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  1. Safe standing

    Nah safe standing is for poofs n taigs. Its extreme standing or fuck all. Apologies to poofs for any offence I may have caused.
  2. Our club & board are a shambles

    There can be multiple reasons why the deal was structured as it was. But the end result is that we have secured the services of a very good player. FFS chill.
  3. Magic Hat Sacked!

    It looks like he had a fluke season ar Brentford, but even there many fans were happy to see the back of him. You need a very high calbre of player to play that style as predictably as he does. Its not difficult to figure it out either, and when his opponents do that, he is incapable of change.
  4. Has Murty already failed?

    Theres no doubt hes struggling against teams that park the bus, but you need genuine quality in those situations and sadly we dont currently have that. Its not going to arrive in the shape of MOH or AH either, so I hope there's some talent coming in on loan.
  5. Bruno and Niko

    Sad that Nico is finished, because a few years ago he was the player we now need against the majority of teams that come to park the bus. Alves seems to lack heart, although to suggest that he wasnt injured yesterday is a bit ridiculous. Id like to see Rangers set up like a Bolton team from Allardyce days. Big guys at the back, a bully at CDM, a big handful of a striker... And a very classy no, 10. I had hoped Kranjcar and Alves could have been a part of such a setup.
  6. New assistant in place for tomorrow?

    Hes a nice guy Jimmy Nic and hes not one of those who fecks off after training to count his money, he sticks around, puts in an honest shift working for his club. Add to that he's a Rangers man with a wealth of experience at every level of the game, and we can only be a better club with Jimmy on board.
  7. The BBC Radio commentators

    Exactly but at least they are true to their kind.. Unlike the turncoat rodents that once wore our jersey.
  8. The BBC Radio commentators

    Its sad to say but I actually prefer to listen to the likes of Davie Provan these days. Listening to the likes of Derek Ferguson (and any other ex Rangers player in the media) sell his soul for a few quid week in week out makes me want to vomit.
  9. Murty until the end of the season

    Theres a lot to like about Graeme Murty, and if he can figure out how to deal with the bus parkers, well you never know. I wish him all the very best.
  10. MOH

    When we sign a Scottish catholic he really needs to be exceptional as a player but especially so as a man to handle the pressure. This guy is neither a player nor a man.
  11. Alves doesn't get it

    FFS this is fitba.. Its no complicated, especially no in Scotland. Look at Everton, West Ham, Crystal Palace, incoming managers have all had immediate success doing the same thing. Set up a team defensively, stop conceding silly goals. Then build from there. I wouldve hated to be a Rangers defender yesterday, way too exposed.
  12. True blue ian Ferguson

    A much better player than he was ever given credit for.
  13. Aberdeen Chairman calls for apology?

    Whether you liked the statement or not, it was a rare statement from the board, against someone shitting on our club. So its a 'get yersel tae fuck' from me.
  14. Barry Ferguson coming back to Ibrox

    Under normal circumstances theres no need to fill key positions in the club with bluenoses, but this is far from normal circumstances. We are faced with an extremely hostile establishment and press, most clubs and their support are anti Rangers. Its time to have guys who care about the club onboard, guys who know how to handle the press and what it takes to be a successful Rangers player.
  15. Why take McInnes when Murty is better?

    Its been covered well in here why DM is the right man to take us forward for now. GM once again has only done himself proud as an interim. Talks well, thinks things through, and comes up with tactical solutions like McCrorie to Def Mid to cope with key fixtures. He'll have his day, but McInnes has earned the job.