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  1. MelbourneBlue

    14 Minutes

    Excuse me for pointing this out, Rab - but we have been dealt some dreadful hammerings from the scum, including a couple of the worst ever. We have equalled our worst number of losses in a season at Ibrox since before WW1. FC Shkupi were competent and well organised. Look how far competent, well organised teams (as opposed to genuinely talented teams) managed to progress in Russia. We are a team with half the side starting a competitive match for Rangers for the first time. The new guys were mostly in defence. They did very well for a first competitive match and should only get better. The old faces showed their flaws yet again and their lack of creativity and fluffed chances kept the score respectable for Shkupi. We have a solid defence to take over there, and a two goal lead. I'm very confident we will get through. I'm similarly confident we will struggle in the next round if we haven't brought in some improvement in the front two thirds in Sadiq and Coulibaly.
  2. MelbourneBlue

    First proper game but...

    I think that scoreline summed up how shite the Bremen keeper was that night. I can't recall his name now, but he let in a couple of very soft goals. 😂
  3. MelbourneBlue

    **Official Rangers v Bury Match Thread**

    I have the same plan lined up for tonight 🙂 - but nothing from so far from my neurologist - says he's still searching... Just disappointed the timing is wrong for the Melbourne RSC to get together. Our venue won't open for us at 0400! Hope the new boys show us what a good judge of a player Gerrard is. WATP wherever we are!
  4. There were glimpses of real quality prior to his long term injury (resulting from foul play, as was the norm last season). Never really got going again after that, arguably because played out of position but the whole team ended the season with a whimper. I think after a full pre-season, guidance from a decent manager and remaining injury free, Graham Dorrans may turn out to be a gem. I'm always an optimist this time of year - this time with more justification than usual.
  5. MelbourneBlue

    Gerrard interview

    Gerrard's handling of the questions is smooth and controlled. So was Warburton's when he first arrived. The difference I've been finding is that Gerrard answers every question as if he has already considered the problem and worked out how he will address it - but he doesn't sound like he will be inflexible. Warburton sounded competent (at first) by reciting from the "how my teams play football" mantra he had concocted, and as we found out, was never able to adjust when it hit the rocks. I get more optimistic about the coming season every time I hear another interview from SG.
  6. MelbourneBlue

    Jason Cummings; Why did we take him on Loan?

    Based on his performances on loan with us - albeit restricted by limited game time, as Ozblue has detailed very nicely for us - I can't see why we would make him a permanent signing at this stage of the transfer window. If we get to the end of the window and haven't been able to sign better, I suspect he will still be available. He really didn't show much when playing against the stronger sides other than a bit of petulant arm waving at his team mates and some poor first touches. My view is that we will not be where we want to be in terms of our strike set up if Cummings is signed this window.
  7. MelbourneBlue

    MOH and Alves wanted

    Alves has some real strengths. He's probably the best header of the ball in any SPFL defence (excepting maybe Berra?) - and I still remember shitting myself every time a high ball came into the box with Kiernan and Wilson standing like statues. His calmness in possession and ability to pick a pass are also better than anything else we have had pretending to be a centre back for the last few years. By all means replace him with someone better - but don't discard him until the replacement has had his photo taken in front of the marble staircase, holding the scarf above his head. MOH should f off, and when he gets there, f off again.
  8. MelbourneBlue

    When is the new Rangers Kit Coming Out

    If that happens, I can't believe we would sign up to it unless the revenue split was vastly more in our favour. I'd still rather tell Ashley to GTF, mind.
  9. MelbourneBlue

    When is the new Rangers Kit Coming Out

    If they hadn't signed it, we'd still be in boycott mode for years to come, we would have a conscience debate on whether our kids could have one, and the club would be missing out on essential revenue. Look at the up side. With Gerrard's world wide fame, we now stand to sell unprecedented numbers of Rangers kits. We are coming back!
  10. MelbourneBlue

    Out?: Josh Windass

    I thought (read on here somewhere) that Windass bats for the other side...
  11. MelbourneBlue

    Another klaxon jaxon misery piece.

    Some of the stuff we get in the papers in Melbourne is pretty poor - but I can't remember anything as bad as this. This article is purely an opinion piece dressed up as a journalist's report. Not a single quote or clear statement of fact from beginning to end, just use of fabrication terms like "It is believed...", "Surely Steven Gerrard...". Bog roll material.
  12. MelbourneBlue

    1st of June approaches

    Completely agree on Brenda. I'm pretty confident we'll get to put the Rodgers mirage under real scrutiny if we strengthen enough to dispose of the teams we should be beating every week - everyone outwith the scum. Then let's see if the tranny fancier shows consistency with his past performances and bottles it.
  13. MelbourneBlue

    1st of June approaches

    Our squad will be stronger - already is with Arfield and McGregor - just waiting to see by how much. I'm pleased to read the scum are spending a large wedge (reports vary 7m to 10m) on signing Edouard permanently from PSG. That's likely to be a big chunk of their total spend gone without achieving any improvement whatsoever on last season as they already had him - but of course the mhedia raving about it. Overall I'm with the folk who believe the gap is not as big as some would have us believe - so I'm optimistic we can make a strong challenge for the league with a real chance of winning it.
  14. MelbourneBlue

    Permanent Deal for Murphy

    People have been a bit hard on Murphy, IMO - often saying he "may improve with better players around him". Because of where I live, I only get to see Rangers on TV and because I'm a fanatic, I watch and re-watch games. Murphy's passing creates great goal scoring chances for better players. With the current squad, he must feel like Foghorn Leghorn: "I keep pitchin' em boy, and you keep missin' em!" I'm really pleased about this and look forward to him having close to the most assists in the league next year.
  15. MelbourneBlue

    Big names attract big names.

    There's a strange honesty in your choice of user name.