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  1. 9 in a Row.

    your going to get differing views on this as everybody is different but for me I wouldn't sacrifice it. I only got to see the last few titles but that's the reason (along with outer political views) everybody hates us. the last 6 years have been hard to take but you don't appreciate the sunshine untill you experience the rain. just think how amazing the next title will be in light of the last 6 years. our fan base is full of loyal supporters that will follow our club to the end of the world regardless of what league we are in. My son was conceived when Rangers were put into admin and born when celtic beat Barcelona. I just hope we are decent when he starts getting into football!
  2. Under 20’s vs Alkmaar

    the only negative about hardie is he lacks physical presence to deal with the spl. saying that if he gets a chance he will bury it so I would give him a shot in the team with me few cameo appearances towards the end of the season. all this experience of playing continental players at development level will be making him a better player and it would be foolish to have him sit on the bench just now
  3. What we need now

    feel sorry for all of the caixinha doubters. The thing I like about pedro is he can use tidy our weakness and works hard to rectify it. beats doing plan A better
  4. Morelos interview, translated by Hernan

    the first insightful interview I have seen this year. no negative or trip up questions designed to sell papers to taigs
  5. *** The Official St Johnstone vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Friday games make me nervous. stung so many times
  6. Forum activity.

    I agree, debate and discussion isn't encouraged here though. Every new poster gets the same treatment. (taiglyf) anybody that doesn't hate the board, the manager and the team again is automatically a taig and is shot down in flames. So you end up with a forum for the old guard that are all a big clique that are responsible for derailing every thread to the same topic of discussion. I used to spend all day refreshing on my phone having a laugh with most people on here but it's changed. Only check every couple of days or match days for a stream. everything people say on here about FF is the same as here apart from people don't get banned 😂
  7. Linfield fans not happy

    seems glasgow is stuck in a time warp when the rest of the world has moved on 😂
  8. Third Kit..

    basic bit looks smart. I would like a union Jack somewhere in the background in light grey but hey ho
  9. song for the young lad

    How you meant to fit the pope and the IRA in that?
  10. Rangers players who lived in your area or near you.

    ally mccoist, Barry Ferguson Matt Busby and I'm sure kieran Tierney is from so.ewhere nearby. he's never out of the bellmill here.
  11. Holt

    I would rather have seen him in beside jack with dorrans pushed forward. never could have faulted the wee mans work rate, he was just a bit safe and lightweight.
  12. Singing at games.

    😂😂 nothing makes me prouder than hearing the old songbook
  13. *** The Official Hamilton Accies vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    The typical rough patch team suggestion. where you see youth incluced. mind Ryan sinnamon?
  14. Club 1872 meeting

    I'll put my name down. ask his stance on the SFA and SPFL fiasco
  15. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    We need to start the second half strong for the first time this year