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  1. JukeBoxJohn

    Nikola Katic Signs

    Quite excited about this one. Hopefully we sign a good partner for him at the back and we can finally have a solid defence.
  2. JukeBoxJohn

    Dylan McGeouch (Hibs)

    Hopefully someone fractures your coupon as well ya tit.
  3. JukeBoxJohn

    Dylan McGeouch (Hibs)

    A bang average, Ryan Jack/Greg Docherty type signing who won't take us to that next level. No thanks.
  4. JukeBoxJohn

    Stewart Robertson on NARSA

    Sooner this cunt is sacked the better.
  5. JukeBoxJohn

    Welcome Back Allan Mcgregor

    Disgusted with this signing. Rat.
  6. JukeBoxJohn

    Allan McGregor (Hull)

  7. JukeBoxJohn

    Happy new season

    Surely that patter is a banning offence. @cushynumber ?
  8. JukeBoxJohn


    Another masterstroke from our DoF it seems.
  9. JukeBoxJohn

    Europa League

    Aye, when he finds his level playing for some Welsh mob.
  10. JukeBoxJohn

    Two third place finishes under this board

    They're slowly but surely turning us into a diddy club with their negligence and lies. A complete and utter failure Gerrard is their last throw of the dice and if they don't back him with loads of cash (no sniggering at the back) they'll surely be hounded out.
  11. JukeBoxJohn

    Suns oot, Seasons over

    Needs to be much more than 70% of the players leaving to kickstart some positivity for me.
  12. JukeBoxJohn

    Only 3 points better off than last year

    Didn't think we could get much worse than last season but it's been some effort from these shitebags to make that happen - hope they're proud of themselves.
  13. JukeBoxJohn

    *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    Aye, my mistake
  14. JukeBoxJohn

    *****Official Hibs vs Rangers Match thread*****

    My mistake. Didn't know they had a prelim now.
  15. JukeBoxJohn


    He's abysmal. Hopefully one of the first to get to fuck.