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  1. I reluctantly agree. Aribo showed early signs that he could be a guy who could boss a game, create chances, score a few .... But then died (in the football sense) Ojo is just a support act. Not enough effort to become a main player.
  2. Can we send him back as damaged goods
  3. Fuckin stats. Tav was fuckin shite but if I started a thread about that I'd have all the statisticians on saying how many crosses he put in and he scored as well. I doubt any of his zillion crosses actually found a team mate and his goal was a flukey cross (loved it though).
  4. Yeah I dunno if it's that or if he just doesn't read the game well enough, or maybe both. What I do know is that for a guy who's supposed to be one of Liverpool's major youngsters he's not shown enough to make me see why.
  5. Hope the goal gives you some belief. He gave us a bit more that we needed. A wee burst of pace. Good touch and awareness. And a GOOAAAALLLLL
  6. @TMB and @Gascoigne8 too drunk today obviously
  7. Look up the page mate. I agree. Aribo wasn't any better but I'd have subbed Ojo
  8. Apart from the 3 points obviously. This guy looks like he could be a good player . Takes on and beats his man. Scores a goal. Set up a few decent chances. I like what I saw. And if anyone says 'but it's only Livingston' go fuck yourself.
  9. Don't close him down. Give him loadsa space. ...and he'll be fine Needs to sharpen up sharpish and broaden his game if he expects to be a major player in a major team Edit I'll throw Aribo's name in there as well
  10. If he begins with "Well it all started when that drunken bum spoke to me in Austria" then I'm out of here
  11. Many pages of conjecture and doom & gloom to follow ........
  12. Know a guy who got a 2 yr ban but hardly missed a match in that time. He used to hide his face as much as possible and didn't cause much rumpus when attending. Couldn't have a season ticket but easily picked up game by game briefs.
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