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  1. Well you can’t be fukkin Chris Graham then
  2. Hi Chris Hows the ‘consulting’ going? Still in the payroll at Ibrox?
  3. ‘Other fan groups’ and crooks in the same sentence - how apt Whilst the VB are standing in the pishing rain doing something, the other fan groups are running pop up shops, stalls, begging for cash to buy shares and other money making schemes.
  4. 100% of profits DIRECTLY into the club. Should show up in the club accounts then
  5. Couple of brothers from Greenock, think their names Easdale 😉🤔😛
  6. They proudly boasted that all profits go to Rangers when they were up against fat Mike Be interesting to see in Rangers accounts how much they received Now the Gers Store is up and running I would suggest they are now going up against Rangers in the craving for the blue £
  7. It’s great how the ‘scapegoat baton’ can be passed so seamlessly from player to player by a section of the Rangers support.
  8. Ta- trying to avoid those cunts tbh
  9. Anybody got a link to them pls?
  10. Nah, only the ones that go to ‘big’ games
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