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  1. I'd like to think that Jose & Rafa have graciously accepted that they lost out to the better man. Better luck next time guys.
  2. Heard him speaking at a Barca Bears thing in Kirkintilloch & he told the story of the night he shagged the then Miss World, Marjory Wallace. Told some great stories that day.
  3. We've already got our m8. See you there.
  4. Forgot about him. Can it possibly (hopefully) get any worse for them?
  5. ronniescu

    Jamie Murphy

    And he's a proper bluenose 🇬🇧
  6. Just heard 5Live reporting that Steve Clarke is the new Scotland manager. They then passed over to their Scottish Sport correspondent, Roddy Forsyth, who described it as "the worst-kept secret in Scottish football." Really Roddy? I mean... are you sure about that?
  7. Is she actually a season ticket holder?
  8. Cheers m8. Phoned & got sorted in 5 mins. Signed Agreement online. I chose Option 2 about four times. Happy days.
  9. Sadly, It's not only the games against them that it happens m8.
  10. The fud actually said it was the first time at Ibrox that the Rangers fans were in the majority (???) & it got to them. I'd blame the schools, as usual, but I believe he was part of a Rangers family. Anyway, the wee ugly faggot always seems to be their spokesman these days.
  11. So it's basically people on the sexuality spectrum?
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