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  1. Football is fucked

    The television payments - and the conglomerates behind them - have stolen the game from the fans who follow their team because they were brought up to follow. The big money goes to fewer and fewer who are followed by more and more who have less and less reason to do so. All we can do is pass on our love for our team to our kids and hope one day the conglomerates will choke on their own greed and football will belong to the people again.
  2. McCrorie

    Sadly TV is clear - not offside.
  3. McCrorie

    In general I like Cardoso, but the first goal, he knocked the ball through McCrorie's legs with no time for McCrorie to react. The second goal Cardoso should have called out the thumb's run to McCrorie. You can see the young lad questioning Cardoso straight after. McCrorie was excellent today.
  4. Miller dropped / rested for Thistle

    Just checked the latest news (I'm Australia based - so get to things at different times) and nearly punched a hole in the ceiling when I saw KM is being "rested" for the League Cup game. Yeehaa!! I've said this in various threads before: Kenny needs to be out of our team, particularly as a starter. I watched him giving "directions" to Morelos in the Thistle game at the weekend straight after he'd turned the ball over with yet another trampoline touch. Morelos must think he's a plonker. I watched him get under the feet of both Dorrans and Jack several times, because he's bumbling about in the wrong part of the park. Dorrans and Jack must think he's a plonker. I do. Why does Pedro keep playing him?? I know he has scored a few crucial goals for us over the last couple of seasons - but he's very often the reason why they're crucial! As I've previously said - I respect KM's professionalism in keeping his ageing body in good shape. But he is no longer good enough to be starting for us, and I doubt whether he has much future as a substitute. And no, I've never been a great fan of his. And yes, if you play for them, I don't believe you're truly one of us.
  5. The taig game.

    The key to us getting the result we want in this is to have one more player in the midfield. The most important thing about this concept is that player is not Kenny Miller. Despite all the negative stuff I've been reading on here - our defence is a lot better than last season and we have a genuine goal scorer in Morelos. The scum defence is very, very shaky under pressure. Break even in the midfield and we can win this.
  6. The taig game.

    You're daft.
  7. I hope so much I'm wrong but Miller and Niko starting spells points dropped....
  8. KM must have some compromising pics of Pedro.
  9. Hardie on was great. But for Dorrans??? Miller surely had to be the one to depart. Unbelievable - and so costly.
  10. Miller has been the key problem for a long time now. He scores the odd goal and people start raving about him as King Kenny - but we would be a different team with a decent forward who played forward in his place.
  11. Standing beside the camera, waiting for his turn?
  12. Surely at his advanced age KM would be able to work out that you don't give anyone in Scotland outside of our club any ammunition. Not sure how you know which sequence the interviews were conducted or that KM hadn't heard what PC said?
  13. What I and others can't get over is that it is so blatantly obvious from a Rangers perspective that you don't offer any level of support for the red card when the club is appealing it. Miller clearly does this. That leaves a few interpretation choices - take your pick from: KM doesn't like Ryan Jack. KM doesn't like Pedro. KM is a complete idiot. How hard is it to work out that the best, the ONLY thing to say has to be supportive of your team and team mate? I don't think KM should be in the team any more on an ability basis, but that is a separate issue from what he has done here.
  14. Red card challenges.

    That stays on the park and Ryan Jack gets sent off for what could at harshest be called minimal contact. We're paranoid in the Rangers support, aren't we?
  15. Pedro has stated that Rangers are appealing the red card. KM's quote suggests Ryan Jack may have deserved the red and pretty well undermines the appeal from within our own club. If I were Pedro and saw that quote, KM would be looking for alternate employment.