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  1. 48 hours
  2. Nicky law blatantly shagged a few prossys in Vegas haha
  3. Fantastic goal hopefully that will give Nicky some confidence and with a big chance of a decent run in the team hopefully he can impress.. I've got faith in you Nicky!!!
  4. Cracking the beers open.. Hopefully a good result as that will lift the spirits for tonight's session!! A 4-1 comprehensive win with Waghorn with 2 Wallace with one and forrester to score off the bench!!
  5. *cough cough*
  6. I would start forrester or King ahead of Miller if they are match fit think both did really well when coming on and think Miller is better off the bench. 3 points is the most important thing but a good performance would be ideal as we was poor yesterday
  7. yea he has the shooting power of a little girl. If he could add a couple goals could be a real player for us but he looks like he has a little more bite than when he first signed and im sure thats why arsenal sent him up here.
  8. Thought zelelam was decent as well when he came on which i know some will disagree with but he had a real desire to get the ball and link up the play
  9. What a debut for King billy i bet hibs will be beelin at that one!! Thought Forrester was coming onto a game as well was a bit more direct than law was would give him a start soon. Defiantley missed holt and halliday in midfield tho!
  10. I think he has the quality to get in the side just needs some game time and a goal or 2 and he could be a very good player
  11. Some good touches there by foreester get him on the bal more
  12. This ref needs sacking how the fuck is that a booking honestly we need to do something about this ridiculous decisions every week
  13. Hahahah 'stubbs your talking shite'
  14. Poor first half hope they get a rocket up the arse at half time. Think they know how poor it has been as see Kenny shaking his head so hopefully come out second half and get a goal as 1-0 doesn't look like it will win this game!