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  1. Johnsey


    Record 🤮 reckon we are chasing a 17 year old from Partick. Battling Norwich amongst others for him.
  2. Johnsey


    Dundee are desperate for a centre back. Can't see Gerrard letting him go there because that's exactly where they'd play him. Stevie G has made it clear that's not his position under him, so I'd imagine he'd see that move as detrimental to his development.
  3. Johnsey

    Karlan Ahearne-Grant - Charlton

    For very little compensation I'd take a punt on him. Young, pacey and an eye for goal. Had a lot of interest in England already so would expect we'd have some competition for his signature. I'm sure I read somewhere that he qualifies to play for Scotland as well, not that it matters too much!
  4. Johnsey


    I've seen their fans on Twitter going crazy about us. Most of them genuinely think we signed Jones because we are petrified of Killie. Even saw some nutter say that we would prefer the unwashed to regain the title over them winning it 😂
  5. Johnsey

    Ryan Kent (permanent)

    Makes sense. He had a slow start but as soon as he gained some confidence he became unplayable. Think he's the type of player that will dip from time to time, but will always cause havoc for defences. I think bringing Jones in has no impact on Kent signing as we've seen from this season, especially December period, injury and fitness can decimate a squad. Having a few options either side makes sense. I've only watched a bit of Jones but does he come inside often? Murphy and Kent are the only guys we have capable of that really.
  6. Johnsey

    Andrew Gutman

    Completely agree. Burke could be decent but has been plagued with inconsistency. Weah might be a big talent, but he's very young and coming to Scotland from a different country and that doesn't always end well. The striker who I've never heard of has been good this season but no goals before the Slovak league. I think that one was literally trying to find an Alfie from the obscure league like we did. Then offering a guy we've had on trial, just seems to be no structure to their signing policy at the moment. I think they are panicking. Maybe it'll work out, but I think we've been miles ahead of them this window.
  7. Johnsey

    Jack Whatmough

    Living in Pompey and surrounded by Pompey supporters, they certainly think Clarke is the real deal. Wouldn't have either of them personally, not the level we need.
  8. Johnsey

    By fuck the 2013-14 squad was grim

    I remember thinking the toughest game we'd have was that Brechin 4-3 win. 2-0 and 3-1 down and came back win it late on. Agree we should have won every game that season. Shows how far we've come.
  9. Johnsey


    I think Solanke's price was more to do with him being English tbf. Clubs in Prem will pay way over the odds for English players.
  10. Johnsey

    Jordan Jones

    A lot of those deals are signed and then negotiated with the club to let them come early, usually for some kind of fee. Think he's suggesting using a Middleton loan as a makeweight to get Jones in now. I wouldn't be against him coming in now, although I do like Middleton. Jones is rapid and will give us a different option. I know a few people think it's MOH mk2 but I think he has a lot more than him, plus if Gerrard thinks there's a player there then I'm happy to see him try to develop him. Some players can go up to levels they never knew they had with better coaching.
  11. The guy is a Grade A cunt. We give him a platform to get fit again, then denies we helped him or offered him a contract just to appease them. He's a bitter person that was summed up for me when talking about Barrie McKay. Describing his semi-final goal as a once in a lifetime hit that he could never do again no matter how hard he tried (of course only a fluke could possibly beat Crag Gordon). My favourite part was McKay spanking a screamer in the very next game. On Scotland duty he basically said McGregor performs better because he plays in the easier games.
  12. Johnsey


    I think he has been deployed there in the past, but he can absolutely play the number 10 role.
  13. Johnsey


    3.5m release apparently which is a maybe a bit outside our range but I'd love to see him. 24 years old, over 150 games with 40 odd goals return from number 10 position. Didn't work out as planned in Prem or Bundesliga, but think he'd thrive with us. One of those guys that isn't going to pull a team out of relegation, but put him the other end of the table and he will make magic happen.
  14. Johnsey


    I saw somewhere about being linked with Viktor Fischer and that the Record 🤮 have jumped on it as a suggested signing. Probably nothing in it but he'd be an incredible signing.
  15. Johnsey

    Are there any players in the Spfl worth buying?

    Terrace Podcast? I think they did a player coming to the end of his contract for each team, otherwise he'd never be suggested. I'd have taken him back in the day, but after what he did there's no chance I'd want him now. Plus, as good as he is at unlocking defences, he scores fuck all goals which is an attribute we desperately need in the middle of the park.