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  1. Rightly deserves his status as one of our greatest. Especially like his aggressive nature, Rangers teams can win or lose, but we should never be bullied.
  2. You definitely get the impression that Gerrard won't be fucked with.
  3. Even taigs? 🤢.. I thought they came from the devil's bowels 🤔
  4. Must be confusing as fuck for them when Scott Brown commits deliberate handball inside his own box and the ref awards a penalty. No wonder there was utter confusion among everyone when the award was given.
  5. It was a decent enough pass but he had far too much space to deliver it.
  6. Surprised by both his hunger and his confidence. Not the finished article but if he keeps improving he could be a very dangerous player.
  7. Fantastic performance after a heavy shift on Thursday night, and judging by today's goal scorers it's Anyone and Everyone especially if they have some African heritage.. 🙄
  8. No one (apart from the Danish Polis) likes us.. .. We don't care. Not much of a song mind.
  9. A Rangers suppporter supporting an outstanding Rangers manger's decisions... Its crazy but it might just fucking work!
  10. The more advanced players put in some shift in Denmark, so would like to see Defoe feature for a big part of the game. A couple of changes in midfield, maybe Davis and Docherty for his energy.
  11. Leckie obviously forgot to congratulate Rangers Supporters for their restraint at Fir Park a few years back, restraint in the face of severe provocation, which prevented a fucking on-pitch riot. SPFL forgot to punish the perpetrators too.
  12. Interesting to hear the likes of Stewart call for BOTH a full enquiry into the incidents at Rugby Park AND for Rangers to unconditionally condemn their fans behaviour... Errm shouldn't we wait for the outcome of the full enquiry before condemning anyone Michael?.. Or are you only interested in the enquiry if it produces a conclusion aligned to your own hateful agenda?
  13. Right. I opened this thread hoping for a poll on which of those 2 is the biggest cunt (Stewart would have gotten my vote after some consideration ) but found the thread had veered off in another direction. Anyway, wishing you the very best.
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