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  1. Beasts abusing Russell Martin

    Club 1872 will be all over this
  2. shitebags today

    Is Rangers the only club in the country where players who are out for a long period become much better players when they aren't playing?
  3. Anyone a lawyer on here pref corporate?

    I bet they have 😛
  4. Anyone know what was happening...

    Filming an episode of 'Can't pay? We'll take it away'
  5. No Press Conferences.

    We need jugglers and Punch and Judy shows and stuff to brighten them up
  6. No Press Conferences.

    He's causing a row
  7. No Press Conferences.

    Still canny get my head round a Declan Or a ginger
  8. No Press Conferences.

    Hopefully we've banned all the press and Murty is speaking to an empty room. Dont wanna give those Jambo bastards any clues
  9. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    With no checkable history
  10. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    Leaving the childish tit for tat bickering aside for a moment. Surely there are no Rangers fans who haven't realised that Dingbat is a self serving scamming crook. There can't be anybody that gullible
  11. A message to our greatest fanboys

    Back to ripping nappies for the bheasts & ripping off Bears for FF
  12. Danny Wilson

    They've gone as well mate Sorry to be the bearer of bad news
  13. Club email contact?

    Tweet the SLO - he might respond
  14. Two Up Front

    Dos cerveza por favor
  15. We really can't afford to lose tomorrow

    Gotta be said Murty passed this one with flying colours His tactical changes meant the opposition were far too bothered trying to deal with our attacking play to cause us much concern at the other end Goss & Docherty looked great in midfield and neither of them were scared to get forward at every opportunity