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  1. hopefully the 5 priests who officiated at his daughters wedding know how to give the last rites. horrible fuckin obsessed fenian bigot.
  2. speccy nasally challenged nuremburg shug is one of the biggest bhigots you ever had the misfortune to assault your hearing. Let's hope this rancid wee fenian bastards bubble is burst soon.
  3. That would be two of the cunts that couldn't wait to vote us out. A pair of inconsequential small time Rangers haters. I have needed to arrange a full set of dry drawers pissin myself laughing at the predicament these cunts find themselves in. Cheerio ya cunts,we'll manage without you
  4. From sheep shaggin super stadium to lidl or aldi in a short space of time,and I would piss myself laughing at the fuckin KARMA visited on one shower of scummy cunts
  5. 03442 414141 automated call which took 2 mins,if this helps.
  6. Cheers peeps. £92 saved monthly still cannot get in touch with premier to save another £10 Put it towards the drink bill for next years holidays as it looks doubtful for Fuertaventura early July this year. Looking to book a Villa for the family for a milestone bufty.
  7. Piggery Paedo's only needed to pick up the phone. Fuckin love it every time these fuckin reptiles getting the hump about fuck all. Will be really fuckin annoyed and beelin if we give them a response,and tell them to fuck off in a "fair and reasonable" manner.
  8. Might be something in the story. The story I heard was,when this abomination of a club was formed,they told the people who owned the piggery on the site to fuck off and never paid them any compensation. Nothing changes in the world of the fenians.
  9. the bunnet knew when he said of his clubs fans "oh!! you mean the mean the bigots"
  10. 3 loud cheers for SEMA As if we need a rancid fenian to allow us to be the same club. Is this the same fenain who made himself look like an idiot by trying to pick holes in our statement after Alfie was racially abused. This bastard really needs something serious to happen in his snidey fuckin existence.
  11. Time to cut out the dead wood and free loaders? Or time for another SOS (save our Saturday) and the tramps promising to go and support them if they agree to gypsies,tramps and thieves stealing another tainted asterisk title. How did that work out again
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