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  1. Bannockbear

    Today’s The Day

    Only 6 survivors 2 of which are injured at minute. 2 were out of position can only see Tav and Candieas starting
  2. Bannockbear

    Today’s The Day

    Looking back to our starting line up from April. Today our team will be bigger and stronger #letsgo
  3. Bannockbear

    Words of song

    To Baku we are on our way!!
  4. Bannockbear

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Match Thread***

    Midfield has been immense, good to see Jack not biting at their constant wee digs. Big Coulibaly solid we still carry a threat even with 10 men.
  5. Bannockbear

    Barry Ferguson Career Gross Income

  6. Bannockbear

    ***Manager/DOF rumours thread***

    René Meulensteen I wonder what price you would get for him as next manager?. Not long left his last post was on talksport this morning. Rated highly as an assistant with Alex Ferguson but not a great record on his own.
  7. Bannockbear

    Ally included in celebrations?

    This seasons promotion celebrations on the pitch should only involve the players and staff who won this championship title. He can come along and celebrate with the rest of us from the stands or in his front room with his mates watching on tv no problem with that.
  8. Bannockbear

    *****The Official Rangers v Dundee Match Thread*****

    Joy to watch. More of the same second half lads !
  9. Bannockbear

    *****The Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Match Thread*****

    Clean sheet and a goal in each halve would do me. Either that or 5-0.....
  10. Bannockbear

    *****The Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Match Thread*****

    Warburton was full of praise for ball at last press conference.can see us going ball holt halliday maybe.