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    Nothing to do with the fact she was a 22 stone mhunter,shoe horned into a green n grey mhanky tap. Not sure if she works for nil by mouth,or they were all invited along.
  2. scottyscott1963

    Steve Clarke

    One of the saddest and obsessed looking papes you ever clapped eyes on. Quite sure I heard him say he googled "did any one ever lose an eye in a high tackle on a football pitch?" He could be doing with some sort of uppers to help him get on with his life,and some downers for his interviews. Honestly think that cunt is a total nut job. Quite sure Stevie G will push him over the edge
  3. scottyscott1963

    Under 17's - Rangers FC v AS Roma - ALKASS Cup Final

    Well!!!!...cheers kids...ma teas oot.
  4. scottyscott1963

    Under 17's - Rangers FC v AS Roma - ALKASS Cup Final

    The Rangers fans are bouncing.
  5. scottyscott1963

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Kinda shames the Galatasaray banner "welcome to hell" . Just saw the report on the match on SSN and Brenda was "gesticulating" to some cunt to push up,or coulda been sit back,then mouthed to his side kick "IDIOT" which could've been any one of 11.
  6. scottyscott1963

    Big Jock Knew

    With you on that BA. Where kids are concerned I couldn't be cruel enough to these cunts. Murderes,terrorists,rapists and child molesters serve absolutely no purpose in modern society,and a drain on the public purse, and they really need exterminated like the vermin they are. Would have no compulsion in putting them down personally.
  7. scottyscott1963

    Big Jock Knew

    That is one kid who never got justice. That whole case was shocking from the start. Could start with who knew what and when. Quite sure they blamed his 12 year old kid brother?
  8. scottyscott1963

    Alkass cup

    Loudhailer man has been drinking too much Saki 🥃 or camels milk. grand names of some of the kids. Henderson,McKinnon and Miller are some of the famous,and add Casual Kai.
  9. scottyscott1963

    Big Jock Knew

    There is a kids murder along the way. IIRC a person known to the victim and involved with some of the paedophile ring operating inside the piggery,and barrowfield traing ground.
  10. scottyscott1963

    Big Jock Knew

    Here's my opinion on the whole sordid matter. That when the cases of kids abused in "CARE" homes,are settled financially and we as a country are landed with the bill,the vatican should be handed their share of the bill for every child abused by nuns priests and bheasts,who were supposed to be caring for them. The tramps case might not see them receive sanctions here in the republic of scotland,but hopefully the financial penalties for each and every one of the heinous beasts will be the Coup De Grace,and justice for which could be as many as 150 kids.
  11. scottyscott1963

    Big Jock Knew

    Stateside are saying,"they (cfc) can forget any notion of denial in a USA court of law. If newspaper reports are accurate,it's a slam dunk. Quite sure single claimants in the Penn State case received $30 million each. 2 claimants from Scotland would put the chains on the gate. You can see the colour draining from this horrible shower's faces by the day.
  12. scottyscott1963

    Big Jock Knew

    Sorry m8b....was just being facetious...we could always ask what dr death,baron of cardowan knew...strip him of his knighthood while we're at it.
  13. scottyscott1963

    Big Jock Knew

    Doubt whether saint tommy was paying the rubber stamped wage from his own pocket,which was probably about 40 years too late "thomas" Looks like this is going up a gear. You have to wonder what dermott desmond,their main bank roller thinks of this whole sad affair. Any decent person would cash in and let them rot in hell. Hopefully will not be too long in the distant future when this caustic club will cease to exist.
  14. scottyscott1963

    Nathan Young-Coombes

    DIEGO FUCKIN COSTA? Good maniac to be your role model This kid won't be pissing about with silly taps on the haw maws then. Will half cunts for fun up here. I like this boy and aint seen him play.
  15. scottyscott1963

    Eye Broke

    The piggery is off course in that doctored map. The tramps park is above Billyhouston and was moved,shitey brick by shitey brick,to the east end by the racist pape brother walfrid.
  16. scottyscott1963

    First Rangers game you attended?

    Was 12 and it was the SC replay against the tramps on the 15th May 1963. Used the rent money and dogged the school,jumped on a train on my own,and just followed the crowd. Knew I would have the money back by the weekend as I was a milk boy,and did papers at night We beat them 3-0 with 2 from Ralphie Brand and Davie Wilson got the other. It has been a life time of my only team.
  17. scottyscott1963

    Compliance Officer Role

    Conflict of interest from day one,made sure we were going to become a target for the 3 season ticket holders from the paedo dome,who have held this position. Until some cunt questions this situation,we're on to plums.
  18. Pat McGuire aint taking prisoners on that interview from some scabby fenian supporter asking questions which coulda been drawn up by the glesga jap. He accused the cunts of "peddling lies". She asked him in a hearless way,"are you not just trying to link the 2 clubs for a financial outcome". Glad I gave up listening to this scabby station years ago,as it is riddled from top to bottom with fenians.
  19. scottyscott1963

    Fair tackle.

    Nothing more than a screen saver for gypsies,tramps and thieves. Fuckin shocking. Heard somewhere cunts chuckling that he was mates with the fenian rapist McGregor.
  20. A standard statement which will be trotted out after mcafferty gets done. In any other country in the world the chains would be on the gate. Despicable club and fans.
  21. scottyscott1963

    Morelos has Tourette’s - according to Derek Ferguson

    Sorry...never lasted 2 seconds after muckavennie started mumbling...really couldn't put myself through it. So am taking every fuckin big fuckin cunts fuckin shitey fuckin word for it. tourettes ma erchie.
  22. scottyscott1963

    Fair tackle.

    This is the same hughes who employed jim macafferty at Falkirk,knowing he was part of the celtic paedophile ring. So we should listen to what he say's.
  23. scottyscott1963

    Morelos card appealed.

    Great minds think alike. Just seen your post after I posted mate.
  24. scottyscott1963

    Morelos card appealed.

    The reaction of the sheep fans behind that incident were all out of their pens shouting at Alfie,and you can bet the reaction had fuck all to do with that big £10 million pound tramp,who's reaction was due to getting torn to shreds first half by Alfie.