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  1. Hoping he was running up the road at 100 mph to get out the rain,with his hands in his pockets and tripped. Cheer up ya sad greeting bastard.
  2. VAR would still be open to interpretation of the same scabby shite refs who make fuck ups every weekend.. Money would be better spent on a carry out for every supporters bus whose members like a drink
  3. How's things The Big Sleeper. Where you been since 2012. Surely you weren't sleeping.
  4. You knew the minute they were awarded the tournament that they paid as much as Russia for their turn. Definitely Corrupt.
  5. Just say for instance they had said "right you ya auld fenian bastard,hand over the bag" you can put money on there would be bus loads of plod on the Street and Mrs Murrels would be sitting in her living room for tea and giving sympathy. Hope she's ok Sparkle.
  6. Just a pity hibs didn't tell the police about this cunt,but allowed him to go elsewhere and took advantage of one kid,which was dealt with in a manner befitting Rangers. The rest of your posts are a pile of tripe as I cannot work out what else you think should happen. cfc who employed a whole paedophile ring haven't even apologised directly to nearly 150 victims,and have even tried to distanced themselves by claiming separate entity in a manner befitting that vile club. As far as i'm concerned we as a club did the right and proper thing.
  7. If that lot produce letters tomorrow then I will lift my near 30 year boycott. BUT!!!...ain't holding my breath.
  8. That fenian cunt has a forearm like popeye and the other part is fuckin scary,then the head looks like Rab C wearing Mary Dolls beret.
  9. We actually made that tramp May look like a player
  10. Paul Stewart former Man City,Tottenham and England player who was one of Bennels victims was told from Man City that "they would always act with ('INTEGRITY' remember that word from lawaell) and to be fair,they have done just that" and he added that it would help if all the other clubs involved in child abuse scandals should do the right and proper thing and apologise and any financial redress would HELP victims to get,at least some closure. Wee word in your ear Paul. Don't hold your breath on the club that are trying to dump the boys club by claiming 'separate entity' to even apologise directly. You will need to appear in front of the cameras every hour on the hour,and it might shame them into what is going to happen for the right and proper reasons by Man City who seem to be genuinely sorry about what happened.
  11. Excellent and to the point guys. Looks like we better brace ourselves for the shit storm heading our way,aided and abetted by the anti Rangers agenda coming from the papish element in the Scottish Parliament.
  12. Quite sure there is a link to tournaments and a couple of cbc players staying with him during exchanges. Honestly think it will take a journalist below the border that will show this lot up for the vile people they are.
  13. Here we have how victims should actually be treated. "Victims have been told that claims will be processed within 6 to 7 weeks,and they will receive a face-to-face apology from a senior club official". You can actually hear farting and smell shite out at the paedo dome. Horrible vile club and really hope this is the DEATH KNELL for this despicable lot at separate entity fc.
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