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  1. I have worked beside them,drank beside them and knew who some of them were. Never in my life time will I ever say I have had,or will have any fenian mates.
  2. Knowing how the fans felt about W+W and how they tried to wangle a pay day (thieving cunts were caught with there fingers in the till) Not sure if I could've shown any kind of loyalty to this pair by travelling to Nottingham.
  3. They might even take the plo and isis flags which they have flown already.
  4. Probably friends with ronnie fuckin pickering.
  5. Wake up in a dark pish smelling bed sit. Drag yer knuckles over the keyboard. Back to the pish stained mattress before the methadone is doled out. Wouldn't thank you for the life of an obsessed tramp.
  6. Get well soon kid and thanks for the part you played in our great history.
  7. We can only win 55 titles once. Would hand back the Barca cup tomorrow for 55. The bus I was on would be in the middle of a polis escort into Barca 45 years ago right now,and i have a million memories from that trip which I would forget if it meant we were back to keeping the tramps in our back pockets. Don't mean to demean that victory,but!!!! how often have we had the chance of winning European trophies.
  8. The only way we will get over a million for JG is by wearing a Dick Turpin mask,and robbing some silly cunt like W+W who landed us in it with a bus load.
  9. BOGTIFF buy one get two in for free.
  10. Not after he went bald and grey like Bobby Prytz's Perm
  11. A ringer for Charlie Drake. Welcome along Charlie
  12. deleted post!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Nickerless has two teams and practically disowned the tramps for years and concentrated on his "other" team (Arsenal). This was a common thing with all bheast supporters for years. Roll on the day they all want to talk about the other team they support. Haven't heard the nickerless comment,but would imagine it was along the lines of "he has comed to we're country". Absolutely thick as fuckin mince.
  14. Why don't we just get organised and get ourselves in charge of running GCC and we could beg,steal and borrow everything we have from the good people of Glasgow. Am I having a deja vu moment.
  15. That shitey papers headline is making out the racism is at Ibrox,unless you know/or read, the story. Fuckin despicable cunts.
  16. Carpet Munchers on one of the big wans and two wee wans. Too busy thinking about her burd to be giving it "your not Rangers any more"
  17. Also has a middle name of "Staunch"
  18. If this boy signs let's hope he is thick skinned as the papers and the rest of Scotland will paint him as the king of the leper colony for signing for Rangers.
  19. Noo tunes could be Enter the Dragon theme tune and Carl Douglas singing this Evly body was kung fu fighting, Them cats were fast as lightning, in fact it was a little bit frightening, but they fought with expert timing.
  20. Might be the same cunt that wanted a boat called "boaty mick boat face"
  21. You have to compose yourself reading that a fellow fan never went home. So sad.
  22. Unless your an old cunt and yer erchie "has gone south"
  23. Jimmy Nicholl X2