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  1. Yea, I saw a hot fix come out earlier but still working on one for saved games. Pens seem a bit insane, in 25 league games I've had 21 pens, scoring just 12. Morelos just missed 2 pens against the scum in the same game before getting a straight red card 😂
  2. English players mainly to the Prem. Just kept asking for more and they obliged! Goldson £23m to Villa Tav £27.5m to Spurs Jack £13m + Laxalt to Milan Kent £29m to Arsenal. Values on FM are always a bit messed up I find.
  3. Struggled in my first season before some ridiculous end of season form saw us win the treble. Made £93m in the summer through sales 😂 Brought in Kaba from Midtjylland to replace Alfie but managed to keep him instead, so Kaba is back up. Just signed Turnbull who I wasn't that keen on, but thought it would be good for registration rules and he is a beast. Gets assists and/or goals every game.
  4. Think you are thinking of Google Stadia. If you purchase Stadia you stream the game instead which should make it run fine on older machines providing the Internet connection is good. FM20 is launching alongside Stadia on November 19th I think. The beta is only available if you purchase the game in the traditional sense and install on your machine.
  5. My biggest gripe is playing out wide never square but instead shoot, even near the corner flag. I've seen a few people have the same issue as well. I'm going OK, 7 points behind that lot after 24 games. Morelos has banged in 20 so far.
  6. Morelos development has been fantastic since joining. I still remember his debut when he went to control a ball and it rolled under his foot, I thought "what have we signed here." Much more than a goalscorer for us, can link play, assist goals and score with any part of his body. Don't think we can possibly replace him when he goes. Coasted that half but Hearts are utter shite. Need to get out and finish this early second half.
  7. I meant that as thank christ he had to come off so we were forced into an early sub. He was awful. Would never wish an injury on any player let alone one of our own. Can calm your tits.
  8. Thank christ Barker got injured. Him and Stewart should be permanent impact subs only! Shite half but Defoe class again. Let's fucking get at them now Rangers.
  9. I've always been a Tav fan and everyone can have a bad spell but fuck me I'm seriously going off this cunt fast. How many pens can he miss before we let someone else have them. Can't keep a cross on the pitch at the moment how can he take such a vital spot kick. We are fucking hopeless. You can tell the way we start a game exactly how it's going to go.
  10. Barker is wank. Best used as a sub late on or in games where we need the pace on the counter. Has very little footballing intelligence. It's very much like last season, lack of ideas so side to side passing. Lack of cutting edge. Gerrard needs to stick a rocket up them, not acceptable to be shit in the big moments time after time.
  11. 1-1 McCormack late equaliser. Hopefully we can keep it tight, I think Gerrard will set us up to defend deep and hit on counter. Can't have any lapses in concentration there, everyone needs to be on it.
  12. Thought Morelos was involved in pretty much everything we did going forward, which admittedly wasn't much. Think him and Davis were the only ones with pass marks today, maybe Barisic, although he fell off a cliff second half.
  13. Johnsey


    He's been shite for a while but he was nowhere near the worst today.
  14. Tav has been horrendous for a while now, he's gone backwards defensively and isn't even giving us anything going forward like usual. We played into their hands, think Gerrard was too intent on us being in the fight and that meant we played very little football. We should have had Kent going at them constantly as they were terrified of him. Felt like we had 0 plan today. Also putting Defoe up top on his own against Berra and then firing long balls is lunacy.
  15. Going to enjoy this! Plenty more twists and turns to come I think, but the players need to know they are more than capable now. Crazy to think at certain points already I've felt we wouldn't score as many as them, or not many teams would take points from them and now it looks completely the other way! Enjoy your week, lads! Here's to never given this spot back to them smelly rhats.
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