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  1. GOAT

    What chance we got???

    Honestly couldnae give a flying fuck what that tarrier bastard has to say.
  2. GOAT

    Reserve match today

    Guy that runs my bus follows the youth teams everywhere, said Mebude has a big chance of making it.
  3. GOAT

    Tav’s Rangers Stats

    Guess what, so was I. You’re opinion is absolute nonsense. I can accept the opinion of Numan being better than Robertson but what I won’t accept is the opinion that Robertson wasn’t as good as I or anyone else thinks. The last comment is a bit up you’re own arse I watched both players every single week just as much as you. Again, caps means absolutely nothing and again, Leighton DID keep Goram out the Scotland team a lot. That’s a stone cold fact despite being a lesser goalkeeper and in the twilight of his career infact Goram actually walked out on Scotland in 1998 when they selected Leighton before him for the World Cup. .
  4. GOAT

    Tav better than Hutton

    I know but all I’m saying is Hutton was only brilliant for maybe a 12 month spell and don’t get me wrong he was fucking brilliant in that spell but people forget the Hutton before Smith took over was bang average at best. That said in that 12 month spell he was five times the player Tav is.
  5. GOAT

    Daniel Candeias

    Tav always plays better with him in front of him. ALWAYS.
  6. GOAT

    Europa League rival watch

    Villarreal drew with Valencia the day aswell, 0-0.
  7. GOAT

    Last time we were ahead of them in the table

    Well then it would be 28th December 2011 after McCoist proceeded to throw away a 15 point lead in just over a month.
  8. GOAT

    Tav’s Rangers Stats

    What the fuck does caps have to do with anything? David Robertson is joint top with the best left backs in my life time with Numan. Absolute brilliant player. Btw, Jim Leighton would regularly get picked over Andy Goram in goals and let me tell you Goram was ten times the goalkeeper that fucking sheep shagging prick ever was.
  9. GOAT

    Our worst league start since 1989....

    They do stuff for them and other clubs aswell, it’s easy advertisement amongst fans.
  10. GOAT

    Last time we were ahead of them in the table

    Naw but large brandy’s do.
  11. GOAT

    Last time we were ahead of them in the table

    A couple of weeks ago...
  12. GOAT


    Man of the match today by a country mile. Scored and was involved in a good few others.
  13. GOAT

    Tav better than Hutton

    Hutton under Walter Smith was brilliant, Hutton under le guen and Mcleish was nothing more than meh.
  14. GOAT


    Aye, fantastic performance.