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  1. Dam right.. bell was shite and that goal in the second leg against Motherwell was the pits
  2. Tanning salons ain't cheap these days pal
  3. Forrester wants to stay and 'fight for his place' not a chance Pedro is gonna give him a chance I think
  4. Good to hear this - Dont remember us giving away too many fouls either
  5. Honestly don't get people who say he lost us the game in Luxembourg:. How about the players that played the full 180 minutes ffs.. not saying that he's an amazing player or anything or even that we should keep him but saying he effectively was the reason we are out of Europe is ludicrous
  6. Honestly some people on here sound like the sit at home with a razor in there hand - seasons not even started yet we have only just started intergeating key players into the squad and most of them have never kicked a ball together before.. it is a completely NEW team. Also we looked good yesterday and the players seemed to know what the plan was and they put the effort in and looked hungry for it which in a pre season freindly is a very good sign. We are making moves in the right direction and that is the most important thing after so many changes to the playing squad and staff. Put the fucking rope away and stop starring at that big bottle of vodka and pack of pills you miserable bastards!!!
  7. Thought he defended very well yesterday won the ball back plenty of times and dont remember him getting done on the wing. Also judging by the fact that the whole team and manager has been getting slated on a game by game basis by most posters on here than it's only fair to give credit on a game by game basis too. So based on that tav was great yesterday and will see if he can keep it up and if so will give him more credit.
  8. Think he has got some ability and shows flashes of pace and driving forward with the ball - albeit very few and far between, not had a run in the side either and don't expect him too with our other options. He has obviously got some potential and still rates some what south of the border. Would get rid of MOH, forrester, kiernan and waghorn before him.
  9. Hopefully be getting shot of some of the wasters soon - I think attitude wise waggy and windass must be trying and hence why they are making the bench - forrester, kiernan, MOH we need to get shot of ASAP and can't see holt getting a sniff at all this season and not good enough IMO. I would keep Tav and Wes defo
  10. Don't think he will be one of these players that's gonna be easy on the eye but if he gets on the end of crosses and bullies defenders into mistakes he will be an asset.. can see him knocking on headers for Morelos or candieas to run onto - think that type of play will be his strengths!
  11. Players on the park today certainly seemed to be up for it and obviously bought into his tactics too.. just need to get the dead wood out the door and few more players in and will be good to go. Tav had a great game and would keep him if he can put in a performance like that week in week out rest can go tho!
  12. Spot on... swear some people on here expect him to skin 5 players and smash it top corner after picking the ball up near the side line
  13. Didn't see it like that.. he was aggressive and forced them into errors tbh I don't think anyone was in the box anyway so a corner from that was good work
  14. It will all come together - he's done the right thing and start off by making us solid and hard to beat. As the team gels more than we will start seeing goals come! Most important part of today was to see some improvement and we definitely saw that and also looked like we had a game plan that the players knew and executed it well. People asking for him to be sacked is just ridiculous.. Cmon Pedro I've got your back