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  1. Teddybear123


    Seems to have grown into a man since last year. Fucking class tonight.
  2. That’s a fair point re centre backs, but to be honest I’d hope that a midfield of Davis kamara/docherty and aribo would mean we can get a few goals regularaly at Ibrox and Davis being the only sitting midfielder won’t be too much of a problem. Definitely need another winger. Can’t think of a single positive thing ojo did today. Not writing him off but it’s still cause for concern judging by the last 3 games. Would like to see jones start the next game.
  3. Imo today is exactly the type of game jack is suited to. Tough team on a plastic pitch who want to make it a scrap, he picks up a lot of loose balls, battles their shitey midfielders etc. I’d drop him for the games against smaller teams at Ibrox as, like you say, he isnt very creative.
  4. Jones did more than ojo had done the whole game when he came on. Think he could be a hit for us. But agree would love to get Kent back.
  5. Would love to get wolves. Would be a cracking away day and I’d actually fancy us to get a result despite the fact we’d be huge underdogs.
  6. Agree. Don’t think he’ll play much in the games against smaller teams as he doesn’t do much to unlock a packed defence but in Europe and big league games he’ll be crucial imo.
  7. I think a lot of managers we could have had would’ve given a left bollock for a move to the epl but I think Gerrard can be a lot more patient. He’s here to win trophies, not as a stepping stone to the epl. I can’t see many jobs attracting him away for us before he wins 55.
  8. One of the most Rangers sentences I’ve ever seen😂 love it
  9. Wit?😂 its a bit of fun pal. If you don't like the song I suggest you take it up with Neil Diamond, on ye go Bart Simpson.
  10. Let’s get it sung😂
  11. The big man needs a song. I’ll start with a suggestion: James Tavernier, FUCK THE POPE, good times never seemed so good (to the tune of Sweet Caroline)
  12. Imo mccrorie was written off as a centre half too quickly after a bad old firm game. Prior to that he looked quality at centre half when he was played there. As others have said he does not have the ability on the ball to make it to the top as a midfielder. I’d be interested to see him get some game time on loan in the spl at centre half.
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