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  1. Raging about this we’ve not had anything to be proper raging about for a while so this is something we should all rage at
  2. Need a link lads, just in from work fucking nightmare
  3. Had the europa away game been Thursday I’d have went through, look forward to the 18th
  4. There’s no way he’s a hearts fan
  5. I think someone at some point will have done so yeah
  6. That’s what his Wikipedia says your right, but I know a lot of folk from over there that know his family from when they left, I’ll apologise if I’m wrong but I do believe he was born over there
  7. Born over there came across very young, st lucian fanily has spent his summer out there
  8. I thought the same but apparantly no longer made
  9. Week before the league starts and in the middle of European qualifiers I’d suggest that’s deliberate
  10. Not got a hunt in the area? Get them round that’d sort the bastards (legally)
  11. No chance unless we are papped out of Europe
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