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  1. Know a bloke who’s son plays for Berwick. They rate him extremely highly down there hard working young lad and an excellent prospect
  2. The game at the weekend

    Don’t care anymore
  3. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    It’s a serious worry the board appears to have backed Murty here. I hope to hell this isn’t a sign he’s here long term
  4. We are disgraceful

    I miss Cribari
  5. Nobody at the club gives a fuck why should we
  6. Europa League

    Jesus the thought of getting pumped by some cunts like them Luxembourg fuckers again
  7. Could Walter do a job for 1 season

    He said no already
  8. Given I’m tee total I’ll be in the local ramming it down every cunts throat. Then into work in the morning still smiling like fuck.
  9. Tbh it is exactly how it would’ve been when McCoist played. Nothing changed someone not mention in press training regimes were exact same
  10. Did you watch us under Ally they were all MWI
  11. Rangers vs Chelsea legends

    Know it’s a wee bit away but just wondering if any buses running direct from ground to sashbash after game, my uncles got a fucked foot no way he could walk it we ended up 13 miles away in Epsom pished last year.
  12. Welcome back Ross and Graham. Sad to say it as he was a great prospect but don’t think Rossitter will make it his head must be fucked with all the injuries
  13. Niko is gone

    Look forward to him playing at legends games vs river city in 10 year
  14. Kranjcar - New Deal?

    He’s finished and retiring
  15. Wallace at CB

    Jim Jefferies when had him at hearts was forced to play him cb one day I’m sure he said he’d never play Wallace there again because he couldn’t defend isn’t quick enough and can’t head a ball