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  1. Carsons Dog

    Jakey Tims abusing Alfie at hotel

    He’s gotta be on a register somewhere
  2. Carsons Dog

    Jakey Tims abusing Alfie at hotel

    Remember being at the airport after we had played them at Hampden. There were about 12 of us and loads of them as the Dublin flight was due out. There was a bit of facing up and verbals until one of our guys 🤔 told them just to “get on the plane ya paedos” This sent them into a complete tailspin and the woman from WH Smith called the old bill. One of the more sensible ones said that banter was banter but don’t call us paedos as that’s a step too far. He went apeshit when i said “Stop shaggin weans and we will stop calling you paedos” The old bill arrived and shuffled them all towards their departure gate greeting and moaning 😂
  3. Carsons Dog

    Union Bears - Europa League 2018

    Helped them out in Vienna - my RSC will be donating 👍
  4. Carsons Dog

    Another diatribe from rabid Joe O'Rourke

    The lack of self awareness is magnificent 😂
  5. Carsons Dog


    I had a 22 hour day on Saturday, drove 500 miles, drank my body weight in alcohol, sang and bounced for 90 minutes and I still couldn’t get to fukkin sleep at the end of it. 😛
  6. Carsons Dog

    Simon Jordan

    Buy us, please buy us.
  7. Carsons Dog

    An End of Year Thank You From The Founders Trail.

    Great stuff guys, keep up the good work.
  8. Carsons Dog

    Is this true?

    You never had a wank?
  9. Carsons Dog

    Thats not a huddle

    I’m gonny be giving it laldy its my favourite song of 2018
  10. Carsons Dog

    Thats not a huddle

    Catchy tune
  11. Carsons Dog


    Where most of them come from
  12. Carsons Dog

    Our away support

    Fill it with the Plymouth True Blues
  13. Carsons Dog

    manager of the month

  14. It was a goal all day long. Ball was on the ground and there to be won. Robbed again. Hopefully appeal it today.