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  1. I'm just saying that events without the cultural element will be very popular. Just as the cultural events are. There's easily an audience for both. And in both cases sometimes the same audience.
  2. If it was a thing I'm sure it would be well attended
  3. Probably all were minus the loyalist stuff pre mid-60s but since then I'd imagine very few. If not the full song book at least the sash would usually get an airing. Anyway I don't see anything wrong with it and no one should feel threatened by it
  4. Nothing wrong with Rangers bashes without loyalist songs. Likewise for those with loyalist songs. It's something that maybe some folk can't get their head around. Perfectly ok for most folk though.
  5. Coz not every Rangers bash needs them. As is mentioned, they have their time and place. It's a great idea, especially to get young bears into new songs and old songs all about the club.
  6. If Katic played instead of Worrall If Morelos didn't get sent off so often If plastic pitches were banned If refs weren't allowed to get away with being so shite/bent/corrupt If only we had employed Stevie G a year earlier If only ................
  7. Almost every Arsenal transfer deal is announced as undisclosed. Fuck knows why and I'm not saying they're interested but just that it doesn't always mean the fee was more/less than anticipated. Probably more to do with not having to reply to dumb media questions.
  8. Soft penalty for them but how did the ref miss the two that we should've had
  9. We nearly always play rubbish there but it's shown the big gaps we have if a couple of players are unavailable Some players just aren't good enough
  10. Not exactly the same thing but here are 6 SNP fuckers from 2016 wanting to allow Scottish Paedophiles to be brought into and rehoused into Scottish Cities so that they would be "anonymous" and therefore safer. Maybe they know something. https://mspfailureshighlighted.blogspot.com/2016/02/the-six-snp-msp-supporters-of.html?m=1
  11. Nope. That's the grass. The pitch is the bit inside the white lines. Bet you'd make a great linesman.
  12. It appears the SFA and their employees don't know their own rules. Sheer incompetence once more. Or maybe when it's Rangers they like to rewrite them or even make them up as they go along. Surely not
  13. In Vienna I tried to get him to sit at our table to discuss the transfer strategy and give our input for future signings. Needless to say he never took me up on it (think he actually gave me a strange look ) but it looks like he maybe thought it over and put it into practice. So, I'm taking the credit for it
  14. Good news. A well earned rest and a nice holiday before the real games start up again. Time to recharge the batteries.
  15. He'd probably rather take the suspension than hear that sung at him
  16. Rangers must be given the official emails that show she reported both incidents clearly, at the same time, and without a hint of bias.
  17. You should've gave a warning with that. Think I just had a fit watching that
  18. And every time either against us or a team that played the scum
  19. I have plenty of issues with it. The ref booked our player. The rules say no further punishment is supposed to be forthcoming. So show me a few incidents where this has happened in other games. Or are they actually doing everything they can to stop our players giving as good as they get.
  20. Surely even those who like to sit on the fence can now see the blatant bias against us. FFS he blatantly elbows Defoe in the face. Thing is we still have too many still believing in this dignified silence thing that when something as blatant as this happens it is shrugged off. Fuck the SFA and Scottish football as a whole. We are on our own and it's time to take them all the way every time we get hit with these continual after match kangaroo courts.
  21. 2 game ban fuck all. They're changing the rules now. Accept fuck all and drag up every incident throughout the season where similar incidents in non Rangers games haven't even been deemed news worthy. And why are ours always fast tracked? Time for our board to get serious.
  22. The amount of times he claims he's punched and elbowed on the face yet not a single mark being left on him. Every time falls like he's been shot and minutes later he's up giving it the ugly smirk. Cheating bastard protected by the media and the SFA.
  23. They changed the rules cause we finished 2nd
  24. To Be A Ranger


    Maybe we'll just keep him. Just a thought.
  25. Plenty of time for RM to go bonkers if any of our players are spotted in the same airport as scum players
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