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  1. Yous still not got a burd?
  2. Regardless of who the scum have as manager if we keep dropping silly points nothing will change
  3. I’m getting his name tattood fuck it
  4. Didn’t we get one in our favour because the ref seen it?
  5. Can see 2 stonewallers getting knocked back for us 😂
  6. Would rather it was a wide 442 than a diamond but the diamond will work if the full backs push out and McCrorie drops back when we are on the ball. against teams with 11 behind the ball you need wide players
  7. Based on talent we could win but mentally we are weak. Can’t see anything other than a defeat as well sadly
  8. I think his turn of pace against a high celtic backline would be useful..... if he had a end product
  9. Ally McCoist diving header against the beasts. Cant remember the game just remember McCoist at the back post.
  10. To be honest they don’t no the how do we get there bit. Need to teach them better ?
  11. Picked up the kids and asked where we were on our way too ? 987A86C0-4A35-49F6-97C5-B2D64DF6F1A9.MOV
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