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  1. You'll hear him in squealing in MEGA CHANTING when he hears me whistling "Ride of the Valkyries" and shouting "Ready for Anything" and carrying a half dozen hard boiled egss done in the pot,and not a microwave.
  2. Replied ya fuckin loonie.
  3. I've just softened a big part of Jura tonighjt jeffrey. Send me the details and will batter the shite out of him right now. Not sure what the case will be at 9.oo am tomorrow. BUT!!!!….send me the details just in case.
  4. That fuckin madman Jeffrey offered to send me kirk's details for a face to face. If I was a poof I wouldn't pump him.
  5. I've been caught once and won't get landed again …….
  6. Just in from my meeting. The cunt's at the wind up. I toopk the bait and feel kinda sheepish
  7. Away to make the tea
  8. think I just landed in a keep net,and i'm ashamed I got caught.
  9. Whoooosh!!!!!....Over my head. Put me out of my misery,unless it's Kirk from the Young Conk.
  10. If he was my cousin I would ask him to his face
  11. You musta gulped when he acted like a cunt when he got Morrelos done,and asked him why he acts like a cunt against us. That's all I asked.
  12. Ask him why he acts like a rotten cunt against us? Fuckin shameful behaviour. Then ask him to give it a fuckin rest. And tell him best of luck at the next parade
  13. The thick bastard shoulda put a half dozen eggs in the micro wave instead of one. Turned into a rotten bastard against us.
  14. Brass necked bastard will have well deserved grief and hopefully his P45 with that comment.
  15. We can only "TRY" and put them "TO SHAME"
  16. Then when you read on further,regarding the amount of money paid to the victims of the abuse. This scabby lot will fight this to the bitter end,to which I hope the "separate entity" disclaimer culminates in their demise. Cannot for the life of me see the crooked thief,mr desmond bank rolling the claims for this lot. If he looks himself in the mirror he will cut his links with that horrible club tomorrow.
  17. All the Best Big Stuff. Wish we had seen you here in your prime. Congrats on the MBE.
  18. That will be that original 3 man panels freebies fucked. No more free loading for those 3 cunts. More of a case they got caught with their fingers in the till and were caught red handed. Would pish myself laughing if we issued a statement on the tramps "embarrassing scottish football" statement,with an add on of "dry yer fuckin slitty jap eyes".
  19. Beggars belief from this slithering fuckin fenian worm. Bring the enquiry on,and make sure it's for all ya rancid fuckin mongrel.
  20. Our bench to man shouted "it's fuckin him again" when that clown brown ran into Flanagan flailing his arms trying to push Flanno (sorry about that) but that's what Stevie G calls him. My new screen saver will be Flanagan winding the bastard up with the big cheesy grin ,and probably telling him "that was a fuckin corker ya cunt"
  21. You would think that what happened under their care they would think twice before releasing anything which mentions "embarrassing Scottish football"
  22. Every cunt with a lap top,or access to have a go were on our case. There is not one journalist/correspondent in Scotland with the balls to have a go at the tramps. As in an all out attack with no come back,whether they were sports,politics,legal correspondents or even broken hearts columns all had their say. But!!!...this is bigger than anything ever witnessed in the sporting world. Absolutely Shameful mate. SPORTING INTEGRITY MY ARSE.
  23. Fuckin brilliant that she showed her hand. Seems like she doesn't like being shown up as a scabby fenian supporting hypocrite. Hope the club crank it up and employ a full time position,to bombard the scabby bastard with more e-mails than she can cope with,mentaly and physically. In fact enough that she ends up chuckin it due to pressure.
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