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  1. MOH

    Who makes that decision though? Who is actually in charge of that kinda stuff atm?
  2. MOH

    Do you think he was responsible for recommending McInnes?
  3. MOH

    Somebody has a decision to make re this guy now. Who makes this decision? Is it the DoF, Murty, the Board? Its not actually clear who does what at the moment
  4. Mark Allen

    Licking them?
  5. Jordan Thompson

    Good - that means the bheast hasn't moved in All is not yet lost
  6. Jordan Thompson

    He married a Tim so no is the answer Like it should be
  7. This concerns every single one of us....

    Shared on FB
  8. This year being a write off

    I think Barjonas deserves a start tbh
  9. Club Statement

    @gogzy is a fantasist 😂
  10. Club Statement

    And King and (lost) court cases
  11. Club Statement

    Well it is pretty cauld
  12. Club Statement

    How do you know it's a wee one?
  13. Club Statement

    The only people who can influence this clusterfuck of a situation are the fans. Our 'recognised fan group' are unwilling or not allowed to say anything about the board so what does that leave? ST holders? Well they only matter at renewal time so we are indeed royally fucked. Those who sold RF down the river should hang their heads in shame
  14. Club Statement

    Me neither - 40 odd years of automatically renewing is likely to end in 2018
  15. Would You Support A Mass Walkout?

    I think we should abuse people taking their kids to the megastore and assault pensioners working as volunteers at Argyle House. Then we should get a big van with pics of King, Potless & Robertson on the side & drive up and down PRW with a megaphone