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  1. You go and take two fucks to yourself ya Micky tarrier bastard.
  2. Sometimes the guy really needs to keep his fucking gub shut.
  3. WHere the fuck is £3m coming from?
  4. The greatest player to ever wear that jersey without a shadow of a doubt. gazza a close second and the two of them played in the same team, unreal. Two legends.
  5. I'm at work, can someone reply to me with the full draw 1st and 2nd qualification and the dates all legs will be played? Cheers
  6. To win everything we're fucking Rangers.
  7. Just so you know, Steven Davis refused to TUPE over like the other dirty scumbag rhat bastards. Southampton like the half decent club they are gave us money for them when they didn't have too. Oh and the money they did pay was pennies considering what our then captain and one of our better players from the last couple of seasons was worth. Steven Davis is a scumbag who fucked off and abandoned us at the lowest point in our history. i remember this place when Davis and the other rhats abandoned us, the seethe, the anger, the rage and rightly so. Now it seems our support are just fickle, we even had a good number of them wanting to sign one of the rhats this summer, it's fucking unreal. Anyone that defends any of those rhats should be ashamed of themselves. Cunts might aswell just bend over and take it dry.
  8. Just got a phone call off my gaffer, apparently I'm fitting the new meters in the Murray park chapel in the morning.
  9. Guarantee you this doesn't happen and if if it does it will be pointless. Mayweather would beat him wae one hand tied behind his back on a boxing match.
  10. Wonder if they'll finally go down the HD route this season.
  11. Absolutely no fucking chance. Maybe once upon a time, not now.
  12. Don't know what you're on about mate.
  13. Ignore me
  14. Edinburgh.
  15. Because we've not played in Europe for five six years.