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  1. **Official Rangers v The Sheep Match Thread**

    Confident of a win here. Think the new lads will give the whole team a boost and the competition for places should see everyone getting serious, go hard or go home time. Got a good feeling about the team at the minute and can hopefully replicate a dominate 90 minute performance winning by a few and looking the far better team (which we should be) although we have had many false dawns of late I have a good feeling about the recruitment. 3-0 or 4-1 to us.
  2. Naismith Showing Us What We've Missed

    Get this thread an the OP to fuck
  3. Fraserburgh game in Barcelona

    Don't listen to him OP. Reckon it's another one of his gay bars
  4. **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    Would give Cummings a start see if he can bang a few in to get his confidence going
  5. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Your not wrong pal. Pisses me off when we go 2-0 up at half time in a game and than completely take the foot off the gas for the rest of the game pisses me off thinking should we watch only half the game than if they only gonna play for half!
  6. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Good point mate about the goal difference 👍
  7. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    So we didn't win this than?
  8. Welcome to Rangers FC, Jason Cummings!!

    Welcome 'cum dog' I have changed my avatar to you so you best fuckint bang them in!!
  9. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    So we want fluminesee to win I take it?
  10. Lee Wallace

    Tenerife bear must be getting some banging stuff out there from the looky looky men
  11. Lee Wallace

    Agree with the sentiments regarding Wallace and sticking by us but just feel that John is the same type of player but younger. Wallace posted missing a lot of times up the park and to slow getting back. Just can't see him being any better after coming back from an injury and being out the side for so long
  12. Lee Wallace

    Completely forgot about him tbh. Will he come back into the team or is he finished? Can't see a place for him now in the starting 11 as prefer John
  13. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Wasn't sure about the commentators at the start of the first game but really grew on me by the second game. Better than what we get over here!!
  14. Scummy Evening Times

  15. The Dalcio Gomes

    Played well tonight and to a level I didn't think he was capable of. Fair play to the lad but stops there. Not gonna have some revelation that he's gonna come good for us etc as every other time I've seen him he's been pish. Played well tonight tho