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  1. Hearts give Rangers 14 thousand tickets

    Took a bit of spade work, but she was a rotten shag, etc... you started it! :-P
  2. Hearts give Rangers 14 thousand tickets

    No, I'm pumping ya maw! Grow up FFS...
  3. Hearts give Rangers 14 thousand tickets

    He skips meals and donates the money saved to the club, mate.
  4. Hearts give Rangers 14 thousand tickets

    Why only 14,000?! Stingy bastards...
  5. Betting against Rangers?

    Neither, mate. You gave me a good laugh though...
  6. Betting against Rangers?

    GTF cunty bollocks! You're out of order. If you don't like a question, fair enough, but to imply I'm a Tim is a cunt's trick.
  7. Betting against Rangers?

    Calm yourself, pal! LOL
  8. Betting against Rangers?

    He's a genuine season ticket holder. I've gone to games with the guy. I understand it's controversial, which is why I asked. Is it superstition, or what's your reason for your opposition to it?
  9. Betting against Rangers?

    How does that benefit Sellick, though?! It will only profit him or the bookies.
  10. Betting against Rangers?

    Just asking, mate. Though I stuck up for him as it's his money and conscience and in all fairness the cunt never wins. Plus, I get his logic. I don't bet myself, as a mug's game, but if I did and I always lost I's stick something on them.
  11. Betting against Rangers?

    Guy at work is a season ticket holder for Rangers and is always complaining he never wins his bets. He says it's because he mostly goes for correct scores and wants decent odds on a couple of quid punt. He got pelters for it at work and in the pub. He says he's going to stick a few quid on celtic winning tomorrow with various scorelines and got a lot of grief for it as a result. He claims, in mitigation, that he'll jinx celtic and if he does win it'll be compensation for the grief he'll feel from the result. Is he out of order, or is that a fair shout? p.s. the poll is, or should be, anonymous.
  12. The game today

    This side needs time to gel. It will take a few more games, but I'm confident we'll be a much better side by in a few months' time. I wish to fuck people would give them a chance. Whilst there's been much to complain about, there are signs that this could be a truly great team. We won't win the league this season, but I'm optimistic about the future. Keep calm and carry on. Patience is needed.
  13. Mayweather vs McGregor - August 26th

    FFS, I wouldn't stay up to this time to watch something I found boring...
  14. Mayweather vs McGregor - August 26th

  15. "The Glorious 12TH"

    Why? If you know the history of the club you'll understand that it wouldn't have grown into the institution it is today were it not for the rivalry with Celtic and the associated baggage. If you really can't stomach it you'll find Partick Thistle up at G20 7AL.