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  1. This bloke has “issues” https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/premier-league/liverpool-fc-news-national-anthem-wembley-why-did-they-boo-jacob-rees-mogg-a9039561.html
  2. You could all practice your Coyote Ugly impersonations and dance on the PTB bar 😛 3EBA1AE6-89B8-46D1-9D84-F802AF561471.MOV
  3. Regensburg was a fukkin drive and a half but done loads of others in Germany, France & Holland over the years as well as Florida.
  4. This has gone quiet They usually name them after charge Has Liewell been on the phone?
  5. Just tried to renew online and was placed in a queue
  6. I went into Greaves on Thursday and they had about 6 strips left 1 x XL mans and 5 assorted kids long sleeved ones I bought two kids strips - £50 each ffs ?
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