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  1. Pedro out

    You're either deluded or clueless about football. Probably both.
  2. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Any links for this lads? Just in from work.
  3. Slovenia v Scotland

    Facebook messaging I think mate, quality stuff.
  4. Slovenia v Scotland

  5. Slovenia v Scotland

  6. Slovenia v Scotland

    I know mate, they'll make a cunt of it either way - can't wait.
  7. Slovenia v Scotland

    Hopefully stays this way for a while yet then a late goal to crush the dreams.
  8. Slovenia v Scotland

    Come on to fuck mate. Spine fracture ideally.
  9. Slovenia v Scotland

    Any decent streams for this? Ideally a youtube one.
  10. Slovenia v Scotland

    The striker Matavz was linked with us once, enough reason for him to get pelters for 90 minutes you'd imagine.
  11. Slovenia v Scotland

    Hopefully they are 1-0 up with the tartan trannies going mental then the Slovenians equalise in 90+4.
  12. Butcher

    Said it before and I'll say it again - remove the cunt from our hall of fame as a matter of urgency.
  13. When Dalcio scores, we riot.
  14. 22 years Butcher? Go fuck yourself ya scumbag cunt.