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  1. Keep wondering if anyone has any idea when Police Scotland's findings will be published. The OP is dated November 2016. Do any RM'ers know anyone who is part of the investigation team?
  2. Worryingly last night, Killie were over-running our midfield for a large part of the game.
  3. As it stands, are they not just a few titles behind us? If we remain in the doldrums for a few more years, they are going to overhaul us.
  4. Probs about the same tine he put in a decent cross. Only guessibg though.
  5. Having watched & played for nearly 70 years, I must confess I don't fully understand "diamond formations", etc. But I honestly don't think we need 4 defenders & 3 holding midfielders at home against anyone. And we definitely need two upfront 99% of the time. So is 352 not the obvious answer?
  6. You auld bastard. I'm only 69 next week 😎
  7. He plays like a big fuckin wummin.
  8. Over the last few days, I lost count of the number of people who said he had a great game on Wednesday. Fuck me on Wednesday he was fuckin dreadful, but no quite as fuckin dreadful as he normally is
  9. I'm 69 in a couple if weeks, so I'll be deed before you m8.
  10. I honestly wish I could find my posts suggesting the Cumdog could come good for us.
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