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  1. Celtic spent 8 million last summer, 12 the summer before that and 23 the summer before that. I think we need a good 2 summers with 8mill invested to challenge celtic. Depressing
  2. Spot on mate, if it was the other way around we would be fuming
  3. Liquid breakfast end route to the game. Not done this since I have had kids
  4. I will be in full voice mate, probably shouting abuse at waghorn mind you
  5. 😂
  6. Halliday was late with 1 foot, Brown's was 2 footed with intent yellow and red All day long
  7. It was the intent that made it a red for me. Halliday intent was the ball. Brown's intent was revenge and a nasty tackle
  8. He's pish mate. You only get a few chances to prove your talent. Jess proven he's pish every game
  10. Got an unexpected ticket for this. Fucking buzzing!!!!
  11. Not a chance. Maybe the season after a good challenge.
  12. Fixed for you mate. That team looks decent
  13. Not saying my team is the team I would like to start the new season. Just what has been speculated recently. Of course there will be more additions so I will keep posting teams based on speculation
  14. Cummings :) a cf that takes chances. U heard of here