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  1. Been on my moral crusade for 30 years. Saw through the instruction from papish schools and chapels in the 70's to get involved in everything. The bastards took it to a new level and we just sat with our fingers up our arses,to the situation we now have where they are in control of everything. Stopped buying the biggest fenian rag of them all in the DR,when they discriminated against Unionists when reporting on Northern Ireland.
  2. Add in the squad budget cuts and we will make this season a long distance memory for the tinkers.
  3. it will not take tlb 2 minutes to take the shine off their trophies. he cannot help himself. the fact that only 2% wanted him will make it a cunt to shift the season books to the paedo dome.
  4. Was just on stv news I'm away to pour a large Bowmore 🥃 Thanks for cheering me up and looking forward to a great time ahead.
  5. A shadow that was cast over 100 young boys. How the fuck can you look at yer thick paedo loving coupon in the mirror ya horrible shameless bastard.
  6. how the fuck can you even look yer kids in the face ya fuckin bheast.
  7. it seems like a win win for us between tlb and one of the thickest cunts you ever clapped eyes on (uno,dos,tres,quatro) still pish myself laughing at that clown moyes.
  8. The bastards aint too quick to take in Gibraltar for a short trip. What the fuck happened to santa ponsa for tramps.
  9. Cowardly bastards have stepped up from bottling 9 and 10 year old kids. Would imagine the Spanish Courts will not take too kindly to the scabby bastard exporting shite like this.
  10. Not to worry mate. Wouldn't PM anyone in case they did what you said.
  11. That's 10 years after billy mcneill coined the phrase of conspiracies.
  12. Online store only has the orange and blue 18/19 top. Where can I get this for my hols,to make sure the tramps do not even approach me.
  13. Can see some cunts who probably have fenian mates having there say. Alec MacDonald and Sandy Jardine should have been parading Princess Street with the trophy. That scum bag Sutton still gets away with accusing Dunfermline of lying down. It's 100% positive the scabby bastard never lived through that match. The bottom line was papes playing the game of their lives against Hearts,and papish cunts letting the team they support waltz all over them. That was the shame of Scottish football.
  14. Just heard Harry Redknap saying there were rumours about Higgins while he was at Bournemouth. What the fuck is happening,when beasts like that cunt are allowed any where near young boys once it is even rumoured.
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