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  1. That Clancy and his assistants are a bunch of papish cunts.
  2. Me personally would do it to them before they do it to us. With 58,200 fenians baying for blood at 800 Rangers fans,this would be the ideal opportunity to grab the moral high ground. Would stop the tramps in their hateful campaign against us as a club.
  3. If the board are just going to sit and twiddle their thumbs,while the bbc try to drag us into the Monstrous acts perpetrated on over 100 kids by a paedophile ring of 14 beasts (Gerry McSherry knew) Then you can bet that is what will happen. GET OFF YER ARSES AND SET A TEAM OF LAWYERS ON THAT SCABBY BUNCH OF REPUBLICAN SCUM AT PACIFIC FUCKIN QUAY AND DO IT NOW. TAKE THEM ON FOR FUXXAKE.
  4. After last Saturday I thought Stevie G woulda scooped both awards.
  5. Would imagine he is standing outside Easter Road to get the answer to that sentence.
  6. Would love for Daly to step in front of Walter Smith or Graeme Souness and ask them to repeat themselves.
  7. That is as far as I want to read, I expect the Club to make any references to the statement made in 2016,which contained the fact the event was reported. Plod said they couldn't find the report,and I would imagine it's in the bin that contained the evidence,which contained the photographs from the day the tramps hanged effigies of Rangers supporter and a member of the OO. The person making the allegation has said he "told him to pull down his trouser,but never touched him". Absolute mischief making from one scabby tv channel riidled with Rangers hating cunts with an agenda.
  8. The female version of Billy Bunter musta been shocked when Gazza got the teessh out in court. We can only hope this has no impact on how he lives his life in the future. Well done Gazza.
  9. Hope it aint too late to wish you a good holiday magic8ball ­čąâ
  10. Only use sun cream depending on what time of the year I go. Been to Lanzarote,Tenerife,Fuertaventura and not long back from Gran Canaria and I had to use the high factor coconut lard.
  11. Predicted us winning 55 will see that fuckin speccy slug into a retirement home. This wee fucker was predicting admin 2 for years. Forever asking where we got the money for certain transfers. The time I take lessons on our finances from the bigot called Nuremberg shug will be time for me to chuck it.
  12. Just announced on SSN Welcome to Rangers Ross
  13. My first game I remember,even though I had been at a lot of matches,was the 63 SC replay when we beat the tramps 3-0 with 2 goals from Ralphie Brand and Davie Wilson scored the other goal. The crowd was a reported 128,000 That was the day I wanted to be Captain Cutlass when we played football as kids. Ended up more like Captain Pugwash.
  14. Clarke is the epitome of a miserable bastard. The "tarten army" indy ref marching Rangers supporters bus would be the place he would be at home in.
  15. If it was my call,I would have him in the squad when we get to a CF at hampden. Would love him to get a medal for his efforts to put us back in top spot. Would imagine he helped pushed Borna to be a better defender. Really nice guy from The Copland Road.
  16. Just saw his interview on SSN and it's 1.50 am. Would imagine it will be on a repeat.
  17. Right now he is the face of the club. He was there to give the wee girl who was frightened at Livingston a cuddle,and gave her a strip. He was there to give Dougie the guy suffering from prostate cancer a handshake,while he was on his tour. He is scoring hat tricks and celebrating them with Alfie, his team mate rival for the No9. We all know his part in the small kid from Sunderland,who was dying of an incurable disease. He is quite a remarkable young man. I hope his career ends with us and he has a few medals as memories.
  18. After his holiday over here,he was all rested up to play for whatever team he landed at. Seen 5 year old kids with better knowledge about football.
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