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  1. Btw, does their ground have flood lights? Could rule out a midweek game....
  2. Some cunt on Facebook was telling us to sing it tae 😂😂🙈 if they sing it in memory of ricksen I’m hardly gonnae boo it, any Rangers fan that sings it regardless I hope they get a size ten launched off their face. The man himself would have launched fireworks at you aswell if he was here.
  3. Queen street are running a bus if it’s the Saturday
  4. The youths have international levels aswell so that will fuck it, still we can pray.
  5. All over. Let’s pray for a Saturday game. 😂
  6. It will get moved it’s international weekend. That’s why this games played the night.
  7. Would love the Solihull game to be a Saturday, sadly won’t happen.
  8. Midweek injury time stonewall penalty at Tynecastle. What a night that was.
  9. Gutted man. Horrible, horrible disease.
  10. Fuck that we’ll end up relegated.
  11. Heard Martin bains been asked to come back.
  12. Winning the first three isn’t important going by that season. 😂. Buzzing for us winning the league at the piggery again.
  13. Game will get moved to a midweek sadly because it’s internationals and all the youth players will be away wae the u21’s sadly, otherwise that would be a great trip.
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