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  1. GOAT

    Adam Lallana

    He’s fucking injured!!
  2. GOAT


    Apparently we’re joint favourites to sign Lallana on loan......Who’s currently out injured. 😂😂😂😂
  3. Sorry but Yaya Toure would be a brilliant signing for them, anyone that says otherwise is just saying it because it’s the tarriers.
  4. GOAT

    Mohanad Ali

    He’s fucking shiite
  5. GOAT

    Craig Bryson

  6. GOAT

    Herrera (Out:Loan)

    20k a week? ???!!! Whit?!!!
  7. GOAT


    No being funny but I could probably make a YouTube video showing Kate and Gerry McCann as doting parents that didnae murder their own daughter and try to hide it.
  8. GOAT

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    So fuck yer Lampard yer stevie gerrard...🤣
  9. GOAT

    Steven Davis

    Hahahaha look at they sad people sharing my fake Facebook post. Wee fucking virgins.
  10. GOAT

    Star Sixes

    Tbf he was spot on. Quite enjoyed that there.
  11. GOAT

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    He’s bang on the button. Am I one to watch?
  12. GOAT

    Who's Next? Or Are We Done?

    So we need a number 10 then.
  13. GOAT

    Who's Next? Or Are We Done?

    Attacking midfielder to pick out the chances we need against the defensive teams. Get a player capable of doing that and those points dropped against hibs motherwell Aberdeen Kilmarnock Dundee etc could have been wins.
  14. GOAT

    Steven Davis

    “So fuck yer lampard, yer Stevie gerr......” eh aye we’ll need to rethink that one again won’t we. 😂
  15. GOAT

    Ryan Jack pursued in Aberdeen Saturday night

    Aberdeen’s a 3 hour drive away in a slow Bus that makes a couple of pish stops, so I’d imagine in a motor it’s about 2 and a half to three hours.