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  1. Unless your names Hernandez,you play at Man U and you want to be called "little pea"
  2. Jump the dyke presley voiced "the tinkers will be happy with the opening day fixtures" As long as the scabby paedos are happy we just accept everything.
  3. Not a fenian papish pape.
  4. 1963 was the first year I started getting the train to Glasgow on my own to watch Rangers.
  5. I'm 66 and just got a delivery from the Hermes guy. The top is for my hols and it is to let the gypsies,tramps and thieves work out that I have absolutely fuck all to say to them.
  6. FFS the new Gordon Durie
  7. My youngest grandson is 7 and he asks me to pull his finger so he can fart. It's one of the oldest and I like to tell him it's fuckin ancient. Sill to see this kid taking the huff and whining like a wee bitch.
  8. Lukas Podolski,Didier Drogba and
  9. The train from the east coast are here for the bargains
  10. He was in Prestwick and he had it out twice. Once in a bar and then he was walking about the street with it out. One old bird was heard saying "what I saw wasn't worth hanging out" Walked away from the court with a caution. Being in charge of the legal system worked for that wee bheast. His dick is the same length as his nae neck.
  11. Do they make a strip with eight arm and leg holes for BWS
  12. Watched the announcement on stv news and i swear when DK broke the news you could hear a noise in the background and i was convinced that fuckin stv "sports" reporter unyin bhadgi had fainted. Absolutely terrible news for he gypsies,tramps and thieves from the knew camp
  13. Surely not a from mehico. Who gave you time off from building Donalds wall ya fuckin clown. Get back to mixing cement ya fuckin wetback.
  14. Looks like he's been gorging himself in the same spots as Fhat brazil and quarter pounder kerr from simple minds,and he could audition for the fat kid doing the truffle shuffle in the Goonies. If that's real no wonder Pedro told him to find a club,and it was probably a health club for gut buckets and lhard arses he meant.