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  1. scottyscott1963

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Her face is only shiny after it gets her blusher and panstick on. In 4HD telly,iv'e seen better looking rice puddings just out of the oven. She's covered in warts and wee brown growths.
  2. scottyscott1963

    Formal Complaint from Rangers re Collum

    Makes you feel better within yourself that we are on the front foot. Let's them know they are under scrutiny when refereeing our matches.
  3. scottyscott1963

    VB articles on Bheast FC

    Three of the six managers who knew, and threatened people to be quiet to protect the club have statues erected in their honour. Cover up disgusting behaviour and get a statue on the walk of shame.
  4. scottyscott1963

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    When are they pulling down the statues to the great and famous. big jock...he knew billy mcneil...he said every cunt knew tommy burns..he knew jimmy johnson...wife beater brother walfrid...bigot. It really is the walk of shame.
  5. These words were actually said "to protect the name of the club". Me personally would strip titles for every year he was employed at (the club). Disgusting vile people.
  6. scottyscott1963

    Candeias Red Card

    Chris should keep a double glazing company's phone number handy.
  7. scottyscott1963

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Took them 2 minutes to catch the culprit. There are still two 10 year old Rangers fans waiting for Justice. These boys will be shaving soon,and it's never mentioned. Just shows if you put enough resources you will get results.
  8. scottyscott1963

    james mcclean calling himself a fenian..

    I'm gald you're a manky fenian tramp as well.
  9. scottyscott1963

    Candeias Red Card

    Not the first time that we have cunts bigging it up against us. It was some confession from the keeper that he "grabbed him" and then Anton "grabbed him". We all saw what Anton did to him. I would bet money on it,that that pair of cunts would not grab a manky fuckin tramp to have a word with, and give them one under the chin. That pair would be sitting with a 2 match ban. Rotten to the core.
  10. scottyscott1963

    Candeias Red Card

    Still waiting on hearing collum had went to Gerrard's office and apologised. It's only a matter of time till the Scottish media mumble that we bring the red cards on ourselves. We'll soon have lost count of the amount of cards dished out on purpose. Stevie G said within 2 minutes of arriving,that the system is corrupt and bias. I'm 100% behind him on that one. I'm also waiting on retrospective action for Ferdinand,but I aint holding my breath.
  11. scottyscott1963

    **** Official Let's all laugh at Hibs/Lennon Thread****

    Fixed that for you mate.
  12. The leader of GCC was caught sucking another mans boaby while cheating on his partner and brassed it out as it was hardly mentioned in the public. Not sure if the one before him was caught taking cocaine. Not sure if the one before him was caught sending illicit texts to a minor. The present one was caught interfering in the fan zone planned for Ibrox. You can bet each and every one of these hypocritical cunts walked away with a hamper full of money. As you said eejay. SWEEP SWEEP
  13. Welcome to the snp's 21st century Scotland where,using a legal tax loophole is worse than paedophile rings abusing kids at cfc for decades.
  14. Sadly it's the country who will have to pay the claims. Alongside the claims from the victims of abuse at the children's homes run by the catholic church. Me personally would send the bill to the Vatican,the home of paedophilia.
  15. scottyscott1963

    McInnes complete performance

    This fool said only 2 weeks ago they would end up above Hearts. Me personally heard the fuckin slap from levein in the Toby Jug on Saturday afternoon. Who in their right mind would take this absolute clown and his papish assistant seriously.