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    Sadly, and I do mean that, he's getting worse instead of better. All last night I kept wondering if people were at the same game as me. The ones who said he was great. They were targetting him & rightly so. Every chance they had, when Shagger saved us, all came fom him giving the ball away & then being nowhere to be seen. That's what annoys me most... when he gives it away, he doesn't burst a gut to recover the situation. We can't afford any passengers this year.
  2. Read through the article quickly, but it doesn't seem to mention Torbett's earlier conviction & subsequent re-employment. They also missed out half the list and made no mention of the cover-ups. Unbelievable.
  3. So.... A Fenian club allow one of their fellow Fenians to invade the pitch & aim kick at a Fenian opponent, but they only get a paltry fine. Whereas, we get threatened with stadium closures for mentioning the word in a long-established folk song. Not exactly sure about the sectarian angle but hey.... it's fuckin Fenians we're talking about.
  4. Captain Gormless unfortunately.
  5. Agree wholeheartedly with 99% of this. I just don't think Tav's poor positional sense is all Goldson's fault. I personally don't think he has very much to begin with. Sorry. I'd love to see more of Edmondson, paired ideally with Katic.
  6. Hate saying it, but Tav's been a waste of a jersey all season so far. AND... been saying it since he signed... big Goldson is an accident waiting to happen.
  7. Just remembered there was a Ronnie lived down the stairs. That wasn't me.
  8. Scotty.... I've always liked your posts..... AND.... I used to live in Carriden Place. There you go. P..S. Hope me, you & our girls are giving it fuckin yahoo ramorra. WATFP!
  9. Aye..... it's a pity.... but, hey-ho.
  10. Sunday should be pretty similar 🤔
  11. Fourth Official is Collum.
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