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  1. Any win for us. Keeping the record going would be a bonus.
  2. This was the quote I referred to. I was just putting into perspective what that would mean across the population. One death with this horrible virus is one death too many.
  3. I understand what you mean but unfortunately that would be our share .
  4. 6-7% of deaths would be 3000-3500 in a full Ibrox . Or in the population of Scotland 330,000 - 385,000 ,
  5. Seriously? You would accept 3000-3500 of us from a full Ibrox dying of this virus?
  6. I think Kai Johansen should be mentioned.
  7. One of the best strikes you'll ever see.
  8. Fans to return to Spanish stadiums once vaccine available next year, La Liga boss says. I think this will probably need to happen here before they allow 50,000 of us back in .
  9. Manchester City winger Riyad Mahrez and defender Aymeric Laporte have tested positive for Covid-19. Algeria's Mahrez, 29, and Frenchman Laporte, 24, will not train with their team-mates while they self isolate in line with UK government and Premier League rules.
  10. They are tarrier lovers. They love to report negative things about us !
  11. Brilliant. Can't wait until Ibrox is bouncing again!
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