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  1. A Fucking Disgrace

    Sorry mate. I'm so disillusioned with the whole lot of them, players and board, I don't know where I am. I'm a bit pished now as well now, but don't tell anyone shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  2. Herrera

    Herrera is not a lone striker. He is pish up front on his own and for Murty who sees him every day not to realise this shows how far away from being a top flight manager he is. Then again Pedro signed him and did the same. By the same reasoning Morelos who gives 100% every game is not benefitting from that lone striker role. Week in, week out we watch this and know what is needed, but somehow can't get a manager to understand the basics. We also see and discuss the problems in midfield and defence but nothing ever changes. There's a severe lack of bottle at Rangers with regards to decision making and it needs to change. We need a manager who tells players you're only as good as your last game otherwise you're in danger of being dropped. And for that manager to follow it through.
  3. A Fucking Disgrace

    There's a massive difference between those who opposed the sack the board calls and those who actually stuck up for the board. The only reason I talked out against sacking the board is because there would be no board if they did get ousted. There's no point in guys like you and me being appointed as replacements as we obviously don't have the multi-millions required and even if I tried a whip round down the club I'd probably only get together a couple of hundred quid. Where are the investors. Are they going to be transparent in their investments and background checks. What are their intentions. How much are they going to invest. Will they see it as loans or a genuine contribution of their wealth. Why Rangers etc etc
  4. Second Best

    That's the sad thing. We have no direction. I can see the day coming when we win a game and it is seen as a surprise and we celebrate like we used to when we won a major trophy. I might be joking but only just. Sad sad times
  5. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    Maybe he is, maybe he isn't but that really isn't the point. Anyway if I had the money I'd clear the lot out. Get rid of the board. No board favourites. No blazers for those not investing or in senior positions. No nice little supporters clique engagements. I'd support ignorance of all politically correct procedures and support employment only for men and women (of any gender, creed etc) who are ready to give their all in support and defence of the club from ticket office employee through to chairman.
  6. Sons of Stein, Why the Silence?

    Haha. Tell me about it. Watching Rangers is a dawdle compared to bringing up teenagers.
  7. Sons of Stein, Why the Silence?

    My man, that's a difficult one. But with you being in Utopia why would you care, everything is perfect.
  8. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    It's a Stephen King horror novel
  9. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    Fuckin hell. With reference to the op he's on about the old SoS argument not the board. SoS been and gone. Why the need to regurgitate it. They did what they thought they had to do. Why bring that up continually. The current blame/situation lies with the board
  10. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    and your point is? Are you blaming SoS for our current situation? Maybe you give them too much credit.
  11. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    Well it ain't the fucking board I'm referring to so your point is?
  12. Sons of Stein, Why the Silence?

    It's pretty obvious that there's an agenda by some out with the interests of the club so call it what you will. I've been on protests, marches etc but of those who attended I don't know Adam from fucking Zebedee but I had my reasons, none of which were personal. I'll do the same again if I think Rangers will be better off for it. Even if you organise the demos - just state your reasons and if I agree I'll be there.
  13. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    Fuck sake how many of these threads and similar do we have to endure. Can't folk move on? We are where we are, and like it or not we would have been a lot worse off under the previous lot(s). Stop looking to blame the blameless. It's like these plays that crop up on tv now and again 'If Germany had Won The War'
  14. Sons of Stein, Why the Silence?

    Threads like this give people an opportunity to voice their jealousy or dislike of others for no other reason than that. You want a protest or a march? Organise it then!