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  1. GOAT

    Just think...

    Their missing a cigar I’ve been saving since I got it two years ago. 😂
  2. I answered you a question you just ignored. Just because Clancy had a shocker doesn’t mean every cunts out to get us. Leave that pish for the tarriers.
  3. Why have you posted the exact same reply to me? What exactly did st mirren players get away with tonight?
  4. Davis should have been booked for halfing one of their players on the break at the half way line, Leave the paranoia to the taigs eh.
  5. Steady? Constant fouling before he was booked and miscontrolled the baw about four times including twice in the space of seconds. God forbid if Tav or Barasic are ever out long term.
  6. Isn’t that what he said though? He done well in his cameo? So what’s to get annoyed about? He did so well in his cameo.
  7. He’s bang on though, came on and done well. Only thing that disappointed me is he took Aribo off for him. Aribo was our best player tonight by far.
  8. How did Flanagan manage to get capped for England.
  9. I take back this thread after 90 minutes of Flanagan.
  10. Another 18 shite 1-0 wins and we’re champions. 😁
  11. Ojo actually done more tonight in five minutes than Kent did the whole game btw.
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