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  1. Not sure about his speed but he looks strong on the ball and technical. Looks like the type of player that can come up with some magic and score when you least expect it. His runs into the box look decent and he seems to know where the net is. I fully understand that it's a YouTube video so might not be the whole story but that's what I got from watching it 👍
  2. 48 hours?
  3. looks quality would love to see this go through hope all the speculations true and the Mexican journos haven't just had one too many tequilas!!
  4. He kicks with his left he punches with his righhttttt BILEL MOHSNI he's hear for a fight!!!!!
  5. All the youngsters have played well IMO and seem to handle themselves better than a lot of the senior players... shame barjonas couldn't top it off with a goal!
  6. Fucking hell tav is absolutely shocking
  7. I get where the OP is coming from but it isn't as black and white as that.. there has been some really embarrassing performances against shite opposition as well. I have to say I do like Pedro and have a feeling he knows what he's doing and i think he will get in a much better calibre of player than MW was able too. Next season WILL be a lot better and I am confident with the type of player Pedro will sign.
  8. WAghorn on!!! Lord give me strength!!!!!
  9. Not sure who else he could of stuck in there cus we would all be complaining about Halliday!! Suppose he could of gone with barjonas.. will have the whole u20s in soon enough!!
  10. Would be a more dignified performance!!
  11. What a load a rubbish toral is shite dodoo is shite.. there all shite!! Good saves by Wes tho decent keeper
  12. Pedro has defiantly been brave with his team selections!
  13. Hope the players are up for it tonight!! Any news on the team yet? Hope we give them a convincing beating.. will be interesting to see if Ryan jack is playing!
  14. I'm feelinggg JOEY GARNER I'm feelinggg JOEY GARNER
  15. 48 hours