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  1. It seems it's linfields fault that the mhanky mhob decided to display IRA banners....
  2. I'll back him when he deserves my backing. two of the worst defeats in our history under him and a 26 year undefeated record throwing away in the blink of an eye. He deserves every bit of criticism coming his way right now.
  3. We should bring out a big massive banner at the piggery. "Up to our knees in the stuff". I'm sure it will only be because they bastards made us do it.
  4. Better watch you don't sing a song this season chaps, that could really land you in trouble.
  5. This thread.
  6. Forrester has had one decent spell with us in the championship. Other than that he has been rotten.
  7. Has scored more goals in pre season than our entire team has combined.
  8. Said at the time I didn't understand or think it was a good appointment. I'm still standing by that statement.
  9. Best transfer widnae we've had in years. I told you aw to stop getting so excited until wed seen them play.
  10. Swear to god I think I should be mystic megs apprentice.
  11. Being "staunch" for not wanting that wee rhat bastard to play for us again and comparing them to tims. Aye well you can take two fucks tae yerself pal.
  12. Gooooooooooooooooal kick
  13. Wonder when St Johnstone will score?
  14. are we still not scoring?
  15. Goram Hutton Weir Gough Numan Ferguson Gazza Albertz RdB Mols Laudrup laudrup the free role smith used to play him in, Barry sitting deep like he did under advocaat. Hutton purely on his form under smith. RdB purely on his 2002-2003 form where he was unstoppable. Mols pre injury was just unbelievable. There was a better team I could pick on form based on doing it more regularly, like mccoist and Hateley etc. But that's not what was asked.
  16. You do realise GvB was fucking brilliant for us don't you?
  17. Were in benidorm and I just fell asleep cuddling him there. Truly is heart breaking stuff.
  18. The wee mans lying sleeping next to me just now and this has just made me want to give him a big massive cuddle the now.
  19. Tragic man, heartbreaking. Horrible world we live in at times. RIP wee man.
  20. Most corpses are bud
  21. Am I lying?
  22. Aye a rotten corpse would have been better than the rotten shite we had last season, I'll give you that.
  23. Any cunt listening to the phone in? poor mark fae Partick thinks we've signed a new player.
  24. Seen that. That's fucking hilarious. UEFA are fucking tadgers.