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  1. Not basing it solely on tonight. I'd say Jones looked like the classic pacey winger when we signed him, showed some real signs but could also go missing. Didn't understand signing Barker who was injured every 3rd game for Hibs and much like O'Halloran, looked good against us because of the space in behind on the counter. I'd be surprised if either make it with us, but I'd still rather Jones over Barker, not that that's saying much.
  2. Willing to give Jones a bit more time as coming back from injury, although he's got to start producing. Barker lost cause, absolutely shocking signing. Only has pace and can barely use that. Ojo is just going backwards.
  3. Started with Kaiserslautern in 3rd tier of Germany. Still get big crowds so thought I'd be challenging at the top of Bundesliga in no time. Unfortunately, board haven't given me too much money so it's been difficult, but most I've enjoyed FM in a long time. Won 3. Liga in season 1 with Greg Docherty on loan 😂 Finished 3rd in 2. Bundesliga in my 2nd season and managed to defeat Hamburg in the playoffs to get straight into the Bundesliga. However, had a rotten season, picking up about 15 points and finished firmly bottom of the table. I was shocked when they didn't sack me, but as we were miles ahead of our 5 year plan, I guess I'd won a bit of loyalty with them. Steamrolled 2. Bundesliga just now, losing just twice (1 being last game of the season) and about to embark on another top tier campaign now. We've just added Balotelli to bolster the strikeforce. Struggling to find cheap quality centre backs. Also never seen this before butt had a message saying a 15 year old player had been poached by Mainz. Couldn't offer him a deal or even view his profile, I guess it's just an automatic thing that happens in the game? Couldn't find him in Mainz youth team so I assume he will come through with their next batch of youth candidates.
  4. Wasn't Flanagan an attacking right back at Liverpool? I know he's not the same player he was after injuries but I think he'd be a lot better going forward on the right than he has been on the left. Looks to have no confidence going down the left side but hopefully he'd be far more comfortable on the right. I trust Gerrard will make the right decision based on what he's seen.
  5. Exactly this. Pompey don't have a lot of talent in the middle of the park and the fans are crying out for CMs, yet McCrorie couldn't get a game there. Maybe a little harsh as he had a suspension after a good pre-season run there, then picked up 2 hamstring injuries. My pals liked him sure enough, said he loves a tackle and leaves it all on the pitch, but didn't think he was good enough to play centre mid for them which isn't very encouraging.
  6. Fuck a 6am start, I'm getting smashed. Love this team, love Stevie G and love everything about us right now.
  7. We could be out of sight if we could pass like k we normally do. There was a long spell where they couldn't get out but our slackness hurt us time and time again. We were very good for 30-35 mins of that half. Need to do it again, Lennon is terrified of us, he constantly sets them up to soak up against us which is crazy at home. I've seen better Rangers sides come here and not see as much of the ball.
  8. Jack picked the wrong game to be shite. Usually drags us through. Should have sent that ball to fucking row z. We are miles better than these jammy cunts, time to show it.
  9. I'll agree there. His subs seem to be a weakness constantly. I'd have had Stewart on as well. Even Ojo ahead of Barker. Basically levelled it up. .
  10. I can't blame Gerrard today. It wasn't a mental block or being losers. We have to prove ourselves still but you're gonna win more comps than you lose playing like that. It's a tough one to take but lucky for us we play them again soon and that's as big a game as I can think of in recent memory. He's got to pick this lot up, gonna be ridiculously difficult to do but I thought we were 1 goal away from being near perfect today.
  11. This should be a turning point for us in all honesty. They've been guff for a few games now and although Aberdeen was awful, we battered them today. Let's be fair, Greggs hasn't had a save and the goal is offside. Should have had a 2nd pen imo and was the wrong decision to let Alfie take the 1st. It hurts like fuck but if they can't use this as motivation then nothing will ever bring a rise from them. That was as one sided as you will ever see an Old firm. Forster literally won that final. Oh and Barker can get to fuck, has one asset and rarely uses it properly.
  12. We seem to panic every time we get the ball. Gerrard has had us playing so well with energetic pressing and forcing mistakes but we aren't interested in defending high tonight. Looks like we came for a draw and plan has come undone. Need a big second half.
  13. Most important thing is 3 points to stay joint top. celtic struggled here as well. That was a shaky as I've seen us in a long time, they genuinely looked like making something happen every time they came forward. Hopefully that was just hangover from the break. Whenever they got into a crowded area in our half they would blindly smash the ball to the opposite full back position and 9 times out of ten, one of our two were too far up the pitch. They were targeting that, so was frustrating to keep getting caught out. Too many missed chances, Defoe was very quiet but didn't get too much in front of him which is understandable against a packed defence. Thank christ for Morelos 😁
  14. Yea, I saw a hot fix come out earlier but still working on one for saved games. Pens seem a bit insane, in 25 league games I've had 21 pens, scoring just 12. Morelos just missed 2 pens against the scum in the same game before getting a straight red card 😂
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