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  1. The dust of time is called 6 foot of shite, the dust of time has never left the knew camp in all the years I can remember,and the fenians have slithered around that horrible fuckin dump idolising the murderers as far back as the year their inception.
  3. Had to come back to that part of the first sentence. Why did i retch when I read that and thought about him and ben doon rogers.
  4. He's actually breeding like a fenian and I would bet my house on it we are paying for his kids. Shades of the lurgan bhigot about this cunt. Two cheeks of the same arse.
  5. Was at Old Trafford 74 the day City really put the nail in the coffin. We actually had to run for our lives that day as they didn't take it very well
  6. I heard that guy shouting "haw ya tramp,chuck this in the recycle bin"..... and it's over there.
  7. The minute Brenda strutted along the gcc paid for walk of shame leading to the knew camp,he took on the chip on the shoulder which was waiting for him at the main door. There is no way on this earth the convicted racist will be punished from the paedo harbourers.
  8. Maybe even "throw" in a Lambretta Li 125 1965 model. Or a Lidl carrier bag full of bheggar shite.
  9. You got to be a milk boy when you turned 10 and I stared in 1961. One of the worst winters in history. But!!! I always had money for 5 wullie woodbine.
  10. Gies a break plumbGER as I delivered milk in the morning and papers at night while I was at primary school
  11. Showed what they're all about on this one. Let's hope it's another own goal and they lose another 1,500 overnight. The publicised losses will drive down circulation. Maybe get to see the demise of this arse wipe of a paper quicker than I thought. PURE FUCKIN POISON and nothing surprises me about the list of staff at the daily muck.
  12. They musta sent all the pretty ones to plumbGER. I only see wee fat arses around here.
  13. There's a chance that is what they will claim Bad Robot . Think he took on the wrong set of PEOPLE. TBH
  14. Spot on. Have seen it coming for years. Have you ever seen as many short lard arsed women in the same job. But!!! suppose they need someone to lift the real criminals singing TBB.
  15. Don't need an excuse as this is the nazionalists vision for Scotland.