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  1. Nice top which might be an insight to our 3rd strip. Would sell like hoat cakes in short sleeves.
  2. I would assume paedo pete didn't need his albran this morning. it would seem the tick tock is getting louder.
  3. Excellent piece Colin. Sorry I cut it down to what exactly Adrian Goldberg alluded to when he highlighted all the parties involved in DELAY,DENIAL and COVER UPS.
  4. On his trips with cbc I would put money on that filthy old bastard got a kick out of the kids being abused. Unless he was in the middle of it.
  5. Doncaster just looks like a tranny. That cunt henry has paedo looking out of it.
  6. Get in there. Hope they mention the beasts changing the sfa rules to suit their sleekit agenda. Shit is getting closer. Hopefully this and Adrian Goldberg's film will shake up the snp,plod,the sfa/spfl and that horrible shower out the east end,
  7. Auld Terry in the Gallowgate for my 1st,and it was squint.
  8. When you get your new tats it will should look more defined and more like a lion.
  9. Is it possible they couldn't even give it away? Horrible club and horrible fans.
  10. Tell that ST holder Stevie G said he will bring the thunder back .
  11. what a horrible bastard. what kind of "man" would do that. this clubs history gets worse by the hour.
  12. along the same lines as applepine and micro waved eggs
  13. looking like old piss head wrinkled dick rod stewart pressed the start button on the "random" computer.
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