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  1. Alex Rae is the standout and IMO the correct choice for this position. The purpose of this role is to be able to provide an insight into the other scottish teams. How they're likely to set up, who are the key dangermen etc etc. Alex Rae has his pro license and is only recently removed from the St Mirren job. He'll have his finger right on the pulse of Scottish football. Ferguson has worked at a lower level so not sure why everyone is wanking over him. Lovenkrands -- I like but I'd question how much he knows about the other teams outside of Rangers. Bomber is a bit of a dinosaur and should be nowhere near the post
  2. what a nonsense. Imagine throwing a manager into that one day after he steps off the plane.
  3. Rich man's Ian Cathro. Wish him all the luck in proving me wrong if he gets the gig
  4. he's been living off the reputation of getting one thing right. He's posted his fair share of pish.
  5. He's onto plums then because Jorge Sampaoli is a stick on for that job imo.
  6. If you don't mind German commentary it's being streamed free on a German online TV program. Full HD. www.servustv.com/de/live
  7. No to be a party pooper but :- iTunes charts charts are done on a "trending" basis rather than over the whole of December. They've never revealed their exact algorithm I believe but it's likely that even though it's showing Number 1 today, it's no even in the top 100 for December. iTunes is only one downloading platform Every 100 streams counts as one download from the charts. Think how many cunts are streaming Rag n Bone man and the like aw day compared with this Bookies odds mean fuck all. There's a pile of Rangers fans firing money onto it. Still a good laugh, but the way folk are going on on Twitter is like this is official and they've outdone Taylor Swift it'll be out the top 10 by the morn
  8. Mental how many folk want to throw in Windass for this. Not close to match fit. I'm in two minds about even Senderos tbh. One or the other for Barton / Rossiter and in this game I give Barton the nod. Fod Tav - Kiernan - Wilson/Senderos - Wallace Barton Kranjcar - Forrester MOH - Miller - McKay
  9. Tickets out 10am tomorrow, could have done with more time to sort it out.
  10. Safe to say we were not equipped to deal with everyone logging on once.
  11. Sorry to say it but this production is amateurish. Sound is all over the place. Wish they'd stop asking Charleston players how great we are as well. Comes across a tad condescending
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