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  1. Delighted to get away with a win but that was as bad as we've played in recent time including the Old Firm game. Constant slack passes. They threatened every single time they came forward. Ojo who has looked good in flashes early season looks like the guy down the park who just wants to score a worldie. Walks about until he gets it, then onto left foot and shoot. Doesn't matter if anyone is in space. Barker not the greatest talent but direct and worked hard in his short spell. We have to sort left back out. Halliday isn't the answer as much as I love him and I'm sure Barasic can play on a Saturday and a Thursday. I know Gerrard likes to rotate certain players but sometimes it isn't needed. Lots to work on but 3 points is the main thing.
  2. Tricky tie today, St Mkren I think are gonna be a far better home side than they were last season (not that it would be hard). Goodwin is a decent manager and organiser. They made the pitch narrow and congested. Glad to get the job done, although it wasn't pretty at times.
  3. BBC live updates saying St. Mirren will feel aggrieved that they weren't given a first half penalty for the Helander challenge 😂 It was either a foul on Helander or no foul on both. They were as soft as each other and Helander was pulled first.
  4. I think the problem is that we try too often to unlock these packed defences. We need a midfielder or two that will strike from distance. Jack has scored a couple but he doesn't have much quality from distance. We try to be too cute around the area. Try a few from distance, even if they miss they can land anywhere. Saying that Defoe should have had us in cruise control 2 mins in.
  5. Don't think they've got much about them other than falling over at every opportunity, screaming at the ref and chopping us down. Hope we fuck these cheats in the second half.
  6. I think Halliday had a good game, but wasn't fantastic in the final third and in a game where we were camped there I thought Barasic would have been a better option. I think Halliday is a fine back up, but I'm sure Gerrard still sees Barasic as first choice. There's going to be a lot of rotation this season. Game was good in long spells but as mentioned we need to be far more clinical. Progres defended like warriors at times though, everyone of them throwing themselves into last ditch tackles whereas a less organised side start to switch off. Was a tad worried at how many times they won a ball at a corner, just like one of the only ones the Gibraltans had against us, that needs to stop.
  7. Looking at recent results in Europe, added to the fact we ideally want to nab a seeded draw for playoff round, I think Legia are our best bet by far. But, we will give any of them a game.
  8. That Parma side were ridiculous as well. Maybe not quite as good as the season before, but still a lot of world class players in that team.
  9. I want to support Scotland again but totally lost the passion for it as I'm sure a lot of people have. Brophy is utter shite though, hope we stay well away from him.
  10. Get my fix at 1am on a Friday night now. Not the same. I forget half my team by the time I get back to the game.
  11. He said Brophy was an easy choice as we are short in that area at the moment. McBurnie has 24 goals this season ffs 😄 Looks like it's the same as Eck's squad with a few Killie players to top it up. Some of it is utter gash - McNulty, Morgan and Burke shouldn't even be close to getting in there. Think Jack was worthy of a call-up, but not too fussed as gives him more time off. Very surprised that Turnbull isn't in there, thought they'd try to milk him for all he's worth.
  12. To be fair Katic has responded brilliantly. He has been immense so far this afternoon and it's not often since he's come back that you can't say that.
  13. Yanis Bensaber for us. Anyone heard of him? Searched his name and looks like a French youth International for Lille if it's the same one.
  14. It would be nice, but the other teams will never agree to it as they want the Old Firm through the gates 4x a season.
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