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  1. Had to Google this as was sure someone was on the wind up. Top looks fucking awful, and screams of a quick cash grab from these bastards. Honestly have to question the sanity of anyone buying this. Person who started the thread obviously works for them, and the 'thinking of buying this' comment is not fooling me. Just trying to make it look like people are interested in buying this shite.
  2. Players probably got a proper beating and felt it was undeserved so had a negative effect on the team?
  3. No passion from the players. Something very wrong behind the scenes
  4. Rubbish. Not one decent ball into the box again. Multiple miss placed passes. No penetration with the midfield playing safe side to side passes meaning players can't be arsed to make a run in behind becuase their never getting the ball.
  5. Remember everyone saying the same about murty, Pedro, Warburton. Can only see Gerrard going the same way at this point
  6. At the point now where we need good performances as well as results. Not getting either at the minute
  7. Sounds like your happy with the current shite being served up on the pitch
  8. Desperate for a draw against Hamilton at home. New low this not felt since Pedro was in probably worse tbh
  9. Another evening wasted could of been doing something better by the looks of it
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