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  1. The thought of relying on this guy to stop 10-in-a-row scares the shit out of me..
  2. I can't believe we couldn't get equivalent players in for free. In other news I see Darren Fletcher claiming that he would've joined us.. thank fuck he didn't. Another taig sympathiser to populate the treatment table, lose form, suffer squash injuries etc
  3. We have truly reached rock bottom. We have a corrupt governing body and clubs going to extraordinary lengths to cover up the corruption. Perhaps the best thing that could happen from here is for many of the clubs to go bust, and what's left can collaborate to form regional alliances with 1 Dundee club, 1 Fife club etc. Cut much of the cancer out of the game.
  4. When money is scarce, the value of the blue pound gets higher and higher..
  5. The club need to consider the next step carefully. The status quo cannot be tolerated, with individuals in positions of power who by their words and actions despise our club. They will never let us complete our ascent to the top of the game, this has been evident both off and on the pitch over the course of the season. It's time for a coordinated effort, by the Rangers board and supporters to stand up to the corruption in our game.
  6. Wow... What exactly are these guys going to these enormous lengths to cover up?
  7. The trouble these clubs are going to, to avoid an independent investigation into what should be an organisation setup for the benefit of ALL clubs, is quite extraordinary. Worthy of an investigation in its own right.
  8. Such is the ferocity, and vulgarity of the attacks on our club by the usual bigots in the press, that even Tom English felt compelled to demand some balance. What a rotten little hate-filled country we are.
  9. He gave us back our self respect. As the Italians said, he was the assassin with the velvet glove..
  10. Right, alienating and punishing whistle blowers is the stuff of the Soviet Union. The coordinated campaign of the usual sympathisers in the press is shameful, the usual bigot brigade, and even sorry old Tam Cowan brushes off an old WW2 'joke' for the occasion. Takes him back to the last time anybody laughed at any of his pish. The SPFL is corrupt, the Dundee sham showed that, and what has happened since has been sinister and needs exposed in every way possible.
  11. And thats the big fella sober.. Just imagine him after a few beers???!!!
  12. Ive been expecting this, but it's no less painful to have it confirmed. Thanks for the update BRU.
  13. Yes, Iknow we are all biased but he is a great looking dog, I always enjoy seeing his pics.
  14. I've often seen Rangers players in restaurants, and I've often seen celtic players, but never together.
  15. Gerrard is a very good manager, and will be a huge success at the first club who are smart and patient enough to give him the chance.
  16. Care homes must be a terrifying place to be right now,and I see casualties there now account for 1/3 of all COVID fatalities. Huge respect for the workers, and thoughts are with residents of all care homes, especially our Erskine hero's.
  17. 2 games per season against anyone is enough. It works well in the best league in the world.
  18. celtic boys club are an independent entity?
  19. You are definitely not mate. The club is getting squeezed on revenues from all directions and arseholes claiming to be supporters facilitate the theft of video rights. The same arseholes will be complaining in the summer about the transfer budget, when they themselves have stolen money from it.
  20. Name the arseholes, and hopefully the club will sue them. Worse than Tims.
  21. National Insurance is supposed to be for pensions and benefits, but when it has had a surplus the money has gone to paying down the national debt, or the NHS. NHS funding mainly comes from general taxation. Lionbrand t shirts on the other hand.. No fucker knows where that money goes.
  22. Well done to the Eredivisie, the Scottish League is a corrupt laughing stock.
  23. Any ideas how best to send a small donation to a worthwhile NHS charity GB?.. I don't need another t shirt. I hope our friends in Erskine are safe and well.
  24. The fact that having fucked us over as a player, he is still able to return and plunder us for more cash, shows how gullible much of our support is.
  25. Only in Scotland, what a corrupt little cesspit this is. If this was only about Dundee being allowed to withdraw their vote, it would already be shameful. Imagine if they had voted 'YES'... would they have been allowed to change their vote?.. Not a fucking chance.
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