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  1. So Young Boys play in a stadium whose name loosely translates to Swiss Wank Village.. I wonder if they only adopted that name after the Bheasts last adventure there with Young Boys? 🤔
  2. I have it on very good authority, from an impeccable source within the club, that Jermaine Defoe was involved in a car accident shortly after the game last Saturday.
  3. Another huge benefit of food banks is that you can volunteer, for say an hour, then attempt to tell everyone in the world through social media what a great cunt you are for the next month or so..
  4. Yes. There's good stuff going on behind the scenes. Look at Greg Stewart, he came in, they took a look at him and basically set out a plan for where he needed to get to physically in order to play a part. It looks like he has done just that.
  5. FFS even by today's poor standards, that creepy cunt has taken journalism to the depths. He has basically just vomited his hatred onto paper.
  6. Not everything Provan says there is shite, but there's little doubt that Gerrard is Liverpool manager in waiting. He will be a success as a manager, and I hope its with us, and then he goes with our blessing. There's no doubt that we are making steady progress under his guidance and he will leave the club in much better shape than he found it. I get Provan's point, but in Gerrard he picked a poor example to illustrate it. Look at Shearers (or Keegans) disastrous appointment at Newcastle, and what kind of lunatic would pay off Mourinho to eventually replace him with OGS?
  7. Heskey wont get a game, few opportunities for coloured players in these legends games.
  8. I certainly wouldn't put it past them. Still if they are doing this, at least they aren't abusing kids.
  9. Better here in the Far East for these early kickoffs, but midweek euro games are a definite strain on the marriage.. especially when ur roaring appreciation for an injury time winner! 😳
  10. To write that much, based on a very tenuous implication that Rangers are blaming the sectarian singing on taig infestation, is very disturbing indeed. First rule of comedy.. Be funny. Twitter funnyman?... Seems much more like a hate-filled cunt to me. 🤔
  11. Whoever hates Rangers so much to conceive that, needs to speak to a doctor very soon.
  12. Yes the Union Bears killed him.
  13. If we sing sectarian songs on Sunday the club will wage war on UB.
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