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  1. That blondie who was singing derrys walls wasn't half bad either. Had a decent set on her if I recall
  2. Nahh wasn't that was some night club venue. This is the one a few seasons back when Pedro was in charge
  3. Enjoyed the sash bash at that club before and after the game. Can't remember the name of the place but great day out
  4. MrMckee

    Ryan Jack

    Thought he played well on Saturday tbh
  5. Fed up with morelos should take what we can for him and move on
  6. MrMckee


    make or break season for him
  7. MrMckee


    His final ball frustrates me. Seems to have lost his delivery and free kick abilities. His defensive game has improved since the gaffers come in though.
  8. Roofe, roofe, roofe is on fireeee We don't need no water let the peado bastards burn!!
  9. Hopefully find out in the game at the peado dome after a 5 0 win with the ref and other officials line of sight obscured.
  10. Not had a defender who can bring the ball out like that since Mohsni 🤣
  11. If we get a draw with a good performance or just nick a win will give us good confidence even if we go out. I think we are better suited to play on the counter so you never know if we get the first goal early we could put them on edge and then anything can happen.
  12. Good performance to take encouragement from will suffice for me anything more a bonus
  13. Not comfortable at 1 0 you know they will get some balls into the box the longer the game goes on. Need to come out and score early
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