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  1. I was just reading an article yesterday that said Spurs wouldn't sack him because they were reluctant to pay out the remainder of his contract of about £12m 😀
  2. You'll meet loadsa bears mate. Shake their hands and say 'hi, I'm mattyblue from RM.' I'm sure they'll appreciate that. 😀
  3. All fine and well unless fit players come back crocked such as Barasic previously, and the ridiculous Jack over training thing. Any hint of a niggle and players should put club before country every time.
  4. "You need to be honest, use common sense" A couple of the biggest things that's been lacking in the Scottish game for a long long time.
  5. You've made a cunt of it now
  6. Guys on the Wrexham commentary guessed about 5000
  7. I'll just add that I know a young lad who got a 2 year ban after the hivs final. He hardly missed a game home or away in that time. So chin up anyone who does get banned unfairly. Lifetime bans FFS , for what? Breach of the peace, singing a naughty song, spilling on to the track after a last minute winner? Fuck off.
  8. Signed If someone is bang out of order and found guilty then tough. But until then they should be presumed innocent of any wrongdoing. Rangers need to get their house in order with regards to treating the fans like dirt.
  9. Maybe Morelos hinted that once the baby comes along he's going nowhere for a few years hence the agent panicking about his percentage. Or maybe Morelos asked him to get him a move before the baby comes. Or maybe the agent is just getting some high profile publicity for his player. Or maybe they're just having a laugh. Fuck knows, but whenever he goes it won't be cheap.
  10. Maybe Murrayfield would've been a more suitable venue instead of the shitey national stadium. More people would have had the chance of getting tickets.
  11. I read the link and thought it just has to be an effort at some sort of parody designed for laughs but ffs the writer is serious. Even the comments are congratulating him on great detective work. They really are inbred mutations.
  12. Smell the glove The tarriers are still arguing decades later what this means. Enough to make the goalie the best ever.
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