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  1. Have any of the directors got shares in a big banner company!
  2. Is the pub still the 'Official Rangers Partner'?
  3. He's been tweeting Sunday Mail/Record articles this morning So much for #changetherecord
  4. Fekkin handwringers wrapping their kids in cotton wool eh?
  5. Can they not just stand outside the door of the pub wae a packet of crisps & a can of irn bru like normal kids?
  6. My mate was a manager in B&Q at the time and the day before the game Jimmy Bell came in and bought 11 wheelbarrows Being a curious sort, my mate asked him why he needed all those wheelbarrows Jimmy just winked and whispered that they were for the Dunfermline players to take their cash bungs away in after the game
  7. He forgot to sign it off WATP 😂
  8. Let's hope they didn't throw any paper
  9. When was that?
  10. Has anyone ever seen him at a game?
  11. You should pop into their club and have a pint
  12. Well there's a fukkin surprise
  13. That place was superb
  14. It was dark when we left 😉
  15. Lovely duck egg blue colour as well 😂