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  1. Oooohhh...I hate it when folk say stuff like that.
  2. I always thought a 'fan' - which I always understood was short for 'fanatic' - implies greater dedication than a mere 'supporter'?!
  3. Absolutely! The club needs to work on the website, as it's not the best. Enjoy the game, mate. Fingers crossed it lives up to expectations. I cannot wait...
  4. Cheers, mate. I know it sounds daft, but I'm really excited by the prospect of a sell out and have been checking the site all evening.
  5. Just checked online, and the ticket website states 'no home game available', does this mean its sold out?
  6. Do you know the town Malvern per chance? I have friends who live there and love the place. 

    1. Malvern


      Fraid not, I used to have a house called Malvern hence I use the name.

    2. Gazzasleftfoot


      No worries, mate. Just wondered. Great town if you're ever down that way.

  7. We're a great club with great expectations...and sometimes that can be a liability, unfortunately. Hopefully the atmosphere will be intimidating, the players will want to show what they can do to establish a regular place in the team, we goal a goal up within the first 20 minutes and win the game comfortably. Fingers crossed.
  8. Didn't really think about that, but makes sense. If we don't start well and/or score early my fear is the atmosphere could be tense and folk my start getting on the players' backs...that's when a big crowd, full of anticipation, can become a liability. After the last Old Firm game I didn't expect this sort of response from the fans, and it truly is remarkable. Unbelievable support, but I've read/heard people talk about us winning the league next year, and think people's expectations are too high. I'm excited by the new signings and Ashley leaving, but we drew with New Saints in a friendly, and people need to be realistic. If they're a part-time team the goals might come late on as fitness takes its toll on them, and I think fans may need to be patient.
  9. Managed to get myself a ticket for this one yesterday. Just checked and a single seat available in my section! Really looking forward to it. My only concern is that it will take a wee while for the team to gel. Look at Brendan Rodger's first game in charge last season...a defeat to Lincoln Red Imps! I think we'll beat this mob at home, but I just worry people's expectations will be too high. The buzz amongst our support is amazing, but folk shouldn't expect too much too soon. WATP
  10. Your prerogative. If everybody had done that though, Ashley wouldn't have left...
  11. Same club, mate. Same stadium, fans, songs...even kept some of the players. But don't take my word for it:
  12. Died?! This club was founded in 1872, mate.
  13. The whole thing seems ridiculous to me. Is a millionaire footballer's ego, or anybody's come to that, so sensitive that they're traumatised by some silly gesture?! Really? Putting aside the fact that the gesture appears to be aimed at Brown, a man who even Celtic supporters I've spoken to admit has a simian look about him, it seems slightly Orwellian - that some guy is the subject of a witch hunt and faces possible criminal charges for a hand gesture, which probably wasn't even noticed by the alleged 'victim'. I don't like uncivilised behaviour, and don't condone racial abuse, but I don't think this sort of thing warrants the attention of the police and is basically bad manners, whether directed at Brown or Sinclair.
  14. There's a bar in Trongate that opens around 7 am, I believe. Plus I think Lauders on Sauchiehall St opens at 8 am.
  15. Got a ticket for the game and literally can't sleep thinking about it! I fear I've spent £49 to watch us get humped 3-0...but then I'm pessimistic by nature.