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  1. Yep.. apparently very few left overall
  2. haha.. I'll be yer best man
  3. @johnharris
  4. always fearful when we are playing this mob with that fucking thug ross tokely in their side............ whoever told that cunt he was good enough to be a professional footballer was clearly smoking glue.......... anyway, c'mon the rangers
  5. Greatest repost of ALL time.... Could watch that shit all night
  6. I don't think i appreciated how good he was until he left.... He was an exceptional player
  7. Why do you look like a tanned francis jeffers ?
  8. Sounds like exactly the type of player we require just now
  9. Jog on sam ya fat tool
  10. Exactly my thoughts.... Hopefully this will have the same outcome
  11. He hates the pope though
  12. He's rumoured to have announced after the game today that he's joining forest
  13. Good sensible post mate..... Respect