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  1. Apparently their support want him sacked already. he hasn’t won a game and got put out the Mexican cup to a second division team. shame.
  2. Injury Update - @4Ladhadadream

    Knowing our luck Cummings will end up dying with Australian flu or something now.
  3. Hamburg

    Pumped out the German cup at the first time of asking to a third division team who've not won a single game in four games this season and they had ten men for 70 minutes.
  4. Best window since Walter returned?

    Fuck sake calm doon. We’ve signed players on loan that weren’t good enough for their parent clubs for fuck sake.
  5. Welcome to Rangers Russell Martin

    A bit meh for this one for me. Hopefully I’m proved wrong. anyway welcome and good luck
  6. Sheff wed fan coming to Rangers v Hibernian

    @The Mongoose will let you sleep at the other side of his bed mate.
  7. Sheff wed fan coming to Rangers v Hibernian

    I’d also recommend going to the east end of the city mate, there’s three pubs on a street called duke street (right Rangers area) the Bristol bar and the louden (different one from the one mentioned above) and the Alexandra bar. All three good Rangers pubs. Google them mate, duke streets five minutes in a taxi from the city centre as well.
  8. Sheff wed fan coming to Rangers v Hibernian

    Finding your victim for the night?
  9. Sheff wed fan coming to Rangers v Hibernian

    Before and after the game just have a drink down paisley road west. Plenty of pubs for you to do a pub crawl in after the game down that way, then get the subway into the city centre sample the nightlife. Main stands shite for atmosphere, intact ibrox mostly is these days, although might be a bit decent since it’s Hibs mind you.
  10. It just gives the papers a chance to start negative shite from day one.
  11. What a striker he was....
  12. Maybe I’m having a mongo moment but all I can think of is Durie and Miller?
  13. Anyone mind his goal against us at Ibrox in the 4-2 game? If he shows composure like that every week scoring in this league won’t be a problem.
  14. I remember being told back when we were in the championship with Hibs that was the case.
  15. Says the clowns that were buzzing at signing a sheep shagger.
  16. I think he’ll be a good signing, but everyone needs to calm down a bit on here man.
  17. Never mind Morelos, think about the poor Glaswegians in the squad having to listen to that pish eh ken, ya raj.
  18. He’ll probably break his leg on Sunday knowing our injury luck this season.
  19. Moan the cum dog. just for you @K.A.I
  20. Lee Wallace

    What a pile of shite you talk at times.
  21. Lee Wallace

    Bluepeter9 is agreeing with me, I take it all back. John first choice.
  22. Lee Wallace

    Neither does John. The one thing that always annoyed me about Wallace, he always ends up on the overlap and gets the ball and cuts it back and there’s no one there. Whether that’s Wallace’s fault or our strikers fault I don’t know.
  23. Lee Wallace

    Defending, far better. pace, Wallace is hardly slow himself. Final ball, just the same. Technical ability, John a bit more skilful I’ll give you that.