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  1. Do not doubt your last bit for a second. My 8 year old granddaughter would be better, and she doesn't play a lot of football.
  2. Been said several times.... some of his best saves have been made retrieving a situation he initially caused. And apart from the two goals today he was at fault with, there were lots of times he stood rooted to his line when they were knocking balls in a couple of feet from him. Fortunately their finishing was poor. Apparently it's daft to say he's not POTY.... I must be daft.
  3. Was at a Barca Bears do a few weeks ago & Derek Parlane told a story about the quarter final against Torino. Before the game, Willie Waddell was explaining to John Greig about Torino's star man & how he wanted JG to put him "out the game" first chance he got. JG replied, "Do you mean just put him out tonight's game, or do you mean put him out the game for good?".
  4. Missed last week's game because I was en route to Tenerife. I downloaded some old games to watch on the way. Unbelievable. The 5-2 game could have been 15-2 if we'd taken half the chances we created. Similarly the 4-0 could easily have been 14. How times have changed. Watched The Gazza Years too. What a guy.
  5. Sorry mate. I honestly try not to respond to people who think Garner has anything going for him, BUT it's become an obsession. He offers nothing. He's certainly not good in the air, or on the ground. He epitomises how far we have fallen. Opposing teams must pish themselves when they hear he's playing.
  6. Was a fan of his until today''s "Team containing Garner, Waghorn & Halliday Get Well & Truly Humped" shocker.
  7. Just about to board flight to Tenerife. Landiing 1315. Won't know a thing 'til it's just about finished. Weirdest matchday ever. This was booked away last year. Mon the good guys.
  8. And your pal Garner don't forget. Embarrassing sitters missed by both of them every single game they play.
  9. Absolutely. You don't need stats to tell you how diabolical his crossing is. Somebody needs to tell Ben51 though.
  10. Perfect. No Waghorn, Garner or Bates. And Tav in midfield. Good to go.
  11. Couldn't agree more, but Waghorn still guilty of it every single game.
  12. King Kenny is the only striker I see in that line-up. I take it you were trying to suggest playing the wonderful Joey upfront? We'd be better playing an old budgie I used to have with the same name.
  13. Sorry m8, it's no clever & it's no funny. It's like the Garner pish. We're better than that.
  14. But you think the Tiffany pish is ok ??