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  1. Ready91


    Gerrard: 'Not much to work with but the big ginger boy at the back looks like he could be a player. I think I can do something with him' Mark Allan: ' About that.......'
  2. Ready91

    Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Almost? I'll side with our captain. The last player who has been with us this whole journey. Who cares more than anyone in that squad is imagine. I know we can't afford to have players showing disrespect to manager's but Murty is no manager and after yesterday he deserves no respect. I hope Wallace told him how we all feel. And aye Wallace has been shite recently but he's done enough for us to say whatever the fuck he wants to anyone who was involved in that fucking embarrassment yesterday.
  3. Ready91

    Can we please stop the fantasy now?

    The manager who stops 10 for the taigs and takes us to 55 will go down as a fucking legend. Surely that must be some incentive?
  4. Ready91

    We need a manager

    True mate was a brilliant drive into the box and he got a great shot away! but we cant have players on the park who disappear for so long in big games. Not even going to talk about Morelos till I've calmed down a bit.
  5. Ready91

    We need a manager

    *we only lost by one goal to 10 men with 30 minutes to go against a pile of shite. Windass anonymous for 88 minutes. Plays full 90. MURTYS fault. Cummings getting less than 20 minutes when we've an extra man. MURTYS fault. Losing the game in the midfield. NO tactical changes. MURTYS fault. Get us a real fucking manager.
  6. Ready91

    Sectarian snow

    As I was sledging down the Copland Road
  7. Ready91

    Is it time...?

    55 points 55 goals scored You never know
  8. Ready91

    *****Official Hamilton Vs Rangers*****

    Mon the Rangers fuck the taigs
  9. Ready91


    3 wins against aberdeen, wins against hearts and hibs and a draw against them. Imagine Pedro or Warburton had managed that? Let's get some consistency against the smaller teams and well get somewhere.
  10. Ready91


    Some combination of Jack , Dorrans, McCrorie, Halliday and Murphy. Real Rangers men right across the middle should add the fight we need.
  11. Ready91

    *****The Official Motherwell vs Rangers Thread*****

    Hodson - rubbish Candeias - awful Miller - rubbish Herrera - is he playing? Wes - come for the ball If this is our first 11 for the year ahead were fucked
  12. Dalcio seems to panic whenever the ball comes near him! So so poor!
  13. Worst start to a game this season and that's saying something. Cannot believe how bad we are today after all the talk through the week.
  14. Ready91

    Joey sent home

    'Apologising doesn't always mean that you're wrong and the other person is right. It means you value your relationship more than your ego' Think he shoulda just stuck with the apology.
  15. Ready91

    Joey sent home

    Looks like he's seen sense and deleted that unnecessary final tweet!