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  1. Was at the game tonight and I cant defend that performance. The guy swung a leg at the ball 4 or 5 times and either found thin air or skewed the ball to a Livi player, he passed the ball out for a corner with no immediate pressure on him and whatever you think about the red card debate he looked slow getting back and got caught behind that CF giving the ref a decision to make. He looked rattled after that incident and that cant happen. Goldson wasnt much better to be fair. Not writing him off by any means but he cant be a starter for me after that game.
  2. Imagine watching Sadiq trying to move about on this pitch ?
  3. Almost? I'll side with our captain. The last player who has been with us this whole journey. Who cares more than anyone in that squad is imagine. I know we can't afford to have players showing disrespect to manager's but Murty is no manager and after yesterday he deserves no respect. I hope Wallace told him how we all feel. And aye Wallace has been shite recently but he's done enough for us to say whatever the fuck he wants to anyone who was involved in that fucking embarrassment yesterday.
  4. Hodson - rubbish Candeias - awful Miller - rubbish Herrera - is he playing? Wes - come for the ball If this is our first 11 for the year ahead were fucked
  5. Dalcio seems to panic whenever the ball comes near him! So so poor!
  6. Worst start to a game this season and that's saying something. Cannot believe how bad we are today after all the talk through the week.
  7. 'Apologising doesn't always mean that you're wrong and the other person is right. It means you value your relationship more than your ego' Think he shoulda just stuck with the apology.
  8. Looks like he's seen sense and deleted that unnecessary final tweet!
  9. Good statement followed by stupid tweet.
  10. He's given the ball away a few times and put us under real pressure! Along with his ridiculous pass back to Fod in the box I can't give him pass marks on the back of two good challenges.
  11. He's not worth 5 grand a week on today's performance
  12. Expected so much more from Barton in games like this when we need a leader. Feeling really let down he just doesn't look interested. Hope it's just a fitness issue.
  13. Come on the Rangers! Let's lift it for this second half , get right in about them and take these 3 points! Remind the team they won't ever get to play this game again!
  14. Still buzzing 14 hours later! Celebrating a petrofac cup win more than anticipated. Melted.
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