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    Ross McCrorie

    Remember when Gerrard had an interview at start of season and slated Murty for was it “nearly ruining” him

    Hibs Ballot

    Think so, we dropped down to A because they changed the categories and got 2.

    Hibs on boxing day

    I Cah wait twice in a week imagine just imagine hibs away win hibs home win and Time home win in space of 10 days be some mess

    Hibs Ballot

    A+ we got 3

    Hibs Ballot

    Again noting Joke we are an A club be Lucky yo get 2.

    Lying brand

    As bad as the cunts walking about with those fake tops at start of season. Dingwall and his mob will never see a penny from me.

    Paul Gascoigne

    Don’t think he really chose to get involved in the Raoul moat incident. Clearly not a well bloke at the time.

    Dundee away emails

    Thank fuck for the bus only had livi all season £30 is ridiculous

    Ryan Jack pulls out of Scotland squad

    Ryan jack is a fucking Protestant
  10. CF2 WINNIE

    Kris Boyd Testimonial

    And the rest
  11. CF2 WINNIE

    Kris Boyd Testimonial

    I don’t have anything deterimental to say about the event for some great charities personally close to myself as well I still say fuck McCoist though.
  12. CF2 WINNIE

    Kris Boyd Testimonial

    Fuck mcCoist
  13. CF2 WINNIE

    Motherwell Review

    Well done Alice.
  14. CF2 WINNIE

    Kris Boyd Testimonial

    I was interested until mccoist was mentioned
  15. CF2 WINNIE

    Windass Meets Si Ferry

    His da clearly gave him a sense that he’s actually a good footballer. Both arrogant bastards
  16. CF2 WINNIE

    Lee Wallace

    Think people forget Rossiter and Wallace were not included in Europa league squad
  17. CF2 WINNIE

    Few Rangers items for sale

    If admin don’t like please feel free to move. Bit of a clear out others might put to better use than I have. Looking for around £20 each item Rare official uefa Team sheet signed by full team from uefa cup semi final signed by all players from that night. Signed ian black strip signed Charlie Miller book. signed league one home top, if anyone knows someone called Steven. Written to Steven best wishes the goalie. drop a PM if interested in any
  18. CF2 WINNIE

    Sports memorabilia

    Wondering where’s best to get some Rangers items valued, looking to sell a couple of Rangers things but could do with a valuation on them see if price I have in minds right.
  19. CF2 WINNIE

    Few Rangers items for sale

    I know mate forgot I even had it ??
  20. CF2 WINNIE

    Carlos Bacca

    Brilliant. Glad he Cah head the ball mind
  21. CF2 WINNIE

    Correct Score Betting on Rangers

    Always put a £5 on first goal scorer second half one of the defenders only needs to come in once a season to cover it for all home games, came in thrice at least last season, that’s season ticket paid for
  22. CF2 WINNIE

    Killie game almost sold out

    Am doubtful.
  23. CF2 WINNIE

    Games Moved For Tele (December)

    I’ve just started a new job and have to work 1 in 3 Saturdays so this works perfect for me from a selfish Point of view. Get some extra Saturdays in and brownie points for ones i need off
  24. CF2 WINNIE

    Sir Bradley Wiggins

    If your ashamed to say who you support your a fud of the highest order no matter which club it is nail your colours mast and if that fails nail a tarrier to a mast
  25. CF2 WINNIE


    Thanks Mr Gerrard