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  1. Hard to argue with any of that, although you missed out Fod, Hodson & possibly Wallace.
  2. My sentiments exactly.
  3. Fod ??
  4. I just can't understand him persisting with Fod & Tav. Even against a mediocre team, with a biased ref giving us everything (as if), those two (and Wallace) would still be liable to cost us points. Been saying it for years now. Hate when I'm criticising our players but come on. How many on here said they would improve playing with better players? Hello.......
  5. All day yesterday, I was screamin at Tav to get back & cover. I was shouting, " There's no point you bein up the park anway coz you don't do fuck all ya useless prick!!" Then he scored.
  6. Agree totally. Was that the situation where he had to make a decent save after his fuck-up? That's why he gets the reputation of being a "great shot-stopper". Get Gilks back.
  7. You are missing something. Fod should have saved it. Plenty time to see it. I'm sick of criticising him & sick of reading on here, how good he's supposed to be.
  8. Obviously...... You thought Hutton was a great player ☺
  9. Absolutely. 100%
  10. Got me there.
  11. Bruno thinks he's Niko sometimes.
  12. He's taller AND better.
  13. I'm pleased with a lot of what Pedro has done so far, but his apparent faith in Windass is a bit disconcerting.
  14. I'd also like a dependable keeper. Just sayin.