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  1. TdRFC


    I honestly think he will rip it up here with preseason and getting to know everyone. Purely opinion of course but I have liked what I've seen so far. He reminds me of Mikel Arteta. Also if we are willing to spend this kind of money on one signing then looks like we will be getting some real quality in.
  2. The money we are saving from the players that have currently left will obviously be offset by the current situation. If we sign Hagi though what a statement of intent. Hopefully the rumours of investment a while back are true.
  3. 97 lost a couple marks because of spelling. Also forgot mclaren and sebo.
  4. Went for Davis. Bougy and Mendes were superb as well to be fair. Forgot how good a window that was for us.
  5. I really hope I can come back to this thread in a year and ram it back down everyone's throat who has said he's finished etc. We can still technically win the league and we all know TLB is prone to a wee meltdown so I'm not lying down now 👍 The weekends result was really tough to take, work was a fucking nightmare with they smug cunts, but all is not lost. Let's see what kind of reaction we get until the end of the season.
  6. Hopefully the players actually start to believe in themselves after the results against Braga. If this game is spent playing sideways passes and the 2 CBs playing ping pong with each other I will lose my shit.
  7. TdRFC


    Unfortunately for Doc I can see us investing in the middle of the park in the summer. Really hope he keeps it up at Hivs though and gets himself in the team when he comes back. There's definitely a player there.
  8. As disappointing as we have been since the winter break it's still a no from me. I still have confidence that we and SG will come good. Imo we are a couple players away from having a cracking team. We were never going to turn things around in 2 seasons if you are being realistic. I hate they manky bastards but they have a settled team used to winning and it wont be easy to knock them off their perch.
  9. This is a very decent side. Could be any score at the moment. Alfredo could have 2 but that Trincao up top could've had the same. Can't predict the next half 😂
  10. Win tonight by a decent margin and the filth get beat we are right back where we were. Wishful thinking but it's a long fucking season they minks will get caught out. Come on the Gers 🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
  11. Hearts at Tynecastle usually isn't an easy game but they are bottom of the league for a reason. Hope we take 2 or 3 off them today and keep up the momentum. Tav, Alfredo and Shagger are big losses though it will be interesting to see how we get on.
  12. No striker on the bench but will trust Stevie G. Don't fuck this up Rangers 👍
  13. Can't wait clock watching now 😂 just do the business Rangers. celtic will make a cunt of it tonight just got a feeling.
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