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  1. That actually sounds awrite, any videos of it?
  2. That was a sectarian roar.
  3. Watching the austrialian rugby league on sky there, and there’s crowd noises, thought fuck sake they have a crowd already but naw it’s noises played over the tannoy. 😂 funnily enough it does add to it a wee bit if you’re watching it live, I’d have laughed if leagues were gonnae do this, but maybe not now. Might be a good idea for watching it on the tele, maybe a wee bit of atmosphere.
  4. No what I think would be class? To talk about why the thread was made in the first place and how this season could have been finished instead of being side tracked by certain members attention seeking. 👍🏻 so...fuck the SPFL corrupt to the fucking core.
  5. I’m not your mate. Now as I said don’t reply back to me.
  6. I hope you sort out whatever demons you’re carrying, but you are an absolute prick of the highest order and all you do is fucking cause shite in near enough every thread you post on. You clearly enjoy the thrill of the argument. Now I’m setting you back to ignore, so do me a favour and don’t reply back to me. Cheers. 👍🏻
  7. Hamburg win that if Stuttgart aren’t awarded a penalty for a dive.
  8. That’s disgraceful wits the point in VAR. 2-2
  9. Why do most German teams sound like an absolute world class beer you need to try. 😂
  10. Hamburg Stuttgart game half time just now 2-0 Hamburg.
  11. I’m sure deals could be worked out to amend that issue. No idea why you’re defending this shambles. Embarrassing actually.
  12. Surely further highlights the shite ending our season early has caused. Looks like Liverpool will get the chance to actually win their league title.
  13. Shocking man, how have we a club that loses millions managed to pay for this. Shambles man.
  14. GOAT

    BT SPORT 2

    Anyone have an illegal stream for us non bt sporters?
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