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  1. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Look like scoring more but the Alves/Bates combination isn't working yet.
  2. Rangers after Sydney fc midfielder

    It's all about opinions, of course - and we both share the most important one! I do hope we''ve reached the stage in our recovery where we're not looking to sign squad players, though. I'm expecting us to sign players who turn our current starters into squad players.
  3. Games we lost and should have won

    The away leg against Bayern when Mols was wiped out on the side line by their goalie. Still wake up screaming over that one....
  4. Rangers after Sydney fc midfielder

    Usually I agree with Ozblue - but not on this one. Nowhere near as good as Goss, despite being a few years older. Nowhere near as talented as Rogic either, for that matter. I'd be dreadfully disappointed if we went as far backwards in quality as sign this lad. We've done so well with Docherty - no idea why we would consider O'Neil - and I see him most weeks on TV or live if they happen to play the Victory in Melbourne. He is okay at free kicks but otherwise does not stand out at all (in my opinion) in the Sydney FC midfield. Strange one.
  5. Ian Holloway "slams" Graeme Murty re Sean Goss

    I agree. Thought at the time that Murty needs to keep this sort of thing in-house. Irritating the club with which you probably intend to negotiate is not smart.
  6. Why doesn't Cummings start?

    Windass, IMO is a gifted but flawed player. He is a great chance of scoring when running towards the 18 yard line, unless the keeper comes off his line. He sometimes remembers his defensive duties, sometimes disappears. In a strong Rangers side - which we're getting towards - there is a place for him. (But he should have been subbed off about the 60 minute mark against Hearts). Cummings: Far too many plaudits offered in here for a player yet to show enough at the level (albeit not great) at which we are now back to playing. I'm a bit "old school" so his smiley tattoo on his hand (WTF goes through people's heads when they walk into a tattoo parlour??) and his "cumdog" nick name both make me cringe. I could happily ignore those if I were convinced of his quality as a player - but this jury is a long way from returning a positive verdict on that. I liked both his goals for us so far - but not anywhere near as good as some of Morelos's goals - and no indication of anywhere near the capability as a one-up striker. I honestly don't think he'll be offered a contract at the end of the season based on what I've seen. Hopefully he'll prove me wrong and give me two fingers with his smiley hand.
  7. What a performance

    Windass's worst performance for weeks - how he stayed on I don't know. But great from pretty much everyone else.
  8. John Beaton the ref for Saturday

    Surely the prat is aware of the reaction to his disgraceful performance last time we had him and will make some kind of effort to actually behave as an independent and unbiased referee this time. Or am I expecting too much?
  9. David Bates

    When I heard we'd brought him in from Raith Rovers, and the guy who reports on all the youth games (El something) saying he was no good, I acquired a preconception he would not be any good. I still think he is dodgy with his distribution - but the boy knows how to mark a man and put him under pressure. His defensive (not passing) work at times is superb - and you won't find that word used in any prior post of mine. Whether he goes on to be a Ranger will depend on how he develops his distribution of the ball, particularly under pressure. There is no doubt opposition teams are setting up to force our "out ball" through Bates at present. But there ares strong indications, IMO, that he is being coached and improving in this area. If he gets consistently better at playing out, he will be a great asset because he already defends better than any (Alves Included) of our other Centre Backs.
  10. Murty reaction

    Murty recognizes Windass's inconsistency - okay - but not sure he's being effective in addressing it. Windass has no football brain. His successful "late runs" seem to happen because he just remembered in the nick of time where he was supposed to be. Windass is very capable of finishing from around the box as long as the keeper doesn't have time to come towards him and narrow the angle. His arrival in the right area at the right time is the product of mathematical probability because he runs around a lot and gets a lot of game time. If we had a more effective number 10 we would be right on the heels of the unwashed.
  11. Moyes

    The right manager wouldn't be starting Holt and Windass.
  12. Murty presser today.

    The "ten seconds" guff is what is annoying me the most. It wasn't ten seconds, Graham, it was closer to 45 minutes where we allowed Hivs to outnumber us in midfield without any sort of reaction from the bench. Windass can barely defend but I would have thought more of Murty if he had even got Windass to drop deeper and help match up the numbers. Expecting a first half substitution (Docherty for Windass was the very obvious one) is probably a bridge too far for GM. I know we're all great at being armchair managers - but really - was that so impossible to see from the bench?
  13. ** Rangers V Hibs Official Thread **

    Holt has been dreadful but given Murty has made him Captain, I doubt he will do the necessary and swap him off for Docherty.
  14. **Official Rangers v Fraserburgh Match Thread**

    Sadly, he would also feature heavily in a "lowlights" of the same match. Once great player who needs to hang up the boots.
  15. Jason Holt

    My thought when he picked up the yellow required to have him miss the next game was mostly relief that we hadn't lost anyone particularly important to the team. I have liked his attitude and effort from day one but he is easily brushed off the ball and his statistics don't lie when it comes to assists and goals. I look forward to the day when Rangers have a captain on the field that unites the support through his unquestionable right to the armband.