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  1. I'd love to play too. I love Rangers and was a decent Juniors centre half 20 yrs ago. This is fucking ridiculous.
  2. Too right mate, against that defence with Calamity Bain in goal, that was stealing money at 3/1. McTominey clearly couldnae wait to get back to the bookies!
  3. I'd forgotten that these gormless cunts were even playing. Pleased for Borat though. His sister, the 2nd best prostitute in Kazakhstan, will be thrilled with the uptick in business. Maybe one or two of the tartan army finally lost their virginity.
  4. True. They usually wait until they join the media before becoming fannies.
  5. So, a public figure, elected to represent a broad school of people in a city fractured by sectarianism, fabricated allegations against a group based upon their allegiance to their football club. SNP have clearly even given up the pretence of being neutral and professional. Any credible party would have cleansed themselves of this rodent.
  6. I'd switch off the telly if any of those cunts came on. It's a pity Rangers won't be represented though.
  7. It's shameful that throughout our history we have never appointed a black, a lesbian or a cripple to manage our club. I'd like to address all three with the appointment of Umar Sadiq.
  8. So say a senior SNP politician was found to be guilty of a serious sexual assault charge(unlikely I know).. Then his (or her) party should be made to forfeit a number of seats at the next election. OK let's try it and see how it works!
  9. Your insightful media skills would be well placed with a job in Rangers PR department mate. I can just imagine yourself and Traynor in the car park for fisticuffs.. First day on the job 😂😂😂
  10. There's some truth in that, when you see what players get sent off for now. Some of Souness' tackles would have merited 4 or 5 reds.
  11. Was thinking the same, and the BBC are having a go at Tavernier for defending himself!
  12. I doubt whether appealing to the national body of the BBC will do any good. I read earlier today, that they have published a vacancy for a trainee reporter.. but that its only available to candidates of African or Asian descent. If you are Caucasian you need to prove that you are socially disadvantaged (I'm guessing that's the loophole to allow bheasts to apply) They aren't even trying to cover up their racist agenda anymore.
  13. Strict liability without strict control is a complete nonsense. If we are to hold Rangers responsible for sectarianism then they should have control of the fundamental root cause of the issue, which is our sectarian schooling system.
  14. Isn't there a rule change pending, which will mean a penalty is given, whether its deliberate or not, in the event that the ball is goal bound? I'm sure the Kevin's and Declan's will argue then that our shots weren't goal bound mind.
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