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  1. Sounds like you had a better time than the dutch boy fuckin whining about everything. Think he was standing too long with his finger in his hole.
  2. The tramps just been fined for using them at their last euro match and an 18k euro fine. Suppose it's not as bad as using the fenian word.
  3. ffs...we're off to the Spanish Butchers shortly. Was thinking along the lines of steak tartare... After a few drinks in the Toby Jug.
  4. Rattling cans for pennies outside the paedodome. Hope the house insurance covers new windaes.
  5. more than juan guy according to that clip . bit surprised plod never dragged that cunt out who was wearing the manky tap,shades and bunnet on. He seemed to be giving it the big hard man stuff. obsessed fuckin tramps.
  6. The second one came in like a laser guided missile
  7. I'm still hoping we stop 9iar. First half last night we were excellent,and Feyenord never laid a glove on us. Coulda been 3/4 up at the break on any other night.
  8. It's like opening the pub door and every cunt dives for cover. Unless you had something positive to add to the thread,why the fuck would you get involved in total fuckin drivel. See you all at 8.oo PM tonight.
  9. Rocky I aint. But!!! I know right from wrong,and would not have thought twice on hauling that bastard out of there,and fuck the consequences.
  10. All the strength in the world to you and your loved ones mate. Your story should let people know that life is a bitch sometimes.
  11. ITV doing a piece on Fernando at 6.30 National news.
  12. Imagine trying to justify the rotten comments from that fuckin rag.
  13. All of our lives were enriched by his presence,and all will have the abiding memory of Helicopter Sunday. Thank You Fernando. RIP
  14. Not one word uttered or typed by the sun,record or the bbc will surprise me. 3 organisations infiltrated by utter filthy scum.
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