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  1. Talking of legends games, obviously not an official one but anyone know for definite if the Rangers Chelsea legends will be back at Sutton next year?
  2. Pub just past Dobbies apparantly anyone give the name so can maps it?
  3. FUCK RUGBY. Longest 6 weeks of the year ahead. Bad thing about being in borders every bird and cunt thinking they know it. Shut yer cunts
  4. Rangers don’t want fans to travel simple as
  5. £105 for the 3 match package last year expect same
  6. He was worth it for Aberdeen away
  7. Still nowhere near fit enough.
  8. It’s not tiny I know a few on it that hate it, you have to go to basically every away game to get points kind of like our travel club once your going to as many games as that in a row folk below have no chance quite funny actually
  9. Anybody able to help with travel from Borders/Edinburgh area, we (Kelso) only got the 1 ticket and Hawick bus is full.
  10. Sure we played hearts home last season in a Saturday 3pm
  11. Manager S.Gerrard a good shout
  12. If that clown has anything to do with it it’ll be a shambles,
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