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  1. Marc Vivien Foe?
  2. Waste of a wage.
  3. McInnes or Wright.
  4. He's embarrassed us enough, no more.
  5. A bit like just before the end of Warburton's reign with his "football is random" nonsense to the media. The sign of a clueless tit who knows his time is coming to an end and has ran out of ideas. Time to go.
  6. Fuck him.
  7. Even though he still had a mediocre record in a no mark league. Baffling decision and heads must roll for that.
  8. Totally agree... it should've been McInnes or Tommy Wright back in March but it's better late than never. Under Pedro we'll just keep declining.
  9. Agreed mate but when they play shite they still grind out wins whereas we drop points. We need someone who knows how to grind out results when teams are parking the bus against us. I think someone like Tommy Wright would be perfect for that.
  10. I suggested Wright on here before Pedro came in and was shot down. He'd make us solid first and foremost and the football probably wouldn't be easy on the eye most of the time but I'm confident we'd grind out the result. A bit like Walter's second spell. An old school approach and going back to basics is what is needed.
  11. And while the taigs go from strength to strength it's honestly the last thing we need. It's so fucking worrying. Fuck the selection panel and fuck Pedro, absolute mess.
  12. Pedro is certainly having a right good go at it.
  13. Robertson is another incompetent tit embarrassing this club. Needs binned.
  14. Tommy Wright or McInnes were the logical choices but this board don't do logic. Good solid managers who know the league inside out. Depressing times.
  15. He's embarrassed us far too often and it's simply unacceptable. If he even has an ounce of dignity and respect for this club and fans he'll do the right thing and walk. Fucking dud.