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  1. Bluenose88

    Candeias - "I am so tired"

    Glad they are getting pushed harder. But one player who could never be accused of not working hard was Candeias.
  2. Bluenose88

    Beggars Allocation Cut

    Well done.
  3. Bluenose88

    If We're Not Looking At Glen Kamara

    Very wary of you tube videos after watching Pena’s. However, the clips against the tims were encouraging. Looks like he can certainly tackle and make a pass better than anyone we currently have in midfield.
  4. Bluenose88

    Hummel's latest template

    Why? According to our press release we are getting three bespoke kits per season... https://Rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/Rangers-announce-new-kit-deal-with-hummel/
  5. Bluenose88

    Dave King Press Conference on Monday

    That might, I say might, just be enough to pay off Pena, Herrera and maybe one other from the wage bill. As usual the fans will fund the club via season tickets. Very underwhelming Mr. King.
  6. Bluenose88

    Chelsea v Rangers for Bradford City fire.

    I was there, don’t remember much of the game though. Do remember the trip home though and somebody throwing themselves in front of the underground train. Oh man the stench.
  7. Thats just venomous. Hard to believe that’s allowed to be published written that way. Then again, considering the source.
  8. Bluenose88

    What you waiting on Dave?

    Bravo for making an actual suggestion, but evidence? Using the same logic TLB and McInnes fit the bill better with a four point gap and the same points respectively along with the same game in hand. Also, as much as it grieves me to say it, if you are comparing titles of those three then there’s only one choice. Thankfully it won’t be any of them.
  9. Bluenose88

    Withholding ST Money

    Yes let’s tell the whole world who were are talking to and what we are up to just because some fans feel transparency means they must be told about every decision, conversation the club has regarding any subject whatsoever like it’s on some kind of CNN newsticker.
  10. Bluenose88

    Anti Meltdown Thread

    In January a lot of good work was done by management to balance the middle and attack. We look good going forward and once fit those currently out of the side add great options and depth. All the January additions have been good business and the permanent acquisition of the loanees should be considered part of the January window. This summer should be spent on the back end, particularly the core, i.e. keeper and centre backs as well as some depth for right back. A real commanding and younger but experienced CB, with pace to mentor Bates and McCrorie. Perhaps a second one to allow the option of playing McCrorie in the DM role for certain situations. Cordosa and Alves should see the exit door if Martin is acquired for further depth. Also a commanding keeper who will come out and actually catch a ball from set pieces and will push Wes to the number two spot. If Wes does not like that then let him go and make young Kelly the backup. Jak should be shown the door. Its there for all to see and has been for a while. We must focus on the back end now. In a year or two, maybe three, we have a defensive paring in Bates and McCrorie for years to come but neither is the finished article yet.
  11. See that ear piece and microphone he has on his face? Well that’s exactly what it is used for... tell the referee it’s a red... a straight fucking red card. Good Job, well done! Just a pity a few more linesmen and fourth officials are not as vociferous when watching the action on the field. We’ve clearly lost points this season due to it. I thought all said and done Collum had a decent game. I did think he booked our players quicker but apparently it ended even. I also felt there would be a red card and he came through.
  12. Bluenose88

    Dorrans back for next week?

    It’s good to see him back in training. Way too early for involvement though and will certainly need to win his place back too. Possibility he might be involved in the closed door game Mr. Murty spoke of today in his post match interview, but even that’s probably a long shot.
  13. Bluenose88

    Video Referee

    We had another prime example of poor refereeing today with another assault on David Bates. Surely that has to be a red? Under the FA trials or European trials of the VAR would that be reviewable? I still think in Scotland there’s way more to do yet before VARs and like you it has to be professional referees first. Can’t imagine it would cost that much more as they already get a grand a game. At least make the top two leagues full time.
  14. Bluenose88

    Video Referee

    It works in many other major sports. However, those sports have clearly defined timeout options in their games that coaches can use to implement tactics or rest players. These coaches are then allowed a set amount of challenges against referee decisions. Get a challenge wrong and you lose a timeout. Not quite sure how it works effectively in our games and I’ve not personally seen it used in the FA cup games. I also just read the SFA are applauding the move. Maybe they should first worry about having professional referees and spending more time educating them on actual rules before an considering a expensive belt and braces move to overturn the multitude of errors their refs make every game.
  15. Bluenose88

    Corrupt officiating again

    Mr. Murty nailed it. Until there are professional referees nothing will change.