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  1. Some amount of greeting faced bastards on this.
  2. Shocker. Poor cunt. I seen a highlight of the tackle on Facebook there, granted it wasn't the best copy but I don't think it was that 'bad' a tackle and more a 50/50. Maybe I'm wrong when I see a better copy of it. But he get a straight red for it anyway.
  3. Snakey bastard.
  4. So have we established if he's a taig taig or a proddy taig yet?
  5. Hail hail brother. Chucky ar la
  6. Was just reading something there, the tarriers finished 6th that season and on the last day we lost to the sheep shaggers and hearts would have won the league if they won their last game, they got beat....off the tarriers at the piggery. Imagine the place that day.
  7. Some cunts need to have a look at themselves over this. Barry Ferguson is a Rangers legend and a good Rangers captain. Do I want him to have this role, no because of the way him and others acted we PLG was the manager. But the abuse he receives is bang out of order, even with the PLG situation in mind if it wasn't for him/others we wouldn't have had our greatest modern time manager back in the hot seat and won three titles in a row and a European final to boot. i seen someone even call him a ned, you can fuck off aswell. As for the Scotland situation, fuck Scotland, it has fuck all to do with Rangers. not my choice for this position but one you can guarantee with BF is he will not be afraid to kick balls in that dressing room and I think we have a manager this will not be afraid to kick Fergusons baws if need be aswell. Something PLG would never have done.
  8. amazing
  9. I was against RF merging into C1872 and voted against it. I was in the minority. I knew this would happen. I was against Houston being involved in anyway, infact the man is a fucking embarrassment to the Rangers support and how so many cant see this is beyond me. Again I was in the minority. I'm glad I cancelled my DD months ago, I've made the correct decision. Houston is toxic, any man who feels it's acceptable to call for mass boycotts of their own football club, regardless of who is in charge is a fucking idiot.
  10. Some of the songs the UB sing are a pure red neck, especially that shite Lee Wallace one.
  11. You won't get a lot of South Americans coming here because of work permit laws.
  12. Aye mate next mourinho. uefa cup next season, champions league the season later. yaaaaaaaas!
  13. I was reading aswell a few years before that Hibs had the chance to beat us the second last game of the season and win the league, we drew 0-0 and Rangers scored in the last ten minutes of the last game of the season at third Lanark to equalise 1-1 to win the league. What a night that would have been!
  14. What absolute bullshit. Davie weir was a fantastic player for us and the best example of that was when Bougherra was out for months in 2009/10 season and Weir made Danny Wilson a player. You could also argue Weir helped Cuellar and Bougherra in their time here aswell since neither exactly set the heather on fire elsewhere after their times here.
  15. David weir isn't even comparable. An international defender, who played at one of the better teams in England for most of his career. oh and a snakey bastard to boot.
  16. I don't know what's worse the fact this is even up for debate and someone's asked the question or the fact that most on this forum seem to want to give him another year. well done to the guy for scoring on Sunday and keeping his body in the shape it is at his age and still being a footballer. But we should be aiming to win titles and play in Europe next season, a 39 year old clint hill isn't going to help us do that. On top of that his mentality is not what is required to play for a team like ours, just the other week there he was telling us third was a good achievement for us. That shite is why we're in sitting in third just now because we've got a team full of losers that accept mediocrity. things need to change and hopefully pedro is the man to get us back to the top and recreate that winning mentality.
  17. Fuck sake man talk about an overreaction. It's a fucking four minute video ffs. There's probably a few on YouTube from the snakes time here. Still at least there's none of anyone kicking the baw off his arse.
  18. Dirty fucking snakey cum bucket.
  19. I haven't watched it at all.
  20. "Tactically fascinating" - aka absolutely fucking shite.
  21. Whatever happened to the bouncing to the here we go song aswell. Mind seeing a video of us doing it at Hampden or the piggery and it looked amazing.
  22. Section 118 was supposed to be row EE but fuck knows where I stood.
  23. Depends on the circumstances.
  24. I would normally agree with you, were Rangers anything other than a win is unacceptable, no matter who we play in this country. But I reckon you need to look at the circumstances in this one, 1-0 down with 2 minutes to go and we get the goal we 100% deserved. If we had scored that goal with 20/25 minutes to go then, aye I'd be on your side. Although a small part of me does feel we should have won the game.
  25. Sure hill must be there or thereabouts?