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  1. Semi final ballot

  2. Goss

    This time last week he was brilliant. Amazing how fickle fitbaw fans are.
  3. OBFA to be scrapped

    They’ve already got ginger arse out in the media upset at it and wanting rid of “sectarianism”. Won’t be long until it’s just the Rangers act. Honestly, wait till you see all the poor wee downtrodden catholics of Scottish football line up for interviews left right and centre complaining about it.
  4. C.Company

    Young Copland Volunteers....
  5. C.Company

    Womble bastards. some cunt should start a group called the Volunteers. Even id join that one.
  6. The Tory official

    Infact just seen you say Saturday naw no Saturday
  7. The Tory official

    For about an hour then I went to the ally bar and up the road.
  8. The Tory official

    That useless cunt would have missed anyway.
  9. The Tory official

    The way the media have treated this guy for giving a STONEWALL red card has been nothing short of disgraceful. You have to wonder if the reaction would have been the same if he was a labour or SNP politician. There’s a concentrated effort by the media to discredit the guy because of his political party and if the SFA don’t release some sort of statement defending the guy they need to have a look at themselves aswell. BTW, there was a Roman Catholic RE teacher reffing the game, where’s the media cry for that? For the record I couldn’t care less about what Collum does as a job.
  10. A couple of wee fannies in a white motor started shouting shite outside the louden in duke street earlier and their motor got booted fuck out of and they went through a red light to get away. Shitebags.
  11. I was too pissed off earlier after the game, had two pints and fucked off up the road wae a munchie box. Fucking wish I was full of gear now mind you. At least I could have forgotten about that pish until the morning.
  12. Two Centre Backs + Goalkeeper

    Naw idea how any cunt can blame Fod for anything the day. Infact he pulled off a couple of decent saves. 1st goal - cunt gets a free run to just outside the box before he shoots. Maybe Fod could have been better placed on his line if your being overly critical, but the midfield to defence was shocking for that goal. 2nd goal - again defence just let’s the cunt run past them and Fod has no choice but to go out and try and narrow the gap. 3rd goal - reminds me of stokes goal in the cup final walks into our box without as much as any cunt putting a challenge on him and gets all the time in the world to hit a shot. He should have been taken out before he even got into the box. Defence let us down today and Morelos, I wouldn’t even mention that cunt. Again.
  13. They might have won three points

    No such thing as a nice Tarrier bastard
  14. But they’ll never be able to gee Alan Brazil his virginity back