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  1. if the truth be known the majority of posters on here would rather have rubbed brenda's nose in the dirt,and me personally was as disappointed as the tramps when he bailed out. I will also take great delight battering the shite out of one of the most loathsome cretins ever to draw breath. p.s....fuck Kilmarnock and broadfeet.
  2. And the scabby nats are masters at this very ploy. Take that fuckin scumbag michael russell when he blurted out a statement about medicine supplies running out in a no deal Brexit,only to be slapped down by every Pharmacist in the country to slap lumps out of him the next day. Too late. It's out there. The road tax and insurance dodger is a gutless bastard,and any other walk of life he would be sitting on the sofa nursing his fuckin P45. Useless by name and useless by nature.
  3. More like the poison dwarf moving him to another position where he can still thieve a wage.
  4. Beat me to it My VERY best player is going to BOBO who stiffed the cunts for nearly 3 years Hefty wages while sitting in the Hoose with the slippers on. Big cheatin bastard who would take a sledge hammer to put over in his own box,but fell over shadows in the opposition half,which was straight out of the Larson school of diving.
  5. G'dansk G'dansk How do we get there I don't know How do we get there I don't care all I know is we are on our way now we're talking songs
  6. Best of luck kid. Will be nice to have The Rangers on your CV. You're welcome back back anytime.
  7. To date. 100% certainty it isn't the last,if only plod would get off their fat lard arses and enforce the law and fuck the scottish government. Just get out and lift the bastards who covered it up,and lift the cunts still covering it up.
  8. Fenians are getting a free ride (no pun intended) in our once famous legal system. That fenian cunt McGowan,who might still be at Dundee was allowed to play football when he was on a 24 hour tag. His crime was assaulting 3 separate plod on 3 separate occasions. These are 2 cases which woulda resulted in porridge for the majority of the public. Probably annoys the fuck out of me after an 18 year old Rangers fan got 4 months for singing the word FENIAN.
  9. The funniest quip in the whole expose',which included sexual assault and public indecency was some old burd said "what I saw wasn't worth hanging out" Nae neck and nae dick and nae luck ya fuckin filthy wee tramp. Never even got to court ya papish cunt. Took plod 3 years to bury it and you walked away from it ya fuckin fenian nonce.
  10. Was some boxer. Me personally woulda said Herol Bomber Graham,if he hadn't got caught by Julian Jackson,has he woke up yet? Probably should won a title.
  11. Might even search for a papish mate to share this kinda stuff. Have always wondered what that would be like
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