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  1. Sunday leagues brutal Lose 150 if i cant get to work on the monday Makes sense but shit quality
  2. Alcohol at Ibrox

    Ive found its when you try to limit a Glasgow mans drink is when trouble begins If you want to get pished and ya can handle your drink and not act like a complete cunt get pished oot your nut Love a good drunk Make me laugh
  3. Alcohol at Ibrox

    On the wagon now But im with you chief Bucky and strongbow all the way. Peroni and aspals if in pub
  4. Im with puma so far Now it does feel cheap shite But as a light breathable sports fabric its fantastic, My only concern is if it lasts a season bedore getting worn out. Feels lovely and light to wear Just bought adidas predator 9 shinguards £50 and quality is fucking joke so fuck off with that addidas pish
  5. Not a brand name person so dont care As long as its got our badge on it, nothing else matters after that Quality material a nice to have, but it doesnt come anywhere near the pride of the badge on your chest.
  6. And cant play snooker with any of the kit on as rubber blackthorn logo sticks to the cue Just a tip for anyone going for a game
  7. Got a lot of the puma kit Feels light and loose, not sure its gonna last long though If it does last then im pleased with feel Stupid plastic stripes on neck of home top ruins it, should have just been cotton.
  8. New Puma kit

    Maybe puma will do a Glasgow fit, wee bit extra room round the belly and a kevlar kebab and curry stain resistant front. Its a winner surely
  9. Was Jesus A Rangers Fan

    No hes a very naughty boy
  10. Jambos looking for a Friendly against us?

    No from me But then i do hate edinburgh and most of the east coast. Never had anything but hassle from them chunts Surely the SNP wont let the capital city suffer.
  11. Goian wants to come back to Rangers

    Low wage no issues Big wage, easy last year before retirement. No thanks
  12. The Founders Trail Is Shown The Red Card By Bigots.

    Whole thing stinks of cheucters Bravehearts been on sky lately and fat wank salmond with his independance pish has them all excited. As always they will fail and dissapear to think again.
  13. Beware The FF Stormtroopers Tonight

    Good point mate, never looked at it that way. Like any fight, go after the leader and the rest will fall.
  14. The Founders Trail Is Shown The Red Card By Bigots.

    Thats what worries me, whos got any balls at the club? Looking into it, should have legal team all over their bigoted arses. For fuck sake Rangers when will we stop being pushed around