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  1. Welcome to the bheggars running of Scottish football,where the victim of the episode was the person missing games and not the perpetrator. Best get used to shite like this on a regular basis since the bheggars are running the whole show to suit themselves and giving the rest a big GIRFUY.
  2. Shouldn't have. Wouldn't have. Pair of cunts cunts. Both have shown leaning towards the state aid paedophiles.
  3. Ryan Jack and Kenny McLean might just be the type who will relish playing in a blue shirt.
  4. "The tims" will not like that
  5. Cheers tannerall. The year I started going to watch the only team in the world for me.
  6. Garner and Waghorn could replace Hayes and Rooney at the sheep (with a bit of luck)
  7. Brenda threatens a ref with his jotters if he makes a mistake. We seem to have a ref who took it upon himself to ignore a minutes silence. I await the trial by newspaper for this cunt,if true.
  8. Hypocrisy from a real nonce. Ya clatty cunt.
  9. WTF does this actually mean?
  10. Maybe if you were living in the middle of it every fuckin day you might not be so critical of a banner that should offend NO CUNT except fenians. Saw for the first time last night the bheggars bus singing about the Ibrox Disaster and the death of Davie Cooper. FUCK THEM
  11. The jobby squeezer loves the boaby and is one ugly fuckin
  12. It's not right you have to mind what your posting Bobby. We should be allowed to say whatever we think of the clatty bastards.
  13. Remember getting in to Hampden for free early 70's when one of the guys had a bottle of fizzy wine and he was pished out his face battering the bottle of a bus shelter when it exploded and a lump of glass ended up embedded in his wrist. I took him to the first aid station at the park and when he was bandaged up they let us out a door onto the terracing so it was a freebie. If they OP wants to try this one out you never know.
  14. My shot at him should have read "it took him 2 minutes to REVEAL the chip on his shoulder" It's amazing these cunts can plod along in their lives and keep the chip on there shoulders to themselves,and as soon as they get involved with that shower of horrible plastic cunts across the east end then they have no qualms about revealing what they always have been. Even the supposed mild mannered delia ended up suggesting refs had an agenda against the manky cunts.