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  1. Heshootshescores

    Andrius Velicka - Video

    Great finisher from a yard out.
  2. Heshootshescores

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    Welcome home Steven.
  3. 'If there actually was it must be the most poorly executed conspiracy in history given celtic have fewer yellow and red cards than anyone in the league while Rangers have picked up more than anyone in the league. Comfortably more' Great point...awkward when the truth gets in the way of the shite they are talking.
  4. Heshootshescores

    Possible solution to the minute's silence issue?

    The 750 assholes allocation needs to be further reduced due to their appalling behaviour. Of course in the event that their behaviour improves in the future we could always invite them to fuck off and not soil our stadium.
  5. Heshootshescores

    Beaton calls in the police

    I don't care who's fans are involved, this is fucking scumbag behaviour.
  6. Heshootshescores

    Rangers Vs celtic - Video

    Well done mate. Great job.
  7. Heshootshescores

    Steven Davis

    Another very good player, as the journey to 55 goes on. Welcome home Steven Davis.
  8. Heshootshescores

    Jermain Defoe

    Defoe and Gerrard were both fantastic strikers of the ball. Hopefully our younger players will be watching and learning. As Sir Walter showed, one of the most effective approaches against packed defences is to shoot on sight.
  9. Heshootshescores

    Steven Davis

    I loved him when he was here before and have no problem with his decision not to help Charles Green buy another vineyard. However I'm not sure where he would fit into a high pressing game, but I guess Stevie knows best.
  10. Heshootshescores

    Sign up Kent

    Credit where its due to the coaches, Ryan Kent didn't do all that well during previous loans. Its very good news as it demonstrates to other big clubs that their best young players would be able to develop under Gerrard, providing their attitude is right.
  11. Thankfully while he was writing that shite, vulnerable children were safe from him.
  12. Heshootshescores

    Andy Halliday's Block And All Round Performance

    Amazing performance from a man doing what all of us on here would love to have been able to do. His reaction as he left the field with Gerrard said everything. I'm pissed, no wonder, what a day. I love Rangers.
  13. Heshootshescores

    Merry Christmas bears.

    Hohoho.. Its good to have Rangers tops back. I bought 7 for various family members this year. No sure my missus is too thrilled with hers mind.. Hope she's no a secret Tim. 🤔
  14. Heshootshescores

    Steven Davis

    Best bit is the guys on here talking all this 'rat' shite are often the same ones who would rather watch a taig infested illegal match stream, than give Rangers a few quid to watch Rangers TV.
  15. Heshootshescores

    Our away support

    He was scared of a riot, so he decided to start a riot. 🤔