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  1. I've no idea what Stewart said, as I've long since stopped watching him on TV or reading his toxic output. It became clear some time back that Stewart has an obsession and hatred of Rangers which is far from healthy, and which should be a concern to many, including friends, if indeed he has any, and family. Sadly Scotland is the only country in the developed world, that he would be paid to spout his hatred.
  2. I've still got the same problem.. Wrote to them last week no response. I'm thinking of cancelling my sub and starting a new one.
  3. You are right, but the country with its SNP leadership, and hate-filled agenda really drags you down. If it wasn't for Rangers I would be happy to never go back.
  4. Great, another fucking comedian. Its reassuring to have a hilarious old cunt like yourself abusing the players.
  5. It wouldnt surprise me to see Gerrard up on an SFA disciplinary charge for 'wilfully praising the performance of a young player despite him only playing a cameo role'.
  6. I'd take a similar display and result from Tynecastle without question.
  7. It's good that smaller, more honourable, clubs have been able to participate in recent years, rather than the rogues gallery that would traditionally show up at New Year. Although I'm not sure I'd be in any hurry to put my lips close to anything the Kellys and McGinns had been slobbering over for years.
  8. Never mind the Screwball at Rangers what about the fat alkie at Talksport?.. And Brazil is even worse!
  9. It was only a matter of time before their off field sexual perversion manifested itself on the pitch. Hard to blame Christie in that regard, but will be interesting to see now that he has gone black, will he go back?
  10. Just watched the game again. At best Clancy is incompetent, at worst he's a blatant cheat.
  11. He did comment on the fact their 'goal' was handball, saying 'you are not going to get those here' . Well if we don't apply that rule, which one's do we apply? We saw a few weeks back that offside doesn't appear to apply to them either. I think it's reasonable to ask for an explanation, and on the back of a victory there's no better time.
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