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  1. Standing beside the camera, waiting for his turn?
  2. Surely at his advanced age KM would be able to work out that you don't give anyone in Scotland outside of our club any ammunition. Not sure how you know which sequence the interviews were conducted or that KM hadn't heard what PC said?
  3. What I and others can't get over is that it is so blatantly obvious from a Rangers perspective that you don't offer any level of support for the red card when the club is appealing it. Miller clearly does this. That leaves a few interpretation choices - take your pick from: KM doesn't like Ryan Jack. KM doesn't like Pedro. KM is a complete idiot. How hard is it to work out that the best, the ONLY thing to say has to be supportive of your team and team mate? I don't think KM should be in the team any more on an ability basis, but that is a separate issue from what he has done here.
  4. That stays on the park and Ryan Jack gets sent off for what could at harshest be called minimal contact. We're paranoid in the Rangers support, aren't we?
  5. Pedro has stated that Rangers are appealing the red card. KM's quote suggests Ryan Jack may have deserved the red and pretty well undermines the appeal from within our own club. If I were Pedro and saw that quote, KM would be looking for alternate employment.
  6. What Miller should have said is nothing at all unless it completely supported his team mate.
  7. Miller might score a fabulous winner next week, or in a couple of weeks time. He has that ability to occasionally pull out a blinder. But his normal return is what gets us in trouble for large periods of games. Sorry - he should not be a starter any more and certainly never play midfield - his contact with the ball in the middle of the park is usually what breaks down whatever we were building.
  8. I would really like to see Morelos and Herrera on together. Miller was pretty dreadful today but no doubt will start again next time around. Good that we dug out a win.
  9. Must agree with offminorthreat - reception is good in Melbourne (but was shit for the last two RTV matches).
  10. If it's anything like the Marseille game, you'll need to log on on Friday if you want to see the first half!
  11. Took until 33rd minute to get on to RTV but liking what I've seen since then. Pena or Morelos for Miller and we might beat a very good team today.
  12. 17 past midnight here. Been trying to log on since quarter past 11. FFS.
  13. How to shrink a worldwide fan base.
  14. logged in. Launched game stream. Timed out. F***!
  15. Third game in a row this has happened. Shit.