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  1. How is it biased? Not one of our Scottish players are good enough to play. Mckay on a really good day but his end product is still shite
  2. Tadger - non conformist... it's all one
  3. Biting easy the day lads
  4. Op you will learn. In order to satisfy the uber, super fans on here you must hate everything non British. Even supporting the football team from the country of your birth. Because that gets you more staunch points. Hate the SNP for even more staunch points. In fact to be the best and most staunch rangers fan hate everything non rangers, non British. Slag any new supporter group or young fan. Slag anything new and slag any new poster. Have a wee dick and loads of Internet points on rangers media. A retro mobster name helps somewhat as well. Good luck!
  5. 7.5 in transfer fees alone. The fans put more than enough money in to see this sort of return over the summer
  6. To say they are all wee fannys that are in it for themselves. They also aren't the only ones waiting for their door getting kicked in so to say it's only UB is imo debatable. They might want to live the whole ultra lifestyle and have jedward hair but they do bring something to the rangers support we are missing. It's the way forward. Younger fans with social media lap it up and it gets more young fans into rangers. Of course the old traditional fans are the bread and butter of the fan base but the "ultra" is becoming a big part of modern fan base and btw I hate using that word it reeks.
  7. Never heard so much pish in all my life. Move with the times, that's all they're doing.Safe standing and give them a bigger section. That's what I would do.
  8. They are the only fans that sing for the full 90. Most of the fans clap along to penny arcade then sit on their arse for 90 maybe shouting encouragement .
  9. I domt know own what it is but that guy just has something about him. I think he's going to do a great job he seems to be a leader and the players will run through walls for him. Looking forward to Saturday
  10. Oh way oh way oh way oh way oh way oh way oh ah! Ooo super rangers (away) Na na na na na Ooo Na na na na na Ooo! Hardest song ever to spell
  11. We will finish second
  12. The board communicated their intention of hiring a DOF and a head coach. Then they went about doing interviews and due diligence in the shadows as it should be. Due to contractual issues and other clubs sniffing about they can't go public with all the candidates CVs and interview details. The stall in my opinion is waiting on the candidates accepting and sorting out the release details.
  13. Balls If they rushed into an appointment that would constitute making an arse of it
  14. Murty seems to be trying to put the things right that was wrong with warburtons teams so I imagine he will be going for a bit of stability so same team for me. Dodoo better make an appearance at some point