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  1. Plus fours
  2. I'm 18 short 😒
  3. I read on twitter that Bomber has just done an interview with them Surely not - just days after the 1872 statement?
  4. Ban anyone from Ibrox who has ever called them 'courageous'
  5. Think they will get back on time for 30th? 😂
  6. Click bait
  7. I agree with this and actually when we have played him wide he hasn't done too bad either.
  8. Ziakov was just as bad
  9. The Rangers Observer are board lap dogs
  10. 1 bad manager is unlucky 2 bad managers is incompetent
  11. I'm at Heathrow tonight then out first thing tomorrow
  12. It's a race to take over Western civilisation
  13. What is his history supporting Rangers? Did anyone go on a Supporters bus with him? Was he at Manchester? How long has he had a ST? (If at all) Did he eat fish today?
  14. Ginger hair is unacceptable
  15. It's called the Patrick Thistle forum
  16. Show them your FARE ID card That should be fine
  18. Yeah - spoke to the TO today
  19. Looks like it will be a ticket uplift over over there
  20. Not sure QH but I'm not sure they would want to add to the TO traffic on Thursday as it's going to be hectic there before the game. They might try and post them out but they would need to go pretty quick and I'm not sure if they will even be in physical possession of them yet.
  21. Rangers might still make arrangements for a pickup over there. "TRAVEL CLUB TICKET PURCHASE INFORMATION If you have purchased a ticket for a European Away match, you will receive separate communication regarding ticket collection arrangements."
  22. That's Maclean paid for then 😂
  23. That is great news Do UEFA not take a cut then?
  24. Lots of the new guys unavailable as well
  25. Could easily take in £700k on thursday Anybody know what the split is?