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  1. He's still a dunderheid for trying to be a smartarse
  2. Love to see them rolling around in their own shite
  3. Currently them 18 points, goals 21/4 Us 15 points, goals 16/5 If we had won that game 2-0 Them 15 pts , goals 19/6 Us 18 pts, goals 18/3 Dunderheid
  4. Well if we had won that game by 2-0 instead of losing we would be top with a better goal difference. But we didnt. We need to go out with a winning & fighting attitude every game
  5. Can't stop watching that. Excellent footwork
  6. Not over the line. Great view there. But still Craigan won't admit it
  7. The most blatant handball anyone will see this season except the ref
  8. Had to change to vipleague Poor quality though Just noticed no commentary. Great
  9. Helander trying to win the ball, Goldson over to cover as he should do, Tav lost
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