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  1. The whole thing seems ridiculous to me. Is a millionaire footballer's ego, or anybody's come to that, so sensitive that they're traumatised by some silly gesture?! Really? Putting aside the fact that the gesture appears to be aimed at Brown, a man who even Celtic supporters I've spoken to admit has a simian look about him, it seems slightly Orwellian - that some guy is the subject of a witch hunt and faces possible criminal charges for a hand gesture, which probably wasn't even noticed by the alleged 'victim'. I don't like uncivilised behaviour, and don't condone racial abuse, but I don't think this sort of thing warrants the attention of the police and is basically bad manners, whether directed at Brown or Sinclair.
  2. There's a bar in Trongate that opens around 7 am, I believe. Plus I think Lauders on Sauchiehall St opens at 8 am.
  3. Got a ticket for the game and literally can't sleep thinking about it! I fear I've spent £49 to watch us get humped 3-0...but then I'm pessimistic by nature.
  4. If you can read and have a memory span of more than a few seconds you should know the answer to that, eh?!
  5. No, to be fair they make stuff the club wouldn't touch with a barge pole. The club's too PC now to produce merchandise with the Union Jack on it, let alone something celebrating Gazza doing the Sash. I'd rather buy official merchandise, but if they refuse to do it people will buy it from someone who will.
  6. The club's too PC to produce the Gazza Sash shirt I ordered anyway...
  7. Cheers, I'll give them another week, then I'm going to request a refund. I'd expect somebody to contact me if the order's delayed for some reason.
  8. Is that right? So if I turn up at the Piggery on Sunday, there's a good chance I could pick up a couple of tickets?
  9. Sorry to revive such an old topic, but I've bought something from this mob and my money was taken over a month ago, but no sign of the goods and no response to the email I sent them on Sunday. Does anybody have a connections to them on the forum?
  10. To be fair, the guy's only sat next to him once and has said he doesn't have a season ticket there. I tend to avoid confrontation, not because I'm a coward or can't have a fight, but because unless somebody's really in my face I can tolerate them for 90 minutes and the repercussions are simply not worth the hassle. I doubt I'd even have bothered giving him a disapproving look - which is how I interpret 'draw him sinkers' - but then admittedly I wouldn't have posted about it, either.
  11. Absolutely spot on. Being aggressive in front of a child is not the behaviour of a civilised human being. To be fair the guy might have just had a bad day, or perhaps had one too many drinks. Not condoning his behaviour, but a lot of people like to vent their spleen at the football, and sometimes it's reasonable to give people the benefit of the doubt! I know as a younger man I've behaved like an idiot when I've been drunk, only to wake up and cringe. But as others have said, if he's doing it week in, week out and ruining everybody's enjoyment of the game then somebody should do something - either have a word when the daughter's away to the toilet or tell a steward.
  12. I bet he's got some hangover...
  13. I should ignore him really, but couldn't resist looking at his Twitter feed and had to laugh at this:
  14. That reminds me about what Irvine Welsh wrote in one of his novels about Old Firm fans and PINs. LOL
  15. I'd ask him to look me in the eye and tell me he's a genuine Rangers supporter. It'd be interesting to see how he reacted to the goals, too...