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  1. Is anyone surprised the papish church were there or thereabouts.
  2. scottyscott1963

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Hawl!!!!…. I wished this on you.... ya shredded wheat heeded arse hole. Take that ya convicted racist and shoplifting bastard.
  3. scottyscott1963

    Poor wee Leigh Griffith's

    Absolute fuckin cretin of the highest order. What goes around comes around shredded wheat heed. When is the drug test and the ban for betting taking place. If you were allowed to wish this on any cunt,it woulda been him.
  4. scottyscott1963

    Steven Davis

    Me personally would take auld fuckin nick if it meant we would win the SP fuckin L this year or next. Then I would get back to Prods only and Orange Parades and 1st team versus 2 nd string pre season.
  5. The voyeur paedo bheast behind the lens. Think the scrote-bag is dead,and hope it was long and lingering.
  6. My option was to trust no cunt with my kids,and make sure you knew who was in charge of them.
  7. scottyscott1963

    Big Jock Knew

    Me personally wouldn't have to think too long mate. That photo of torbett,cairney and king,together, which was probably taken by the club photographer,in who's locker they found indecent images of kids,and the beast mcafferty who said it was a free for all in the showers,would have any decent right minded person destroying any link with this club.
  8. scottyscott1963

    Thumb says it's revenge for our huddle in 99

    We should take any notice of a convicted racist,shopliter and abuser of wee daft lassies. Thick as shit pape…..Pffft!
  9. scottyscott1963

    Big Jock Knew

    That's it in a nutshell markem. Right minded people doing the proper thing. Me personally would be embarrassed to even say I was a fan of that club. I would be asking the questions decent people,whether they are Rangers fans or otherwise,should ask in any modern society. You are spot on that we should put pressure on MP's/MSP's and every moral crusader who questioned our tax scheme,which was legal at the time.
  10. scottyscott1963

    Big Jock Knew

    Almost positive that the figure quoted was 400 children tossed into a hole at one of these homes run by the "sisters of mercy". What a stain on humanity this horrible cult is, and have been for centuries. But!!!...you can bet your last dime on it,that it will be the people,coutesy of the scottish government who will foot the bill for compensation to those claiming abuse whilst being held in all these institutions. Unless right minded people get organised and demand justice the Vatican will carry on regardless.
  11. scottyscott1963

    Scum haven't taken tickets for the 29th (Rumour)

    Forget the shite about this fixture losing it's appeal. IMO it lost it's appeal a long time ago, and left a sour taste in my mouth as to the way these scabby tramps have conducted themselves since. Once we are in the position they have been in over the last 7 seasons,i fuckin hope we keep our foot on their necks and destroy the verminous bastards. Keep the tramps in their stinking fuckin hovels watching on the telly. They will need us more than we need them.
  12. scottyscott1963

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    It might be fake. But!!!....22 inbreds agreed with savco bhoy.
  13. scottyscott1963

    Scum haven't taken tickets for the 29th (Rumour)

    Why would you invite fenian neighbours that you cannot stand into your house,when you know they were going to trash the place and sing fenian songs. GET THEM TO FUCK FOR EVER. Big Dave said he will not reverse the decision. Watch us playing on the telly ya smelly fuckin tramps. You usually do.
  14. scottyscott1963

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    Chick the Dick will be writing to every cunt and their granny about this conspiracy from the Masons.
  15. scottyscott1963

    Alfredo Morelos: No Quarter Given, No Quarter Asked...

    Unlike the tramps last 7 league wins, where there was "no viable opposition" and "no challenge anymore". Who said this? None other than TLB and the glesga jap within the last 7 years. PFFFFT!!! And we should take notice of anything these scabby bastards want to mumble. FUCK THEM.