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  1. Bannockbear


    Wasn't too impressed after first few games I saw him but looks like him and Alfredo have struck up an understanding which is promising
  2. The fact sky sports directors decided to show a slow motion shot of big goldson should maybe highlight their agenda
  3. I thought McCrorie was supposed to be 6ft 3 he is tiny next to morelos there.
  4. Not suited for Scottish football I'm guessing this was his last chance, could be wrong
  5. Bet wee Alfredo can't wait to move away from this pish football environment
  6. Draw is tomorrow night after game on bbc
  7. Don't think Alfredo done much wrong there, ref shat it
  8. Nothing in press about a bid in last 3 weeks yet the night before our first competitive game after the winter shutdown and we have an imaginary bid?. Laughable and predictable from the Record.
  9. Shows our attitude was top notch, four guys all on their toes ready for it and they had Brown and one man standing with his hands on his hips watching.
  10. The BBC will show our goal and their offside effort and claim it was evenly matched game probably.
  11. Midfield has been immense, good to see Jack not biting at their constant wee digs. Big Coulibaly solid we still carry a threat even with 10 men.
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