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  1. Windass

    He is useless. Shows a fleeting glimpse that he might be decent then relies on that to build his reputation for the next half dozen games or so. He gets injured and usually misses 4 or 5 games. This season he came back after 2 games but has done nothing. Compare him to Morelos who gets kicked, tackled, battered, but fights back and gets on with it. Windass gets tackled he falls down, doesn't look to get the ball back, hides, then seems to be injured for the next game (or more). He really doesn't have it. Pedro tried his best to make him a player. Move him on.
  2. 4 subs?

    I know that these scum paedo fucks have been on a run of over 50 games or whatever without losing but no way could I name half of their team . I hadn't even heard of that young defensive guy they've got until he cost them 2 goals against PSG (forgotten his name already ) . But to know they watch all of our games and pick up on every incident shows how much they rely and survive because of us. What would life be like for tarriers without Rangers? There would be no point. Without us they are nothing! With us they are nothing! Scum!
  3. Why play 1 up front? It doesnt work.

    It was basically 1 up front with a close supporting midfielder (reverting to a 4-4-2), a no.10 if you like. Pena was up there trying to link with him for a while but it just didn't click as far a goals were concerned but Pena has hardly kicked a ball for us, although he did ok. The other options were the other players filling in and supporting such as Candeias or Windass (haha) who spends most of the game blowing out his ass. Miller will take the Pena role on Saturday.
  4. reported members

  5. reported members

    I can see the point in you getting reported , but me ? Li'l old me? Isn't it just that wee guy that appears at the top of the page when the site is being hacked, but means nothin? That's what I took it as meaning.. or do you know otherwise?
  6. Our Declan

    Thought he did ok, Not especially enamoured by his performance but it was alright. But then again playing alongside Windass makes an easy job difficult. He definitely showed more ability as a LB tonight than he did on Friday.
  7. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Bears to battle like fuck and win Taigs to be distraught and go home to batter their missus and weans Papers to blame sectarianism for the increase in weekend violence with a big photo of Kenny Miller banging in the winner for that sub conscious blame pattern they're good at, forgetting that it's kafflicks doing all the fighting. No mention of the fact that the only time there's a significant upsurge of Glasgow violence is during weekends when the paedos get beat against the Rangers. Mon eh Gers. They don't like it up 'em.
  8. Dorrans

    I think he does a good job. Lot of good movement off the ball. Playing too far back to be the superstar many are looking for but still effective cleaning up the mess others leave behind
  9. We Can Beat Anyone At Ibrox

    We have to be focused for the whole 90 mins, keep our shape, give them no room in midfield, and when supporting Morelos don't leave gaps for them to counter in. Every man on his game. Miller to keep up his goalscoring form against them. I'd rather forget about it for now until Saturday morning when the tunes are on and it's alcohol for breakfast. Can't wait!
  10. Jason holt

  11. Candieas

    Didn't have his best game tonight but has it in him to work hard, whip in a dangerous cross now and again, and works back without fear of putting in a tackle. Did score in the end and far from the worst in that side. Think he can get better.
  12. Mccrorie...

    I like Alves and no one can deny his pedigree. Likewise when Cardoso came to the team I thought that he seemed a good CB. But McCrorie seems to offer something better. He was good when I've seen him previously, but maybe bringing in players with reputations works for some players and makes them step up a gear. He was certainly excellent in the air and tackle tonight. I wouldn't have any fear in him starting in the 1st XI from now on
  13. Oh ffs there's no room for sober sensible heads on a football forum. I just don't like defeatist attitudes. So fuck off and hold Rfc52's hand on Saturday to make sure he's ok
  14. Fuck off ya prick. Just love this I've got the fear every game and had it for a good while now but somehow I have this inner fight that I hope the team/club/support get back again, and back it up with results. Roll on Saturday. All the best mate. Let's hope we have something to celebrate afterwards,
  15. Eh? Don't you mean 2 of the goals? Anyway we won that's the main point these days. If we win on Saturday I don't care how we do it,