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  1. I genuinely thought he was a top six premier league player with us. How wrong was I.
  2. We've not had someone between the sticks that you felt totally confident in since McGregor fucked off and left us. Speaking of McGregor where the fuck is he now? Since some seem to be welcoming other snakes with open arms back why not get the other snake back aswell.
  3. Apart from the first 20 minutes it's been all Malaga since.
  4. Madrid are gonnae put 4 or 5 past them.
  5. 1-0 Madrid already. Not even two minutes gone.
  6. Do Barca have a chance of sneaking it? All Madrid need is a draw.
  7. Embarrassing.
  8. The fact he's one of us means he'll always give that wee bit extra every time he's on the field. Plus he's a good east end boy like me.
  9. Never read your post, but aye it's been nothing short of disgraceful. Pumped 5-1 twice of the bheggers, failed to record a single win in six games against the bheggers, nearly 40 points behind the bheggers, finished third in what should be a two horse race, lost a 26 year old record against the sheep shaggers. Etc etc a fucking disgrace.