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  1. MrMckee

    Kyle Lafferty

    Not in the squad ?
  2. MrMckee

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Hope thistle smell blood and get right into them today and give them a few injury's along the way
  3. MrMckee

    Police brutality last night.

    Bastards - sounds like the police out there a nothing more then gangsters trying to run a rackett to extort money off of good people just going to watch the game and have a good time. They know how it will be portrayed in the media as well so the chances of it coming back to bite them are very low. Nothing but cowards hiding behind numbers and a uniform and some of them deserve a kicking down a dark alley on the way back from their shift.
  4. MrMckee

    Lawrence Shankland

    Yep not got a problem with getting him in as the fee would be nominal but definitely need to get a quality striker in as well.
  5. I don't get why people what to play fod there is no need to rest a GK
  6. MrMckee

    Ufa Away Leg Kicks Off At 3pm UK Time

    Cheers mate half day booked happy days
  7. MrMckee

    Ufa Away Leg Kicks Off At 3pm UK Time

    Is that for sure and won't get moved for TV as will book half day off work if so.
  8. MrMckee


    Not sure what collosus is then but it comes up on spell check
  9. MrMckee

    Lawrence Shankland

    He plays for Ayr so wouldn't exactly say he's an accomplished footballer, perhaps at lower league level. No one can say wether he will be able to make the step up.
  10. MrMckee


    Collosus is the word I'm looking for
  11. MrMckee


    I believe collusos is the word
  12. MrMckee


    Think he's decent very composed on the ball and not a complete pushover. Definitely a step up from zelalem and toral etc
  13. MrMckee

    Gerrard and Halliday Post Match Interviews

    Seems more confident of players coming in tonight after that result then in the last few interviews so maybe told he can have X y and z if we qualify.
  14. MrMckee

    Home or away next week?

    Is it next Thursday the game thought there might have been a little break ?
  15. MrMckee


    He can hold his head high thought he did well considering tonight. Did he do 2 foul throws tho ??