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  1. SPFL statement

    I'm over this a long time go,and really hope the fenians are handing this shite down to their half bred inbreeds 50/100 years from now.
  2. Rangers match I just dreamt

    Started as an apprentice plumber in 1965, and when the older apprentices threatened to grease ma baws I ended up rolling on the floor with the biggest one among them. After that I got through the next year dreaming about Rangers and the teams we had at that time,but my career ended when I took a cast iron door handle to my old adversary. Still!!! I had Rangers then and still dream about them now.
  3. The feart for Saturday...

    FGAU and we're coming down the road. I have never been "feart" of fenians.
  4. Alves

    It's only a matter of a couple of hours since Pedro said he didn't know if Alves would make the match. So we can make of it what we will????? If it has to be Ross McCrorie then I am comfortable this kid will hold his own,after he mugged a 6'6" irish hammer thrower with a beautiful tackle on the half way line to start the move which led to Herreras goal.
  5. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Sounds like the thick fuckin fenian prick "terry munro" is heading back for a rebate on his tattoo.
  6. SPFL statement

    That speccy prick better have the phone number for a double glazing repair company once the fenians mellow out to a frenzy. Fenians and dungcaster are a marriage made in hell and are welcome to each other.
  7. Morelos Article

    Oooooft!! Both barrels from a real Journalist. Have absolutely no doubt keech will be forwarded this piece. EDIT...plus a copy of the number done on him just posted by cushynumber. Well in guys.
  8. Morelos Article

    Absolute arse wipe. Really hope between now and Saturday Pedro calls for strong refereeing from Thomson,and uses this piece of garbage as one of the reasons why!!!
  9. Jim from coronation street

    Not sure as it was the missus who "used" to watch it,but she chucked it a few years back.
  10. Jim from coronation street

    Did Rosie ever take her cheating diving cunt of a boyfriend into the Rovers to introduce him to Jim. Pair of thick cunts woulda gave the big fella a good laugh.
  11. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Is this the very same fenian gangster who ran into the penalty box behind Neymar with his hands up "surrendering". More like fenian arse bandit.
  12. Mcann bashing mhanks

    Neil was steeped in fenianism till he saw how people behaved and conducted themselves on the side of THE PEOPLE. Didn't take the horrible cunts 2 minutes to turn on him and Mojo cited the way he was treated as one of the reasons he left for the USA. BUT!!!!!....it's all the fault of the big bad Rangers from the fenians in the media.
  13. *** The Official Partick Thistle vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    Partick team are a bunch of hammer throwers left over from the last highland games. Couldn't make a decent player out of the 14 who played against us. conor fuckin salmon??????? jesus fuck. What a bunch of fuckin thugs.
  14. Morelos partner of Rangers past

    Sebastian Rosenthal
  15. We Can Beat Anyone At Ibrox

    Intae the mhutants
  16. Herrera Goal - Latin America Commentary

    Goallllllllllll Herreraaaaaaa Mexicanoooooooo
  17. Caixinha, Alnwick & McCrorie Post Match Reaction

    Over the moon for this kids future.
  18. McCoist

    Quite sure after Friday nights match he referred to mutton as his mate. That cunt is the julian clarey of reporting and stands as if he had a dick stuck up his erchie. MATE?????? NEVER NEVER NEVER.
  19. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    Sold their souls to the devil
  20. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    The ugly thumb will be teaching the mhanky wee tramps how to tie mhanky scarf's to the goal posts at Ibrox.
  21. Why are our youth teams filled with tarriers?

    Probably know it's safer on this side of Glasgow.
  22. Rangers ultras steal Thistle's flags

    Wee jaggy weans will lose sleep and have nightmares for weeks because of the big bad ULTRAS. They should offer some kind of reward for information regarding the whereabouts of the banners. Look out your skinny jeans incase there is a photy shoot ya erse holes.
  23. Tynecastle's new stand😂

    The windae cleaners will be rubbing their hands.
  24. Alleged interest in Morelos

    ELLLLL BOOFFFFALOOOOOO in a short space of time