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  1. Fast forward to 10mins catching bits and pieces of this clowns paid for piece from hellishcon. Chucked as soon as he said every beast wanted to shake his hand. Was also invited round the back so they could shake his boaby. Not for me thanks.
  2. Well done Colin Stewart. Get fuckin in there.
  3. He chucked the flag away so he could give it large with the clapping. Bet his parents will hang on to that clip for the rest of their lives. He's a winner for me.
  4. My grandson lives in Larbert and loves it when I get to pick him up at Queen St and out to Ibrox ,and the bears are partying on the tube. He's the same as your kid in that he would rather watch Rangers than play football.
  5. Stenny are a good run set up for the local kids. On every other Saturday they can go and support a real team. Unless they're lucky with aways on the ccs.
  6. Surely just for figures sake, 2% of 30,000,000 in the summer is better than say 2% of 10,000,000 in January. pile of shite if you ask me.
  7. sweet and sour chicken balls are my fave
  8. Sports writers award,voted for,by himself and half a dozen fenians lying on pish stained mattresses in their stinkin hovels. The big boy that gave the award to john JAMMASITE must still crease himself at what the fuck went down,when the blubbering mess started whining about "disenfranchised" fathers,and had to be called back for "wit aboot a photy mate" the kids....mum,dad wants to see us. mum....tell him to come past on his way to the kebab shop and i'll hold you up to the window. he is definitely the description of a fenian.
  9. A fat fuckin blubbering blubbery mess that needs help from all sorts of mental health teams. The fat fuck will use up the whole extra spending on mental health on his todd. And I fuckin love the pain he is suffering. One for the Erskine Bridge come 55 BIG TITLES.
  10. Bang goes my theory of him signing the papers for adoption by Stevie G.
  11. No wonder that fat mentally ill mess has banned from seeing his kids by his ex.
  12. Saw them on the stall in Silverburn today. It looked like his name was inserted into a lemon slice. Fuckin weird looking thing. I never saw the 40 year old,but!!!!...i'm fuckin affronted for him as well.
  13. Some times things are written in the stars,and this could be the season his Liverpool team win the league in 30 years. Could be at the same time he is managing a team,who can win the league for the first time in 9 years,after they were wrongly treated and had all sorts of sanctions and barriers put in front of them by bigots and blind fools. Steven Gerrard MBE and his mate Gary McAllister MBE are going nowhere any time soon. At least till they have an SPL medal.
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