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  1. **** Official Let's all laugh at Hibs/Lennon Thread****

    Not as big a wind up as the tax "evasion" scheme.
  2. Derek McInnes

    The cunt made a fortune from clowns like macavennie fitting them up with sets of Geggies and made them look like Shergar.
  3. **** Official Let's all laugh at Hibs/Lennon Thread****

    FFS..... You just know Mr S Burner has never heard about his manager losing about £400,000 in a tax "evasion scheme conjured up by the ira. Fuckin hypocritical arseholes.
  4. Republic of Ireland

    If that lot came to my door tomorrow and asked if I was needing my runway tarmacked I wouldn't know who they were. I would also check to see that whatever hadn't been nailed down was still there, while the tottie munchin cunts were still at the door. 3 horrible fenian cunts that you're glad your daughters never brought home.
  5. The future of Hampden

    Been a while since I heard that poisonous cunts name. Actually thought he had shuffled off this mortal coil. The only thing I remember billymuckneil doing was lamping that tub of lard. Missed Davie Robertson's goal against the tramps by 6 fuckin minutes. Just one poisonous tarrier with a typewriter.
  6. If You Wondered Where Daniel Cousin Is Now

    "Nackeredmotor" was a dog eating cunt.
  7. Candeias Interview

    Really like his attitude.
  8. Michael O'Neill

    Not sure if Brenda "came out" as a bheggar till he sat in the tramps press box. He certainly wore a poppy in his previous employments. Then again,it's maybe just pandering to the republicans when they land on that scabby doorstep. MON ended up with a fear of The Union Flag once he signed with them.
  9. Republic of Ireland

    Supposing I had never heard of Denmark,i would still want them to batter the shite out of the republican sneaky cunts.
  10. Dundee United

    They're out mate
  11. Club1872 well done

    Well done Club 1872
  12. Africa Proddy Boys Flute Band

    Brilliant....but!!!!!!!!....bizzare ......was expecting to see some wee lion cubs,instead it was Somalia Park Rangers
  13. Patrice Evra - Suspended by Marseille

    Cowardly cunt picked on the smallest kid in the bunch and just another arrogant French prick. Should be sine die IMO.
  14. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    They would get their money on after O'Higgins got his on first. Should've had his career ended for cheating years ago.
  15. Corrie evans mrs twitter reaction

    If we're picking sides, i'm coming down the road with Mrs Evans. Gaun yersel girl. And was really glad to hear the romanian paedo rapist who got nine years will be deported when he finishes his sentence,and feel at last we got something correct for a change.
  16. billy mcneil the tramps captain has the trademark of spitting,although he might not remember spitting at a few opponents.
  17. That's it there in a nutshell. No if's,but's or maybe's. Above the law? Sing TBB and you get 4 months rammed up your arse. Paul McGowan of DU physically assaulted 3 different police officers on 3 separate occasions and got tagged, "to allow him to play football". Abuse an ex Rangers player and the PFoS are too busy to go and nick this pair of repugnant bastards. Welcome to the republic of Scotland.
  18. Desmond v Daly

    He bankrolled the pair of republican flops robbie and roy,and he is paying brendas wages from his loose change. Sporting advantage anyone?
  19. Yet we're the bigots...

    Why the fuck are the Thai authorities not aware of this. Brainwashing kids to the fact that ira murderers are worth singing about. Scummy bastard.
  20. 's getting stronger by the day. Encouraged by the haters. I blame the schools.
  21. Derek McInnes

    Hello...did somebody phone for a cab to go for their hole.
  22. Desmond v Daly

    He would be better with a "SKITTER" account once all they snottery cunts catch him.
  23. Desmond v Daly

    That smug clown Daly better batten down the hatches/move house/hire a team of security/admit he's a Rangers supporter. As soon as the gypsies,tramps and thieves get a sniff of where this worm inhabits his life will be a misery.
  24. Desmond v Daly

  25. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    You have to wonder when the tramps will have sanctions against them in line with "sporting integrity" Surely this is "finacial doping" as he subsidised wages to the two failures in Robbie and Roy Keane and he is paying Brendas wages from his hip pocket. I await the outcry with bated breath. HAVE HAD A PROBLEM WITH FUCKIN HYPOCRITES MY WHOLE LIFE,AND CANNOT STAND THEM. The sfa must surely get involved as I see him as nothing but "GUILTY" as sin before any trial. There is a precedent on such practices which we found out to our expense.