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  1. Statement from A Johnston

    Pathetic, weak statement which quite simply sums up this board. Get these cunts chased.
  2. Pena

    Guys a fucking waster.
  3. Union Bears Statement.

    Well done UBs. Time to really turn up the pressure on the failures in the boardroom.
  4. Hummel

    If they're offering the most cash suppose it makes sense but their products are usually honking.
  5. Hummel

    This the cheapo brand that plaster arrows all over the sleeves of everything they create?
  6. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    I remember folk saying the same thing after the Old Firm results last season mate, the Progres disaster, the Caixinha nightmare to name but a few. They just don't give a fuck and I can't see that changing sadly.
  7. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Get them all to fuck in all honesty. I have respect for Wallace but he's not good enough either. Need yet another clear out in the summer. This shite is never ending.
  8. Sell Morelos, Wes and Windass

    If any fee comes in for anyone in the squad take the money and run. They should all be up for sale.
  9. Rumours at this stage

    By no means Millers biggest fan and certainly don't want him in the dugout but I'd rather see him on the pitch than virtually all of those embarrassments that represented us yesterday.
  10. Europa League

    Usually European adventures are something to get excited about but like many others I'm fairly confident we'll fuck it up like we always do. Unless a new manager can miraculously put a half decent new squad together before our first qualifier we'll be knocked out without much fuss.
  11. tactics for next scum game

    Alnwick in goal, Cummings up front and under 20s to fill the rest of the positions.
  12. Action required ASAP

    They shouldn't even be given the chance to fight for their futures in the next 5 games (apart from Cummings who hasn't had a fair crack at it and I think he could be a real threat for us next season). I'd play the U20s until the spineless embarrassments can be punted in the summer. You could maybe argue guys like McCrorie (due to his potential), Ryan Jack, Lee Wallace, Rossiter (if he can stay fit - no sniggering at the back) would deserve another chance but they really shouldn't be anything else than squad options going forward anyway. Of course the board need hounded but sadly they're going nowhere. We need a no nonsense manager who is a winner first and foremost and a whole new squad. This clear out then blank canvas shite every season is getting ridiculous but it's a must again in the summer. Do I trust the decision makers to get it right this time? Nope.
  13. Rumours at this stage

    Fingers crossed.
  14. Remember the Scottish Cup Semi final last year?

    It's a repeat of last season. All we've done is waste time and loads of cash. Sickening.
  15. Is FDB the right choice?

    Not for me.