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  1. I distinctly inferred they were about the only cunts who might not be better. The inference being they never leave their bedrooms to actually play or watch real football. Or something like that.
  2. Aiden Wilson? Waggy at centre half? Essentially anyone except Bates. We all keep talking about the serious, actual improvement we need. Not incompetents & imposters like last year. Just my opinion, obviously.
  3. Ordered mine Thursday or Friday (can't remember)... got it Monday.
  4. Armstrong probably is tbe best right now. Not got a clue who Gamboa is but he must be better than Tav. I mean, who the hell isn't? (Apart from the FIFA-playin wean-brains & statisticians on here?) Wish they'd stick to their Doctor Who box-sets & Star Wars models. Cunts.
  5. You're absolutely right. Similar to Garner, wee Holt gives the impression he's full of beans & contributing, when in fact, he contibutes very little & is usually getting in the way & slowing things up with needless wee side & back passes. Likeable wee guy right enough, unlike Garner.
  6. Denis, even now, would be better.
  7. F1

    Likewise. Major buffterness rippin out him.
  8. He brings hee-haw m8. literally worse than a man short. P.S. It's all about opinions.
  9. Hope there was a wee guy at the game selling macron bars? Get it?
  10. Apparently it's postmen or letterboxes.
  11. Maybe..... if you're Chinese AND dyslexic.
  12. What else did you get?
  13. Him & Shinnie were.