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  1. Wonder if waghorn will get clapped on and off the park
  2. Give him a chance as might suit our style better or might play better with more attack minded players. Can't say I'm excited at all though. Hope to god we have some better quality in the pipeline and this is just a low risk filler.
  3. Probably better move than loaning out to another SPL side.
  4. MrMckee


    Massive player for us
  5. Anyone know when that black and orange training kit is available online. Can't see it on the website yet?
  6. Would tongue punch her fart box
  7. Shit, makes you think if someone like that can die so young anyone can. Was it a known condition or did he just literally drop dead one day?
  8. Probably the most uninspiring team I've laid eyes on.
  9. Absolute embarrassment of a team we had
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