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  1. To Be A Ranger

    Andy Halliday

    A better unofficial captain? 😄
  2. To Be A Ranger

    Rangers Cult Heroes

    Could be. We already appreciate the good things he does. It's the bad things he needs to work on.
  3. To Be A Ranger

    Play Up The Glasgow Rangers

    Was checking out the words and this oldie thread appeared
  4. To Be A Ranger

    Vienna at Ibrox

    How many does the away stand hold so we can guess how many tickets we'll get Edit.. I suppose if I'd subtracted 21400 from 24000 I wouldn't have needed to ask that
  5. To Be A Ranger

    Playing out from the back

    Watched sportscene the other week when st mirren should've beat them. Celtics back line almost always pass the ball to brown who comes short for it and they create from there. St Mirren let their back 3 have as much of the ball as they wanted, pressed high, and allowed no space to their players in midfield. That's what the European teams do to them also. Our problem is we allow them all the space they want. Seems obvious how to beat them
  6. To Be A Ranger

    Playing out from the back

    Warburton's idea started well and after that semi final the team were praised for the way they passed it. But it went tits up in later games. Too many passes all over the pitch without scoring goals or hardly having a shot at goal and seemingly keeping possession for the sake of it. Too many stray passes and the opposition closing us down quickly showed we didn't have the level of player to make it a success. Right now we are doing it better and are not afraid to mix it up between short and long passing.
  7. To Be A Ranger

    Rangers Cult Heroes

    Some players mentioned were regular players and too good to be classed as cult heroes e.g. Parlane, Hately, Novo etc For me a cult hero is not the best player in the side. He's got to have at least one massive obvious weakness. Despite their failings we love having them all the same. Sadiq is a cult hero in waiting.
  8. To Be A Ranger

    State of this

    I'll give this thread a miss. Still can't see what the problem is
  9. To Be A Ranger

    State of this

    Hate these threads where where I just can't see what we're supposed to get angry about. Need more detail op so I can shake my fist at it too
  10. To Be A Ranger


    Same with their podcast. Something like 7 mins out of 53 mins about our game and even then hardly any praise.
  11. To Be A Ranger

    Windass next up on Talksport

    Well I'm sure many of us would welcome the true story. I don't know why you think SG just gave a manager's answer ((whatever that is). You seem to know what happened and why he left so why not share with us.
  12. To Be A Ranger

    Rapid 2 Spartak 0

    Ahh life isn't worth living without a conspiracy theory here and there
  13. To Be A Ranger

    Ally telling Gerrard were he was going wrong at 1-0

    I'm sure he was posting in the match thread
  14. To Be A Ranger


    Excellent tonight
  15. To Be A Ranger

    Joe Worrall.

    While we were all nervous about the lineup, Stevie G had confidence that the boy could cope, and he did. Some place to have your debut and he did ok. Tonight showed we might have options where we thought we were lacking. Middleton was excellent and Dorrans showed he might still have a lot to offer.
  16. To Be A Ranger


    Superb run that set up Arfield with a great chance. If he can do that for 90 mins game after game then we have a player on our hands. Definitely better when allowed to go forward rather than the defensive mess that Pedro wanted.
  17. To Be A Ranger


    Played well. A lot of running without reward until his goal. Good target man who can hold the ball up decently. Great goal that he took really well. Gives us another option that we have needed.
  18. To Be A Ranger

    Gerrard gtf

    Bonera Italian Internationalist Mori Argentine Internationalist Ekambi Cameroon Internationalist Bacca Colombian Internationalist Cazorla Spanish Internationalist Nothing but reserve team players according to know-alls on the match thread and then there's the tactics and managerial team have to blame for this What an improvement performance wise and tactically. We are the people.
  19. To Be A Ranger

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    What a great result. Well done Bears - players and support We're on our way
  20. To Be A Ranger

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    Got to be tighter when defending corners, but no harm done
  21. To Be A Ranger

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    Ohhhh ffs how close to winning it there
  22. To Be A Ranger

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    McGregor beating fuck out the official behind the goal
  23. To Be A Ranger

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    For the last 5 mins you need a STEAM??
  24. To Be A Ranger

    ****The Official Villareal v's Rangers match thread****

    Fuck that I've bet a draw