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  1. @Iandoc1975
  2. Outstanding news.
  3. Their stadium is getting renovated mate.
  4. Hell be back after booking his flights and accommodation for Berlin mate.
  5. Delighted, great news.
  6. Very decent draw. Happy with that.
  7. This trip will be fucking incredible
  8. Isn't it only their national team who do that? Sure the scum played At red imps ground last summer.
  9. Shamrock rovers, Faroese mob and Latvian mob. Can't remember other 2.
  10. 12pm UK time mate.
  11. Fuck it, we are the Greenock loyal.
  12. No you anyway.
  13. Been downloading dodgy stuff pal? Sickening.
  14. And on my gravestone carve this simple message...