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  1. Carsons Dog


    You got a show next Friday night?
  2. Carsons Dog

    Edmiston House - NARSA

    Gentlemans Club
  3. Carsons Dog

    Another klaxon jaxon misery piece.

    Now that Paul Murray has gone his information will have dried up. Did we ever get clarification on why he left btw?
  4. Carsons Dog

    sfa bigot exposed

    I don't get the empathy for this guy. The more bheasts we can topple in every walk of life the better
  5. Carsons Dog

    sfa bigot exposed

    Once we get this one out the way we should go for the Fat bheast Rod McKenzie for his "You bastards have been cheating us for years" comment
  6. Carsons Dog

    MOH in with the beggars yesterday

    Why is he still here then?
  7. Carsons Dog

    You'd think Glasgow was a one club city

    They are all talking about Rangers though
  8. Carsons Dog

    Big names attract big names.

  9. Carsons Dog

    Forbes Tailoring

    Slaters been hoofed then?
  10. Carsons Dog

    New kit delay ?

    Is their someone at the club actually responsible for this fuck up? If so they should be down the job centre in the morning
  11. Carsons Dog

    New kit delay ?

    When does their agreement with Lionbrand expire. The money the club make from that should easily cover the shortfall
  12. Carsons Dog

    Club statement on Sfa nonsense.

    Why did Neil Doncaster & Rod McKenzie meet with lunatic fringe celt*c supporters in August last year to discuss this very issue? Wtf has it got to do with them? What was discussed "off the record?" McKenzie was the one desperate to sink us around the 5 way agreement Im sure VB did an article on him at the time So why were he & Doncaster meeting mentalist bheasts at the back end of last year with Rangers being the only item on the agenda?
  13. Carsons Dog

    Marco Negri

    Yep blue pound chaser
  14. Carsons Dog

    Build My Gallows

    Graz was about 3 days Immense
  15. Carsons Dog

    Dave King Full Q&A

    Ah ok, I thought you were mates with him. 👍
  16. Carsons Dog

    Dave King Full Q&A

    @eskbankloyal - I believe you are friendly with Paul Murray Did he give you a reason why he quit and was it just coincidence that both of them quit at the same time?
  17. Carsons Dog

    Dave King Full Q&A

    Oh and the bit about Paul Murray? Comedy Gold Does he think we all zip up the back?
  18. Carsons Dog

    Dave King Full Q&A

    Did he not tell the court he was penniless? Now he's telling the media he will underpin the club with cash if necessary I wonder which one he is lying to
  19. Carsons Dog

    Dave King Press Conference on Monday

    Two words Dave King
  20. Carsons Dog

    Our support

    Stealth "I go to Mexico for my holidays" thread 😎
  21. Carsons Dog

    C 1872 Resignation

    And therein lies the problem
  22. Carsons Dog

    C 1872 Resignation

    Nah - the CoS ruling is the number 1 priority. Im sure they will both be commenting on that. They will, won't they?
  23. Carsons Dog

    King wants new investors on the board

    Is this the same investors Paul Murray assured us were lined up when they took over?
  24. Carsons Dog

    C 1872 Resignation

    Was he at NARSA? Did he go to Charleston or Orlando?
  25. Carsons Dog

    C 1872 Resignation

    And people on here were proposing him (Skypey) for the board of Club1872? Its almost as if they are all in a great big email group 🤔