we won't as the quality just isn't there. On the plus side, we are slightly better mediocrity than the rest, so we will have many more victories than not. If we want better, go tell it to King.
  11. This squad

    We've had the Warburton squad. Shite. We've had the Pedro squad. Arguably better shite, but still shite. We're now left with mixed shite, in what I've got to say we've seen the best of mixed shite in that first sheep victory. 2 or 3 players at most are a bit of quality and the rest of the squad shall remain exactly what they are. There is no improvng them as too many lack the basic attributes to become better players. Yes, they will over perform at times and click, but in the main, they will be going head to head with all the other mediocrity in this league, with the outcome unpredictable, as that is just what you get from very average players. Inconsistency. As the old saying goes, there is no polishing a turd, but the penny is just failing to drop with many. Spend the money, get in the quality, gain the consistency and results become very predictable
  12. This squad

    A kick up the ass by PepG would make no difference to this squad. The stuff just aint there. Murty or any other manager needs qiality to work with and that aint happening under this board.
  13. Fod

    Fuck right off. He's good at kicking the ball out of the park. In fact, I'd say he is expert in it. He is also good at not winning high cross balls. He is also so good at not commanding his area. In summary, he is so good at not being the role model for all other keepers in the league to look up to.
  14. This squad

    Agree with the exception of Fod. Great shot stopper and that's about it. His overall game is as weak as piss. You build from the back and we have a keeper who lacks so many of the basic attributes and a bit of a shrinking violet and that's not good for a keeper, nor good for the defenders in front of him.
  15. Fod

    The truth will never catch on. That's just a sign of how far we have fallen and standards dropped.
  16. Full rebuild required

    If we wish to avoid the histrionics in future, better our expectations matched the quality of our squad. Mediocrity equals inconsistency. That does not say that we will not end up second, because outwith the scum, all other teams are filled with mediocrity. If we wish better, go tell it to King, or do something about it, otherwise the high BP is not good for the health.
  17. They needn't bother, because I fully inderstand that these players are what they are. A squad that remains full of mediocrity and as I said in my previous post, until we get in the required quality, inconsistency will remain. Over performing in some games and showing what they really are in others. Everyone of us reverts back to type. That's human nature. When a significant number of us continue to laud the like of Fod and Tav as being players, you know the level we are at and what we have become used to and it isn't a good one. No harm to these guys, but they are what they are also. It will matter not a jot as to who our manager is and under three now, there is little change, but the denial will continue, because we are also what we are. Our board live a charmed life and it is down to them as to what we are today. Could PepG tirn this shower into a consistent match winning machine? Never in a fucking million, because simply it is much easier to improve quality, that it is to improve mediocrity, as those with quality posses the basic attributes to build and improve upon, whereas mediocrity ad bereft of many of the basic attributes needed and they can never have. Build your castle on sand and will eventually collapse. Today we collapsed. From the various previous threads on here, you can see that there is no stomach amongst our support to do anything about it and whilst this board remain in power there will be no change on the field of play, because they also know who and what we are, in that we will put up with being second best, and shite performances as we witnessed today, as we will continue to fork out for ST's in record numbers, year on year. No need for them to change anything.
  18. As much as that was one of the most dismal performances as I've ever witnessed, these players are what they are. I've said it a millon times before, under both MW and Pedro, that whilst we have so much mediocrity in the team, there will never be consistency. Can I put it down to Murty? Well partially, but most of all, I put it down to this board, that until there is significant investment available for quality, this is how it will always be, so belt up for the roller coaster. Our movement off the ball was horrendus, in not making angles, nor closing down the oppo. Passing a nightmare as were final balls. Disjointed and dysfunctional all over the park and that includes our keeper. Again, can I put this down to Murty and again I can only say partially, because these players are what they are. They peaked in that first game against the sheep and showed some steel thereafter to grind out results, but today, even the steel had gone. However, not unexpected for the level pf quality that we have and no doubt, next week, they will bounce back up and over perform. So many of these players just not Rangers class and until there is better quality brought in, it will matter little as to who our manager is. So what are we going to do about it? Just moan and vent the spleens as usual, because we have being doing this for a long time now under this board and nothing changes, so why should this board make the required change when we will do fuck all about it, because they know our MO, in as much as we know theirs and there the status quo shall remain. BTW, as bad as that performance was, we can still achieve second, because outwith the scum, the rest are no better than us and most a lot worse. Inconsistency in all others, as there is mediocrity in all others. Anyone wanting change, will need to be having a word with Dave personally.
  19. Marcelo Bielsa

  20. Walter behind the scenes?

    Walter and diamond formation? Absolute load of shite and funny. Walter and substitues? Another absolute load of shite. I don't forget the blastings he took for his poor use pf subs.
  21. Walter behind the scenes?

    Naw and any suggestion he was is an absolute load of shite! The wishful thinking brigade really need to move on.
  22. When Halliday comes back

    Just how many titles are we looking to gift the scum? Miller and Halliday and quite a few others should be gone. We need a step up on quality, not staying the same or going back the way. The scum will not be standing still and Brenda clearly has is sights set on improving for the CL, so we need to be improving. Miller s done and Halliday hasn't got it. It is for the board to deliver and for us to demand that they do. Make do and make shift is no longer an option, otherwise we are as well putting the padlocks pn the gates now.
  23. Graeme Murty

    He would cheapskate it just like King. He aint wealthy enough, just like King.
  24. JJ

    Now it's JJ. Jesus fucking wept indeed. We must be in worse fucking shape than even I thought. Anyone ever think why Murty was given the step up and not JJ, ffs?! Seems to me the Murty haters will take any cunt, other than what's staring them in the face. Muty is in the seat. HE is getting the result, not fuckng JJ. JJ. The best fucking yet. Life must be awful lonely on fucking Pluto right enough.
  25. Graeme Murty

    We paid exactly the square root of fuck all and anything other than that is pure conjecture. What we also know, is King the criminal's MO. A million quid?!