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  1. That Parma side were ridiculous as well. Maybe not quite as good as the season before, but still a lot of world class players in that team.
  2. I want to support Scotland again but totally lost the passion for it as I'm sure a lot of people have. Brophy is utter shite though, hope we stay well away from him.
  3. Get my fix at 1am on a Friday night now. Not the same. I forget half my team by the time I get back to the game.
  4. He said Brophy was an easy choice as we are short in that area at the moment. McBurnie has 24 goals this season ffs 😄 Looks like it's the same as Eck's squad with a few Killie players to top it up. Some of it is utter gash - McNulty, Morgan and Burke shouldn't even be close to getting in there. Think Jack was worthy of a call-up, but not too fussed as gives him more time off. Very surprised that Turnbull isn't in there, thought they'd try to milk him for all he's worth.
  5. To be fair Katic has responded brilliantly. He has been immense so far this afternoon and it's not often since he's come back that you can't say that.
  6. Yanis Bensaber for us. Anyone heard of him? Searched his name and looks like a French youth International for Lille if it's the same one.
  7. It would be nice, but the other teams will never agree to it as they want the Old Firm through the gates 4x a season.
  8. Johnsey

    Andy Walker

    Defoe at full pelt brushing keeper is a yellow according to him. Considine two swings at Katic face in the box = harsh. Do these guys get reviewed for the absolute guff they spout?
  9. Johnsey

    Joe Lewis

    They want a couple million at least. Definitely 2nd best in the league for me though.
  10. Imagine time wasting in the 42nd minute. How could you ever support a team that think they should be 2nd and have that mentality?
  11. "Great defending from Considine for me, he's all over Kent there" 😂😂😂
  12. Can Walker actually fuck off? No issues with that yellow but what is he chatting about with that first challenge? Absolutely nothing in it. This is really the best we can get. Of course there's nothing in the other one 😂😂 couldn't mark this guy's neck with a blowtorch honestly.
  13. I used to live in Waterlooville, it was a bit of a shite merger between the 2 in 1998. Waterlooville had quite a wealthy owner and a lovely stadium that was due to be converted to an all seater. But they sold it when they merged and moved to Havant's ground, which is OK but typical non league ground. They've had some old lower league legends over the years like Dean Holdsworth and most recently James Hayter.
  14. I started a new patch game with Havant & Waterlooville (local team where I live). First season became the surprise package in the league finishing 5th. The English conference play-offs are even more fucked than ours! So I played 6th at home (1 leg) before meeting Wrexham away in the 'Play-off Semi Final'. Despite being behind most of the game we equalised late on and even took the lead in extra time. Wrexham scored in the 120th minute and beat us on pens, I was gutted. Got promoted as champions the following season and we were sitting around 5th halfway through the 3rd season. Took the Milwall job in January sitting bottom of the Championship. No money and big wages saw us get relegated. I've managed to move on most of the team and replace them with much cheaper, plus the % wage drops really helped out. Jake Cooper is a beast on the game.
  15. How many fouls as that Uche actually made today?! Refs don't help themselves with avoiding criticism do they?
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