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  1. Was erratic today at times but why was he booked? For wanting to get on with the game quickly? Or cause that ref doesn't like goalies running 50 yards to make a point.
  2. Goldson has never recovered any sort of decent form since his injury. Needs a good rest out of the team. Maybe he's never regained full fitness... shouldn't be playing if that's the case. I don't agree with the Katic criticism. Has hardly played and made a couple of mistakes but played well considering. Good in the air and on the ground doesn't hang about for ages like Goldson before passing it. A run of games would suit him but we're running out of matches now.
  3. Very poor. Expected a lot lot more. Back to the Village for a beer
  4. Why the fuck would anyone even think this was real 🙄 ffs
  5. Hate var. Takes too long for a ref to make his mind up. Loads of 4 min stoppages is going to change the shape of games to come. Players will be contesting every decision. Games will end up taking so long I'll be sober when I leave the ground 🍺🍻🥃
  6. Can't take you seriously any more mate. Best you lie low for a while
  7. Fails to score too often when in good positions. He is a fast skilful player and is young enough to learn, but I'm fraid the players around him don't offer enough options. He can't beat players all on his own every time and because others are just watching instead of moving into good spaces he makes wrong decisions.
  8. That's your problem right there. Limited comprehension of everything never mind football.
  9. Strange thing is. As bad as tonight was, the more relaxed I seem to be becoming.
  10. Desperation by the manager. How did he expect them to score goals when we had created sod all, all night? Putting on as many forwards as possible is a shit tactic unless the midfield is creating chance after chance. We were doing nothing.
  11. Missed out Kamara. I'd keep him
  12. Come on. You singled him out. I only said I see him as a good player, and surely you can see that. We don't have many of those. Whole team was poor tonight but he has done enough to date to show he can be part of a strong Rangers side.
  13. Not a knee jerk reaction to tonight's result but a realistic reaction (after a half bottle of Jura Seven Wood) to the season so far. Out of the current squad who could be part of the backbone of a successful Rangers team/squad. Teamwise I have McGregor, Jack, Arfield, Morelos The rest are up for sale or current loans So unless we are playing 5s next season we better get some winners in.
  14. If this was a one off failure to beat the sheep I might agree but several failures down the line makes for a worrying trend, especially with the performance shown.
  15. Er how about "What the fuck does he bring? Genuinely have no idea."
  16. Fuck sake thought I was hurting but to blame a player who only came in a few weeks ago and slotted right into the side is insane. He's a hell of a lot better than McCrorie and is really good at reading the game, winning the ball and making a pass. When the rest of the midfield is brain dead and can't get moving then it affects his game but he is a certain starter for us in games to come. One of our better players.
  17. So pissed off with tonight I'm not interested in anything he has to say. Does he know how to fix it? Then get it sorted!
  18. Sell them all Sell them all Is there an echo in here Is there an echo in here Think I've seen this mentioned a couple of times tonight Think I've seen this mentioned a couple of times tonight Is there an echo in here Is there an echo in here
  19. Half decent offer for Tav then sell, really good offer for Morelos then take it. With the £10's of millions I hope even SG should be able to sign a couple of decent players that suit a few different tactical lineups.
  20. Not just the players, our fans do it as well, small club mentality. Just naw! Unless I'm reading this wrong. The fans step up all the time. Support and support and get vocal. We do the team proud. We should be supporting whatever team steps out on to the park. It's up to the players to justify it. If they fail then it's on to the next game, but no way should anyone be booing or putting them down. No small team mentality among the support!
  21. One of the biggest annoyances about Candeias is that in Austria I had to give him a wave like he was my hero. I was slagging him off as being shite only to be shouted down by the blokes I was with. Then when we took our seats he was fucking in front of us. Bastards starting shouting "Daniel here's your biggest supporter" and were pointing at me. Had to give him a wave. Thank fuck he and the other squad blokes fucked off when the "banter" between us and the home support broke out
  22. Fuck knows why but I'm going against the grain here. I think Jack is a useful player for us. The better those around him perform the better he plays. He's decent. Not class but within a strong Rangers side he could be in the heart of it. Maybe!
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