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  1. Saw BBC did an article on Lennon today, mentioned that number 9 is definitely coming, nobody knows when, but it's coming. Nothing like an agenda eh?!
  2. Johnsey


    Hibs fans seem to think he's key to them signing Docherty permanently. I'd rather sign Kamberi and keep Docherty. Christie spent time away from that lot and nearly left at one point, now one of their most important players. Even if Docherty doesn't come back to be like that for us, we'd get more of a fee for him than we would pay for Kamberi I think. He's definitely a player Kamberi, I think playing at a higher level will see him step up and get better and better. The offsides were incredibly frustrating (although Alfie is guilty of it too, not quite on the same scale). For someone who hasn't had much game time for us, I think he's been outstanding so far.
  3. We are too fragile. Teams fancy it against us and that's the difference. A lot are unwilling to go for it against that lot because of the fear of losing, they are beaten before they even go out on the pitch. Against us, these teams fancy it before the match, during, even if they go behind. We've no fear factor whatsoever because we will always give up chances. I use to think Katic was a great young player but some of his errors are almost unforgivable. Why does he keep fucking slicing the ball up in the air?!
  4. Katic and Gerrard cost us that. Katic shouldn't have even been on the pitch with the game he was having. He made a positive change in formation and personnel and then shat it and went back to it.
  5. Katic can't even stay on his feet when the ball is nowhere near him at the moment, needs dropped.
  6. He's doing OK. Hardly made a save you wouldn't expect. Our problem is we've barely struck a ball properly at him. It's so lethargic. Pass to Halliday, turn out, stop, turn back, pass back. Pass to Tav, turn out, pass at the guy in front of him or lump one down the line. Every player is taking an age. There was a spell where we passed into midfield 3 or 4 times and it was immediately returned overhit every time. Surely he must be thinking maybe I should change our formation, this two number 10s shit doesn't work anymore.
  7. Should be glad we won but was a good chance to bring that goal difference back. Livingston hardly posed a threat and we still looked shite for the most part. Having said that, we were OK for certain periods. Still think a change of formation is needed.
  8. One of the most frustrating things we do is make the wrong pass time and time again. Sometimes the simplest pass is available to put us into a dangerous position and we decide to either turn back or pass into traffic.
  9. Nothing has changed, how long can he watch this before thinking it's worth trying something else. This two number 10 shit hasn't worked for over a month and yet we keep going for the same line ups, the same shit football and the same results. Drives me nuts playing 2 sitting midfielders at home.
  10. The lay off from Edouard created a lot of space but that is horrendous defending at the end. The time he had to take a touch, size up the keeper and place it past him in the box.
  11. One of the worst ref performances I've ever witnessed and there have been a few. That said, we are shite. Same thing happened last winter and Gerrard didn't address it. Clearly the formation does not work anymore. celtic were shite for ages this season and changed and are back to battering teams. We play the same way every week in the hope that it's enough and when it all goes to shit we just chuck an extra striker on with 2 mins left and hope for the best. That long ball was Sunday league stuff ffs. Play like we have been and Braga will tear us apart.
  12. Can Griffiths get away with anything because he's addicted to gambling?
  13. Something has to change. Can't keep picking the same players, same formation and just hope that we will click again. Teams have either worked us out or we've turned shit in the space of 3 weeks.
  14. I felt at half time that we'd be lucky to get a point. After the goal, I felt they'd be lucky to get a point, their game dropped completely after the goal. Kamara cost us big time with his dilly-dallying. That being said, we created chances to win the game comfortably and I thought it may be a massive step for us if we did. The old cliche of playing poorly and winning is a sign of champions. However, we didn't win, we lost. I think there's still a few twists and turns left in the title run in but we can't drop any points. I can't see there being much money to spend, but think we need 1 or 2 in the door before the window closes.
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