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  1. Absolutely have to beat them and I think we will this time. Is Kent back for this? Morelos still banned I think but defoe has been decent when the chance has come his way. Dominating 4 0 win if we don't get suckered into playing a scrappy game and losing our heads.
  2. I'm sure this was a possible draw in the europa qualifiers last year which ended up being Skupi on the 12th. Wonder if the club would do the same thing as the taigs when they got Linfield and not take up an allocation.
  3. Shamrock rovers on the 12th of July
  4. Actually don't think that would be too bad
  5. I wanna danceee with Scott arfield, ohh I wanna feel the heat with Scott arfield, need scott arfield to loveeee meee
  6. This guy has no shame at all. How hes not been put in hospital yet il never know. Must be due a real kicking soon.
  7. Still got mine but I think it's down to the fact I've hardly worn it. Honking top and just reminds me of Ian Black and bilel mohsni. In a draw somewhere and doubt it will get worn again.
  8. Rather get her pished on wine and take advantage
  9. Aye I reckon she's up the duff. Still want to unleash the beast all over her face
  10. That's all I needed to hear lads. Fridge is getting burst open.
  11. Buzzing for this. Excuse to start the session early
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