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  1. For a young manager he has been excellent and learned a lot about himself I would think. Clearly loves managing us the improvement despite a few blips and poor performances in 2 years is staggering the european runs have been a major bonus for us financially and on the park, Trophies are coming.
  2. The club already have been paid for the game by the season ticket, Getting double the cash but only 50% goes to the season ticket holder IMO its miserable from the club, Should get full amount off next season ticket given already paid for the seat
  3. just read it at best Xenephobia at worst comes through full on racism.
  4. Clean sheet for Firth hopefully. Worked hard for this
  5. Stream? at work so cant access RTV
  6. 2 of us on that run bus had enough points to go, He let me have this one but if A+ get one again for next game there im resigned to him getting it unfortunately. fairs fair, Magic beating them 8000 or 800 there.
  7. Might be in a small minority but being part of 800 winning there was unreal what a day
  8. Suits me later the game the better im hanging about edinburgh on way home for flight 6.40 in morning to Braga
  9. Horrendous st Johnstone and cup Livingston. Fuck paying for that next season
  10. Not fair to call king given how little he’s played, Ojo biggest disappointment
  11. What a tool, I am gan delete your reply mate so it deletes my name pal please
  12. Lisbon was going to prove difficult to get to in time so changed our route home £85.00 on the Friday
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