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  1. Personally been very underwhelmed whenever I've seen Hickey against us or the filth, but admittedly I haven't watched him in any other games and with hearts going down we could get a good deal.
  2. Anyone else seen where this has come from? Has he taken it out of context?
  3. The reason it came to my mind was that lower league clubs are massively going to struggle as they are heavily reliant on gate receipts, the same as us. But I think our situation is different as the majority of our match ticket money was made months ago and our fan base is staunch as fuck and won’t want a penny back, as this thread has shown.
  4. In light of the season possibly being cut short, how would people feel about only seeing 14 home league games and one old firm having paid for a full price season ticket? Given the shite prize money in the spfl, season ticket money must be a major part of our revenue, and if the club had to refund part of the season tickets while still paying the wage bill etc, this would surely be hugely detrimental to us financially.
  5. We started off without our 3 best players in tav, jack and Morelos, that caused us to play shite, like it would with most teams, and it’s just been a slippery slope in terms of ibrox becoming more nervy, the players loosing more and more confidence etc. Don’t think anything of note happened in Dubai tbh.
  6. Oh fair enough😂 yeah I’d definitely agree that hagi is a luxury player but I’d still play him as we wouldn’t even be in this round without him. He’s not the fastest /hardest working but that’s a lot more excusable when you consistently come up with the goods. Plus a player like him that won’t be out of his depth against the opposition will be crucial in terms of retaining possession etc.
  7. Kent is not a luxury player, he is probably the hardest working winger we have.
  8. Goldson has really gone up a level recently. Looks like a proper leader and is very consistent with his distribution now. We’ll do well to keep him next season if his form continues.
  9. our fullbacks are a crucial part of our play going forward. The amount of times at tynecastle that Flanagan was the only option, and then couldn't do fuck all with the ball when he got it. Polster would have made a difference in the first half imo.
  10. What I mean is Polster was never even in consideration when tav got injured, Flanagan has always been the back up right back
  11. Can't believe we've been playing flannagan all this time ahead someone who can actually play in polster
  12. Doesn’t appear that he was in the squad in Dubai. Thought he was one of the ones closest to the first team. Anyone know why he wasn’t selected?
  13. Doesn't actually surprise me RE Murty. He had a limited squad playing some fantastic football at one point, just didn't have the mental strength to be a first team manager.
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