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  1. Lennon will not be celtic manager
  2. Not this year, holding a memorial game in shotts this year then back to Sutton next year
  3. You realise nobody does actually support st Mirren or Partick Thistle 😂
  4. Years ago Iirc would be 2011 maybe 12 he was part of a reserve team that came to Hawick in the morning he tweeted that he was going mass then off to play for Rangers 100% sure of it but can’t find it
  5. So if your subway loyal we won the league?
  6. Was only 9 in the now closed Elizabethan in Berwick what a day to be 9
  7. One of the boys on our bus wears it, looks awful
  8. It won’t be QPR, one of the main reasons he never left was he didn’t want to move his family
  9. Surely someone somewhere has a video off not off tv? Was unreal
  10. It was the New Years honours when he got told I’m sure,
  11. 5 off our bus headed through for the full night before game, wish I could make it
  12. Both their charity work on the matter has been unbelievable like you say inspirations
  13. Keep fighting wee man, don’t know him personally but often see big Doddie Weir frightening how it looks to be affecting him as well now absolute bastard of a disease
  14. Airfield in this new formation has been outstanding
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