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  1. Stated I couldn't care less that 1 smirking slimey bastard who has papish face written all over him,and will be part of the tail wagging the dog,alongside a sneering cunt who looks like a papish paedophile from Edinburgh walked into positions of "TRUST" with a rancid organisation who will absolutely try to keep the lid on happenings with the club responsible for the biggest sporting scandal any decent minded person has ever heard about. I really should've have said to 'let the cunts run on,as slimey mike and sneering rod will absolutely be in the firing line very shortly and are too thick to see through that cunt sneaky pete,who is buiding his ivory tower,and when the shit hit's the fan they are going to be his shit screen. This really has to be the watershed moment that we actually grow some,and we tell the rest of Scottish football to ram every last ticket to any ground outwith Ibrox,and the rest of any decent minded will pick sides very carefully. If not,then they deserve each other.
  2. Actually couldn't give a fuckin toss who they let walk in to uncontested positions from shitey small clubs,into the shitey small sfa club for fuckin tossers. As long as we contest every dodgy decision the bastards chuck at us from trial by television by the paedophile harbourers,and every Rangers hating bastard you would love to get stuck in a lift withfrom the rancid bbc. This shower of cunts deserve each other.
  3. Every word you typed is every word I feel about this club B A. No cunt will ever tell me to tread softly on child abuse. If we don't highlight the criminals then no one will. The whole of Scotland,and not just our enemies on the park,should hang their heads in shame this lot are still trying to cover up the crimes of 50 years.
  4. I salute you Bobby,and me personally realise exactly why we should never use the word survivor. Decent right minded doing what 100% of the people at that club should be doing. Not one of them in the CAR PARK asking questions.
  5. These bastards really scrape the bottom of the barrel Son Of. BUT!!!...I would tell this horrible bastard to his face what made my skin crawl A coach at a c****c boys club arranged for him and 3 of his associates to gang rape an 18 month old child,at the same time he was running this boys club. NOW!!!!...that would make your skin crawl ya obsessed fuckin wank.
  6. The big brush has been on the go longer than triggers from only fools,and it has 5 new heads and 4 new shafts but still the same big brush.
  7. The MoS today did a piece on corrupt councils and some of the purchases they have charged to credit cards being used by them. The items included drawers from Victorias Secrets,scented candles from malones,arran whisky,prime tv,pandora jewellery,hugo boss and lacoste clothing to name a few. Honestly understand revolution,although not agreeing with it...but!!!...the majority of these cunts need escorted round the back of a building and a fuckin bullet in the back of the head. And the executioners would be paid at the tax payers expense
  8. Think her fud will need a couple of stitches as that swimming oufit is far too tight.
  9. Started my crusade this morning by cancelling BT sport. When asked why? I told them "i'm cancelling because BT sport sponsor cfc and,i'm not sure if you have heard that a paedophile ring was operated at cfc for over 50 years and it was covered up by the club,and if I continue to pay out for this package I will be condoning what happened to over 100 young boys,by at least 6 convicted paedophiles,and one of the survivors has supplied the police in Scotland with a list of 14 names. 8 of whom,have still to appear in court". The wee girls name was Hannah from Newcastle. I'm hoping Hannah doesn't care about customer confidentiality and let's everyone she knows about what happened.
  10. Me personally am going for the branding iron with beast stamped into their scummy foreheads. Then you can warn kids to avoid cunts with big red welts on the front of their heads. You can remove tattoos,fuck getting your whole forehead removed. Once the survivors get an apology and real compensation comparable to Man City,then I want to see what sanctions the corrupt sfa are 'forced" into. Surely it is at least comparable to what we were dealt at least.
  11. Looks like Adam aint taking no for an answer,and is just getting out of first gear. Let's hope he has full sympathy for the constituents he is representing,which is what he was voted in to do. There are another 100 cunts who should hand there heads in total SHAME. Thieving a wage at the tax payers expense.
  12. This lot run by papes for papes will probably wheel out the nasally challenged Nuremburg shug,who will probably get to read it out,just to bore the fuckin knickers off any body listening for too long. Horrible cunts had plenty time to pore over tax avoidance schemes,but mention the boys club and it's a football related show. Me personally will wait to see the transcript on these pages.
  13. A once proud justice system,the envy of the world,reduced to a shambles by fenians.
  14. How many abusers ? Or how many knew?
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