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  1. Glad they are getting pushed harder. But one player who could never be accused of not working hard was Candeias.
  2. Very wary of you tube videos after watching Pena’s. However, the clips against the tims were encouraging. Looks like he can certainly tackle and make a pass better than anyone we currently have in midfield.
  3. That might, I say might, just be enough to pay off Pena, Herrera and maybe one other from the wage bill. As usual the fans will fund the club via season tickets. Very underwhelming Mr. King.
  4. Safe travels Bears. Seems strange reading all these posts about heavy snow while I’m sitting here bathed in sunshine and mild weather... not normal for a Canadian winter at all!
  5. I thought the Corinthians game was supposed to be on RTV today. I still can’t see the link to it. If anyone has found it and could post it... much appreciated.
  6. Bluenose88

    Ryan Jack

    Agreed. How there’s no action against Broadfoot is, unfortunately par for the course. That’s two rescinded reds against one Rangers player in a handful of games. Surely it’s time for the club to take more steps beyond the previous statement. It’s blatantly obvious there are different standards being applied to Rangers. Hopefully they are indeed doing so.
  7. If pressed for an answer I’d say yes, it’s the same.
  8. Probably right. I’ve got to think though the board must be meeting to look at options. If nothing more than to have a plan B. Surely?
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