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  1. Actually says the complete opposite. 😂
  2. Shamrock rovers on the 11th then just head north for the 12th
  3. Embarrassing thread. Fuck them were winning that league next season.
  4. Best day of my life. Other than the wean being born obviously...well...maybe. 😂😂
  5. Any member of this forum that votes for these scumbags and his party are no Rangers fans at all.
  6. I never gave you abuse I said it was a disgraceful post. Bit of a difference, you’re the one that started the abuse. Look I stand by my initial post, it was a disgraceful thing to say, fuck every other team apart from us. Let’s forget about it now eh? I’ll make the love and the peace by apologising for calling you a bellend....? 😂
  7. Aye away you go and support teams against Rangers. I think we all know who the bell end is here.
  8. GOAT


    Hopefully no for much longer. Croatian international, 😂😂
  9. Fuck off. Fuck Aberdeen and fuck Kilmarnock. Disgraceful post.
  10. Absolute fucking disgraceful performance. Clearly half our squad just aren’t good enough. Barasic, Worrall, Halliday, candieas, Flanagan need to go and need to be replaced by quality and that cunt fae aberdeen is not quality.
  11. Absolute fucking disgraceful performance the day.
  12. 😂apologies but still lasts weeks was a cross.
  13. No really because last weeks free kick wasn’t a shot. Maybe we can go over a season of piss poor free kicks though to make you feel better?
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