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  1. The papers said something about him & Andy Murray's hip. Makes a change from him & Patrick Robert's arse.
  2. Who's all going to Blackpool this weekend? Our bus leaves Buchanan St. 7.30 am on Saturday.
  3. I'm pretty sure I'm squeezing my blackheads.
  4. I can personally vouch for that. Sad news indeed.
  5. As he says in the headline, he's one of them alright. If his arrogance & delusuon is anything to go by.
  6. No a burd's / wean's / jessie wan like yours anyway.
  7. Just realised Waghorn's been on since the start. Just shows how anonymous he's been. Worst game I've ever half-watched.
  8. Half-watching Forest v Derby. Absolutely woeful & horrendously poor standard. Waghorn's just on, so it's going to get even worse, if that's possible.
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