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  1. Thank goodness nothing like that could happen in Scotland...
  2. I have the same plan lined up for tonight ? - but nothing from so far from my neurologist - says he's still searching... Just disappointed the timing is wrong for the Melbourne RSC to get together. Our venue won't open for us at 0400! Hope the new boys show us what a good judge of a player Gerrard is. WATP wherever we are!
  3. I'd like to see Rossiter get some game time in this if possible. With McCrorie out (suspended) for the hivs game, Rossiter's the only genuine DM in the squad who could comfortably take his place. I'm hoping we don't set up a man short in the midfield (again) for that game as it will lead to problems. Morelos is also suspended for Easter Road so Cummings should also get a run against the sheep (but not start ahead of Morelos).
  4. Couldn't agree more. I'm thinking we need to give Rossiter a run in the Sheep game to see if he can play DM. We don't seem to have anyone else who will be effective against the Hivs midfield, which we know will be set up correctly to pressure us by popcorn teeth.
  5. Don't think Cummings showed anything to suggest he's worth keeping, and we were better off with Goss instead of Holt - particularly since McCrorie was doing the DM work that Holt didn't.
  6. Rossiter on the bench. Never expected that. As for the selected team - a standard Murty cock up.
  7. Typical, one perspective rubbish. Sure Souness had the finance to build a top class team by world standards. Gerrard (or whoever we get) doesn't need that. He just needs enough to beat septic. Top class teams by world standards (PSG, Bayern etc.) have repeatedly demonstrated the scum are miles beneath them. We don't need to sign "the England captain" to be better than them.
  8. Martin should never have been picked for us again - including today.
  9. Seems all of this is presented by Jackson from the point of view of KM and LW. I would expect that part of the conditions set for the investigation to take place would be a very clear instruction not to talk to the press. Surely this has been ignored - or is Jackson making this up as he goes along? In my view, Murty is not competent to manage Rangers, should never have been given the job and should stand down immediately. However, I also believe that players who attack the Rangers Manager in front of the team should be stood down. Their views should have been privately expressed to Murty, and followed up with the senior leadership if no satisfactory outcome achieved - not screamed in public and used to turn our club into a media circus once again.
  10. I guess your user name is a bit of a clue as to your view of KM but IMO he's been done for a long time and the balance of his output is no longer positive in games. Too many turnovers, trampoline first touches and missed chances to counter the occasional good strike such as the one against Dundee. This doesn't mean I'm advocating Cummings (or Windass) instead. I'd much rather we played Morelos one up and included another genuine midfielder, particularly against them.
  11. Fail to see how Miller starting is in any way a positive - for this game or for the future.
  12. Look like scoring more but the Alves/Bates combination isn't working yet.
  13. Holt has been dreadful but given Murty has made him Captain, I doubt he will do the necessary and swap him off for Docherty.
  14. Sadly, he would also feature heavily in a "lowlights" of the same match. Once great player who needs to hang up the boots.
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