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  1. He has to go. I liked Eck when he was here but he doesn't have a clue these days, looks genuinely ill most of the time. His selections are baffling at times and Scotland have no chance under him. Need someone to come in and do things his own way, not be another yes man. How Liam Cooper can't get in that team is ridiculous. He'll probably keep the job even if we lose, but no room for sentiment, get him out.
  2. Some people mentioning signing players from this league. We have done it before, some work out and some don't. They do it as well and players like Armstrong and Christie are clear evidence it can work. I don't think we could build a whole team from this league, but a couple of additions here and there for free with low wages might not be a bad thing. That said, I don't think someone like Jones is good enough, but hope he proves me wrong!
  3. Very true. As I said, I think he would be a decent signing to have as depth/home grown. I would never expect him and Jack to start together and think it would be dependent on who we shift out the door. Right now it would make no sense given the sheer number of centre midfielders we have, add to that the hope that we will sign at least 1 creative central player as well.
  4. I agree with that pretty much. Think a lot of positions can be strengthened, but we have a good core. Replacements for Kent and Worrall and a creative midfield player(s) are crucial. I hope there is a shortlist for Morelos replacements as well. EDIT - And someone who can bloody shoot from distance! They get so many goals from Rogic, Christie and McGregor, even if it's from a follow up dealing with one of their long range efforts. Just adds a different dimension. We rarely shoot from distance and when we do, you can see why we refrain.
  5. I can understand that, but any fans going mad at us is quite enjoyable.
  6. I think he's worth a punt on a free, good age, captain experience. He's not top class and I wouldn't expect him to start (although some players become far better just being surrounded by better players). It also helps with home-grown rules for Europe. I know we all want the youth to come through but realistically we can't chuck 4 or 5 kids in the deep end in one go. The only issue I would have is we have an abundance of centre midfield players. Davis and Coulibaly probably won't be coming back but we would still have Jack, McCrorie, Arfield, Kamara, Docherty, Rossiter, Dorrans and then Shinnie. I like having players capable of filling in other spots if absolutely required which also gives him an edge being able to operate at left back. Just to get it up them I'd sign him. They lost their shit when we took Jack and rallied behind Shinnie, so the seethe would be unreal if we took Shinnie as well.
  7. 6.5 Disappointed with the inconsistency, but there are some very good players here that just need to get their confidence back. I never expected to make the groups in the Europa and to remain unbeaten against Villarreal was some achievement (especially as they are still doing well in the tournament). The celtic win was another big moment, proving we can go toe-to-toe with them. However, the lack of creativity in the middle has been a real killer. The cups have proven this, we really struggle with teams sitting in or scoring early against us. No manager is going to get every signing right and Gerrard felt he had to make major changes, so I'm under no illusions that it will take time. I fully expect us to be a different animal come next season.
  8. Not really. Didn't look to beat the man, but got the better of him in what was almost a challenge.
  9. Candeias never looks to beat a man which I find strange because he's no slouch. However, he can create chances without needing to do that as his game seems to be about getting the ball and whipping in a cross regardless of who is in the box. He has put in plenty of quality into the box before, but it just seems to be a complete lucky dip when he delivers the ball. Summed up for me against Aberdeen when he got the better of his man at the byline and brought the ball towards the box, before smashing a cross miles over everyone. It''s a tough one with him because he is capable of showing up and delivering the goods and had a purple patch earlier in the season, however, it's difficult to remember that with the shite he's offering at the moment. Feels like we are getting no quality down that right hand side at the moment, think both him and Tav (and maybe the whole team) are suffering from a lack of confidence. I think Candeias will stick around under Stevie G even if we bring in a far better player.
  10. Exactly what was expected with that midfield. Coulibaly should be nowhere near the team, especially not in front of McCrorie. We have 0 creativity in the centre and when we fall behind it just looks like there's no way back. Need a huge response second half.
  11. McKenna has had 2 quality games against us, but in every game before that he has looked shite. We'd be daft to spend 5m+ on him as he'd get slaughtered here. Look at how revered some of Gerrard's signings were and now there's a thread for nearly all of them calling them shit. Ferguson is a top talent I think, but again he'd cost a fortune and with the right scouting we could get that abroad for cheaper. I think overall we are on the right path as mad as it seems, we've got to shift a few players and bring in some quality, but I think there is enough in the squad that can go up a number of levels. Ideally we'd have a quality core, supplemented with some good young Scottish players.
  12. Can't make mistakes like we did and get away with it against these. I thought as long as we don't concede early we'd win the game, as soon as they scored you knew that was it. Gerrard has had us playing some superb stuff at times, but he needs to learn quickly how to change games, because at the moment it's more of the same and hope something happens. Also, I swear Tav used to be able to take free kicks and cross the ball. I genuinely used to believe he had the best delivery in the league, but I can't remember the last decent one he had.
  13. Signed centre midfielder after centre midfielder and didn't go for one who can play a number 10 role. Arfield is the closest we have and he's not great at it. He would benefit from playing next to a creative player. Until we get players that can drive through the centre we will always struggle to break teams down like this. Sideways passing and shit crosses is all we can come up with.
  14. Aye that's why they've beaten us 3 times in a season. But you're right, they keep getting lucky against us, that'll be it.
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