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  1. Any streams? Im a Rangers tv subscriber but cant afford the £10 coz im on sick pay
  2. Why is everybody pure stubborn in here like watch my kids arguing
  3. For what its worth i think celtic should face punishment. Solely for bringing the game into disrepute, or nearly getting it cancelled. Player was eligible to play though. He is also their employee and an example has to be made to ensure all of our safety is protected and clubs have the right processes and messages to tbeir staff
  4. Of course but morale is key and he is negatively affecting it. Hes playing for Rangers fs, nobody likes that cunt that always moans about work take the highest offer on the table now and look forward with bedding the 2 who want to be here into the team
  5. Well obviously go with the 15 because a never knew
  6. Get him to fuck for 12m. If he doesnt want to be here i dont want him, we have 2 new strikers that want to play for us and im sick of wanting more money because of the taigs players prices. Hes a prick and teams know it. Take what we can get and move on
  7. Can see us cutting about in 2 stripe the way the board works
  8. I cant completely attribute all the blame for his discipline except nit turning up. The media and referees have made him a target.
  9. Got a feeling hes been told to give it his all for the rest of the season and he will be sold. He will score a lot of goals but plays for himself and squanders a lot of chances when people have been in better positions. As good as he is I would sell him and buy a striker that makes better decisions and is consistent
  10. I know somebody that's pals with him. His heads turned he was expecting to go to arsenal in the winter break. He will deffo be away in the summer,
  11. Then we sign him and he turns out shite like kent
  12. They always start strong then hit a dip around winter.
  13. I think another game on the bench will make him pull his socks up, he has the ability
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