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  1. Andy Goram

    NIce cast 🎣
  2. Rangers to play in Florida Cup January 2018

    Norwegian Airlines Gatwick to Fort Lauderdale is £319
  3. IRA Sympathiser Giving Evidence at Holyrood

    Roseanne Cunningham
  4. Andy Goram Loyal FB page

    Let's not forget the Welsh fukkers
  5. Dorrans

    It was weak as fuk and he got lucky tbh Very poor penalty
  6. Dorrans

    It was a Shite penalty btw 9 out of 10 keepers would have saved that
  7. Club 1872 meeting

    Imagine a world where ST holders & supporters clubs had a say in the club. We can only dream I suppose
  8. McLeish claims we aren't fit enough

    The fact The Rangers Observer have entered the fray with quotes from unnamed sources inside the club raises my suspicions Thats the mouthpiece of the board lackies
  9. McLeish claims we aren't fit enough

    MOH said that St Johnstone's training was superior to ours and he got slated for it. Maybe there was something in what he said after all.
  10. Naismith

    Just to clarify the OP - I wasn't actually suggesting taking the wee Judas back but its that type of player we need to unlock defences
  11. Naismith

    That's the kinda point I'm trying to make Their back 4 could have smoked cigars for long periods of the game. We need a nuisance type player to hassle them in the space in front of them and make the cunts work 1 guy can't do it on his own
  12. Naismith

    His type of player would be the ammunition to feed the buffalo Pena doesn't seem up to it
  13. Naismith

    Don't get me wrong I hate the wee Judas with a passion but he's exactly the kind of player we needed yesterday 😒
  14. Dave King

    Notice all the transparency demanders have gone very quiet?
  15. The problem is pure and simply financial

    King is a conman who has duped the masses with promises of sweeteners, blazers and invisible money. Gimme an immediate £15 million investment & The Red Bull Ibrox arena (for instance) any day 10 in a row must be stopped at any cost