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  1. Where's the fan groups? Where's Craig Houston? Where's John brown? Where's all the protests? Where's the boycotts? because this board is every bit as embarrassing as the previous. This club is just as embarrassing as it was under the previous board. i await with baited breath.
  2. Morelos' overall play

    Btw I meant to say, the story about him and Pena is apparently true. My cousin was down in Stranraer working in Ryan hardies grandas house who told him the story. I don't particularly have a problem with guys doing stuff on their days off if I'm being honest, but you would think Pena would be concentrating on his fitness not going out on the swally.
  3. David Murray

    The day he sold us to a fucking chancer for a quid without doing due diligence is the day he became one of the biggest scumbags in our history.
  4. Windass.

    The full team was boo'd off in games where we've been beat plenty of times. Defeat is not an option at this club and fans let them know that.
  5. The Boxing News Thread

    10 round fight because it's not a championship fight. Frampton down that round
  6. Windass.

    Don't talk pish boo'ing has been going on since I was born even during the glory years. Fans pay their money, fans can do as they please.
  7. Windass.

    Because he made one mistake, windass has an entire Rangers careers full of them and general shiteness. Honestly, where do you come up with this?
  8. The Boxing News Thread

    Told ye. "a brave effort" aka an absolute pumping.
  9. The Boxing News Thread

    this won't last another round.
  10. Windass.

  11. Their first league win, they knocked us out the Scottish cup the day chris woods broke the clean sheet record.
  12. 15 quid we get. No being able to do a job affects my first time completion rate and therefore my bonus, too right im grassing the cunts in, their costing me money.
  13. Windass.

    Every shitebags deserves boo'd the whole fucking team of shitebags got boo'd and every boo was deserved.
  14. It's where it ends after 10. Were in total disarray. A board full of shite bags, a team full of shitebags. The tarriers are running away with this for years to come. Some of our support are just as much to blame aswell for getting a bunch of nobodies in charge of us aswell. Bottom line is, no one else will come in now, were far too toxic. Sad times ahead for us.
  15. Windass.

    Deserved boo'd off the park when he was subbed, shame it wasn't louder.
  16. We should have been out of sight after the first half. Second half the players showed the strip is too big for them all. Shitebags.
  17. That manager got himself the sack by being a fucking clueless, useless bastard.
  18. Morelos' overall play

    Should have had a hat trick the day. i thought his attitude at getting subbed was disgraceful, 2-0 down and the cunt just strolls off. Captains back in the day would have booted his baws for that. But we've a team full of shitebags, so that's not going to happen.
  19. Spiers in the Hamilton end

    Who gives a fuck.
  20. Burst the Bank Dave

    I'll crack the jokes, the cunt has no money and it was disgraceful the way he was put into power in the first place.
  21. Tavs selling Dugs

    Poper or Cuncil?
  22. Henning Berg

    Hard to believe we were rotten that season, lost every game to the tarriers but had Frank de Boer and Henning Berg in our defence.
  23. Henning Berg

    A manager who won 1 game as Blackburn manager. No thanks.