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  1. Can't help think that MOH would be better than Miller upfront with morelos.
  2. I did actually write 3, fat fingers mate
  3. Aye say that when we are 3rd cone the end of the season. These are the games we should be winning. Didn't watch the game so can't comment too much but I don't give a fuck how we perform all i want is 3 points each game
  4. Fuck this Staying clear of social media and forums. 2 words - not good enough
  5. Got that but never use it to watch games. CBA with the VPN issues on my phome
  6. Is there a link to the game?
  7. Hopefully Barrie comes on and bags a goal.
  8. This was the game miller gets dropped.
  9. Must win game as is every game at this club. 3 points and a good showing is all i want. Lafferty 3 own goals and a morelos brace. 5 0
  10. Daily record, does that surprise anyone?
  11. Wouldn't be hard mate.
  12. Paranoia mate
  13. I think what he actually means is after such a shit loss the players have responded well and are working hard to ensure they put it right.
  14. At risk of sounding like one of them, could it not be escalated to fifa? Obviously this would be the club's job not the fans our fan group.
  15. He just reminds me of jay from Inbetweeners 😂