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  1. Goldson has really gone up a level recently. Looks like a proper leader and is very consistent with his distribution now. We’ll do well to keep him next season if his form continues.
  2. our fullbacks are a crucial part of our play going forward. The amount of times at tynecastle that Flanagan was the only option, and then couldn't do fuck all with the ball when he got it. Polster would have made a difference in the first half imo.
  3. What I mean is Polster was never even in consideration when tav got injured, Flanagan has always been the back up right back
  4. Can't believe we've been playing flannagan all this time ahead someone who can actually play in polster
  5. Doesn’t appear that he was in the squad in Dubai. Thought he was one of the ones closest to the first team. Anyone know why he wasn’t selected?
  6. Doesn't actually surprise me RE Murty. He had a limited squad playing some fantastic football at one point, just didn't have the mental strength to be a first team manager.
  7. Rangers first team coach mate. Surprised you’ve not heard of him.
  8. Fantastic listen. Apple- https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-beautiful-game-podcast/id1464558689#episodeGuid=https%3A%2F%2Fapi.spreaker.com%2Fepisode%2F21412458 Spotify-
  9. Talking up edouard like he’s fucking messi. He’s not even the best player in Scotland.
  10. First goal wins this imo. We are deadly on the rare occasion that are able to play on the counter, which a 1-0 lead would enable us to do. However, think we’ll struggle if they get a goal.
  11. Living in Manchester and was too young to go to the uefa cup final so would absolutely love us to recreate that day in Manchester against man united.
  12. Sorry to post this on here but the Rangers website is absolutely useless for supporters clubs. I’m moving there for uni tomorrow so would love it if anyone could tell me if there’s any Rangers friendly places to watch the games in or near Manchester.
  13. I agree- when he’s fit. Do you really think he’s been the same player this season?
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