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  1. Heshootshescores

    Allan McGregor

    No matter what he does we'll still have guys on here crying themselves to sleep at night cos he didn't help fund the extension to Charlie Green's chateau.
  2. Heshootshescores

    Great Night For Scotland

    I’m not sure there’s anything quite as sad as the ‘tartan army’. They are not the only pathetic ones, for sure, there’s pokemon hunters and the like who are disturbing in their own unique way, but as a package they are surely in a league of their own. I see a few have strayed from the flock to go pester the Russians. There is nowhere they wont go, nothing they wont wear in order to get the attention they crave, presumably denied them throughout their childhood. The uniform is predictable… the ‘4 season old’ Scotland top, the cheap tartan kilt, the Asda trainers …and always the BO. Their target is always the same too, the policewoman, the female journalist.. hopefully with a camera around to capture the moment. You would almost think they have been starved of female attention (Shurely not!). Outside of the uniform they would rightly be condemned as sex pests, but in this guise they can escape justice…and how they love acceptance of their own kind. Obviously loners, isolated and almost certainly bullied throughout their schooldays they have finally found their own kind, found where they belong. The disturbing thing is that these sad, laughable figures are in the eyes of many people representing our country.
  3. Heshootshescores

    Jermaine Defoe (Bournemouth)

    Pretty much carried an awful Sunderland team on his back not so long ago. Technically hes very good, and with Morelos alongside to rough them up, I could see how it could work. Youve got to imagine he will still be too expensive though.
  4. Heshootshescores

    The worst thing about Stevie G being our Manager...

    I know what you mean, but when i watched Gerrard on the panel alongside Lampard, and Ferdinand for the Champs League Final, I was pleased that Gerrard was our manager. Especially so given where we are right now.
  5. Heshootshescores

    Steven Davis

    Its unbelievable that faced with a common enemy who have taken our title for the last 7 years we want to attack a Rangers man who wants to come back and stop the bheasts.. Fucking shameful.
  6. Heshootshescores


    FFS better get the tin hat on if yer gonna slag off bheast players on this forum mate.
  7. Heshootshescores

    Dwight Pascal

    I doubt whether he could get a measure of the pressure involved in playing for Rangers.
  8. Heshootshescores

    Steven Davis

    With the amount of bellend keyboard warriors like yourself on here, I suspect the last thing any poof would want to do is fuck off.
  9. Heshootshescores

    Steven Davis

    I would have thought based on your previous logic, you would have admired McCoist for hanging around. None of us have the precise details but roughly speaking it looks like there were 2 groups. Those with very marketable skills whose agents probably had secured lucrative contracts elsewhere, and those who felt they couldnt get better contracts than they already had. The worst of those was clearly McCoist who was reputedly earning around 800k despite being a very, very poor manager,and who would go on to squeeze every penny (and stock option) he could get out of the club, even when it was on its knees.
  10. Heshootshescores

    Steven Davis

    What a big brave staunch boy you are 😅
  11. Heshootshescores

    Steven Davis

    Better a 'fucking handwringer' than a fucking liar pretending you would have done any different if you had been in that position. Honestly im fucking tired reading this shite.
  12. Heshootshescores

    DJ getting excited!

    One of the fat man's better columns.
  13. Heshootshescores

    Unpopular Opinions When It Comes To Rangers?

    Nicola Sturgeon isnt a bastard selfish cow,and, in fact, often insists that her husband comes before she does during their disgusting, gut-wrenching lovemaking.
  14. Heshootshescores

    Unpopular Opinions When It Comes To Rangers?

    David Cooper wasnt consistent enough to be considered a great player.
  15. Heshootshescores

    Herrera gone

    Get hard? Wood?..What a saucy seaside postcard post!