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  1. celtic 0 Kilmarnock 0 Rangers 3 Aberdeen 0 Aberdeen 1 celtic 1 Rangers 1 hibs 0 Rangers 2 celtic 1 Rangers 2 Kilmarnock 0 celtic 1 hearts 1 Never gonna happen but just imagine the scenes...
  2. Anyone know if we have a decent left back in the youths? The thought of Flanagan playing is unbareable.
  3. Would use the rest of the season to play the likes of Middleton and katic. Also would give Davis a run of games to prove he should be here next season.
  4. Have to work on the 27th of April to get the 31st March off, anyone know if there’s any way of knowing who we’ll be playing on that date?
  5. If McKenna doesn’t react it’s just a booking for Alfie imo.
  6. These pitches are a fuckin joke man. If it was a home draw we’d all be saying it was a decent draw.
  7. Defoe did play off the left hand side at Sunderland with Danny graham through the middle tbf
  8. Might be that Kamara and jones are to replace Kent and coulibaly at the end of the season, although I’d hope we can sign Kent.
  9. Gaffer hasn’t had much time to properly drill the whole team, with these few weeks of training wouldn’t be surprised to see us play a new formation after the break
  10. Definitely need more creativity in the middle of the park, all our attack’s come down the sides.
  11. Agreed, we do not have the consistency of champions but we have a good core of players and I don’t think we’re too far away, especially given how poor the filth have been. We have got a pretty decent home record and their away form is shocking so I hsve hope.
  12. I actually think we’ll get a result against them. It’s crucial not only because of the points but psychologically aswell. If you’re right I can’t see us coming back from that.
  13. Disappointing result but if we can get a result against the tims I think we can call it a successful December. Personally just wanted us still within touching distance, giving us a platform to really challenge after we get some better quality in (a no10 please!!)
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