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  1. News on Alves

    Give the guy a break as he hasn't had one! Straight from confederations cup to us in the summer and he's injured so fair play to him
  2. Halliday

    Lord give me strength!
  3. Windass

    I think he's definitely improving and is a decent player in there. Just giving my honest opinion in that most of the team is not good enough and some of the posts on here about windass are way OTT. I could understand if we had a team full of top class players but don't see why people make a thread about one player when it was clearly 90% of the team. Windass was actually one of our better players especially in the first half.
  4. Windass

    By far not our worse player yesterday is definitely the new whipping boy on here. The whole team is not good enough to beat celtic at the moment...
  5. Betfred Semi-final Cup draw - Rangers vs Motherwell

    Best draw we could of hoped for.. us v them final no doubt
  6. Windass

    Usually defend the lad but didn't have a great game tonight at all. Missed that sitter and was just lacking. Got clobbered a couple of times at the beginning of the game when going past a few thistle players, not sure if that knocked his confidence? Still needs to be better than that and hopefully will kick on next game.
  7. Pena

    Offers more than miller does at the moment and still fitting in. Can see him replacing Miller shortly
  8. Alnwick

    Pretty much had a perfect game
  9. Jason holt

    Good sub to have as back up and in games like that. Hasn't been anywhere near the starting 11 this season but hats off to him for not downing tools!
  10. Some people need to get a grip. Didn't think we was gonna get through after the 90mins but credit to the players for the extra time performance. Tbh we missed a few sitters and should of been out of site within the 90 can't blame the manager for that. Thought Pena looked good but obviously needs match fitness and the subs the manager made all made a good impact. We are through as well so let's take the positives and move on!
  11. Mccrorie...

    didn't put a foot wrong when he came on and dealt with salmon better than Cardoso...
  12. Let's see how they do second half as we usually turn up for at least one half
  13. Pena

    Think he's got the right idea and does some intelligent play. Needs match fitness
  14. I remember the 'cheaper insurance direct stadium' and of course who can forget the 'tony macaroni arena' when we was in the championship 😂😂
  15. Ref this Saturday

    We are due a few good decisions be that a red card for the other team or a penalty. 2-1 Rangers with brown getting sent off (finally) for a dirty tackle on Morelos.