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  1. JukeBoxJohn

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    It's must win for us due to head to head results I'm sure mate.
  2. JukeBoxJohn

    Windass Meets Si Ferry

    Watched it earlier, he's an arrogant arsehole who simply can't back it up with consistent performances. Delighted we got rid of him.
  3. JukeBoxJohn

    Becoming quite partizan about UEFA football

    Reported for spam.
  4. Nobody willing to have a shot at goal. Frustrating as fuck.
  5. JukeBoxJohn

    ***The Official Rangers V Spartak Moscow Match Thread***

    We're by far the better team. Keep it up second half and hopefully the goal will come.
  6. JukeBoxJohn

    Penalty Kings

  7. JukeBoxJohn

    Penalty Kings

  8. JukeBoxJohn

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    Maybe for the best the cunts didn't accept me then mate
  9. JukeBoxJohn

    ED, a face to the name

    They were loving it as well. Brilliant.
  10. JukeBoxJohn

    ED, a face to the name

    I vaguely remember him sharing that story in the boozer (I was probably hammered) he was a class act and never a dull moment when he was out and about.
  11. JukeBoxJohn

    Edmiston Drive

    RIP big man, it was an absolute pleasure sharing a laugh and a beer with him.
  12. JukeBoxJohn

    Edmiston Drive

    Devastating. Had the pleasure of having a few beers with the big man a couple of times and what a superb character he is, his stories are hilarious and he's a gem of a guy. No surrender big man.
  13. JukeBoxJohn

    Lassana Coulibaly

    Anyone know if we have an option to buy similar to Jamie Murphy deal last season? Sure I read that somewhere on here but could be wrong.
  14. JukeBoxJohn

    ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Match Thread***

    Absolutely outstanding.
  15. JukeBoxJohn


    If he could improve his delivery he'd be a star for us. Great performance tonight though.