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  1. Heyyyyy Jooooe (Aribo) I wanna know if you'll score us a goal (Joe Aribo) ........................... Repeat til your sick of it 😀
  2. One of our better players at one point. Wouldn't even get near our team now. Shows how much we have improved thank fuck.
  3. Mate that's what they have been doing. When have you ever heard of any IT upgrade anywhere not causing hassle for folk?
  4. You think it might be the same woman?
  5. Always felt he played well against us and the same if I saw highlights where he was up against the scum. Plays well in internationals too. I don't see this 'hes shite' patter that a few on RM are dishing out.
  6. This post needs deleting Gave the dude guy a like FFS
  7. Great word from the past. So good it's not even on Google 😀
  8. I muttered a 'fuck sake Alfredo' cause I thought he was making an arse of it.
  9. Remember how they celebrated when clinching that euro spot Lmfao
  10. info@nystrangers.org http://www.nystrangers.org/ The New York Strangers Sports Organization
  11. I love these ranking things just to watch the scum support go into meltdown. They've no idea what a bit of fun is. Just shows what an auld alkie duffer Rod has become as well. Hahaha the world is laughing at you scumbags.
  12. Might be the best thing you've never listened to. Give it a go and let us know how you get on. 😊 I'll be nowhere near it myself even if everyone on here told me it's brilliant. I just have no interest whatsoever in listening to some scum supporter waxing on about football and no doubt sneaking in a few mentions of how great his scumbag club is. The fuckers wind me up too much, so no way would I be tuning in specially to listen to them.
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