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  1. MrMckee


    Top of the asisst table in the europa league apparently ahead of biscuit hips at arsenal 😂
  2. Can't see either of them getting in the team tbh. Might be best to get docherty on another loan and then try and sell him
  3. Anyone know when he's back from injury? Can't say we have missed him too much, but still nice to have that extra option. Still think he has something to offer the team and probably has more talent then Barker for example.
  4. Him and helander never gave that dykes a sniff
  5. MrMckee


    Thought he played fine today. Not been as good as last season but can still do a job and will be involved in some goals this season
  6. First half decent overall 1 up and given them nothing. Get a goal early in the second half and should be all good
  7. Would be a massive disappointment if we didn't get through now. Reckon we will do it
  8. Reckon we gonna win tomorrow got a good feeling about the game. Feel like this team has that little bit extra to last year and that has been what we are missing.
  9. Just wondering, what kind of rod you like to use when you go fishing?
  10. Best striker the league has seen in a long long time. Defintley can honestly say he is better then dembele was at the scum. His all round game is unquestionable.
  11. Hotel im staying in has it on at the bar. Hibs have no chance of clawing it back by the looks of it.
  12. Foster looks like a washer up member of a boy band
  13. Said to the old man at the time there will be a few not making work tomorrow 😂
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