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  1. When the going gets tough we bottle it... not that we're gonna have a chance of winning it anyway.
  2. Sure, but if they were planning a 150 year celebration it would not have been done off the cuff. They would have announced the last game of the season would be a celebration party for those who pack Rugby Park every home game
  3. If this 150 years thing is really the reason then they would have informed Rangers at the start of the season. Be interesting to know if they did, or if they really just decided this excuse a few weeks ago.
  4. Kilmarnock have cut Rangers' ticket allocation for the upcoming Premiership match at Rugby Park as they plan a "celebration of all things Killie" in their anniversary year. Fans of the Ibrox club are usually given the Chadwick and Moffat stands for matches between the sides and are given around 8,000 tickets. But with Kilmarnock celebrating their 150th year, and in the hunt for a European place and a record points total, the decision has been taken to half the usual number of tickets for Rangers fans and house them in the Chadwick Stand with the Moffat stand available for home fans. Let's see how many empty seats remain after the faithful Killie fans take what they need. I'll be having a right good laugh (though I'd imagine many Bears might just be happy to buy these and sit among the home support )
  5. What about this one Holt (Holt) Always believe in your soul You've got the power to know You're indestructible, always believe in, 'cos you are
  6. Always thought it was a tongue in cheek sort of thing. Not to be taken too seriously. Surely no real Rangers supporter cares as much for another club. Got a soft spot for some clubs that I've been to see due to working and living elsewhere now and then but don't really care if they lose. Whereas if Rangers even draw I feel physically sick til our next win. It's either in your blood or it isn't. Before, during and after games in the company of Bears, no matter the result, is like nothing anyone will experience anywhere else.
  7. Nothing up with the Blues Brothers
  8. There's fuck all we can do about it. I won't lose any sleep over it either.
  9. Caniggia. Might have been in his mid 30s but was excellent and would still have given us another couple of good seasons.
  10. Arfield has been a good signing for us and he won't be going to fuckin Southampton
  11. It's been a while since Ally got a bashing on here. At least a week. When Morelos last got sent off me and at least half the pub (a 100% bluenose shop btw) had enough of him and were doing plenty of shouting for him to be sold. A fuckin liability if he continues in the same way. Love him but he does need to get himself sorted out.
  12. Always tried to give 100%. Wanted him to make it with us but physically was outmuscled against bigger guys too often. All the best wee man.
  13. Brian May's got a King Billy hairdo
  14. Really? Saying "fuck celtic" in a calm and humourous retort is a rant? Fuckin rag. I'm surprised it's still printed these days. Haven't read it in many years. I see nothings changed though
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