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  1. Murty Q&A - Herald

    A bit taigy
  2. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    And ST holders
  3. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    Except Club1872
  4. My letter to the Directors.

    Can't see your issue at all tbh - didn't you know we are "ahead of the curve"? Now get your cheque book out and renew
  5. Statement from A Johnston

    Club 1872 will be all over this
  6. Hummel

    Have you bought them Lionbrand gear where "100% of the profit goes to the club"? 😉
  7. Follow Rangers Shareholders Limited

    Will they give an assurance never to vote for Paul fukkin Murray? That would be a massive boost to their credibility 😎
  8. Follow Rangers Shareholders Limited

    Can you vouch for them mate? pm if you like
  9. We deserve better

    Ah well - no point turning up for the last 5 games then eh?
  10. The game at the weekend

    Did you ever read any Bill Struth quotes?
  11. We deserve better

    Well his track record is pretty poor to say the least
  12. Kris Boyd getting ripped into King

    Yeah - What about Ashley?
  13. We deserve better

    Bollox - we desperately need the points and any protest inside the ground could detract from that objective Europe is a must for attracting a decent manager and decent signings
  14. Record Exclusive

    Paul Murray been on the phone to his courageous mates again?
  15. The Board Need Held to Account

    This post reads like a who's who of nodding dogs
  16. The Board Need Held to Account

    And meanwhile Aberdeen can outstrip our incompetent cunts in bringing investment into their shitty wee club Hang your heads in shame you charlatans
  17. Enough is enough

    Club 1872 will be all over this
  18. Peña

    Nice hair though
  19. A Fantastic Thread About Bed

    Are we talking British Summer Time?
  20. Of course not - they have all been instructed to write about naughty songs sung by Rangers fans All the cases were listed on Twitter by John Stevens & others (VB & Imperial Bears I think) Lots of media organisations were tagged in but none of them ran the story Incredible when you think about it
  21. There were 4 in court last weeK Although you wouldn't know it with our mhedia
  22. Maybe it's down to us & social media to spread the truth
  23. Bates is off

    I was talking to one of my mates recently who refuses to sign up to the RYDC lottery because he has this perception that we never seem to get any decent return on the kids we bring through. Im beginning to see his point now
  24. Imagine any other club in the world had FOUR ex employees in court for abusing kids The outcry, particularly in the current climate, would be deafening. As its Bheast FC we don't hear a cheep about it and the Scottish press deflect from it by printing made up stories to make Rangers look bad. Its almost as if they planned these stories to coincide with the court cases
  25. He's just gone up in my estimation