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  1. Rangers Songs

    Not for me prefer something a bit more lively for the football. Speed it up and add in some bigotry and think more people will like it
  2. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Same mate let them have the title get that over and done with. The thought of the scum and lennons hibs 1st and 2nd is unimaginable. A sad day indeed. Get what we deserve and you can see hibs beating us as well
  3. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Hibs will pip us to second no doubt fucking disgusting and embarrassing. Pitchforks out for the board after this season. If they fuck it up again in the summer and next season there will be no way back for them
  4. More good news (not really) - Pena

    Thought he would be trying hard to get in the World Cup squad for Mexico. Obviously not bothered at all and says a lot about him
  5. Rangers bar falaraki

    No stealth thread here lads. Just trying to find a good bar to get pished and have a good time. Don't know what all the fuss is about!
  6. Rangers bar falaraki

    Ach don't trust that one no more after someone told me to pm dandeacon about VIP list at the savoy
  7. Rangers bar falaraki

    That time of the year again. Booked a lads holiday for July and wondering if any bars for bears over there. Seen a couple British ones online but that's about it
  8. Pena

    Never know new manager might get something out of him
  9. Statement from A Johnston

    Not what I wanted to hear at all. If the board fuck up this summer than I cannot believe the incompetence at running a football club. Protests and boycotts to follow at this rate
  10. Usain Bolt

    Wonder how quick he can run with a ball tho
  11. Pena

    Honestly tho we are a laughing stock at the minute bet the papers can't believe their luck
  12. Pena

    Rangers loan flop Carlos Pena is under fire in Mexico after brazenly buying six cans of beer immediately after training in his club gear. The midfielder is back in his homeland with Cruz Azul after ex-Ibrox boss Pedro Caixinharecruited him on loan. He's hardly played since he returned though and was slammed last week by Caixinha, who warned him that he would be sent back to Rangers at the end of his loan spell if he didn't shape up. But he's not helped himself after he was spotted in an off licence next to his club's La Noria training complex immediately after morning training. Pena purchased six cans of beer before driving off, which caused uproar among Cruz Azul fans after this was widely reported in Mexico City. Meanwhile, Caixinha's own problems deepened after he was handed a two-game ban from the dug-out by the Mexican League after he was sent off at the weekend. The Portuguese boss was ordered off in his side's 2-2 draw at Tigres in a Liga MX encounter.
  13. Pena

    Caught buying a 6 pack of beer in his training kit according to the papers
  14. Fund raiser for a young lad

    Admin move if not in right section but throught I would post this here first - A lovely lady I work withs son has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and has been told usual methods aren't an option and are seeking alternitive treatments. Her fella is one of us as well so if anyone would like to donate to help towards this even a quid or something would be much appreciated. No surrender https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/nicole-hobbs?utm_id=106&utm_term=ymgb9WaGJ
  15. Couldn't be less interested at the minute. Use to be the main thing I was looking forward to at the weekend now it's just something Il probably watch on Sunday. Would bring a couple of the youngsters up if honest and Cummings has to start ffs Morelos should be dropped. Would even give dalcio a game at this point