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  1. There was a young man from Kent.... 😂
  2. Time for ST holders and SC's to get together, claim the high moral ground & outflank this charade of an organisation
  3. Yours went to a very good cause ;-)
  4. Sined craig aje ate and a haff
  5. Got mine 👍
  6. ST holders, especially the ones who kept the lights on while his ilk filled our enemies coffers, have been completely ignored and never consulted over the past 3/4 years That fanny swans around the DB like he owns the place, drinks from the loving cup and pisses all over decent honest Bears like D'Art for self advancement He will never represent me
  7. Good No one who actively promoted a fans boycott should be a fans liaison officer
  8. If lurch gets this gig it will be a disaster for the club. I would seriously consider not renewing my ST
  9. The thing about Ralston is I would suspect every journalist on the DR is looking over their shoulder ATM as their circulation is plummeting. Andy Kerr lives in Harrogate doesn't he?
  10. Even more important than the book Lurch wrote after he saved us? 😂
  11. He's a trier that Alan Harris :-)
  12. Cant find the original tweet but @johnnydowno1 names a few on his TL
  13. Thanks for posting that - great read
  14. There's a list of runners & riders on twitter
  15. If Spreadsheet Chris doesn't get the SLO job you can be guaranteed he will be shoehorned in to the club somewhere by his pal DK
  16. Will the 'yanks no thanks' banners still be useable?
  17. I thought I read they had gone bust a while back Is this a Newco Singhs?
  18. Watching Tommy Robinson on the media last night reminded me of Houston Every time a camera crew appeared it's like moths to a spotlight
  19. Fair play to you mate
  20. Time for all the supporters clubs & ST holders to get together and decide exactly what kind of representation we want.
  21. Blazer chasers circling the wagons
  22. It's probably him tbh
  23. Cunts next 'project' will be a statue of him & King in a romantic embrace with potless looking on awestruck
  24. It's like owning a tank and taking a water pistol into battle