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  1. Jim White & His Taig Scarf

    Couldn't really give a fuck about an utter cunt trying to ingratiate himself to cunts who hate him because he is not one of them. Could understand if his Da took him to state aid arena once as a kid to let him see the freak show,and he should just be thankful he was a Blue Nose, and not a snottering mumbling fuckin retard who had this massive chip on his humph. We don't,nor will we ever, need glory hunting arse holes
  2. Referee from today

    Hide the wee man from Deuce Bigalow.
  3. Jorg Albertz

    Jim Baxter was THE MAN. Davie Cooper deserves LEGEND. When Jorg Albertz struck a ball it was a thing of BEAUTY.
  4. Ashley

    His shape suggests he already has.
  5. Ashley

    Fat Mick the thief is one of the reasons we are in the state we are in at this moment in time. Me personally would not wish this cunt anywhere near our club. He does not deserve to be associated with our club.
  6. Ashley

    The lucky season ticket holders on either side of him will have more room when the fat fucker moves on. Hope the long arm of the law, grab this fat cunt for tax "evasion" before he slips out the door.
  7. Butcher's Son.

    A real shame.
  8. Boab Malcream

    WAFER FUXXS SAKE. Slow news day. FTP Boab
  9. Nacho Novo

    Hope your surrounded with the family mate. Get well soon.
  10. Football Lads Alliance

    Welcome FLA to the fight against terrorism which the Rangers support have been highlighting and fighting for absolute years.
  11. Show Racism the Red Card Apologise to Club 1872

    Fenian cunts got caught red handed. The same shite as NBM. Both run by for They can shove the apology where the sun don't shine.
  12. The Welsh National Anthem

    Kneel in the chapel, They only kneel in the chapel.
  13. Your favourite Rangers video of old

    Cheers mate. Get goose bumps at the thought of that.
  14. Linfield fans not happy

    Shame they weren't out looking for people dying in vans and cars.
  15. The last Sotland match I attended was Wembley 81 and believe me,you could feel the anti English shite creeping in. That was my 5th match at Wembley and was embarrassed at the way these cunts behaved that day,and was the precursor for every arse hole under the sun to grab a kilt and flash there privates at any cunt they thought they would get a reaction from. There were always guys with kilts but none of that flashing shite. They would probably have been skelped from the rest of the fans for acting like extras from brave heart. That reminds me what the title of the thread was. "Exactly why the tartan army can go and take two fucks to themselves". Maybe if they were walking down your street flashing you wouldn't find it funny.