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  1. Forget the fact the hibs coaching staff piled into the opposition technical area. Or the fact tlb came charging towards Michale Beale in an aggressive manner. nowt to see here,move along.
  2. Surely they will make a statement to all.
  3. Fuckin kangaroo court. now resorting to issue yellow cards without any cunt knowing. This shite needs halted in it's tracks,before it's even begun. Get the appeal in right now,and get a team of lawyers onto it. If that lot at the sfa farted,I would have them in the courts.
  4. 1month,3 months and 6 months look like harry clarke was driving a bin lorry over a cliff
  5. He looks like a washed up junkie with the 1,000 yard stare. I'm betting he's a spent force,and it couldn't happen to a better rat.
  6. Bobby contributed to the World Record haul of Trophies and for that we all give thanks for his service. RIP a true legend.
  7. Have never seen that before. With the fact that Bougie didn't know what was happening,he put himself between the would be jihadi's,and the other screaming cunts with him in that fridge. What a guy,and he did have the heart of a lion on and off the pitch.
  8. Even to the extent that Ally McCoist had to call out tlb for racism when they had that spat at the paedo dome. Although it has never been mentioned I am 100% convinced Ally called him a racist bastard That is probably the worst case of racial hatred I had ever witnessed against Diouf or any other player,and you can actually feel the racial hatred cranking up from all quarters towards Alfie,and we really need to keep calling it out for what the real reason is. Pure vile racial hatred.
  9. alf-inge haland and a crystal palace supporter who was on the end of a kung fu kick said you talk 100% shite.
  10. The number of decisions going in their favour of which I have absolutely no doubts about,will be off the scale in the next couple of months. As you said eejay,that we have to do our part and with our performances. Get the violins tuned up
  11. They really were exceptional people Bobby. absolute gentlemen,who would take time out for the fans all over the country. Their whole lives were The Rangers.
  12. If we win the title this season,you will hear one huge bang at the paedo dome as the tramps 9iar,never mind 10 will explode like a sewer fatberg. You will never have seen shit like this for a long time. They will be knockin fuckin lumps out of each other and the pictures will be beamed straight to you on the sofa. They might even have a lynching party for sleekit pete. This would end this shite of 800 tickets as you could bet your house on this lot just slithering away into oblivion. CHEERIO YA MHANKY FUCKIN TRAMPS. The flip side is why any decent minded person could support a club with their background. And the new board actually 'begging' (pun intended) us to take more tickets for the big shoogly.
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