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  1. Are you Dave King?
  2. Fuck off Declan
  3. Is transparency selective then?
  4. How dare anyone arrange a charity event without the input or control of the inner circle?
  5. This Edmiston House CIC is gonny be a hoot
  6. Aided and abetted by selective 'high profile fans'
  7. Yep - and in the light of the recent revelations it does make you wonder
  8. Given the endemic institutional paedophillia at Bheast FC you really need to wonder about the motives of establishing the Thai Tims and how safe those innocent kids are associated to that club.
  9. This thread is midgetist Reported
  10. Looks like we will need it all for court cases. Anyway - renewed yesterday at £440 for BF2
  11. My money's on Bluepeter9 😂
  12. Has he fuck - he's rewarded them handsomely
  13. Hope there's sell on clauses
  14. That's betta
  15. You missed a ?