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  1. At least they can claim to be alchemists as well as paedophiles 😂
  2. Not into stereotyping obviously, but if they are planning to hand the changing room keys to a scouser, then they need to invest in a big mean bastard guard dog.
  3. The supporters club bearing his name was one of the best. Their functions always had the best player turnout, the wee man must have been well liked.
  4. Best centre forward I've seen in a Rangers jersey. Must have been a nightmare to play against.
  5. This was too good to remain hidden in the politics thread... The timplosion when they get wind of this daily mail article 😂😂😂
  6. Clarke knows a bit about how to stop better teams from playing.. When his opposition aren't interested in playing either, he's a little bit fucked.
  7. Anyone who hasn't done so already should check out his Liverpool training ground shooting practice video on YouTube. What a striker of a football this guy was.
  8. It goes too far in trying to re referee every game. If someone unjustly gets a red, affecting their ability to play, and earn a living, then they deserve the right of appeal. There's no need to take it any further than that.
  9. If the extent of brutality needs assessing then how about the extent to which Brown is an arsehole?..I see he was an arsehole again against Hearts. In real life if you are an arsehole you get a punch on the nose. Of course if Brown gets the slightest push he goes down like a Bangkok hooker, and that in itself is arsehole behaviour. In conclusion he's an arsehole, a big arsehole.
  10. I suspect the majority of Rangers fans and players have long since stopped caring about Scotland caps. I used to be really excited about Scotland games as a kid, but the SFA corruption changed all that. It was 3 days after they played last time before I even knew that they had made a cunt of it.. Again. Sad really, but fuck them.
  11. Oh fuck.. There goes Sunday lunch. Horrible.
  12. Him, Derek Ferguson and the others who once were well paid by Rangers, but now choose to trash our club in the media for a few quid are worse than taigs. Much worse.
  13. And that was before I saw who was refereeing the game. The wee cunt couldn't wait to give that late penalty.
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