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  1. Think we can win this game and put one foot in the group stages. 2 - 0 or 2-1 can't see us not scoring
  2. Only if we are chasing a goal in the last ten mins or so of the game
  3. Will be shocked if we don't come out second half guns blazing after a bollocking in the changing rooms.
  4. Looking forward to the game. Liking the team selection.
  5. MrMckee

    Andy King

    Usually these kind of signings are way past their best. Kings only 30 so should have plenty left to offer
  6. Always thought spending that much on another CB was a waste of money. Katic and goldson look solid for the season and Edmundson looks decent too. As others said, a cheap back up would of sufficed. Should of signed halkett as a decent back up or scouted someone else in the English lower leagues that was rated for around the 500k - 1mil mark.
  7. Would like to see Mcpake given a start up front. Should be able to grab a few goals you would of thought with some good service. Just watched the press conference and Andy King looks like he's had a good pre season so would stick him on too. Helander and Edmundson to get a game also and Greg Stewart and docherty.
  8. MrMckee

    Andy King

    Think he could turn out to be a very shrewd signing
  9. Someone post some Instagram pics of his Mrs please
  10. MrMckee

    Left back

    Should get shot of barasic and reinvest in a new LB
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