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  1. If ever there was a time to get out and get involved in councils,unions,media and legal shit then now is the time. This actually shows what sort of fuckin horrible country we have let these cunts inflict on us. This is not going away unless we get organised and take the fight to the republicans. banter from the fenians and bigotry from the unionists. FFS...we had a fenian football player who assaulted three different coppers on three separate occasions and only got tagged. These cunts are actually taking the piss.
  2. Spot on with his piece on young males "crying because they have been pulled up for skipping off early to get to Nandos" Jeezo,would be a shame if something like that should happen in there lives. Just find it's society as a whole. What I have noticed with Pedro is he looks like he aint going to take any prisoners. Shape up or ship out attitude which will reap rewards for all.
  3. Nandos will suffer.
  4. matty martin sounds like a rancid greetin faced tramp,and someone else summed it up that cunts were moaning about swearing.
  5. Woulda referred to King as a big skinny cunt, and not a fat lump of thieving cancer drawing the life blood like a bloated fuckin leech.
  6. Did you actually type this in a republican accent?? How much will it cost to tarmac my runway in mates rates?? Any good recipes for boiling,broiling,frying,baking totties??
  7. The last face to face DK had with the chubster about the retail deal ended with them shaking hands, only for the fhat fhuckin slug to have DK tailed all the way to Glasgow to serve him with papers on confidentiality on him,and the threat of jail. How the fuck could you have any sort of respect for a fhat fhuckin thieving coward. Me personally cannot wait till this fuckin fhat lump of cancer is removed from our club. How any one person connected to our club cannot see this horrible thieving bastard for what he is beyond me.
  8. Tight ends and loose props. Wits all that about?
  9. We know the old saying about putting lipstick on a pig eejay. It's a fuckin scandal the decent people of Glasgow have even subsidised the walk of shame outside the state aid arena. Swear that all this fuckin bare faced theft will come back and bite these cunts on the arse one day.
  10. Maybe so ,but it coulda been just the once. Tried it once and didn't like it
  11. This is a subject that is only raised in Stormont. The paper trail to what happened was lost courtesy of GCC. You will not see a thing in print in any of the Scottish red top rags. Please don't tell me the earth is flat.
  12. Surely you don't give up that easy. Stick with it mate. It could be worse. You could be going through a degree with this lot in the background.
  13. One in the team and two on the bench sounds good compared to that list above.
  14. Do yourself a favour mate and contact govanblue. You will find his name on the list.
  15. Whats your views on Mrs Murcell.? Whats your views on SD.? Whats your views on MA.? Whats your views on DK.? Choose carefully Dad.!!!!!! Too many scottys on this site. Maybe need to jettison some.
  16. Condolences to the family and sorry for the loss of your mate.
  17. All my memorabilia was left in the loft with old family photos when the family moved house and the next tenant chucked them in the bin. One of the things was the bullfighting poster for the game with the team names,and we got made with our names on them in Barcelona. Woulda loved to have all that stuff back to hand on to my grandsons.
  18. Wonder if mrs murcell would like to high five that wee kid. That wee kid would probably smell the holy water on her.
  19. Remember throwing my arms out and yelling like a fuckin idiot only to get covered in a chicken curry pie which came from 4 rows down
  20. Always smile when I hear this one. Ah coulda chucked ma bunnet oan it.
  21. Shame as 27 is no age at all. Condolences to his family.
  22. The truth of the matter is forest will never be anything better than average under the 3 amigos. We are probably more annoyed at the dishonesty shown by cunts we trusted. They are probably annoyed they got caught trying it on at our expense. From the Rangers Family you are fuckin welcome to the thieving bastards.