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  1. How much was owed to other creditors anyone have a figure m?
  2. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.BOYCOTT THIS LINK/news/scottish-news/read-full-list-Rangers-oldco-11452483.amp how accurate is that now? Is ticketus still a creditor or did they get left to chase their money from the con man?
  3. How much does the oldco currently owe btw and is there a list of current creditors?
  4. Could be worse I work for British Gas and our CEO Iain conn just gave himself a £2.4m bonus for losing money, losing customers, share price dropping to an all time low and paying loyal staff members off.
  5. Because that company owned us for 120 years, that’s why.
  6. I tell you something WHEN we win the league this year, I hope there’s a big banner that reads FUCK YOU celtic, FUCK YOU SCOTTISH FOOTBALL, FUCK YOU SPFL, FUCK YOU SFA, AND FUCK YOU HMRC. We’re back!
  7. I’m not interested in payouts, I’m interested in knowing if there is a chance we can now get the original company that ran us back into action owing no money to a single person?
  8. So you’re telling me for talking sake, this results in the liquidators breaking even in any money owed we can’t merge the two companies together?
  9. How can this not be relevant to the new company running us?
  10. Fail to see why our club under the current company that owns it can’t question this. We’ve been shafted either way.
  11. I’m absolutely furious to be honest, not one part of this is even funny.
  12. So I watched my club sold to a con man, sold to another con man, tore apart from the inside by struggles and board room battles, booted out of Scottish football, forced to work our way back from the lower leagues, lose a league winning team, the company that owned it since 1891 forced into administration and then liquidation all because HMRC made an absolute cunt of it. Not only is this a fucking disgrace but it’s an outright fucking scandal.
  13. GOAT

    Felix magath

    Your patters pure reeking.
  14. GOAT

    Felix magath

    Won a couple of bundesliga titles as manager but was a riot at Fulham. A kick in the balls is what that hearts team probably needs tbh. but....does he still have shares in us?
  15. I’m buzzing to continually pump them again next season.
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