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  1. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    If true, the fact that Miller is sacked and Wallace only suspended implies that Murty will be gone next season and so Wallace can return under the new coach. Good to hear that someone other than us fans gives a fuck about that shambles of a performance though.
  2. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Looking at the participant bheasts, all these guys that we are supposed to be scared of.. Sinclair, Roberts, Griffiths, cant even make team!.. FFS they are a bheastly propaganda job. A shite team being propped up by the dhaily rhebel.. Intae them Rangers.
  3. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    Cmon Rangers. Make this about us, not about them. Dont worry about any of them, if they were THAT good they wouldn't be playing for them. Get in their face from the first minute and find a way to win.
  4. Sunday’s Game Andy Halliday

    For a player with poor vision, passing ability, heading ability, limited pace and an engine which is nowhere near what it was... 'Broonie' gets amazing adulation on here and elsewhere. Get in his face and he'll offer nothing to this game.
  5. Bates is off

    His wage demands having played 20odd games were ridiculous. Cant really blame him, but parallels with Danny Wilsons Liverpool move are there, although he clearly has a better chance of playing some football in the lower German leagues.
  6. Miller? Why?

    White pube loyal
  7. Rangers Eyeing Summer Swoop For Louis Moult

    Definitely yes, based on how he bullied our defence. Proven goalscorer in the SPL, I dont understand the objections.
  8. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    They were toxic not so long ago and came up with a strategy which worked. They are perceived to be pro-Scottish, just like the whole Tartan Army.. What a great bunch of fans???... No they are a bunch of ridiculous drunken arseholes in kilts and c u jimmy red wigs.. a laughing stock. National fucking embarrassments both of them.
  9. New Vanguard Bear Article.

    We need to recapture the middle ground. Its outrageous that republican SNP have obtained power in Scotland, and worse that even some Rangers fans are supporting them.
  10. Anti Meltdown Thread

    Agreed. We are improving but kidding ourselves if we think we are already there. I feel sick tonight losing to 10 men and I hope if Dave King does too, then we might see 55 very soon.
  11. Old Club/New Club - An update

    Its only about getting some reaction. I really dont give a fuck about all this new club Sevco shit, the few bheasts that haunt my life have recognised this and never bother mentioning it anymore. I on the other hand am still finding that they remain sensitive to the Savco/paedo accusations, and therefore I have no intention of dropping it anytime soon.
  12. DJ

    I dont know anything about this deformed bheast, but like most wingers a good solid whack to his achilles early doors and you can forget about him until he gets substituted around the 60min mark.
  13. Banned for calling them Savco

    Ah selective outrage. So its ok to sing songs praising organisations that blow up children. To support a team with disturbing paedophilia in their boys club. Even ok for the same club to cover up the paedo involved.... But zero tolerance on naming and shaming them.
  14. Say what you want about him now but

    Say what you like about Barry but he is still an unashamed bluenose, unlike that filthy rhodent-caressing brother of his.
  15. Ian Holloway "slams" Graeme Murty re Sean Goss

    Its a complete non story. In the unlikely event that Gollum is still there, and he fancies Goss in his team next year then maybe its difficult to sign him. If its not Gollum then it depends what the new manager thinks. Goss will have a big say too.