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  1. scottyscott1963

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    cardinal O'Brien never had a problem with their ages.
  2. scottyscott1963

    Semi final allocation

    Ban this wee shitey club from Ibrox. Give the embarrassing clowns something real to moan about. Fuckin affronted for them.
  3. scottyscott1963

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    IMHO I think he would like to podger that big poof "tearney".
  4. scottyscott1963

    Rangers engraved whisky glasses

    There are no bad malt whiskies Goat. Just some are better than others. After years of being able to drink it "from the bottle" if need be. I find one very small rock does the trick for me. Happy nights and easy presents to get. 🥃
  5. scottyscott1963

    Rangers engraved whisky glasses

    You missed out mate. This is my 50th Anniversary of drinking whisky. Was 18 and fed up drinking Eldorada,Lanliq and Old English and found the Amber Nectar,and grew up overnight. Life has been a Roller Coaster since. 🥃
  6. scottyscott1963

    McCann sacked

    Shame. Really feel sorry for Neil. He never got the luck he deserved.
  7. scottyscott1963

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    Now standing at 17,775 Bobby..thanks for the link mate. Liked the fact Gazza said THE PEOPLE are the ones who matter.
  8. scottyscott1963

    Who remembers the famous 5-3 game v Moscow Dynamo in 1972

    I know i'm getting older,was 22 then and I've still got all my marbles I think. Declan said buy it now for £8.99 plus £1.10 postage. Maybe we should start a bidding war for this once in a lifetime score.
  9. scottyscott1963

    Scotland v Portugal

    The majority of the tartan trannies go to maybe 3 or 4 Scotland matches a year and contribute fuck all to the rest of Scottish football. Truly total embarrassment for sure.
  10. scottyscott1963

    Scotland v Portugal

    chucked the national team in 1990 after the witch hunt against Souness when he was banned from the dugout,which was "reported" a month after the incident took place. Fuck them.
  11. scottyscott1963

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Convicted racist and shoplifter,who treats wee daft lassies with contempt. This scabby "cowardly,sleekit,horrible" mhanky fuckin tramp is capable of anything,and I mean anything.
  12. scottyscott1963

    Top by the end of November...?

    That would make me really happy.🥃
  13. scottyscott1963


    Really liked this kid and thought there was a player in there,and if anyone can find it,i will trust SG and his team.
  14. Each and every one of them blew any chance of dividing the pot when they sided with the east end tramps 6 year ago. The one and only exception would be Killie for turning their backs on the whole sordid plot to stiff us. Maybe the sfa/spfl could divvy up the prize money,and transfer money they stole from us at the time. Shove this right up yer erchie.
  15. scottyscott1963

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Pumped in the ring and pumped on the concourse. Sounds painful and woulda pissed myself laughing if a Union Flag scatter cushion appeared under his thick one punch unconscious head.