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  1. He's a huge loss if we don't have a competent backup. ... and we dont.
  2. He's had our backing and will continue to get it. But if he can't get this team winning games and trophies quick he better be ready to resign. He's done nothing so far to give us confidence in his ability. The upcoming friendlies will show if he is heading in the right direction. Defeats I can take. Any more downright embarrassing performances I can't
  3. Not by what we've seen so far. And the managers team selections and tactics have also been poor. Hope I'm wrong but I'm not expecting much improvement from last season
  4. The biggest problem is putting the ball in the net. We hit the bar 3 times in that game in Luxembourg. All we needed was one to go in. Plenty of games not won over the past year or so is down to poor finishing.
  5. I went to the zoo the other day but there was nothing there except a wee dug. It was a shih tzu
  6. Why didn't he just go and enjoy it. A few guys I know did the same and decided to go and party anyway Looks like he did
  7. I'm curious. How would anyone be out of pocket. Just go and have a holiday.
  8. Lts'e eb ecalr
  9. Did we play most of the game with 10 men or were we allowed to replace Nico who was 'asked to leave the pitch'
  10. These games are to stretch the legs and get the players match fit but the lack of goals is worrying. No matter the level of game the aim is to put the ball in the net. Something we seem to find difficult to do under Pedro.
  11. A shot on target. Good improvement on what we've seen so far. Just keep it up and not just from free kicks
  12. Nothing but Jokers so far and I'm not getting my hopes up about any of them just yet
  13. Players are moving so fast in training he barely had time to snap this one
  14. Signed
  15. I voted get rid of him even though I knew it would not happen. I was angry and hurting after that result and still am. He's got a lot to prove and has to get a winning team together from the first league game. He has already given us some of our worst ever results and I can't see us standing for much more.