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  1. should just throw bottles inscribed with fenian bastards on them. We need to get fuckin angry with fare.
  2. Any neutral looking in would wonder who was the home team.
  3. The team photo needed a cunt that looked like lurch and breadsticks o'foster certainly fits the bill. Doubt whether any Rangers fan will need to hide under the bed because he is coming back.
  4. Got to 1.19 seconds and he said "ever get the feeling we shoulda won more". The only way you coulda won more was in Europe, unfortunately they use their own refs ya bunch of sad fuckin fenian tramps. No body is allowed secrets,well!!!!!...nobody but us. Speak about the shame the paedophile ring employed by that club you watch,and the open secret.
  5. bbc Scotland in charge of VAR will help them out. Me personally am still waiting on goal line technology. No chance the Scottish game has the money for VAR.
  6. Will piss myself laughing when sleekit pete does all the ground work ,and we sail straight into the groups without even thanking the sleazy looking fuckin thief
  7. Remember being in Albufera about 12years ago and meeting these 2 old dears who loved The Rangers. The talk every morning was where you had went to eat the night before. One morning they said they had been in some paddy howf and had a great burger,to which the missus turned to look at me "no much chance of me getting to taste them"
  8. Actually listening to the station by fenians for fenians,and the topic was what decision would you wish you had VAR for,and one of the cunts mentioned his goal that was ruled out for offside. IT WAS 1996 YA CUNTS,just let it go fur fuxxsake.
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