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  1. Everybody involved with them will STILL be arseholes.
  2. Definitely a faggot. Runs about like a wee lassie with the arms flapping about. A bit like Goldson in fact 🤔
  3. "Men" wearing shorts rolling about on the grass, with other "men", wearing shorts, tryin to jump on top of them. Faggotery of the very highest order. England even have a cunt called Courtney playin for them fuck sake. That was TWO "Rainbow Nations" competing if u ask me.
  4. I keep saying it..... we cannot afford any passengers yet, right now, we have Tav, Ojo & surprisingly, Arfield. Is Gerrard the only person who can't see this?
  5. And that was just in the first half. Meanwhile Captain Gormless cost us vital points for the second game in as many weeks.
  6. Is the Gerry McSherry guy still alive? If so, what is he saying these days? And if so, surely he is one of the first people Daly, Police Scotland & the SFA enquiry team should be questioning.
  7. Rodgers shat it & fucked off. As usual, he'll get found out in the next year or so.
  8. Just add veganism to his faggotery & the fact he's a complete & utter fanny.
  9. Fuck sake !!! That "Anyone, Everyone" thing definitely seems to be working.
  10. I don't understand the bonus point system. I know it's possible to finish second & qualify, but is it still possible for us to win the Group & thereby avoid NZ?
  11. Stream on hesgoal but commentary a minute behind. Bloody ragin. On way to game & we had to u-turn due to a family emergency.
  12. Sorry guys.... Been out the game for ten days with devastating flu bug. Almost back to normal in time for tomorrow though & delighted to donate. Well done as always.
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