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  1. Everton are the sixth most successful club in england, but aye get what you mean. No that long ago they had won more league titles than city and Chelsea combined. 😂
  2. Shower of absolute shite. Team full of shitebags and losers.
  3. Who gives a fuck it’s a fucking song. Embarrassing man.
  4. GOAT


    He never got fucking touched. 😂😂 Seriously?
  5. GOAT


    I never seen the first half one but if it was he should have been sent off for that one at the end. He’s a lucky cunt.
  6. GOAT


    That dive at the end was fucking pathetic, embarrassing. Might be a big player for us but he’s not Rangers class in how he acts. I’d sell him and tav this summer and if we get £20m+ for both were laughing. Then invest that money in six or seven quality players.
  7. If it’s a shot it fucking hits the wall every time and if it’s a cross it doesn’t go by the first man or straight to the goalie or out for a fucking goal kick or a shy. Fucking terrible. Also I see people call him a goal scoring full back. How many goals has he scored that aren’t penalties just out of interest? Anyone have that stat?
  8. GOAT


    I don’t get it? He does a little bit of skill one in every two games and he’s brilliant. We need two wingers that can take a man on and cross the ball because him and the other cunts crossing is fucking terrible.
  9. Absolute no cunt. SHITEBAGS THE LOT OF THEM!!!
  10. A bunch of shitebags no fit to wear that fucking jersey. Morelos aswell wae his embarrassing fucking dive at the end there absolute wanker of a guy. Tav captain absolute joke, cunts a fucking shitebag. Absolute no urgency in the cunts even at 2-0 down. Seasons over. I’d play the weans the rest of the season over these shitebags.
  11. Our constantly being offside is another pathetic school boy pish aswell.
  12. 20 odd years they went without beating us there now they are gonnae dae it three times the in a few years no cunt fit to wear the jersey
  13. I’m sure she’ll put it back on for second half. Hopefully no mind you.
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