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  1. I've said it once, I'll say it again! Probably the worst striker ever to grace our team offers Fuck all fat wee bastard
  2. Pish flaps
  3. Cunts a mad fruit pastol
  4. Not because he never worked but drink related on match days yes 👌
  5. KAI u and I both know what the case was here by the sounds of things! Rangers never wanted baggage like the kiddie fiddling fuckers 😁 I think I know who u are talking about also 👌
  6. His dad must have changed over the years if he's working now..... reason he was let go.....👌 And I can assure you 110% warburton did not want him at ibrox 👌 Yer story is absolute pish! I don't comment much on a lot ov people's pish on here but I happen to know the truth on this one!
  7. Warburton never fancied him, people need to look after their lively hood! How was he to know warburton a time would be so short
  8. You are way off the mark! Greame was in the age group below myself at pro youth and played in the same rangers team as my best mate up to around the age of 13-14s he will be 30 this year. He was by far the best player in the country at that time although he was small he was a great player to watch. Other factors contributed to him leaving Rangers out with his football. He was released and joined livi. I hope he signs, total rangers man as well and to my knowledge he has been trying to engineer a move for a few years.
  9. Ur next ya cock socket 😜
  10. Fancy meeting up for high tea and some crumpets old son
  11. What proddy stag would go to Dublin 😷
  12. Sam Gallagher at Blackburn on loan from Southampton next season would be a great move
  13. He was basically doubled up on for that game
  14. Great believer in a good pre season and then maintaining that sharpness I would send players like toral to a boot camp for a month.
  15. Spill