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  1. Beautiful!!!....that was a missile rather than chipping the keeper.
  2. "a pizza hut"?????... just a growing boy and hope he managed to finish the whole hut!!!!.....
  3. Make that a pair of "couldnae's"
  4. This manoeuvre has been used in rugby,and after the body slam and the clothes lines in last Saturdays match we are maybe going to teach them things that happen on a rugby pitch,to be able to look after themselves. OUCH!!!!!
  5. FFS thought it was diego costa in that shot
  6. VIC TIM Will not bat an eye lid when this fuckin scum bag actually gets what he is long over due. Since the moment he slithered into Scottish football he has been protected as if it was very body else's fault. He has fought with team mates on and off the park. Two young men who were students at the time have criminal records down to the arse hole,when they saw him sitting at traffic lights and gave him some verbals, where he decided to leave his car and challenge them (remember they were only two young geeky kids) and this fuckin big shot had a go and the kids defended themselves to the extent of being charged with assault. He gave the crowd at Ibrox the GIFUY and it was only banter in his words. Two guys got jail sentences for assaulting the fuckin mongrel after he barged into one of them and verbally abused them and asked for a stand up fight,which he got then went running to the the polis. Still see him spitting on the Rangers scarf and mouthing Orange bastards towards the crowd at Ibrox. Was dragged about Ibrox like a burst balloon by chief bhigot mo'n as a wind up at us at Ibrox. While at Bolton he threatened his mistress he would have her throat slashed if she spilled the beans to his partner at the time. This is only a fraction of the way this cunt has conducted himself since arriving in Scotland with the biggest chip on the shoulder you ever saw. Yes!!!!!....he has been protected and has hid like a fuckin slug using the word "banter" when it suits him. So yes I will not hold my breath waiting on the authorities taking this repugnant cunt to book.
  7. The lurgan bigot is pure fuckin pus filled boil which needs lanced. This is a horrible cunt who threatened to have his bit on the sides throat slashed for threatening to spill the beans. BUT!!!! it's everybody else to blame. He has caused nothing but bother the minute it stepped into Scottish football,even to the extent of fighting with team mates on and off the park. JUST ONE HORRIBLE NASTY SHITE.
  8. Went to Barcelona in 72 in a bus which usually carried miners to the local pits around Ayr,and the bus left from Carson Star. We were all in the bar when the bus arrived and the engine conked out when he stopped,and the driver said it would need a push to get going,but it would be ok once the battery was charged. There was no toilet on the bus and there were a couple of women on the trip, it started off with the guys pishing into a 5 gallon drum and pouring it out the door while the bus was going,but the pish was getting splattered all along the bus,so the next suggestion was lifting the service hatch along the middle of the floor,but the pish was getting splashed back off the drive shaft. It ended up with cunts pishing into cans between motorway stops. Some of the cans got spilt on the floor,so that when the bus slowed down the pish went to the front and when he took off it went to the back. This story about the pish is only a fraction of the memories. Would do it all again tomorrow for the same outcome.
  9. Keep seeing that scene from "AIRPLANE"with the big queue of people waiting to assault the wumman who was panicking. Nuns,guns,rolling pins,boxing gloves,a spanner and even a bhudist monk. Can imagine the amount of people who would like to assault the baldy tarrier baker from Dundee.
  10. Cheers guys. It got funnier by the moment.
  11. I would take that fuckin wee sissy and his bender fuckin mates on a tour of the east end of Glasgow,especially on match days where they would see,as Fergus said "oh!!! mean the bigots" Would need therapy for the trauma after hearing how 60,000 cunts hate everything about him. Unless his names declan.
  12. Brace yersel Zara doll.
  13. That smarmy baldy prick has a fuckin brass neck even showing his face around here,and I will bet it's fuckin pennies. GTFYP
  14. Got high hopes for this kid who really has had a nightmare on his start to his Rangers career.