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  1. If true, it’s heartbreaking my heart sank when first read it think of everything we’ve lost and could’ve lost more over past years. Absolutely massive
  2. Was hoping would be on TV as down in Blackpool for sportsman’s dinner Saturday night thought pioneer night have it, looks like off to Blackpool vs Wimbledon
  3. We’ve managed to get 11 it’s a fucking shambles. 6 got CCCS and 4 as an A+ club, I remember when I first called the secretary to say I had a season ticket and would go every week 10 year ago it was hearts away next day and we were basically giving them away
  4. Never seen a scramble like it for tynecastle even when we were only getting half the stand had more chance. PS I have a ticket, Kelso loyal Sunday’s
  5. Three sisters Is open from 8 for anyone wanting a swally, Tesco next to the roseburn is shut
  6. What a day, we should’ve known from that day we were gonna be shite for the next 7 year
  7. Not missed an away game but that’s only thanks to having been going with RSC for years. St Johnstone I had 1 of my own don’t expect another until feb at earliest.
  8. No way I’d get as much time off to get through with needing to leave early for game anyways, gutted but hope there’s a great turn out for the wee man
  9. Talking of legends games, obviously not an official one but anyone know for definite if the Rangers Chelsea legends will be back at Sutton next year?
  10. Pub just past Dobbies apparantly anyone give the name so can maps it?
  11. FUCK RUGBY. Longest 6 weeks of the year ahead. Bad thing about being in borders every bird and cunt thinking they know it. Shut yer cunts
  12. Rangers don’t want fans to travel simple as
  13. £105 for the 3 match package last year expect same
  14. He was worth it for Aberdeen away
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