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  1. He didn’t game any where near the game time at Norwich than he has done here. Don’t know if he even got a single appearance, whereas he’s started Europa league games for us. He’s also a bear. Don’t think he will regret joining us at all.
  2. Think we’ll get one if we get knocked out of Europe before the league starts, like when we played Sheffield Wednesday.
  3. Where’s the pace in the team if we do that? For me it’s murphy as back up for Arfield and the likes of Jones, Hastie etc competing for Kents position if he isn’t here next season. agree though that Arfield should not be dropped back he’s been the best player in the league since we changed formation.
  4. Anyone actually got a video of Rangers fans singing the song? Can’t find one anywhere
  5. Kamara offers a similar amount of physicality to mccrorie imo but offers a lot more technically.
  6. Probably the most confident I’ve been ahead of an old firm since we’ve come back up
  7. The position we are in now we can’t afford an all round player, ie a pacey ball playing defender who can also do the basics. I’d much rather we had someone like katic who does the basics very well. Can take or leave everything else in a centre back tbh.
  8. I’m A knob😂 didn’t even know
  9. Is that Halkett in toty? would maybe be a good option as backup, especially given he would qualify as a homegrown player for the Europa league and we don’t seem to have any centre backs in the youths that are close to their he first team (although maybe someone who’s more knowledgeable on the youths can correct me on that)
  10. Yeah the premier league is just ruining football at this point. Bullshit that teams like Bournemouth are in a different financial world to us.
  11. How times change😂 was it still a surprise we were able to get him though?
  12. I know it was before gazza but always thought it was fucking mental that we managed to sign terry butcher. Anyone that was alive at the time able to offer some insight? I’m only 19 so it seems crazy to me we signed the England captain. Imagine us signing Harry Kane now.
  13. celtic 0 Kilmarnock 0 Rangers 3 Aberdeen 0 Aberdeen 1 celtic 1 Rangers 1 hibs 0 Rangers 2 celtic 1 Rangers 2 Kilmarnock 0 celtic 1 hearts 1 Never gonna happen but just imagine the scenes...
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