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  1. Two draws in a row to fucking partick thistle, a defeat to hibs a draw to hearts and out of europe to a pub team. This season is going to be a fucking disaster just like last season.
  2. Here was me thinking we were all adults here discussing how piss poor we are under our manager. Banning swearing on a football forum.
  3. The papes might have won tonight and hell they might even win on Saturday. They'll still wake up British and governed by the queen on Sunday. So who's the real winners here?
  4. Wit the fuck is that thread title aw about?
  5. Mcann bashing mhanks

    I don't ever remember McCann causing a divide?
  6. Mccrorie...

    No sure about the day but he was on it Friday.
  7. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Fuck the old firm get this changed to vs the mhanky fenian bhegging tarrier bastards thread.
  8. Don't you even get involved in managerial debates, if it was up to you, we'd still be hitting baws at mccoists bare arse in training.
  9. Mccrorie...

    Bullied Sammon off the park.