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  1. Just got email saying been despatched so looks like it should be with me soon
  2. Wanted to order the black training jogging bottoms which was on greaves sports but can't see anything now...
  3. Decent thought might have better luck then the home top 👍
  4. Just ordered the away kit order number 19122 hopefully comes soon....
  5. That's what I'm thinking as heard pretty much all negative stories. Cant see any stock at JD or greaves !!
  6. MrMckee

    UVF Thursday night sash bash

    I'm not gay my boyfriend is
  7. Gonna order the kit tomorrow when I get paid. Where's best to order from ?
  8. MrMckee

    UVF Thursday night sash bash

    Follow with pride
  9. MrMckee

    Stewart Robertson - Fair Play

    Should be left to do this side of things as clearly his strength rather then the footballing side.
  10. MrMckee

    Get Wrapped Up In Rangers With A Founders Trail Scarf !

    Looks great definitely gonna buy one of these. Looks like you can wear when your out and about and not just at the football as a good looking scarf!
  11. MrMckee

    Hummel can stitch!

    If I was a rich bastard I would be contacting them and asking for one custom made. Bet they cost a fair few quid
  12. MrMckee

    Edmiston Drive

    RIP E.D Sure he was posting only the other day so that's a big shock. Just goes to show you how short life can be. Hopefully he will be watching the games from up there and can help cheer on the team to 55.
  13. MrMckee

    RSEA Poppy badges

    Fantastic will be ordering a few of these thanks for the link
  14. MrMckee

    Craig Halkett

    Cant believe Warburton thought kiernan was a better defender. Edit - I can