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  1. Miller POTY. Unsure about YPOTY as know next to nothing about U20 performances this season.
  2. Infact don't think Torres has won the league in 2 countries. Fuck sake.
  3. Fernando Torres?
  4. It's a fair comment actually. He achieved the minimum expectation of getting promotion which is fair enough. However he made an arse of the Scottish Cup final and was obviously out his depth in the Premiership leaving us miles behind the scum. Not to mention majority of his signings have been failures unless Caixinha can somehow get the best out of them.
  5. http://www.<No links to this website>/news/weird-news/watch-billy-reid-ditches-dugout-6892473
  6. Fuck up.
  7. Nope.
  8. Same thing happened twice, chasing after his own abysmal touch and having to lunge into a tackle. Could've got himself sent off simply due to a lack of ability. He's shite but not as bad as when Kiernan is alongside him.
  9. I thought he was poor today apart from that tackle and shot just before he was subbed.
  10. Lacking confidence and courage and flatters to deceive more often than not. Any half decent bid comes in for him we take the money and run.
  11. Never a penalty, their rage is glorious.
  12. Should've won that today but it's progress at least. Lack of quality was obvious for all to see yet again but thank fuck for Clint Hill.
  13. Look like Leigh Griffiths wae a wig on ya fuckin horrendous wee skank. Up ye.
  14. Had a poor start and I slated him for it which in hindsight was probably a bit harsh. Steered us through 2 rounds of cup and got us a draw (should've won) today so fair play to him for stepping up and he conducted himself well.
  15. Well in big man.