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  1. Ridiculous he’s been dropped out of the picture, up there as our best player and physical enough to make the difference.
  2. We park up by meadow bank shopping centre always easy enough to get away Theres a road opposite turn in there
  3. Fuck them and fuck dingwall
  4. A slimey cunt, and a man I have very little if any time for, happily sat back and seen our support attacked continually but said nothing, Motherwell was his level tinpot
  5. Just feel this is appropriate time to say again Stewart Robertson is a cunt
  6. I remember doing founders trail a few years ago and the guy doing the tour had been to see Eric caldow few weeks previous said he wasn’t in great health then sad to read of a legends passing
  7. 1 chair the other 2 that got launched were bright orange trainers some poor bastard gan home wi no shoes
  8. Seen a few fists flying after goal but wasn’t sure how it came about
  9. He’s still not 100% fit Halliday
  10. Polis were overkill today again, what was with brother before game? And what happened during the game for them to wade in to Rangers end?
  11. Authorities, SNP, nil by mouth etc that are driving this pish
  12. Fuck them billy boys loud and proud today lads
  13. I’d beg him to stay for another season and a shot at the title but I think it’s sadly a done deal we lose him in summer . Miss him already
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