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  1. Henning Berg

    Hard to believe we were rotten that season, lost every game to the tarriers but had Frank de Boer and Henning Berg in our defence.
  2. Henning Berg

    A manager who won 1 game as Blackburn manager. No thanks.
  3. 2002-2003 Diadora NTL Away Shirt White

    Orange kit was the third kit.
  4. 2002-2003 Diadora NTL Away Shirt White

    Aye, the Umbro strip under PLG was when we stopped.
  5. Sir Walter Smith

    Recent accounts have nothing to do with this season.
  6. Sir Walter Smith

    Considering we're paying £30k for two players just now, it's not going to be too far off us just now.
  7. Away tickets advice please

    I'm afraid for Aberdeen away the only chance you'll have for a ticket is knowing someone or being a member of an RSC and a lucky member of an RSC at that.
  8. Wallace out till next year.

    Wrong side of 30? He's just turned 30 three months ago, how can he be the wrong side of 30?
  9. Things you miss from the lower leagues

    Is it Sad I text my brother to find out what we were singing? Let it snow....🙈
  10. Things you miss from the lower leagues

    I mind a game in Alloa we went to a cheap weatherspoons type pub, and got parped out for singing some chart song. Might have even been a Christmas song, a cannae mind. we ended up in the pub on the same street as athe ground and it done dark fruit on tap which was never heard of at the time, so that made up for it.
  11. Things you miss from the lower leagues

    Scanning through Facebook for these bad boys, Brechin away the first game after the shit hit the fan. The daft cunt climbing the lights aswell.
  12. Things you miss from the lower leagues

    Annan and it's snack van
  13. Things you miss from the lower leagues

    Alloa was the ground wae a KFC next door wasn't it.