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  1. Probably my best ever game following Rangers other than helicopter Sunday.
  2. Saved the best til last. Intae these tarrier bastards the Morra Rangers. No surrender 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  3. It's nearly time boys
  4. I was busy at work and didn't even know about this until I got in at 5. Absolutely gutted to hear this news. Only 44 years old aswell. RIP big man, thanks for giving me a brilliant day (and night) at the piggery that day and thanks for playing for the greatest team in this country.
  5. The only one not at Hampden, but a Scottish cup semi final nine the less.
  6. The Friday feeling
  7. Well done on stealing the nights video.
  8. "A wis confident afore it started son"
  9. Video 2 for the night, mccoist hat trick hero, shame about his managerial stint, because this is the stuff he should be remembered for
  10. Happy Thursday boys oh Bertie Bertie
  11. It's time for Wednesday's pumpings Part one of the treble
  13. Happy Tuesday folks
  14. Cheers mate
  15. Tomorrows my first day, happy but equally shiting myself.